Random Show Episode 17 | Tim Ferriss

families welcome to the random show my name is Kim Rose tim ferriss it’s been ages ages this is episode number 4327 if you haven’t caught the other episodes then you’re missing out there hidden they don’t exist speaking of hidden man we’ve had a lot happen and last we have freaking wild my mystery drink you got for me a little after a hip and all besides that what do we have a little Malbec Mendoza yeah fantastic wine we should say wrap the bat we’re Hotel Barone which is an awesome little quaint tiny wine bar in Hayes Valley in San Francisco type in Hotel Piro in into the old Google and it will give you negress into the Google 25 rows feeders with a 45 grocery and it’s right next to a fantastic restaurant called Zuni cafe yes one of my favorites and the Zuni cafe cookbook I’m not gonna say too much about cookbooks will maybe talk a little bit about cooking but one of my favorite cookbooks out there check it out it’s not a hotel it’s just a straight-up little tiny wine bar slash your place good spot check it out any chance anyway and it’s not byron like Lord Byron because I thought for ages yeah Bureau everyone gotta like do me more I had to ask the owner Chris about the name it was like yeah hero fantastic one selection Eric yeah really outstanding good beer selection – dude I’m really good like Belgian beers and stuff me and my beer what do you say you’re forgetting the Malbec I’m drinking the we heavy which is uh toasters here as you can hear barking in the background which is a really good brown ale do you want travels to this well officer you don’t drink beer though I don’t much except I’m a biology yeah I have a semi that’s very much semi allergic it’s not allergic response to malt or hops one of the two if I have for example if you’re about to take a fitness like I’m so sit my left testicle coconut take other medication for that it’s a benefit but I have a reaction to maltose or hops if I have wheat beer I’ve had some amazing wheat beer Munich didn’t have that effect on me rice based beer if these rights nothing beautiful right there aren’t many then also hey why do you not like prettier then I go it was assumed that most players don’t have rice right which is the reason I can’t have it it’s if it’s normal beer it throws me for a loop and I have this it’s not getting drunk but it’s almost as if are getting drunk I get dizzy I have a spike in energy and then a really bad crash hmm in any case so I don’t drink much beer but also just having been an athlete competing and wrestling for so long I didn’t it’s beer was fit because it’s not very good for cutting weight yeah typically dude so um you know one of the things I want to ask you about is it you know we talked about the launch of your book gosh I mean this is what here yeah yeah yeah you’re go like that and it’s how severe it’s crazy like it’s as we expected he’s just blowing up or just as I expected yeah you have done very well I’m very happy with it could not be happier the what’s very different about this book for me just from a gratification standpoint is that for the 4-hour workweek people would tell me stories but they couldn’t send me really photographs right whereas they’re people who’ve lost dozens of people have lost more than 100 pounds since December and that’s been really fun to see and the launch itself was very different from the 4-hour workweek there’s more precise but it’s selling at about 5x the 4-hour workweek it’s it’s still selling at about 5 X 4 that’s amazing yeah and it was funny as a few my friends they have lost weight so been the CEO of Chomp which is great iPhones surge coming he like lost a ton of weight we met him before ok so it’s funny because I have these friends that I’ll be like I’m getting the time they’re like for our body I’m like I had to display my good what like rockstars nuts well yeah I mean I’m 14 minutes into my 15 minutes of fame but 15 like 14 and a half its own tea and a 3/4 but speaking of launches you had a you had quite a launch I mean I very recent I mean you have yeah you’ve gone public we’ve come out of the closet yes yeah so we created an app called link for the iPhone that we think it’s pretty cool we think it’s a little bit different take on what everyone is doing with mobile apps right now especially like location-aware rating apps out there the big thing for us is that you know when you look at traditionally how we have found things that we like when it comes to restaurants things to do places to go you know there’s a few big players out there there’s like Yelp I think is the biggest one the biggest time I incumbent that’s out there and they’re very good showing you you know I type in pizza and I see 4 out of 5 stars 5 out of 5 stars 3 out of 5 stars whatever right and or pizzas kind of a bad example let’s say an Italian restaurant and I go in there and I click on it and I see what’s located and I see all the metadata about it but often times you get this really long link to review yeah right so these reviews can sometimes be like you know paragraphs and paragraphs long but really