Selecting a Niche Market – Pat vs. Tyrone Niche Site Challenge

hey everybody what’s up this is pat flynn from the smart passive income blog I’m really excited to shoot this video for you today because I’m going to go through my exact niche selection process and show you the niche that I’m actually going to select for my niche site competition if you don’t know what that is tyrone from challenged me to a niche site competition so what we’re going to do is both create a niche site from scratch and you know document our entire process and see who does better so you know this is my video for the niche selection process and if you go on the blog you’ll see kind of how I narrow down from a large number of potential markets to ten to my top ten and in this video you know I only have a certain amount of time to show you kind of how the process works here with market Samurai so I’m basically just going to walk you through exactly how I got to the niche I selected now in the top 10 list that I had of potential markets to to do market research for one of them was police training now I was interested in police training because I have a few friends who are actually interested in law enforcement and also my mom is a security guard so maybe she can help create some content for the site I don’t know we’ll see but so the first thing you do is you put in police training and I want to see what other terms were out there related to police training because I haven’t pretty tripley training is a really high search for keyword actually just let me go to the search engine a search search engine optimization competition area right now just to see if it’s competitive and if it is you’ll see a lot of reds and a lot of yellows which I am seeing so this would be very difficult keyword to search for there’s very little room for someone new to enter so that’s why we go into the keyword research module and look for longer tail keywords that are relate to police training to see what people are searching for so what I like to do when I go to this module is click on the Google search keywords button here and set the phrase length to – so this is going to show me again what keywords related to police training other people are searching for and here we go we got 201 related terms law enforcement training firearms training these are all really good keywords now we’ll have to analyze them to see what the numbers say I’m going to turn total searches on and I’m going to analyze once again to get the SEO C column filled in which is SEO competition and this shows me exactly how many other web pages out there are competing for this exact for these keywords you can find this information out for free by just simply typing in a keyword with quotations around it into Google and seeing that result that you know underneath the search result it says like out of two million five hundred thousand I don’t know web pages or something like that so that’s that’s kind of what it’s finding right now and it has you know over a hundred over two hundred to search for so it’s going to take a second now our ideal cut our ideal keyword our golden keyword a keyword that we want to select that we want to target would have a relatively high number of searches and a low number of SEO C or again a know a low number of other webpages out there competing for that keyword so here on left hand left hand side you see the number of searches this SEO T stands for SEO traffic and that’s the maximum potential daily clicks that a number one ranked site for this keyword term could get so that’s actually what I’m more interested in so I’m going to turn off total searches because I don’t wanna get skewed by those numbers so what I’m interested in is SEO traffic and search engine competition so you know I’m actually gonna you know the these are really high you know almost a million five hundred thousand three hundred thousand so I want to get rid of those and you know you could go through these one by one and get rid of them but what I’m going to do is actually use the filters here to make it a lot easier for me so I want the SEO traffic to be a minimum this one here to be a minimum of I would say a hundred now yes a hundred I usually pick a number between sixty and a hundred because I want to get rid of the ones that you know are only that will only send me you know four or five people a day so immediately you see that filter day a hundred and fifty six of them so we’re left with better keywords now to filter to filter down even more I want to use this SEO competition thing here and I want a maximum of 40,000 I would say now this leaves you with very few only eight but you know these are good keywords you know that there’s a relatively low number of competing webpages out there and a relatively high number of you know traffic that I could get if I’m on the number one spot so you know what I like to do is from this point on you know I know these are potentially good keywords because there’s little competition and a relatively high number of searches for them and traffic I like to create a new keyword by clicking on this key here of the keywords that I’m interested in for instance bodyguard training now the next step is get there’s two parts of SEO competition that you have to understand the number of QR the number of web pages you’re competing with which we already found out and how strong those pages are so we want to use the SEO competition module here to see how strong the top 10 spots in Google are because everything that you want to do your purpose your main purpose your main goal is to land on the first ten spots of Google on that first page because that’s where all the traffic is that’s where all the money is potentially made now I’m looking at the bodyguard training SEO competition model module and it looks doesn’t look that good I mean looking at the domain ages here all of these sites have a domain age between 4 and 13 page ranks between 2 and 5 you know the number of index pages there aren’t very many but you know backlinks are you know there’s a lot there’s a little bit too much red and yellow in here it just it just doesn’t look good so I’m the next that one I’m going to go back to my keyword research from before and you know actually went through all of these and the best one I found was actually cop training so I’m going to click on this one just show you what it looks like with the SEO competition looks like now you’re going to see some big red numbers but those are actually results from YouTube and sites like EE howl which I know from experience can be beaten out if you have a site that’s relevant to the keyword you’re targeting and look at this we have a number of websites here that don’t have a domain age low ranking page ranks low ranking pages I’m sorry and these red ones here are actually from new sites and just like the YouTube and Andy how I know they can be beaten out if there’s a keyword that’s being targeted on the relevant site now backlinks this is very good this is a very good sign I see hardly any for some of these sites and what I’m really looking at is these first two here police officer steps calm and you know 408 backlinks to this domain I can definitely beat that really easily and if I were to get the domain cop training you know calm or net that would be ideal and if I couldn’t I would probably move on and the way you search for that is you know you could just go to your regular domain search like GoDaddy or something like that but actually market samurai has domain samurai on here and I can type in the keyword cop training or whatever keyword that I want and it’ll find the domains that are available and if it’s not available it’ll tell you the next best thing to do so ich op training comm would be the best one to go for but actually in fact I picked up cop training dotnet that was available when I was doing this research and I picked it up right away because that gives me some really good strength really good relevance in Google’s eyes and going back to the keyword research for police training the numbers are looking good you know I we just looked at the SEO competition we saw a couple of sites out up at the top ranking in Google that we could potentially beat out and you know I have a large number a relatively large number of people that could come over to my site if I ranked on the number one spot and a low amount of search engine competition that is my niche that’s the niche I selected cop training now that’s something actually it’s very interesting because in order to become a police officer you have to pass a number of tests both physical tests and written tests and I have experience on with my site at Green exam Academy comm which is also for another test so I kind of know that a people are willing to pay to pass tests especially if it’s for their career which you know my green exam Academy site was for and also becoming a cop you know people are people these days are looking to get into new industries so this is this is good cop trainings good so far and also I know from doing research after I did after I picked up the domain that there are actually study guys out there so I could become an affiliate for those and install those off of the website or I can create my own like I did for green exam Academy comm I don’t know we’ll see how it goes but you know I have the niche now cop training and I have the domain cop training net so I’m very excited about that and yeah that’s what it is so I don’t know if Tyrone has Tyrel if tyrone from interested in hearing what you think about my niche selection process and the actual niche that I that I chose so let me know what you think thanks and I hope to hear from you soon bye you