what’s up dude all right y’all number two let me see if the live stream audio is better now or not if it’s not well then that’s just no good yes leave say hi to the camera deed see how did the camera deed let’s see anyone watch them to replay what’s up dude let me let me go check the audio real quick it should be good but if it’s not we will see hey let me know if the is good this time the audio is good this time let me know in watching us if the audio is good or anyone watching the replay right now this is charles number two cuz audio sucks it’s the first time that’s why i’ve got ghost of my arms so you know you’re distracted by the cuteness good sweet awesome well let everybody come back in just because that was wack let me turn up the gain on this real quick where’s this at twisty twisty twisty cool awesome the dog is here again yeah he stills the show it’s gonna turn into a youtube channel of just this guy nothing else but yeah how’s the audio good audios good let me know the audio this is good everybody and like I said we’re gonna let everyone climb back in here as they find the link Lamia actually share the link really quickly you chillin bye you chill in my lap right now let me go share this link give me one second squad Oh new link ghost I’m gonna type this out for me but I’m gonna type this out for me dude there’s the livestream link right there it’s a flash because it dropped when I talk okay how’s everybody doing and let’s see yeah we’re getting everyone back in here hopefully the audio is but easily to say okay yeah you are going to hide that and remove cool everything is good sick sick and glad it was weird I think my my computer was using my good mic but my I don’t know YouTube was just tripping out give me one second let me drop this new link real quick guys it’s a flavor drop when I talk yes and boom okay all right now we’re getting everybody coming back in here what’s up everybody what’s up everybody let me set these colors real quick let’s see uh what color you guys want me to be right now I can like change the because right now I’m like blue and orange what color should I be give me some suggestions why do I sound British because I am British well let me talk man what’s up guys fuck audio is good thank you thank you thank you awesome audio is bad but we are back where have I been where have I been let’s see yellow or purple purple purple red purple yes good black is better for you I would make the lights black but I can’t sorry and you have a CBD LCBO method oh well everyone saying purple okay let’s see I might do like a blue purple mix let’s do we come up with let’s see no that’s pretty weird whoa I feel like the Hulk right now that’s that’s not what we wanted to know let’s see this is like a purple wave that’s kind of weird why not what’s gonna like you guys can see the wave over me how’s that looking you guys like that we’ll stick with that for a second looking good thanks Anton thanks dude what’s up guys it started to do a later livestream than usual usually I do edit like in the middle of the day but now we’re gonna have a lot of different people come in and I know the NBA Finals are right now so a lot of people are slacking they’re watching the finals it might be over actually I don’t know that’s lit sick pink so I already chose purple unless I just had to change it halfway through let’s see what’s up guys which I’ve haas was so tech russer so Steffi Thompson the econ guy what’s up dude I don’t want to be red so he wants to be red Barney I am basically am Barney I’m a dinosaur I’m old I’m gonna be 21 in two days three days two days June 10th sick so yeah there’s a fun fact my birthday is June 10th is that my free product give it give away these nano life Nano leaves is not what these are pretty sick for those of you don’t know what these are or even what they look like search of nano leaf nano leaf it’s pretty sick it’s gonna chill out a little longer wait to start dropping this heat ghost is probably gonna start snorting I’m not sure if you guys will be able to hear him but he’s basically a pig I thought I bought a French Bulldog but it turns out I actually bought a pig not only does he eat like one but kind of smells like one Raptors or warriors ah see I like the Warriors but I think the Raptors are gonna win but then again who knows yeah I see you guys questions I’ll jump on in a second run duos with me on a fortnight I’m more of an apex guy I’m sorry sorry bro furry Pig yeah dude he’s a furry Pig underneath he’s all pink oh yeah that’s lit I literally am lit right now and you know I think it was like in the blue and orange is not gonna lie not gonna lie in the hundred dollar giveaway guys by the way was from the last let’s see from the last video for anyone who commented on my most recent Instagram post like one of their favorite quotes and so I’m gonna pick on the live stream hey momentarily where’s the dog duties over here who’s writing my lap you can’t see him can you see his ears yep ears I’m a Gemini yes I am a Gemini birthday’s in three days it’s gonna be City pretty sick okay Dennis Dennis thank you I see you with the $2 donation by the way guys there’s YouTube out of this new thing here that if you like you can like donate any certain amount of money and your comment will be pinned highlighted for everyone to see so you can 100% get your question answered if you do that how do you know what money to run your ad set – honestly there is no black and white answer to that dentist again thank you shout out to Dennis for Ronan plug but how do you know what dollar amounts to run your ad set – before you kill it I assume you mean well okay let’s pretend you have zero sales and yeah so we’ll pretend that if your ad set has zero sales then it really depends on your budget if you have like a really you know like a five six figure budget then you know let it run to the break-even point if you don’t if you have like a thousand dollars two thousand dollars or less then I would just let it run to about ten dollars and then kill your ad set and you should be good but it could go either way shout out to Dennis much love let’s see when am i coming to the UK you know I just need a good reason to come to the UK and then I will what’s that make I see you bro I see you that’s actually pretty interesting you didn’t comment anything started to mike Mayock how you pronounce that it’s sick much love welcome to the Royal it’s already in here when I come to the UK I need to come to UK 100% I really like Europe but I just have known like particular reason to go to UK let’s see Chipotle on me Christopher bro I see you shout-out to Chris thank you bro thank you much love what’s the name of the dog his name is ghost his name is ghost again Christopher Goldie with a 999 tip I guess you would call it for this value that’s about a drop don’t