what you want to get at is a couple different things you want to get at what have my friends and my friends been here because a friend’s and friends are really good kind of like a way to qualify a place right oh I think also just in a peer group like attracts like so if four of your friends like something chances are you want to try it yes you may not like it but you definitely want to try it right so there’s that and then there’s also you know you want to cut out all that crazy lengthy review about my grandmother did this where maybe it might get the meat of what what the best thing here at Grandma who needs them go on your new mobile experience you want you want the best I mean it’s the classic show it’s a classic question that you for years we’ve always asked like waiters or waitresses or anybody it’s like what are you doing for ya you know you always actually sit down for dinner like how what do you know for oh we’re really good about fish – or whatever maybe right so link long story short link is a way to go into a place and rather than rate the place you rate the individual yeah it’s a lot it’s fun to use – I mean obviously like magnets rated this beer I know this beer was awesome so anytime anyone that’s following me comes in this place will see that I enjoy this beer though also sees the number one rated thing here and then the cool thing is that we compare things relative to each other so for example let’s say you have an awesome lasagna yeah that was on you maybe awesome and that red but how does it compare gets to all other lasagnas based in your city right so anyway it’s early days we need a lot of people to come on the app and actually start to build up the database and ring things I mean your numbers are looking pretty good we’ve got about close to 50,000 people at the time of shooting this of using the app we’ve had you know over 700 some thousand actual sessions and people using the apps that people are addicted and coming back and checking in and we’ve got a lot of cool people ranking stuff and you gain a reputation when you rank different things like I’m a level seven in UT and sadly cocktails such a lot of cocktails now it’s her fault was that your age in a blur in a blur I’ll tell you what absolutely what my favorite feature is because I remember when it was wireframes back in the day yeah and it’s been fun watching it come together but the ability based on where you are to say within however many blocks within one mile within five miles to find the best X right so if you’re here in SF we’re wandering out downtown you’re like I want to have the best cup of coffee right then you can figure out what that is based on how far out you want the concentric circles yeah oh that’s my favorite feature thanks dude no yes it’s cool I also use it as a diary of my favorite foods and meals for sure like that which I used when I was in Seattle that’s a big part of it actually is cataloging the things that you really enjoy and like the cool thing and I don’t want to get like crazy who knows this may fail or whatever will happen so like as I’m counting the things I enjoy over time like it might be really cool to you know if it stands the test of time but look back 10 years and like you know my kids or people that I’ve just become friends with can going like you know if I find out Argentina tomorrow you’ve been there and you have to buy just a bunch of stuff I’ll pull up like holy shit like tim has tried these 10 things that he gave a heart to leave that we’re the best I’m gonna go try those out you know there’s something very powerful about another thing okay oh yeah yeah I think so I mean I’ve already looked back at my Activity Feed to see what I had in Seattle because I remember and having these amazing meals I wanted to go back and not just go to the same restaurants but have the same dishes and have you added anything is it to do I haven’t I don’t like to do this yet so to do these are awesome because let’s say you see something in my feed let’s say I’m I fly to Japan tomorrow so it’s like a wish list on Amazon yes okay yeah that is it to do think at this because we use GPS and your geofence yeah and you’re walking by something that’s really cool that that like this that you walk because I know I’ve seen you walk hi Lester very purposeful but your photo bus and you’ll pull it out and be like hey Tim that thing you wanted to do is a block away go try it out or if you’re going to a different city and we know you’re building credit and you like like coffee you walk down there’s like hey two blocks away is the third-ranked coffee third-best great coffee you might want to try that out so then notify you when there’s boots shit around you so there’s a lot of really valuable stuff that you could do for businesses hopefully learn I’m sure anyway it’s yeah it’s a lot of work we’re gonna lot of startups startups are like well you know fortunately while this startup is is getting getting up and running and you’re finding your feet you can you know pull in some pocket change working the genius partner that’s right he was giving me shit when I