this cat is on fire if I try this excellent you the man any man that’s a Salesman right there how many agree that’s a Salesman if I try this I understand I’m with you you’re right you’re the man I’ve been here three times with grant and every time it gets better and more relaxed I make a lot more money because I am more relaxed this is the greatest this is a best thing I’ve ever learned really has been a beautiful thing okay you want to use words like great excellent you want to have commitment in your voice you want to have commitment in your posture those things have to be practice folks to have conviction see I know in my presentation I know I have a lot of enthusiasm on presentation and what you see is enthusiasm what you don’t intellectually get though is this way beyond enthusiasm I’m into conviction I’m into believability I know I believe what I’m saying and what happens is you start giving up on your convictions when you meet somebody in your life that has more conviction than you have you start giving up your beliefs and that’s what’s called being sold I’m John Callen I’m the sales trainer for norm reeves honda and we never ever miss grant we use all of his materials in our training and we never miss grant how many believe your attitude is more important to anything I’ll tell you in this seminar today okay how many believe that mints can it’s 300 people in the room 300 people agree attitude is everything so we’re on the same page on that deal right attitude is everything man walks in a BMW store in Houston Texas walks in and says I’m not buying a car today I’m thinking myself man it’s not up to you bro you just along for the ride now Jack no matter what you do with your life folks do it a hundred percent just do it all the way would you agree you here at your dealership all day long if you’re going to be there all day long get on the phone beat the phones to death don’t hang out with the other salespeople you wait on a customer give them everything give that customer everything you have I’m here to help you sir man I got that credit guarantee I’ll get you approved I’m upside down I’ll handle that too I need to keep my payments to 325 months done no problem I can do that for you and you know it’s going to happen they’re gonna walk out paying 550 a month putting money down taking delivery and doing this hey man thanks a lot man you’re a good guy preciate that man nobody else showed me the attention what’s your write this down it’s called the first rule of selling if you don’t agree with this rule meaning you got no place to go if you agree with it then we got someplace to go today okay first rule of selling is this always always agree first always agree first by walks in the store says I’m not buying the car today I’d agree with them most people don’t everybody try that most people don’t I know my kids say it like that most people don’t you got a gun in your mouth you know most people don’t I can’t say like they say hey most people don’t if I try that are you gonna smile while you’re doing you gotta learn how to smile and say hey most people don’t buy the first day everybody okay do like that okay get it I’m a drowning you do it okay hey most people don’t buy the first day see that’s the way you learn stuff you use it over and over you repeat it over and over and over again until it’s like it’s natural somebody walks in since I’m not buying a party I just hey most people don’t buy the first day it’s very natural it’s very me it’s much my personality because I’m not trying to think about hey most people don’t buy the first day it’s the reason that’s easy for me to say is because it’s true see most people come in sure and get information at first how many agree to buyers walking in for that he’s not walking in to meet you he’s walking it for one thing information exactly grant stay let me tell you some ill ginger it’ll change your life if you don’t know how to handle upside-down customers you don’t know how to handle invoice buyers and you don’t know how to handle intelligent people with used car books you ain’t going to have anybody to call back name’s andy malik you work over at Universal City these time this guy right here made me well over two hundred thousand dollars last year his tapes videos all the training helps come here if you want to make the dull everybody’s got to play you’re here you got to play with me okay just for a few hours play with me all right done put the Freak on the guy I mean he’s you should rockin back when I said you need to leave here in practice how many need to practice you need to have a meeting a day meeting a day of get you a deal today folks you need a sales meeting a day you need training every day if the store is not going to give it to you you need to give it to yourself you need to be listening to training materials on your way to work I’m 20 years old and I’m making seventy five thousand dollars thanks to grant cardone new cars 30 grand the old cars 580 a month I’m starting new cars 580 month payments are going up the car he’s driving now is $20,000 and he’s paying for 50 a month he says what what’s the objection going to be payments are to our grant sister you’re better to pay five eighty a month for a $30,000 car than to pay for fifty a month for a twenty thousand dollar car average between 25 and 30 cars I know a lot of people in this room right now making 200 grand 150 grand over 185,000 lady yesterday sell 240 cars first 12 months she was in a business because she’s been given the right training you need the right training you need the right attitude you have to have a commitment you need to wear a smile on your face and you’ll make all the money you want