mind the grammar working with 50 characters all I do that sucks cool shout out to Dennis again for the $2 that’s gonna buy me like a pack of gum so far the biggest one is not any none I see if we get any high rollers in here but yeah the smart ring for those of you that don’t know this is an aura ring this is this pretty interesting interesting like honestly it tracks your activity your sleep and everything not affiliated at all but I actually sleep terribly I’ve honestly known that I’ve slept bad for a long time but this actually shows me like just to show you guys what’s up so if you’re go to the aura ring app goes this is my phone you don’t eat this but sniffing so if we go in here like last night not sure if it’ll be backwards but my sleep you guys can my sleep you guys can like see the reflection there but my sleep was like a 79 I think it’s backwards for you guys I have no idea but it tracks your sleep your total sleep your efficiency your restfulness REM sleep deep sleep latency timing and everything it’s crazy but anyways okay how much did that chain run you who knows man who knows I’m a handsome lepida thank you yeah thank you love my content where have I been I’ve been planning some big things so like one thing I’m working on is an event for its in July actually July 28th it’s in LA so it’s gonna be super sick it’s gonna be a bunch of other speakers there it’s pretty cool so I’m definitely uh definitely excited to share that with you guys soon I believe we’re launching a like the tickets like next week Sam Evans is that you yes it is but yeah we’re launching tickets to the event next Friday so that’s gonna be cool there’s gonna be like a big after-party and like a Hollywood Hills mansion it’s oh my god it’s like $2,000 a night like the Airbnb but it’s gonna be super cold so more on that later let’s see have I become immune to digital advertising not yes and no let’s see can I add a link no I don’t think you can add a link I’m sorry I started using CVD for sleep man that stuff knocks me out cold honestly I’ve heard so many things I’ve tried CBD melatonin valerian root magnesium things like that but nothing’s worked besides this day and JK what am i coming to Canada I probably start snowing so I can actually snowboard should you raise your iPhone case now it’s at 1699 basic question no leave it sure why do I not post anymore I do hey quality over quantity that’s a big thing I’m focused on so sorry for the lack of post guys that’s why I’m here on the livestream as well just to give you guys a spontaneous like just some some value here so yeah I definitely put on start posting more often I’ve been in the zone recently hey ghost no no no you don’t need a bang let’s see should I test a heart letter necklace I don’t know if you think you can mark it and do it here’s a bang Thank You Drix shoutout tricks he just donated 20 I don’t even know what that is DK k no clue but thank you cheers for the Bing it’s probably 2 2 USD but I just bought this right here so thank you shoutout to DK k your Drix I’m contact shout out to drinks much love Christopher goalie out here with the $10 one already so you know nobody beat that yet let’s see not answering questions bro hey we are now let’s jump in the questions waiting for some like really good ones just answer like bunch of basic questions to give the most value thanks for doing the livestream thanks for tuning in Jess love my content simple and clear thank you yo bro explain the process when starting advertisements on a new pixel do you start with engagement engagement ads if so how many and until when do you start going towards conversion ads what’s your process so angry old head I’m not sure it doesn’t sound like you’ve watched much like my content but if you watch any of my content really or listen to any of the big ecommerce guys or the successful e-commerce guys then they’re gonna tell you that you don’t need to run PPE honestly you don’t need to whatsoever on a fresh brand new pixel that’s gray or red or anything like that honestly you can just go straight to conversion website purchase conversion website good website conversion purchase totally butchered that website conversion purchase always that’s what I start with even on a brand new pixel it doesn’t matter you always need to start with that yeah so obviously PPE is not necessary stop drinking Bing if I want to sleep well Dennis I see you out you’re donating two dollars again that’s like three times already much love brother are you behind these bangs like you’re supporting me you’re supporting me drinking the bangs we talking about you’re right I’m drinking your friggin three hundred milligram of caffeine right here at 10:10 p.m. no wonder I sleep bad some people make millions other people make memes agony agony agony I am with the $2 donation much love ugh and I ah that’s sick that’s true some people do make millions some people make memes and some people just look at them so what are you what are you how can you drop ship from Jamaica I have no idea I’m not from Jamaica but what I would suggest you do is I don’t know find a bank I mean literally it’s you build a website and I don’t know if there’s any complications with Jamaica like your bank won’t process drop shipping we’ll find a new bank that’s kind of a dumb question not to call you dumb or anything it’s bang supposed to be healthy there’s zero calories zero sugar zero anything like that but just got caffeine in it does your course method still work 100% yes I’m not gonna sell you outdated content how do I feel about Cameron Wallace I have no feelings toward him maybe we’re dating who knows did I start with nothing yes when 100% I started with nothing I don’t really have much empathy for like people who come from like unfortunate situation just because I came from one a lot of you guys have already heard my story but for those who didn’t have it long story short never knew my father my mom just definitely slept around I was definitely an accident she had me with one guy while she was married to another she dropped me off in a stranger’s place when I was like 8 years old and told me she’d come back the next day never came back got put up for adoption you know whatever and then parents kicked me out because I dropped out of college parents adoption parents kicked me out because I didn’t want to go to college became a personal trainer got fired as a personal trainer because of some stupid stuff and then started dropshipping and here we are that’s long story short but yes I definitely came from nothing I had two or three hundred dollars whenever I very first started so anything is possible you’re new to my content awesome maybe halted welcome let’s see King be much love for the dollar donation I see you much love criteria for a great picture ad targeting fitness criteria for a great picture