walk into my aperture he’s like ah like help me fix my iPhone yes actually I have a little bit the cool story I’m sure there’s a good Terry actually is that I was invited to go down to Apple ha speaking of that but we get in the jackets so Steve Jobs obviously big new not affected a lot of people very deeply who didn’t expect it expect that to happen I remember learning in the news Charlie you know my right-hand man told me late at night when the news came out and I didn’t believe him I thought it was it was just this this denial or our point of disbelief and I actually had a chance to meet a few months before it happened man not John’s I wish the biographer so Walter Isaacson who wrote the book and I haven’t read the book well I’d imagine I imagine it’s great I mean everything everything Walter’s written I’ve read Ben Franklin by he was amazing Einstein also enjoyable but so we we always talked about a book that much every episode we shot and in mine is definitely see John Floyd cuz I’m not saying I got a little over halfway through it yeah I decided to download the audio book just because it got so much going on right now it’s easy to be at the gym like listen the audio book crazy it’s just it’s it’s one of these stories where you realize I don’t all the way through but when you realize who Jobs was you realize that he was a little bit insane yeah look crazy yeah like in in in a you know I don’t know how to really explain it other than he just he had this dry for perfection that he just wanted everything to be perfect yeah like when he launched the next computers idea and if remember next it was like after he got kicked out of Apple he started another career coming home next and he’s obsessed over the colors of like you know the types of screws that they used inside the computer like certain little things that he was just so so obsessed over you that when you look at modern-day Apple it’s so clear that those things I mean it’s clearly it’s his company no it’s funny I was telling a friend of mine even today we’re talking about Apple versus the competition and one of the things that you know I remember when the Zune came out it was a big competitive the I the iPhone I remember yeah and the Zune was Microsoft’s attempt to create a portable mp3 player and they had this when you turned off for the first time it would say Zune and I had the crane logo toss up and then they had this little slider bar that was like the loading screen and the slider bar was very much you know like before the operating system loads like the gradient like you’re not into the beautiful arrests that you’re in the pre OS m and I had this nasty little like 8-bit gradient icon that is loading I remember looking at that and I showed a friend and I was like Apple would never allow that and it’s so true because like you look at like Steve Jobs cared about the way that the headphones were wrapped and what kind of material was used it is pursued pursue the perfection was just insane he was also very troubled I mean he cried a lot during meetings all the time he would cry like that maybe it was crazy he talks about like how you would just break down in tears all the time beep any particular type of trigger odd you know high-stress situations people would talk about how he was just had this like Jekyll and Hyde kind of thing where he’d have a good and bad side of seed that would come out he did LSD a lot he talked about doing LSD all the time talk about how Alice T helped him realize his complete potential like it’s it’s awesome it’s it’s a great book you know it’s it’s one of those books where you read and you’re like wow this is the backstory to this cult like figure yeah I mean that’s really what he is he’s like this idea that people look at and they like almost worship Him yeah and it’s like it’s funny because like it talks about like how many times he’s dropped LSD and even like Aintree up there like every 10 page or whatever you know like it makes you think like shit maybe I should read a little there’s great article written by Sam Harris so Sam Harris is PhD in neuroscience he’s also written a number of very popular and controversial books and he has an article on his blog about use of psychedelics and hallucinogens that is very worth reading hypothetically if I were to use high dose hallucinogens once a year hypothetically speaking I can see how mushrooms could be used for a very similar type of reboot purpose but benefit speaking so start off today yeah so we have Apple buying obviously in terms of scale very different but in the startup world have you seen anything particularly interesting recently done a couple investments and a couple of things like babcom yeah I think that’s cool maybe you should explain if you’ve ever been to like the problem designer furniture and she like that everyone thinks is cool it looks awesome but it’s expensive as hell it’s really no one wants to buy it so they’re like the gilt groupe for design furniture like super heavy discounted design stuff and so there’s some cool stuff that oh dude I love that to jump away from that for a second