Robert Scoble E-mail Management | Tim Ferriss

back for round two this is inbox or email organization or lack thereof or like that would be that would certainly be my case I’m here to learn and actually yet I highly recommend going and talking with a company called clear context clear context and who builds a system for email I can’t use it it actually because of my email organization but I find there’s different kinds of people an email you know there’s the Gmail users and hotmail users and Outlook users and AOL users okay right are pretty similar yeah how they deal with it and then even in Outlook you find people who are pilers right you have fifty thousand things and one one big inbox yeah and they just go through you know and I’m I’m red or or start highlighting things for filers right start putting everything in folders and I became a filer because outlook didn’t have good search for a long time I hang out like for a long time right since before in 1990 mmm so look when you use Google Desktop Search and outlook as well I have a Google account that comes in Outlook and a lot mail account that comes in got it and actually part one is dealing with spam so look here in just last 30 minutes since we’ve been talking you know ten emails came in a te mails came in and only one actually has any content in it and so one thing I do is instead of deleting the spam booth I move the good stuff over to another and that’s how I don’t how I learned to deal with Stan right so I I just got a note from my I moved it over right okay god I and then I can if you don’t delete the spam you just remove the good stuff and put it in a new film yeah and if it’s something that looks like it might be useful I can just check it out and then once I get all the good stuff out of it I delete it I got it and I keep it I keep my inboxes lot clean so that’s this is my real inbox and down here is my hotmail inbox right how many folders do you have in your inbox and it looks like about 25 25 and that actually is down a little bit I kind of I started I started pairing back because I started realizing this isn’t a good system for me to deal with mm-hm but then I have an inbox where there’s good stuff and this is where my where I fall apart cuz if you fall like David Allen or anybody you’re only supposed to look at the email once right you’re supposed to deal with it and of course I’m not like oh I don’t need to deal with that right now or or it’s too involved to deal with so I’d leave it for later that stuff but generally what I try to do then is is either delete it if it’s something I don’t need to keep around or they don’t like this doesn’t need an answer I delete it and get it out go go away purge I don’t need to save it I don’t need to email it I don’t need to store it for later no actually not one that eat stores on my email that all my you know I don’t need to sitting around on my hard drive or sputtering up my life I if I save something it’s with a very specific for us especially with something like Gmail where you can just you can delete it off your local machine and check it online anyway so here’s in a personal thing I should just I would just answer that huge thing here’s a business thing and I would just answer that here’s something that I need to plan I would go out over to my black vlog and plan that here’s a thing from my blog so I would store that my blog stuff folder so let me just go through my folders here there’s really only a couple folders that that get used a lot right Anna actually I need to reorder these because they should really be at the top you know and everything else is like resources that I may need someday so renaming them so they’re at the top of the list right now my organization it’s not optimal what are your most frequently used folders well the main inbox so where things come in that’s like the workspace for yeah that’s where I’m working blog stuff which is stuff that from my blog at some point that or something that might turn in this blog story my done folder which means I’m I’ve dealt with it and it’s different than deleted deleted means I don’t need it anymore Brett done means something happened here like like if you emailed me a business contract and we got a we came to an agreement and that became done I would drag that into my done fuller so I could search on it later on if you said a my contract isn’t dice correct or something like that and I just keep it in one folder now I used to start SEP the separate