ad targeting Fitness honestly one simple trick for any ad is increase the contrast if you just increase the contrast then that’s gonna help a ton literally it’s just gonna make it stand out amongst everything else or in anyone’s feed so that’s going to help a lot but anything for fitness particularly just have a fit person in it so whatever like product it is just have a fit person in it and you’ll be just fine so much love for the two dollars again roll proof of a royal blue print and gangue much love hector neo what I think of Alex Becker’s course it’s just a course we can all formulate our own opinions hey that’s my hat bro not today not today this man are new to it on my hat I had to buy a new one let’s see add me on minecraft much love I could not for the $10 again thank you appreciate it a lot thank you I cannae a shout out and yo Mike what’s one thing you could go back and change honestly you know I wouldn’t change anything about my past it’s been difficult there’s things that have been easy things that I’ve been hard but I honestly wouldn’t change anything about it maybe besides the like the fact that I would take action sooner that’s probably one thing that I would do but other than that honestly there’s really nothing I would change because it’s made me who I am today and I’m grateful for that so end of story let’s see beat up a clamp for stealing your product description hahaha Harry much love for the $2.99 thank you that is a bang right there when I beat up a client for stealing your prior description or showed you yeah depends on who you are everything you can win how many okay why I asked I want to thank you but how many um ad sets would you then stop testing I don’t understand your question I’m sorry is that a cat or a dog that is a dog one under percent oh it’s a good question how do you get people to not think your website is a scam how did one don’t have too many trust badges or timers I just posted that in the Facebook group the other day I’m excuse me just works um and if you have too many trust badges too timer is anything like that then people are definitely to think your website is a scam 100% just because if you look at brands like Nike Victoria’s Secret you know the multi-million dollar brands they don’t have spammy timers or spammy things like that so just make sure your colors you limit it to three colors black white and one exit color and then just think it’s sleek and clean and you’re good to go like see what’s I’m sorry for that’s al-faqih much left for the Canadian two dollars any possibility for video testing with CBO’s there is a possibility for that 102 percent definitely gonna come out in the program no doubt much left for the two dollars thank you let’s see make video on Instagram influencers I would but I choose to focus on one thing not to say that I can’t or have it done Instagram influencers that’s a thing but I choose to teach focus as well as that’s what I do myself and to many of you guys want to tried so many different things it’s like the amount of internet businesses out there like affiliate marketing Amazon FBA Shopify drop shipping cliff there’s so many if you try to do them all you won’t succeed like you I mean you won’t the man who chases two rabbits catches none right so you need to choose one thing in focus and after you choose to focus on something like Shopify drop shipping we didn’t choose and focus on mastering one way of marketing it for me that’s Facebook Ads and I suggest you guys do the thing in Facebook or focus on Facebook Ads as well the event on July 28th yes there is an event on July 28th and la king thank you King our Bieber not that much left for the two dollars I appreciate it you’re a royal for real no set watch me there are set times but not sharing your times yet okay stilt easy okay oh man one more question you’re setting up some ads when starting when setting up for purchase conversions do you start with the big five and a couple of interests when do you know it’s a failure see when setting up for when you know it’s a failure is honestly you could let ads run for a long time it’ll eventually get you a purchase most likely you know assuming your cost-per-click isn’t you know 100 you’re probably gonna get a purchase eventually but basically I don’t know like like I mentioned earlier if your cost-per-click no no if get my facts mixed up here if your budget is under $2,000 then kill it when it reaches $10 ad spend without a sale and if your budget is over $2,000 like $5,000 $10,000 so on then wait till you hit your breaking point on a row ass on a freaking ad set freakin too much bang today guys too much bang wait till your break wait till you spin your break-even point on an ad set and then kill it so an ad set it really is never gonna be a failure unless it’s unprofitable for too long gas tank too much bang or maybe not enough I was gonna jumble let’s see let’s see okay hold on let’s see al faqih thank you again for the $5 appreciate you Royals forever appreciate you dude thank you for the support without ERISA thank you thank you okay so know what happened thank you for the 15 dollars really appreciate it royal love is it normal for Facebook to block stuff till I get bigger I’ve had to get a tons of stuff reviewed by their teams before it gets unblocked also can you take a look at my website I can’t take a look right now I will open up an opportunity to look at you guys website later is it normal for Facebook to block stuff till I get bigger honestly if Facebook is like blocking your stuff it’s just because something within the ad specifically just kind of it what does the work they have an automatic system and a manual system like review system and a lot of times my ads go through the automatic review and then get disapproved and I have to get a manually reviewed but it’s okay so no it doesn’t matter how big you are how small you are how much you’ve spent on Facebook Ads Facebook shouldn’t block your stuff just because your account it should be just because of your ad make a video on drop point live ok moments thank you again for the donation I’ve seen you donate $1 already so thank you for the another – thank you a moment so many questions ok when do you know what product is dead a product is never dead in my opinion unless it blows up as big as the fittest spinner does I mean I’ve seen products to do seven figures and then someone else go do six or seven figures with it and then a year later someone else does six or seven figures with it and then someone builds a long-term ran out of it does eight nine figures and then goes from there it’s like when it’s a product to saturated or dead never is the restaurant business to saturated is to dead no people are always going to eat food so all you have to do is come to the market with a different sort of different sort of style