something that you will love what is this okay you know what this is I don’t know what that is dude it looks like a mosquito coil okay so this is from jawbone you know Java the headset maker course this is their new device called the up the jawbone up okay I love that I am showing this to you okay because this is like so up your alley it’s ridiculous alright so check this out so I go into my little iPhone app here okay so I wear this all throughout the day I think I see where this is going you see where it’s going I go into up I unplug this end and it gives me a headphone jack yeah I plug it in here and then I go in here and hit sync and right now it’s gonna sink all of my mine different my steps that I’ve taken throughout the day cool look at this it does my sleep it does my steps and it does my meal oh nice it’s okay I can turn it sideways and this is this is uh this is today that I’ve had today if I’m gonna come from our mom hey mom mom she can’t hear me right here I’ll call you back later if you can hear this all right so come on back later so this is uh this is my activity today right now I can scroll back and notice how like this is my sleep pattern for last night looks like it’s darker when you guys bad that’s a very hit the sleep I have 85% sleep quality it shows my like my deep mom I love the quacking hey is it horn can I call you back in a bit I’m in the middle of shooting a podcast ok back alright so here’s my sleep cycle that the deep and the light sleep of the times I’m awake so I had to get up I take it be a couple times a lot surprise my nothing’s wrong like prostate let’s just go no I have you drink a lot of water the prostate is fine anyway you’re getting very defensive’ by a prostitute in the press it’s great in the meantime here’s my my miles as this is my heavy activity so let me show you how this works the device works so the device you just wear around your wrist right and then when you’re going into heavy activity so if you hit this button you’ll see it just shows like a little green light that means if you’re a gal if you press and hold it in it turns it into sleep mode so it shows like a little moon so that’s when you’re sleeping and I can go back by just holding in if i press once and twice the class is rapidly that means I’m gonna workout mode so you switch between like standard mode workout boat and sleep mode to fit in a way that adjust that adjusts how the accelerometer is functioning it exactly so do you think about pretty cool huh I thought for a second you’re gonna tell me that this was some like Chinese bracelet to make you stronger and I was gonna have to yeah debunk that it’s on national television would have an interest in it and actually international international in it that’s cool that’s smart design move yeah I like it there are lasers in it as well so sign up just in terms of iPhone sharks with lasers related to iPhone and tracking Zeo which I talked about ages ago that one thinks with you yeah which is a cool device so they now have the ability to integrate it with an iPhone app so that the actual headband goes directly to an iPhone bad for traffic just smart so let’s see startup startups fab trippy is one that I’m quiet psyched about you thank you force so trippy I just met with them today it’s just oh yeah that’s right garrison town I is this primary yeah all right so so trippy I’ve seen a lot of hallucinogen startups and this is that I’m getting so trippy trippy is actually travel-related many of you did mushrooms not tonight he said that no we’re not doing them at night I wouldn’t do i if I were to do mushrooms it would not be in a recreational sacrilegious go out hangout way it would be in a room megadose actually for Cabo flashback so this trippy is a travel startup and I’ve seen dozens of travel startups over the last four years because of the 4-hour workweek and the success that but and trippy is the first one that I become involved with so trippy what makes breakcore jr. who is either the founder one of the founders of virtual tourists which I used for years and reckon has now reached a point where he no longer has to violate or would violate any non-compete and started this new startup called trippy which allows you to let’s just say hypothetically there’s no hypothetical I did this so I would love to go to Indonesia but I don’t know anything about Indonesia right so I put up on trippy that I’m going to Indonesia a brief description of what I want to do play with orangutans etc and then I invited friends on Facebook automatically because trippy will tell me which of my friends on Facebook I’ve either lived in and been raised in or have visited Indonesia because it pulls in your graph it checks their check-ins and then it also looks at like their interests and places they’ve been defying whereas so a lot of the social stuff I mean I think you do a very good job very few companies I think do social properly in the sense that I don’t want it to be spam I don’t want it to increase my workload and in this particular case thank you once I put that up my friends can make recommendations and