Sales – Sales Training: How to be Great at Sales

hey in this segment we’re going to talk about you getting sold to the degree that you’re sold convinced persuaded yourself you will sell this is a vital and critically unavoidable fact that cannot be missed if you are to become great at your trade this fact also happens to be one of the most important tools you’ll ever have as a salesperson and can be used to actually monitor the results of your career the bottom line is if you’re not selling to some degree you’re not sold I want to say that again if you’re not selling if you saw your production drop immediately understand hey I’m not sold on something see if your sales are slowing down there’s something happening Oh grant its traffic Oh grant it’s this Oh grant it’s the economy no no you got sold on something else and are now unsold on what it takes to get results if you’re not getting your way you’re not sold if you’ve got any excuses about it I promise you you’re just not completely sold in order to become great I mean great a master at selling you have to sell yourself on what it is you’re selling make this the single most important sale of your life and keep making that sale it’s not something you do one time you got to keep reinforcing what product you’re selling the company you’re selling you what is the service you offer look you have to sell yourself completely 100% all the way I know salespeople that understand the game of selling but because they’re not completely and absolutely sold on their product their service themselves and their company they suffer you’ve got to convince yourself that your product your company your services your ideas are superior to all others you know many of you believe that your product is superior and while products tend to offer similar benefits to yours I mean there’s always going to be some competition right you have to be sold not just on product but the service the company and how you’re going to support it you have to be a hundred percent certain on this idea this fact that you’re selling what you’re selling you know the company that you represent is better than every other option so we’re going to do an exercise in this segment where you get here on that and you got to keep redoing that this one point is so critical to your greatness that it cannot be negotiated with you have to be utterly and completely convinced and believe that what you’re selling so strongly that you become unreasonable that’s right unreasonable almost fanatical unreasonable means without reason or logic see you have to be so convinced about your position that you won’t even consider the other logic people give you you must never allow the consideration to enter your mind that anyone else could compete with you you understand what I’m saying you want to literally get so sold on what you do not just the product but you the company the service the follow up so sold that you will not reason with logic when somebody says hey I can get it down the street for five hundred dollars less money well you know you’re sold so deeply that hey you can make up to five hundred dollars in what service the company the support see that’s not to say that others are not going to try to convince you they are they’re going to try to sell you on something else so you got to get sold so sold that you won’t allow the think of others you might acknowledge it but you’re not going to allow it to penetrate or permeate your own belief system you