congratulations your kids just graduate high school in there get ready to start college you go to your 529 plan to start paying that tuition and guess what you can pay one hundred percent of their entire college kudos to you beep beep hold up hold up wait a minute but there’s one little slight problem with that one teeny little problem just a little you’ve been dumping so much money into your kids college savings plan that you didn’t save for your own retirement moon crimp I come across so many parents that once they have their kids they will start dumping all this money into their college savings plan and this is the number one mistake that I see no I do realize that college is going to be very expensive trust me I’ve got three kids don’t you think I’m freaking out a little bit one tuition to tuition three tuitions State School private school yeah I’m freaking I’m freaking a little bit that’s a lot of money so I do realize that college is going to be super expensive but if you’re not saving for your own retirement and you’re putting all your money towards your kids college what about you how are you going to retire how are you ever going to be able to walk away from your job and finally call it quits reality check you’re not I remember having a meeting with the young parents I just had their brand new child and they wanted to start dumping in two hundred fifty dollars a month into their 529 college savings plan that’s freaking amazing congrats i’m glad that you want to save your kids college but here’s the kicker they were saving anything for retirement so you want to save two hundred fifty dollars for your kids college but you’re not putting anything towards retirement am I missing something here shouldn’t be put some money in your retirement account are you know work till you die or your kids gonna put you on payroll when you’re 75 listen I hate student loans I hate the fact of thinking that my kids are going to graduate college with that so what’s worse your kids graduating college with it or are you retiring with absolutely no money actually you’re not going to be retiring so what we shouldn’t be talking about retirement so please please please pretty please with a cherry on top don’t make the number one mistake when saving for your kids college by saving board for their college and nothing for your retirement don’t make that financial blunder this is jeff rose take care