of food or a similar style of food that everyone else is already selling but with a different purpose like donate to a charity or something like that like have purpose around your business your restaurant and you’ll be successful so same thing with your products you can sell a saturated product and a product will essentially never die if you can market it in a way that’s different than everyone else so ooh quick tip for you guys if you guys see a saturated product specifically something with millions of views on Instagram or Facebook or something like that do not copy the ad do not copy the website but you can sell that exact product because you know it’s a verified to work and if you market it just a little bit differently and change the video just a little bit change your ad copy just a little bit and hit it at a different angle it’ll work wonders I promise you guys but do not copy exactly it will not work respect from Latin America Thank You Kenny much respect to the king Thank You King your name is King what happens if you have too many initiated checkouts and purchases that’s a normal thing just go with just keep going with it and as long as your conversion rate is over 5% you’re just fine let’s see while running PPE some go worldwide some exclude the big four if you run PPE the only reason I suggest the only time I want suggester in PPE is if you’re running a very general product and you don’t start with cold interests and instead you start with a PPE or a video view ad and then start look-alikes right off of that from the very beginning but I would just do the top five countries let’s say Nelson pick you for the five dollars royal love shout out to Nelson lekha for the donation forgot to send a message wanted to ask how to raise billing threshold I’ve asked Facebook a number of times but it won’t budge honestly you just have to spin like once you start spending then they’ll raise it assuming you ask them so if you spend more money with Facebook then they will raise it over time so Thank You Nelson much left for the five mosquito repellent bracelets are a great sell in Jamaica that’s pretty straight you know doesn’t sound too bad this sounds like something that would actually work here especially in the southern states there’s a winning product right there hello from South Africa how much cash do I need to become profitable and Facebook gather the new pixel you could be profitable by spending your first ten dollars or you could possibly not be profitable so we spent a thousand or ten thousand I’m gonna say there is no black and white answer for those of you that are looking for a good quick rich get rich quick scheme send that backwards swear Abdullah this likes you have some funds for those of you that are looking for a get-rich-quick scheme this is not it there is no such thing besides Vic conduct can I put some audiences of look-alikes with each different budget into Cpl campaign you can put you can put look-alikes in a CBO campaign I don’t know what you’re asking yes you can put any audience in a CBO campaign no I’m not sure what you mean by your question was curious if you ever tried a smart living company I don’t understand your question Dan anyways let’s see ghost is quiet yeah he’s II when ghost is quiet I’m like okay he’s either peeing somewhere or he’s just chilling right now he’s like at my feet right now just chill he’s taking it now so I think long products all know where to go so I think long part descriptions throw people off no honestly it really depends on the product if the product feels like it needs more selling and influence then I would always suggest doing a longer product description I personally always do paragraph picture paragraph pictures for my product descriptions and that’s it let’s see let’s see hey loved your course super helpful thank you what’s what’s up from the land down under what’s up what budget do I a liqu ate a product to test well it really just depends if I clearly see that my product isn’t gonna work within a hundred dollars spent or my ads specifically typically if you choose a product that has potential or it’s already selling then and you’re just testing and it’s not working then it’s not the product that your ad it’s your marketing that’s not working or your website if your marketing is great on ads but your website isn’t good so it’s not working so yeah but anyways what what budget do I allocate to prep to test a product honestly that’s very black-and-white I can give me an answer just don’t go broke testing a product when your cost-per-click is through the roof and you’re just unprofitable I don’t know as a beginner probably don’t spend more than $200 on a product bro you said that you’re good at Adobe Premiere in the course please make a video on it I can Nelson ask thank you again for the $2 bro you make me rich out here Nelson thank you for the $2.00 shout out royal love how many stores that you currently I’m running out of to running right now can I start testing with CBO same interest 525 budget yes you can instead of testing with 10 odd sets and 5 dollars a day or 2 nonsense it’s 10 dollars a day or whatever you guys can put those 10 odd sets or 20 odd sets into a big CBO with $50 daily spin or 100 daily spin or anything like that and Facebook will optimize the best ad sets new pixel for new product or the same store same niche different markets new pixel for new product in the same store you don’t need a new pixel for a new store you don’t need a new pixel for a new product you can use one pixel for basically everything your pixel will not get confused it collects the data and the pixel is smarter than we are so don’t even trip have I tried using the Super Store ad copy like the 21 X row as case study I’ve had Super Store ad copy but not that short I swear some people think that once they have five winning assets and they can stop testing and just focus on scaling I don’t agree with that whatsoever in fact I’m more I’m more into scaling horizontally than vertically so finding more audiences that are gonna work and get you sales and be profitable rather than just scaling the ones that work but when you do both when you find more audiences so have more and more Adsense as well as scale the ones that are working then it’s just gonna blow up you’re gonna make so much more money do you need a paragraph description when it’s like woman’s bracelet no so that so there is no black and white answer to say hey your product your product description needs to be 300 words or your product description needs to be ten words or needs this many pictures or doesn’t blah blah it’s not black and white like that honestly it’s just a fits on the product if it’s like a you know weird problem solving products like activated charcoal then you’ll probably need some pictures some social proof you know an essay