then as they make recommendations thank you I can simply click on the recommendations I like and it will add it to my itinerary and to the map for the trip create that I can print it out go to these places take photographs put them up it is the easiest way to put together an amazing trip that I’ve ever come across so I used it today because I’m planning this trip to Maui for regardez birthday and I put on there I was born in Maui and then instantly brought up my thirty friends that had been been to Maui and I was like oh tell this person tells groups of those person because I I trust their opinions yeah and then instantly that they come back things they get the wall post and they start recommending places to eat apps activities to do like all kinds of stuff it’s really cool it’s so great I mean and it’s a very logical extension because you trust your friends yeah it’s a it’s a very logical extension from virtual tourists and it’s an improvement upon it in the same way that link addresses you know Yelp is out an amazing service but I think that you’re offering an alternative and similarly virtual tourists fantastic site if you want to do recon on a specific city specific country amazing but do you want extremely specific recommendations granular recommendations from your friends of that trip he doesn’t and I actually talked to them about that today because he was saying how you can log in with your Foursquare account you know bring in all of your history about where you’ve been yeah guys like dude let’s talk in a few months because I’m happy to link up points so that we can log in and recommend like you know you gonna title it on my cape you got to try this dish or something like that you know like those types of recommendations are really growing now so cool startups yeah yeah I’ve had to dial back a bit as I’m sure you have on the startup stuff just because the advising doesn’t really scale and from an investment standpoint still very bullish I mean I really pretty much have everything in either we talked about investing before so I I got out of the public markets content out of the public markets yeah I old thing Emily responds yeah so iPhone I have no bonds I have no stocks it’s either cash not even catch like equivalents it’s just cash and uh cash or startups that’s it that’s the split it’s very so this is as pure to a barbell strategy you heard that expression before it’s pure to barbell as possible meaning you’ve got nothing in this sort of comfortably medium range of risk tolerance is either super super ultra secure or really asymmetrical bet like casino style we should talk some more yeah yeah you could get a little bit it weights the little side the first part of the bar got a little bit but here’s my logic so for me to if I wanted to go into bonds or something like that why would you not be in that like a federal bond fund the US government is not going to default US government is not going to default a lot I get a lot of the hedge fund guys I know believe that there is a bubble in the bond market so I use a basic security well here’s the thing so for a federal base security this is the question for me how much do I have to put in to on an annualized basis hold on to result in a meaningful amount of money that makes it such that when I look at the newspaper I don’t get stressed out about things related to bond and the so I’m not I’m no bond act so let me let me tell you what all right I want to hear your rationale because shows that you can go into Vanguard and and we’ve everyone Vanguard adds low-cost bonds bond funds right so you gonna ban guard and you can take a look in light this last financial crisis that we had right yeah securities especially I mean federal bonds based by the full backing the trust of the US government yeah they don’t really go damn it right like they don’t because the music of erm is not going to fall they have really shitty returns you ever get a percent half maybe two percent max right but it’s not gonna like there’s no if you take a look at like the Vanguard is this growth of ten thousand dollars over the course of five years or whatever right here there’s what happened with the stock market like when the secretary took a dip like this like nothing nothing like that nothing can rock those because they’re not based on any type of like crazy public markets it’s all based on their holdings our US government bonds that’s how they hold yeah those have a fixed rate of return and that’s what you get yeah you know so it’s not a big deal and you can get in and out of a bond money anytime it’s not like you’re buying a bond you’re like stuck for five years okay all right so using short term attorneys short term absolutely okay because the interest rates you never know so I would say short term yeah I’m open to it I mean just just to play devil’s advocate so people understand the logic that I’m using for me I feel like at least go the money market account and get free kinetic yeah well I mean like money market I consider cash so like I could I could I I mean I do have I believe some money in market money market