look this failure to close happens because sales people you possibly now the closer doesn’t fully believe in your product your idea your service or the dream that you have the cell to the point where you will do anything to close the customer you have to have belief in what you’re doing I mean a deep-seated very deep level in order for you to control when you get too close you have to absolutely have no reservations about the product service or idea that you’re selling look if you ever believed in something so much and insisted so passionately that someone actually you know you call someone to do something that they didn’t even want to do see that is when you are closed and can close others this is what we’re talking about in this segment look you don’t have to be pushing okay you have to believe man its conviction you don’t have to be pushy to do this you have to be so convinced that what you have is so incredible that you will not allow will not allow any other decision other than hey let’s do this now this is the right thing let’s roll let’s do it sign here see that’s because you believe not because you’re pushing right you’re going to need that kind of insistence as we talked about in an earlier segment people that are selling every day you tend to lose that passionate insistence that edge of insistence that make sure that your buyer says yes to what you have to offer this passion and belief has to be rehabilitated rehabilitated means fixed over and over from time to time in order to keep this insistence factor up you