in there but if it’s a bracelet or a necklace or a ring or something like that you honestly don’t need a super low pressure scripture maybe just a few pictures of someone where I get your gun it really just depends on what your product is and how explainable it is you buy my course you love my car Thanks II do thank you let’s see how will we hold on something to disappearance hold on Andrew Vasquez thank you for the $2 appreciate it really thank you biggie thank you let’s see Alpha Chi bro you taken full advantage of this you’re getting all your questions answered of kiyah hair already donated more than ten in Canadian out here but he’s getting all his questions answered much loved Alpha Chi his question was what would you recommend the best stuff to take is if I’m breaking even with ads currently on day three at five dollars a day testing and breaking even well then I would look at why you’re breaking even if your conversion rate is less than three percent then you might want to increase your conversion rate maybe by decreasing your price just a little bit or just optimizing your landing page looking at where people are falling off if your conversion rate is like five six seven percent then maybe your your ads are too high so maybe your cost-per-click is like costing me too much or something like that if your cost-per-click is good and then your conversion rate is over three four five six percent plus then what I would do is raise your price on your product so much love alpha chi again you’re selling a $69 products fit 100 already should I let it run another day if your data is good yes do you think drop shipping is a mindset game I think life is a mindset game honestly perseverance is key like I always say CX I see you in the chat is drops you into my game like I always say success is like just being dropped like floating to a helicopter and then dropped into the middle of the jungle with a hatchet it doesn’t matter how sharp or dull your blade is as long as you keep talking chopping you will get out of the jungle and so success is the same way as long as you keep going as long as you keep persevering then you will succeed as long as you keep trying new things or one thing under different angles at different angles and you’ll be just fine tripping right now smart living company anyways Nelson I’m here with another five I see you bro you said Facebook won’t let me waste my money would add so I might as well give it to you for some golden nuggets Thank You Nelson much love out here given oh my gosh ghosts just tooted hardcore you didn’t hear it but I’m smelling it I was a sound bro oh man you can’t fart on stream it’s not cool if I can’t do it you can’t do it yeah can you still buy that course yes you can link below let’s see do you update look-alike Adsense with new custom audiences every day week do I update look like access with new custom no I do not think and grow rich is a good book unicorn bang is a really good look PPE or direct to purchase conversion always purchase conversion with a hooded person that’s always what I suggest you guys do is website conversion to purchase even if your pixels gray black white red orange let’s see how long will I go with the product if it’s losing money but making sales and you see have potential to make him brand well I wouldn’t keep investing in anything if it’s losing the money for more than a week honestly dude I actually heard that one ghost is really I hear like tuning he’s asleep right now cuz I can hear him snoring I wish you guys could hear that Gus is the boss dude he’s farting on camera what the heck 30 nights a cost-per-click should I keep advertising my product your cost-per-click is good but that doesn’t mean your traffic as if you’re profitable then yes if you’re not profitable to make your conversion rate better you’re never giving up in arathi never it’s not gonna say I’m gonna can you tell us how you made your first 1k on EECOM I made a video on that go back to the very first video it was with leggings free plus shipping so we don’t need a new pixel for even a completely different niche no you don’t Albert my videos with the Canadian 777 I see you much love I appreciate the donation it love you too Albert love you too royal love let’s see how do you find more than like 20 interests for your product that are profitable are there that many interest that will be profitable for a given niche honestly there are so once you run out of like niche specific audiences then start doing things very general specially if your product is really working with things like Netflix YouTube Hulu literally target very in general things like that but what how it’s just you guys find interest is by looking at things like magazines in your niche brands and your niche stores in your niche literally anything like that you’ll be able to find a crapload of interest what I do would look like of website visitors with less than 5,000 visitors if you have more than like 500 in a specific country then yes weird it about my life set right here I can take one of these panels off actually this right here is nano leaf they’re just LED light panels and I can make them any color I want they’re freaking sick up so you guys should look them up nerd Natalie let me get this plug back in anyways yeah super psyched considering a you know basically trapped myself in my room all day work it makes it honestly a little more comfort me definitely suggest some LED LED strips which is actually a winning product on Aliexpress LED strips oh man I come across a new way ghost is really out here gasps oh my gosh she’s never been this gassy probably the gummy worms but I recently found a new product method research method that’s mainly for like Amazon FBA people but I as an innovative drop shipper was like okay I could actually use this for drop shipping and so I found a way to use that it’s honestly insane so I’m excited to make the next video on that guy’s it’s freakin insane I’m super excited it’s kind of crazy you could actually see exactly like how much some like someone’s selling a product for on Amazon and actually how much they’re making like per month on it like based on their listing and you can also go look at the search volume so the same way you look at Google Trends but Google Trends doesn’t show you the direct search volume what I’m going to show you guys in the next video is the product research method that allows you to look up search volume literally how many searches of product is getting every month on Amazon so if it’s getting searches like that on Amazon it’ll tell you like okay this is this is something to get it you know if Google Trends is high on a product and Amazon search terms are high on that product then it’s definitely something to jump into you see the aura ring yes it’s definitely honestly I mean I’m glad I