right now but for me I feel like I should focus on accruing and increasing we’ve talked about this by working capital like my actual capital base to a point where the smaller percentages become a meaningful percentage right even looking at the compounding if I were to take the energy that I might invest in bond analysis and I know you’re not necessarily doing that if you’re looking at a bond fund specifically and apply it to let’s say merchandising or licensing for our X or related things again like I could make yeah substantial I get it yeah my mind I’m not analyzing bonds I throw it to a fund that has a thousand bonds in it are more like it’s huge you know you’re also more comfortable to the public markets not in our I’m not in public waters anymore at all but you had been for well actually I’m shorting um I’m shorting RIM right now that’s probably good I am well talking about this separately but I am extremely short European sovereign debt as of about six months ago crazy all go crazy on that stuff I’m looking at the light I’m sure that’s gonna look extremely odd but so what else is going on then Oh sauerkraut pickling yeah so we have brought these yeah I brought these I’ve been I really enjoy pickled food lacto fermented food as well this is pick a pack right here I got this at a Fuji party I just handed yeah pick a pack you love your packs boy yes all right I could just take that and run with it but just get ugly so pick it back actually really really delicious stuff and single carrots yeah and these are Taiwan yeah yeah go for it and these are from the fermented these are I honestly am NOT I don’t think there’ll active for a minute because there’s no dairy in this it does not to be dairy in it I would be lactobacillus is out of the locked OH refers to yeah so it probably is then technically lack of moon is a spiced spicy spicy right all right well this just has vinegar so I think this is just strictly what’s wrong what’s wrong I’m up here those are amazing after after that was very mr. Miyagi of you ha ha so pickling sauerkraut you’re doing some stuff with sound all right yeah so here’s the deal I love chakra let me tell you what my my whole obsession was with fermenting accomplished I own are you sure I’m not doing anything you there it’s like a frickin landing page I love it all right so here’s the deal fermented foods are really interesting because I’ve been reading a lot about them over the course of the years about how their health benefits right yeah it makes certain nutrients more bioavailable no and i certain things that like they’re supposed to be really good about them right yep natural like like you say bacteria that attaches to them that are good for the digestive God we do the second second brain blah blah blah right so in a couple things we’re going to really understand there one you started talking about a long time ago you told me the sauerkraut it has a lot of healthy bacteria yep we need to do typical thing about how the bacteria like you know you think yogurt the acidophilus and so I was like why is sauerkraut how does that happen it’s all based on this lack of a minute’s time right now and so one of the things that really struck me that was really interesting is that cultures that have fermented foods in their diet tend to have some interesting things happened I don’t know this is what’s actually going on but like in Okinawa Japan yeah they have more people over the age of 100 than any other place in the world right now it’s one of the blue zones as I call it yeah one of the things that they have in terms of this is it but this note goes out there one of the things that that they’ve tried the same at potential India or the other mass consumption of a fermented turmeric tea so they take the turmeric root and they ferment it in Japan and Japan turmeric I was going to Okinawa in a few months I’m gonna bring some back yeah let’s talk about that at I’m gonna find out how I’ve been dying to go to Okinawa some of the best diving in the world so I’m around there so that got me interested in the narrow also you know people that consume a lot of me so committed soy natto natto also have really they live to be very old anyway so I start getting into it you start reading books started buying this book called wild fermentation China you have their books I bought and they’re reading up on and so I thought like why not start with some sour crab it is extremely easy to make you take a head of cabbage you chop it up add a bunch of salt throw it to a pot and you I bought the special pots on on Amazon they’re really cool they’re fermenting pots all right they’re they’re made out of clay and then what happens is they have a lid this at the top and then they have a couple play discs that go inside and so here here’s what it is important to know about fermenting too so basically what’s happening is the food is starting to break down yeah because you know as food does it starts to decompose right when you salt the cabbage the salt brings out the water out of the cabbage so in just a few hours after assaulting cabbage it’s been chopped