what’s up you guys my name is Graham and this is a review by 2008 Lotus Exige S 240 by the way just a quick background Lotus is the brand that got me into cars to begin with before I saw a Lotus I didn’t give a shit about cars well my first Lotus in 2009 it was a 2006 chrome Orange Lotus of leaves and I loved that car this car now I’ve had for about three years I bought it in beginning of 2014 anyway long story short notice is really sentimental for me I love the car I love the brand so I’m going to do my best to explain this car review it and give an unbiased opinion about it so for the most part this car is pretty much entirely stocked the only thing I had done to it I had to stripe down the center I had the brakes painted in yellow I had the side markers tinted in the front in the back and then I also have the windows tinted at 35% on the sides and then I also have 50% tint in the front windshield and then over to the back some people like that some people don’t I kind of dig it I think it gives like a stormtrooper look to the car but I have the taillights tinted and then I also have the Lotus emblems in black as well this is what I thought was kind of funny I actually don’t run license plates on this car but I did get a metal replica license plate this is the Joker’s car in Suicide Squad it’s like it’s actually metal and it’s full-on stamped so I thought it was funny I just put this on the car instead of running a real license plate so other than that that’s pretty much always under the car now depending on how long I have it eventually I may want to do a carbon-fiber splitter the carbon fiber side skirt and then carbon fiber exciting scoop but then I have a feeling if I do that and it’s going to probably want the carbon fiber wing and then it’s just never ending from there otherwise I think I’m just going to keep it like this for the most part so you’re able to open the engine from pressing in this there is a little lever right here somewhere open the trunk and then you can see the engine and some of the trunk space here so this is a 1.8 liter engine it gives off about 240 horsepower with about 170 pounds of torque and this is a lot by the way for this car because it weighs just about 2,000 pounds so it’s more than enough power I mean this car just propels you so quickly I really love absolutely everything about it and what I also really like about this too is it is so different from everything else off the road and especially in Los Angeles where Ferraris and Lamborghinis tend to be a dime a dozen I rarely ever see another Lotus and when you do it’s a big deal if we usually holic it each other will waive this brand it’s such a great community behind it that everyone tends to know each other which i think is phenomenal this car is also really easy to maintain for the most part all I’ve done to this car is just an oil change and that’s it and even the oil change I was able to do myself physical about two hours super easy to do really easy to learn other than that for the most part this car is essentially a Toyota so nothing really breaks it’s been pretty bulletproof I’ve had this about three years again all I’ve done to it or oil changes that’s it the car has been perfect the other great thing about the cars it really doesn’t depreciate in value I bought this three years ago and last year I actually got an offer that was five thousand dollars higher than why I purchased the car because they only made about one hundred and forty-four of these very few of them are out there it’s a hard car to find the values tend to stay about the same even my Lotus Elise I’ve watered around 30 grand and I sold it two years later with 7,000 more miles on it for about thirty thousand dollars so essentially this car it’s just a savings account where you just put your money in there you hold it there and if it goes up in value great otherwise you’re going to get about what you paid for it which is awesome so essentially this is like driving a free car that all you have to do is pay for gas insurance oil changes maybe some other little modifications you want to do to it but otherwise it’s like a free car which is so cool so now here are a few of the downsides of the car these are things that I think you know it sort of is what it is there’s really not much Lotus can do about it first of all there’s really no storage space in the car at all this is it this is your entire cabin you have a little bit of space behind the seat you have some sort of net there that’s good for maybe holding a few papers if you don’t have the passenger this is actually a lot of space if you have groceries or want to carry something then I also tend to put my phone here I guess I have a few iPods a garage clicker it’s enough for some little knickknacks this is your trunk space it’s pretty small it’s enough for really just a car cover I put a bag here maybe if you had there’s not a lot of space and then I have no idea why Lotus did this but there is a trunk release right here so I guess if you’re trying to kidnap a child and you try to like stuff them back here it’s not really going to work because they just press this this could open and then your child escapes so not that good then speaking of storage space check this out the Lotus was smart enough in 2008 to add one of my favorite things to the car which is a cup holder now my 2006 Elise never had a cup holder so what I would do is if I had a Starbucks cup or like any sort of cup I just try to place it there and then hope it didn’t splash around Lotus cups March 2008 they added this this is the best addition to the car I think I’ve never done is the most useful thing so this is the sort of attention that the car gets all the time well oh no I’m not this is good no that’s hilarious so one of the thing I forgot to mention about this car is just how much attention again it gets a lot of attention and it’s pretty much all the time every time I’m driving the car it’s hard not to notice it so obviously a lot of people want to talk about it but you just get some weird people that show up that come out of the woodwork when you’re driving a car like this and you just get some really oddball questions [Music] Oh baby with that take a picnic when I get to get a cup [Music] speaking of not a lot of storage space this is not a good car if you’re really tall or fat I found that I had friends that are over six feet tall and it’s very difficult for them to get in the car and when they get in the car if they’re in the driver’s side their knees usually hit the steering wheel and sometimes their head hits the top of the car oh my god don’t tell me again oh my god it’s also such a low car that you have to be super careful about going over speed bumps or taking a driveway the wrong way this is my lesson right here I was super careful with the car but one miscalculation was this entire thing that was just a driveway and I was maybe going about 1 mile per hour the other thing because the car is so low is that when you’re going into a parking structure taking a parking ticket is actually really difficult because usually the parking ticket thing is like a foot above where you are so you have to roll down the window and then kind of lean out the window to take any sort of parking ticket but the upside of this was that this car is actually lower than some of those parking things that come down I don’t know what you call them I’m just going to call them a parking thing but every now and then you