bought it why aren’t I uploading on YouTube as much investing my time in a lot of different areas Samantha I’m sorry quality over quantity let’s see is drop shipping dead yeah it’s dead it’s totally dead I’m telling you guys of course and you know making youtube videos on stuff that’s dead right now no no drop something’s been around for more than a decade it’s not dead was it one pair of leggings are multiple options it was one pair what audience would you charter for a cleaning product I would target kitchen yeah it’s argot let’s see what would I target I would probably target like pans I would look up pans and look up pan prints and then target those brands that’s what I would do and also like kitchen or home interior design magazines that would work good let’s see what a my thoughts on buying pre-made stores you don’t don’t recommend that let’s see scale 220 sells a day and over three hundred total sales you just look alikes which were profitable within sales suddenly dropped over the past three days and no longer profitable what should do if you’re making sales and then your product dies or you’re just not making as many sales then you need to look at why is your cost-per-click higher or is your conversion rate lower just look at why and then tweak it a good niche you will start now be honest honestly you could start any niche and be successful it’s not about the niche it’s more about the product and how you market it specifically really seeking the financial freedom you have to be you want to be like you hope to someday hey hope is no strategy let’s see what do you mean by increasing the contrast on image ads I mean literally increasing the contrast of images let’s see can you tell me the research method because I do Amazon FBA you’ll see it next next video jungle Scout is part of it yes how do you know when your customers are dropping off on the product description using lucky orange you literally so what lucky oranges guys if you guys are if you guys have are getting a lot of traffic but no sales you can use an app called lucky orange and it allows you to look at what your customers are doing and where they drop off in your conversion funnel and at that point you can see why they’re dropping off maybe most of your customers are leaving because they see the price is too high and so not many people get past the price and then leave and then that’s it or maybe people scroll down all the way to the reviews and maybe the reviews throw them off or just simple things like that lucky orange allows you to look at a live feed of what your customers are doing and then take action based on that let’s see let’s see a good niche you will start now let’s see oh wait I’d literally just answer that what’s the point of funding winning products if marketing is more important than the product can’t you make anything sale sale sell I’m working at a new store with a product with only 16 orders exactly what is the point of looking for more winning products if marketing is more important exactly you guys are better off spending more money testing new creative on products that are already working and a prop like one product and just going in on it and testing it many different angles rather than testing different products who is that behind me there’s no one behind me right now les there’s a ghost wait my dog has literally didn’t go so that’s funny let’s see when is that video being released next week and then the week after that I’m gonna go meet human and we’ve been facetiming a lot and I’m gonna go meet him for those you don’t know human TV he does a lot of pranks and stuff so we’re probably gonna go up there and do like a gold-digger prank just for fun it’s gonna be cool content we’re gonna vlog it as well but yeah that’s gonna be cool stuff gonna go to LA it’s gonna be sick release it oh yeah yeah when I recommend selling a high priced product $60 plus I recommend something a high ticket item if it’s already selling or you see a way that you could market it then it could actually work and you have a high budget you look handsome bro Thank You Man I was going for more of a pretty look but heads and works too yeah totally kidding I’m done James Charles out here come to Montreal I will I’m not just do I have a girl you know I might I might have a queen dude it goes ghosts honestly guys I wish I wish you guys could smell how freakin ghost is out here for you hey let’s see let’s see let’s see wait you know it’s because you’re so handsome so I love you the most out of all of the dropshippers that’s not a good reason to love me but thank you how many winning ads would you keep from a 20 ad set in a CBL campaign would you keep mate we had set I don’t know what you made how many winning ads but I keep from a 20 I don’t know it’s you me rephrase your question what is a good number of daily sessions for your store that’s a very a lot of you guys are asking questions that are just you’re focused in the wrong areas like you know how many sessions a day is is good on your store how many I don’t know what’s a like good conversion rate oh that’s actually a good question but a question like what’s a good number of daily sessions for your store I mean you can make money with a hundred sessions you could make money with a thousand sessions you could not make money possibly with fifty thousand sessions like literally there is no good and bad and what you guys realize that then you know that you’re just gonna go so much farther just I don’t know there’s no need to overthink things honestly keep things very simple in the very beginning my websites looked way better well I say that like more complex and took me more effort than they do now because used to like in the very beginning when I wasn’t as successful I would use paid themes I would put more effort into the description I would like code things in and I would do a lot of photoshop and things like that but now I use free themes because they work I use the images supplied by Aliexpress because they work I use basic a real product descriptions and they work I wrap my own reviews because it works I don’t have to do any custom coding because it works and I don’t strive for a good number of daily sessions on my store because there is no good or bad there is only profitable or unprofitable and if you’re unprofitable well then keep hatching through the jungle and you’ll soon get there jay Shetty is the man I saw you mentioned that Nelson bro you you out here you’re making me rich thank you for the $2 Nelson I’m here with the $2 donation paid you royal love one of the lifestyle month Lewis vlogs it’s coming very soon very soon no specific date how do I feel about gez I honestly really liked you easier lies probably my favorite artists the course is fire thank you thank you Tim for getting a store up and running start start is it ghost