learn to sell and you can go anywhere grant has shown me that anything is possible through selling now wouldn’t do it any other way they’ll help you fuel your ambition I would attribute my success to everything I’ve learned to grant so just make it all come together change your life who wants to be successful what happened something happened you’re not getting any money you’re not getting any deals you’re not getting any whatever you want in life then you came up with all these excuses how many you’d like to know the problem the real problem is you don’t produce enough I’m here to help we change your production levels we solve every single problem you have you’re the energy behind them on you can get your business increase your production we solve all problems know whatever it is you want your life look knowing is critical to your success you show me somebody did something big on this planet I’ll show you somebody with the sales we choose to go to the moon because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills John Kennedy got America to invest in going to the moon sales person or politician sales person you think you want in life you got to be a salesperson anybody that’s ever made a dream come true guarantee they sold it to somebody else [Music] you had a dream great idea and you sold that dream and made it reality think or do just do it do it now and do it later do it now change your state to say you need to change both you have to keep changing you know the difference between rich people and poor people wealthy people embrace problems while the unsuccessful people avoid problems and never truly do anything to solve them salespeople the lifeblood of entire economies without salespeople factories closed manufacturing stops and distribution is everything relies on salespeople there’s no shortage of money on planet earth we’ve got to keep moving up seize them all if your income depends on selling you have to come see durian society [Music] there are 6.7 billion sales people on this planet and you are one of them your life depends on selling