get a parking thing that’s higher up than the car it’s very easy you don’t even need to take it you just kind of go underneath the little parking swinging things so the layout to everything when you’re sitting in the car is pretty basic obviously here you have your controls for the windows both of these control the lights so obviously the lights are on lights are off press this button the engine starts then everything on the dash is really just what you need a huge gauge for rpm and then how fast you’re going that’s it that’s really all you need it down here you have your air settings obviously hot cold this turns on the AC this just circulates the air and this is how much air you want the knees open up you can kind of turn them if needed and you have a bit of storage space here you know again not much this is what cars really all about them just about having the best time possible that’s in guitar was built just rushed steering handles perfectly by the land when you aim it in a direction it goes in that direction and so responds to the 12 now since this 2008 they upgraded the brakes with a few racing brake calipers such a good job at stopping a car just barely from 17 screeching oh that actually makes it indicate the don’t let the brake that I have we get a little squeaky when I get warmed up let’s plug in it’s a part of owning a car that I lost knowledge to do is just Oh like let it go it’s just a quick and that’s the thing – this car weighs about 2,000 pounds so it doesn’t take a lot of power to propel themselves really really fast also it’s just really hard to drive this car without smiling I can just feel much fun to drive this horse almost played like therapy in defensive if I have a bad day and I’m stressed out whatever I did in the car everything else disappears into me the road we call the sound and unlike anything else you’re thinking my god skinny exhaust afar by the way to me I upgraded into the soggy socks pretty quite to a stage to exhaust that’s been some of my favorite things off ever comes a little quality go unload these believe it’s like again the whole exhaustion opens on and it’s like that sense to me it sounds and cars pretty cool another place Mountain Park Zoo in really good gas mileage you know what I’m excusing the car I’m driving it with it’s bad to be higher rpms I still get about 15 bombshell now compare that with a lever DNA or glory anything with a v8 and v12 this part of Christmas I want to drive this on the freeway please better I usually get about 25 to 30 depending on how fast I’m driving it and it was these which is amazing for a car like this so notice of the downside car what I’m driving it as low rpms and most piece like this again doing it to make this video so you can actually understand it’s not that difficult to hear each other have a compositional car let us see you accelerate the targets a lot louder and catch reflux disease Yamini respondent Arlington I really have to raise my voice if I’m trying to have any force on the car because it’s so loud now part of that is my fault because I have a response of obviously not on inflation to the engine it’s like seven issues behind me the car you really have to help not a car to have any firm conversations and yourself loudest I’m not really sure you need to want to have a conversation in this carving is not much riding and frankly I’d rather just listen to the pigeons and adding someone else prospects maybe that’s a good thing it’s also a really intimate car the whole cabin here is pretty small so what I have someone to the xm8 I basically have the shifter up against four legs let me down then I may I clearly grab your leg or something this over here not my fault it just is not a lot of room here you can see well I’m barely reaching and I can touch the positive side dormant it’s really small actually had to close these doors and I’m looking another thousand it was started everything kind of rattles and squeaks and I think it’s the British car thing and it’s a loaded thing something you have to expect but for instance my – has this week when it’s parked in the Sun for longer their life and ours is also a bunch of little rattled and shake down the car again it’s something you really have a lid when it’s not that big of a deal and respecting works like luxury quality this is definitely not the car it’s more like a go-kart in terms of the build quality life for fun to drive so I feel like that almost makes up for all the rattle another downside is can you feel pretty much every bump on the road and it makes you feel like your car is falling apart I’m just going to hit one of these little things here and you feel it I mean it’s really loud when it’s driving over these things even potholes feel like the cars is falling apart it shakes you to your core like you feel any sort of bump in your bone it really just goes right through you but on the other side depression is really stiff it’s really great for handling and that’s kind of the trade on so I actually pulled over to the side of the road to show you how difficult this one was there’s no power steering and this is great when you’re going at high speeds just because it’s so responsive but when you’re trying to turn around and going like one mile per hour you really have to use a lot of force turn this wheel so I’m going to show you by the way I also can’t see at his back so that’s another thing I watched a fluffy turning well fuck there you have it that was my workout it’s do as you can notice from doing that turn I can’t get it back at all this bag is completely blocked by the supercharger air intake and that’s the roof scoop it comes to the side it pulls air into the engine in the back I can’t be shit out of the back of the car so it’s essentially this is useless I don’t know why they have a rear view mirror but let me show you what I do to work around it this is it that’s my entire view again there’s my entire view to the back so what I do instead I shift the mirrors a little bit more inward and that gives me a way to see a bit of the back of the car and I’m sure I have a huge blind spot back there but for the most part this tends to do the trick quick side note these are Sun visors and they’re pretty useless I don’t know why they’re in here they don’t really do anything that’s not even a mirror like I want to check myself out I can’t even do that with you on this car here you have to be pretty careful about making sure people see especially on the freeway it’s not a comment with someone want to merge into you just because you’re so low to the ground so say SUVs we’re usually just below their mirrors and when they’re drowning or when the changing most I’m against these reports not seeing any for blind spots so another thing that people tend to ask friends does the car helps you get your own answers no because mostly the car just tried dumb boy like me be honest because those really kill people in a car this car probably want to set values like out yet not many Maharaj whoa great go fucking well what as always the guys thank you so much for watching my videos it really means a lot to me to see how much you guys are enjoying it if you’re not already subscribed please subscribe when I reach a thousand subscribers I’m going to be giving someone free coaching for life $100 cash and then $100 or whatever charity they want plus I’m just going to be releasing a lot of cool stuff so make sure you 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