farting or is it just me blaming it all right yeah it’s me now ghost is really out here gassy like it’s kind of crazy you might have a clean breath this is news to the royal family gotta approve okay okay hold on we’ll get their next live stream I might just let you guys know what is my opinion about sales funnels I think you mean click funnels that’s not necessary for products does free plus shipping still work yes it does I didn’t think you would have just blown off my question of my donation even if it was two dollars no worries about what was your I totally answered all questions sorry dude let’s see do I sell it it’s you hold on I get up they’re gonna find it just cuz that’s not totally that’s her ever then if I get that I’m desire slacking did your best comes no salika yeah but I’ve entered every Ovation question sorry dude LTE bro you just has hope it’s okay to take advantage of this haha you’re definitely providing some mini gold nuggets by the way I can smell the toots from here thanks for the Canadian 5 again al-faqih you right here Pharrell mega me right thank you baby thank you royal love shoutouts to alpha key again for the donation by the way you can smell the toots bro how’s it feel it’s next level huh those are royal toots right there Marky said launch a product with CBO or at the ad set level right now I would suggest testing whit on the ad set level right now and then doing CBO to scale that’s what I was just doing Nelson oh my gosh Nelson just donated $5 thank you just for pronouncing his name right can’t tell you how many people pronounce how they read it dude so many people pronounce my name Walker like they’re like Chris Walker I’m like yeah that’s me that’s me I got some kids come up the other day because I’m Instagram app on my car some kids come up to me the other day as I was driving around like the mall they don’t like you know like this like what do you do like holy crap and I told him and they followed me this dude was like Chris Walker I was like yeah that’s me my name is Chris Waller for those of you NoDo both of you don’t follow me on instagram it’s Chris oh and by the way add me on snapchat I’ve actually got hella streaks with a lot of you guys on snapchat just cuz I’m really active on there it’s Chris – Waller so I’m gonna put my snapchat here what a snapchat there’s my snapchat anyways punch love again know some 2% conversion rate 740 purchases 16km revenue 8 percent margin and 3 months testing if you get your conversion rate up literally if you just got your conversion rate up to 6 percent then your your margins went triple literally something as simple as that what am I thinking about unsaturated markets Gabriel recently launched a video on that and I mean they’re not unsaturated per se but you can definitely take a product that you see doing well like in English like an ad you see doing well it like in English and duplicate it in German or French and just run it to that country and you can make a lot of money doing it what to do after you find a winning ad set duplicate it and micro test it by the platform and age range that got the sale am i into cannabis I’ve done it before but I don’t do it myself now just not really my thing let’s see video or photo ad if your product is explanatory photo if not video dose is really out here bro those are you guys here that are good just ghost come with free shipping yeah now he did not come with a free shipping Marquis again thank you for the $2 I already answered your question launched with product with CPR at the ad set level ads that level how do not lose money testing honestly you’re most likely going to lose money testing you never know I mean it’s something you have to be willing to sacrifice I mean most people out here sacrifice for years for a degree that’ll make them fifty thousand a year whereas the visa if for years focused on trying to learn drop shipping it it’s gonna make you so much woman literally a skill doesn’t take four years to learn like maybe being a doctor or something like that but something like drop shipping or facebook ads specifically literally you can learn Facebook ads in a week and then the next week you’ll pitch businesses small businesses near you to do their Facebook ads because most people don’t even know what they’re doing literally the big companies that are spending millions of dollars per year don’t even know what they’re doing like part of it they’re they’re seriously wasting millions when they have a budget or then they have to spend at least a hundred million dollars a month on advertising or like ten million dollars a month advertising and they’re blowing 1 million of it because they’re you know cost per result is a little too high here but their marketer doesn’t know what they’re doing literally you could replace that person and make their salary but seriously small businesses out there more like how’s machine guys a lot of people waste their time on things that are irrelevant and so seriously you could learn Facebook ads in a week good enough to go pitch small businesses to you next week to say hey I’ll do your Facebook ads in your social media for $1,000 a month thousand dollars a month is it a lot to a small business and in fact it’s not even a lot to charge but that could change a lot of a lot of your lives and even give you more money to invest in or drop shipping or you can create a social media marketing agency around that lashauwn Farrow thank you for the $5 much love shout out to Lee showed hopefully I’m pronouncing that right this question is what do you do about ad sets that make one or two sales in 24 hours or 48 hours then the ad set no longer brings in sales this is something I see a lot of you guys struggle with or a lot of your assets are getting one or two sales or maybe your profitable day one or day two or something like that and then it falls off a lot of your assets are gonna fall off after one to five sales guys that’s what you have to realize that’s why comes down in micro testing a crap-ton so honestly what I would do is just kill any ad set that is unprofitable within the past three days and then scale ones that are but the most important thing you guys need to do no matter if you’re getting sales or not is find more ad sets whether that be look-alikes or oh my goodness excuse me whether that be look-alikes or more interest you guys have to find new ad sets and interest a target otherwise it will die will I be saving this live yes the last life wasn’t saved I don’t know why YouTube was like sorry it was a glitch of like brah he glitched my value I here was talking about but yes this life will be saved let’s see her anyways is my jag f-type SVR or non SVR it’s not SVR but it is are the SVR is like 20 horsepower more and it is all mud is all wheel drive things like that that’s in simplified one-click