Sales – How to Sell Price and Value

a grant cardone here I want to give you a follow-up video on this value-priced concept that I’ve been sharing with you last couple of weeks I’m still here in the Caribbean of doing my sales and closing workshop in this concept this idea about value and prices come up over and over again especially since I codified this questionnaire this great test that you have to get from me that will actually test your abilities and understanding of selling closing valued price and everything that is required of you to reach the next level and to you know get your full potential so look first of all I want to tell you I totally understand how difficult it is in the marketplace right now I know that many of you have a competitor down the street one maybe just straight across from you that is giving a product away maybe even giving away the same product that you have an identical product as you and they lower the price why do they do that because they’re no good at what they do they suck right they’re not trained they’re not prepared they don’t provide service they don’t have the right attitude they’re not getting the information they need to build value okay so I’m going to give you an example here um are there any cigarettes on board anybody have a cigarette over here I need a cigarette okay I don’t really need a cigarette but I’m gonna use that is the example okay like I love cigars Louisville I don’t know if you know that about me and I’m not promoting cigars I don’t think we should smoke cigars but I have right here a a David offs special arm okay I also have a Trinidad this is a Cuban cigar Trinidad this is a Dominican I think it’s aminika it’s very good came from Switzerland and then I’m gonna get you a pack of American cigarettes with warning signal okay look they all have nicotine in them right now if I’m making a decision as a price buyer or as a cigar buyer or as a value buyer those are all three separate conversations and again I know it’s difficult I know you’re having a hard holdin your price when a guy down the street has a similar of the same product okay I just almost lost my date so look there’s nicotine you right I can buy that pack for I don’t know five dollars in Los Angeles 13 dollars in New York okay it’s a Marlboro cigarette and eight cigarettes I hate to taste a moving on mouth but if I’m really really really wanted nicotine hey I’d probably go get one now I love cigars it’s not hard to sell me a cigar that cigars probably 20 bucks right there okay this cigar right here this trend net is probably 50 all three of these products provide a source of nicotine chemicals and basically garbage to my lung but the potential of damage even kill me right which way am I going to go I’m not going to cigarette which way am I going I’m going to go where there’s value not with this price did you get it unless I’m not a cigar unless I don’t appreciate a cigar now I’m going to tell you where I’m going to go I’m going for this Trinidad not because it’s better because I know it better okay and that’s what I want to talk to you about today look when I know something when I’m familiar with something when I have a rapport with something when I trust something I will pay the extra price what does that have to do with you look you got to know your customer you’ve got to stay in touch with your customer you’re going to love that customer you got to stay interested in that customer their family their business so they’re like like this guy you know I’m paying them a little more for the same product I can get down the street but I like him in fact they’re so impressed with you they never shop down the street that’s the value price concept is they’re not about a price it’s not about a product it’s about that relationship it’s about how do you make a difference how do you really build value so now my paying that 50 bucks in fact I look forward to it in fact I don’t want to buy one of them I want to buy a whole box of them and make sure I can get them back say okay there’s a way to do that it’s a different conversation have a great weekend look I understand what you’re going through I know it’s tough dig in train right now okay train train your attitude stay motivated stay excited and stay focused on the fact that price is a myth it’s a myth value values the thing that all people really