up it turns into this mushy kind of water-based side note zooni cafe which is right here they do a very similar sort of dry brining approach with meat they’ll put salt on the meat and it brings the water out and then the salt in the water goes back into the meat yeah really yeah gorgeous anyway okay so basically like if you cover a bunch of cabbage yeah but just I’ll do it basically this is block all right you’re gonna see this stuff turning to like cold water kind of mess the salt flowing out of it so they won’t have to put a little pot that’s a Mike fennel seeds as we chop carrots radishes whatever you want put these two played discs on top of it and the clay just pushed down on the cabbage okay and then what happens is the water eventually overtakes that they do since Isis you separate water creates a seal over this stuff that’s decomposing and anaerobic cell and then all the natural bacteria starts to occur inside of that then to keep an extra sterile you put this lid on top and you pour water around the lid and the latest kind of in this lip and the water creates a seal around the lid and then when the gas and start to expand from the cabbage they pop the lid up and the gas comes out but no extra bad bit new air goes in huh and so it naturally how long does it take for the channels we can start tasting it but I would say that we found that after a couple weeks of repenting is when you get the best sauerkraut then you take some of them out transfer into a dish put it in the in the fridge and you’ve got sauerkraut we put them on great hot dogs of all the stuff I’m talking about this natural probiotic does that all right you know we got some really good like all organic hot dogs and put it on top of that so it was it’s really good we eat it raw toaster Jill we I was Simpsons arm Milan action right there so dog whisperer so I did I did fermented beets now I’m starting to put experiment oh I learned how to put the turmeric and I’m gonna start taking this delicious I sauerkraut every morning dude it’s so easy to make I know I’m getting it when Chris is an idiot for mending bonds wait I would love him all right it kind of gives me give each other that’s all easy that he gave me the Flies for fly-fishing the Japanese bike oh that’s right yeah that was funny it’s a hot tutti very nice so I have a question speaking of like gadgets and gifts and whatnot can anybody download won’t get the wallet yeah it’s complete open okay so and you’re trying to build the base of people that want to go out reach them so you’re trying to get as many items as possible in there right so would it be possible I know we didn’t talk about this beforehand but so I have a high-end Breville juicer blender combo it’s like the highest angle you can get okay cool so I’m going so I have an extra one yeah I have an extra one and would it be possible to let’s say I don’t know how people download alike and the the person who like rates the most awesome stuff in the next expert of time I just mail it off to them yeah actually maybe you raid it and then if they leave a mini-review they have to follow you yeah and if they leave a mini-review on like maybe like why they should deserve this crap a little thing about something about themselves okay then you just keep it so I can rate the device and then they need to comment on it right exactly look at any review on it all right so yeah we’re so I’m gonna do that and then let’s just say on I’ll make you a suggest you see if I suggested user list cool and then they’ll find you as they sign up in the fans okay okay cool and then if you leave a comment explaining why you deserve it and then we will let’s make that other awesome gifts by the way that’s the freaking it’s it’s an expensive device and it blends and it chooses it’s top of the line and hundreds and hundreds of dollars so leave a comment make it 140 characters or less just so I’m not dealing with any mini novels I’d involved there 200 minutes okay attach Nick perfect and then do it in the first 48 hours after this gets posted and then I’ll mail it off to somebody so Grandia yeah we will put the blue yeah of course yeah what else we talked about we talked about a lot what is that I haven’t done much instrument I love it so what’s the difference between Instagram and hip somatic that’s a good question I haven’t used any systematic have a social network for butter – okay that’s okay okay Instagram is a very like social app it’s like great for taking photos of like this is a things that it’s fiction I should be Oliver’s yeah for sure I’ve enjoyed using the filters on I like actually yeah I mean point for me is about items I mean it’s about things you find Instagram is like oh my dog looks freaking awesome this is a cool piece of artwork on the street this is like you know the beautiful sunset yeah it’s alternate ombre so I always question for you it just it’s just still startup related but as far as the world of blogs okay so tumblr WordPress they want one of these yeah try one of those the peppers are really I just have to put pepper the the peppers are hot feel free to try