Sales – Sales Mistakes

in the 21st century you must be very clever in asking these quality questions getting answers to them so that you do so in a manner that presents you as being of service to the customer see the biggest mistake and that’s what we’re going to cover here some basic biggest mistakes that you will make in asking questions number one biggest mistake you just don’t ask you don’t take the time to investigate or determine what’s important why it’s important why are they here today what exactly they’re looking for what do they not want to repeat number two you ask questions and don’t get answers I see sales people do this constantly you know you’ll introduce yourself my name is grant yours and they’ll be like never say anything I’m just looking and you’ll never go back and say in your name sir you have to get an answer to a question you know what do you like about your present situation they don’t answer ask the question again get an answer number three you don’t ask questions that are relevant this is a mistake you want to be relevant in the questions you ask they need to make sense segue they need to somehow bridge between what the customers interested in what they’re asking about maybe objections they’re having and segue or bridge you know connect with relevant questions and number four mistake you ask bad questions you ask questions to defend people things like are you going to buy today if I come out there will you commit am I going to be wasting my time if I come out there those are questions they’re not quality questions there are bad questions because your customers are guarded and protected they’re trained not to give much they have bad perception of salespeople and possibly consider that they were manipulated before and now will resist answering your questions see that’s why your attitude is critical I can’t just tell you hey ask quality questions get answers you have to deal with all the other dynamics of the 21st century customer your attitude is critical and that you present an attitude of service not just control of service of helping people not just manipulation then you will get your questions answered see all this is about putting your bar at ease so that they will answer questions that’s why this road to the sale the greeting putting them at ease get common ground all that is critical to what we’re going to do in the later steps this is a way in which you’re going to present yourself different than your competitors see you care more you need to get this you care more and you need to present that that’s why I’m asking the question you give more and that’s why you’re asking you’re more willing more helpful you’re going to follow up more and you’ll give more of yourself hey you’re entitled to ask more see if you’re truly different then you have to be different than your competition so the mistakes in asking questions or what number one do you remember don’t ask number two didn’t get an answer number three the questions you ask are not relevant you want them to be relevant Steve and number four you ask bad questions they’re just dumb questions okay hey how much money do you have down what do you what is your budget these are bad questions they turn you off they turn them off look you have to get your questions down and more importantly you don’t want your attention on the question that’s why you want to know this you want your attention on what the answer and remember the answer and make sure that the questions you’re asking are relevant so the information you get is quality and look avoid asking bad questions because the moment you do you end the questions and collection of answers cycle example okay I give an example here customer says I don’t have time and you say hey how much time do you have and you get an answer he says 20 minutes and you say he great the next 20 minutes you use that data that information so in the next 20 minutes I’m going to get you price down payment monthly payment I’ll get you all the information on what you want he says but can you do all that in 20 minutes and I say no problem what did you just find out okay well grant I found out he’s going to be making down payments and monthly payments he wants information on a particular product why is that such a big deal because I asked one question and got multiple answers see quality questions have to be relevant they not only get you information they also cause the buyer to drop their guard watch what happened so in the next 20 minutes I satisfied the objection or concern I’m going to get you priced down payment monthly payment and all the information about the product you want okay I drop his guard I tell him a fice can do everything and I’m asking questions while I do it and he doesn’t he tells me how I’m going to be making payments I’m going to have a down payment I’m not just a price bar learn this information quality questions great answers it’ll direct you on the road to the sale