it so blogging where do you think these various blogging platforms are going I mean you have all these different options I don’t think WordPress has gone away anytime soon I mean obviously I’m a big diva tafe overdressed but it depends on your level in my mind it’s it’s were you follow the spectrum of content contributors right because you don’t someone like yourself yeah and you can bang out a really serious good blog post yeah that is multi paragraph it’s informative it’s high-quality content for you WordPress makes the boots on its way tumblr has really captured the imagination of like you know people that just want to quickly post a video or have a quote that they want to cause there’s something like really short form shortly Twitter is even smaller than that and it’s very mobile you know and so it’s like there’s there’s people that are contributing a sentence and there’s people that are contributing you know many novels do you think there’s a acquisition market for the leaders in each of these spaces I mean there’s definitely I don’t know that they necessarily may be acquired I mean I know that we’re present making a lot of WordPress is doing great I mean automatic skilling it the only thing that concerns me is a tumblr is actually doing you know from a product standpoint they have a ton of users they don’t paying for anything that whole process the whole commercial side Twitter they make money and things like that tumbles in that revenue okay all right what do you think it you know I’m just fascinated by the whole space because I mean I play in all those sand boxes as a content creator as a publisher yeah so you know I’m on I’m on one Twitter and an investor in Twitter then I use StumbleUpon as well which I’m gonna advise it to you then I use just for sharing things like only you should have oh no no no here’s the thing I only invest in things that I use I agree I’m the same yeah did I have the hundreds of the same philosophy yeah and it’s and I’ve actually been criticized by a couple of VCS you okay yeah they’re like such a simplistic way to look at it and I’m like having that I’ve done pretty well and the funny thing is I get shit from time to time people be like I’ll be like you gotta check this out oh I love it and some of them back you’re an investor in that service I’m like yeah because I freaking love it yeah I’m not trying exactly randomly froze up like I put something out recently what was it it was about uber right and so uber saves my ass like every week here in San Francisco because Luxor cab blows it’s terrible and I put up a note like about an airport run where I just got my ass saved completely by uber for hoster reasons and someone’s like oh like caveat like you didn’t say that you’re an advisor I’m like I’m here and I have all my disclaimers on exactly my whole thing is that you can’t worry about that you just got to put your freaking like a list somewhere yeah I have my bounty paid jets and everything I’m involved in yeah and like you know whatever yeah the thing is like it just comes down to who you are yeah and like people know there’s a lot of people that can be bought out for very little money yeah there’s a lot of people that decide we could walk up to you like hey I’m trying to talk about it you know yeah and like I think that you and I are cut from the same cloth and that like it’s not working because he’s totally straight through that and you’ll notice those people his face it takes it takes I mean so long and you and rightly so to develop a reputation for integrity with that type of thing for sure so the idea that like you’re I would promote something because we get a quarter point of equity Jake we don’t like it or it is randomly talking now my Google okay we get it no no just say like this isn’t like a hat on the back but it’s just saying like oh really so I wish we can get free jobs I tried to get us something like I exist we’re sold out about someone bottle stupid but soak any other cool stuff that’s come across the table in the last you know that you love travel that I have coming up you have to be here we get some love travel okay Helen they will do a Okinawa would be amazing I wanted to go forever and I speak Japanese okay maybe should be this thing so you should meet us there that meet brawler come out to like Drupal days be I’ll be done with my all my current stuff like yeah but that’s house I wanted to go for years to bring your girl that’d be fun yes okay alright okay no a little double do you know I active freaking done yes it is sweet right well thanks for watching the up Sarah until next time Lynn Bob you mean to say it all Glenn Bob any PostScript anything knows that is awesome gradual ation sir that’s the party motherfucker yeah yeah I’m where I will make a guest appearance not too far from now so is it gonna be revision three.com slash to toasted donut I’m sure will be that yeah either way you can find it on your your blog during salad so check out Glen stop dude cuz these plenty of salad it’s gonna be a good job TBD it’s gonna be fun alright everybody until next time thanks for watching