upsell simplify Oh see you works great for sure let’s start some streaks don’t snapchat wanna like gosh I’ve never heard ghost as yet Chipotle God dang it that’s it what about think about YouTube ads for a product not really relevant I mean sending a product to an influencer or having them do like a YouTube review and that could work that actually does work but YouTube ads for a product not what causes a CEO to start off making a ton of sales and suddenly die off honestly there’s a lot of things that could be the reviews on your website or not the ones you’ve made but Facebook sins surveys to people that have bought from a website and ask them how their experience was but it could be the customer feedback score it could be something simple like that but you really never know I like to make my how do I like my ad copy I make it nonchalant say hey buy this bubble blah you need this I’m just like hey what’s up check this out it works better think of it as conversating with your friends what are some good niches for 2019 actually to make a video on that everyone keeps asking for good niches let’s see what is my opinion what does my pick Oh literally just ask me that what’s your next car asking for a friend hey Zeus I see you bro I see you what’s my next car it’s you know I was saying I’m gonna do a Lamborghini Huracan but it’s not it’s not it’s like not even faster than my current car but I don’t know I’d probably look at a hard car just because they’re so beautiful okay el Vicki I see you bro with the money brawl you rich I see you much love for the five dollars thank you again shout-out to that someone has only given ten dollars as the maximum so far no one’s beat that so ketchup no appreciate how thank you thank you so her I heard about getting CC for ads for the cashback and rewards but unfortunately don’t know much what do you recommend card and what to look for so weird about getting CC for ads for the cashback in real words but unfortunately don’t don’t know much what do you recommend honestly Alt key I hate that I don’t understand your question especially because you like donated so much this live stream so rephrase that you don’t have to donate on that but just rephrase it and I’ll catch it I should catch it please rephrase that thank you for your donation bro Nelson you out here you are you donated to it Nelson thank you for the donation really appreciate it you don’t you’ve already donated a good amount already your request is a to-go bowl with double white rice chicken case of sour cream cheese lettuce where you at dude it’s on the way a package shipping it’ll be there soon you’ll said thank you for the donation every time I duplicate a winning ad set and to see if you know it stops working every time every time you duplicate a winning ad set and the CEO it stops working I mean honestly it’s gonna happen every time you duplicate an ad set it’s going to show it to a different pocket of people within a circle and so honestly just keep duplicating okay okay hey Zeus I see you bro out here and doing the $25 donation thank you hey Zeus I appreciate the support much love Royal shit thank you thank you for the golden nuggets of course hey Zeus of course thank you for tuning in especially for all the 200-plus of you that are here it’s a lot less than usual which you’re not kind of like because it’s a lot more like towards specific questions and a lot more like serious people in here cuz I rarely do youtube live streams and I’ve never done one this late like ever I just figured I’d do one this late to get like a different audience in here because a lot of people that I do them at 2:00 or 3:00 p.m. Central a lot of people can’t get in here so that’s why I did it like this late then I’ll say I’m pretty tired right now which is like weird it couldn’t look tired but anyways but slow thank you hey Zeus for the 25 I appreciate the love and of course I’ll always be able to provide the golden nuggets I’ve been slacking on YouTube recently just because I prefer quality over quantity and I’ve been investing a lot of my time elsewhere just cuz I you know I focus on focus but anyways I am coming back with some YouTube content but anyways appreciate you guys okay thank you guys again for the $25 donation let’s see Lee Sean again okay I see what do you do about ad sets oh wait no I already answer that I don’t know one that would just just show that those weird aren’t answer that but thank your goodly Sean let’s see how much money did you pay for a little ghost saw some wood in for X by a purebred English bulldog for 15k I spent five thousand on why is a picture add better than a video you’ve said this before depends on the product but pictures have typically works much better in my experience as well as other people’s experience I know can i push out a video on emotional marketing consumer psychology how to write dope ad copy etc I’ll print out your PhD yeah for sure I got you that’s super important a lot of people think it’s product or website over marketing but it’s marketing over everything else without a percent how to treat anxiety drugs totally kidding that’s not the way to treat anxiety the way to treat anxiety is think about the stimulus that it’s coming from do you get them like anxious every time you think about money or every time you’re gonna like spend money or anything like that I mean if you do think about why that is did your does your family have like money trauma does your family always kind of make you feel like you’re never gonna have enough or you know just think about your past and what could cause that anxiety and then just you know cope with it like try to think about okay well here’s why it’s okay and it’s also normal to feel this way and just go on from there but in my you know personal experience the best way that I’ve fought anxiety is figuring out where it’s coming from and then you know solving the problem of where the the root of the anxiety where it’s coming from and anxiety depression is totally normal honestly everyone has it I don’t care like seriously everyone does have it like somehow someway you have a streak with the king a good nyeh me and me and a GU this guy he’s cool me and him have a 40-day streak right now a 40-day streak and I’ve never met him in her life he just followed me on snapchat one day and in the story I answer his questions every once in a while it’s just cool so guys add me on snapchat I’m telling you I’m not flooded on snapchat yet I’m flooded on Instagram and Facebook in YouTube but add me on snapchat Chris – Waller it’s in the comment section right now Chris – Waller snapshot I’ve known snapchat just don’t if he’s come flood me asking me questions and stuff like essays it’s not gonna happen but yeah okay let’s see ya I hope to hear effigies question again can I fly you at the Tampa Florida for the wisdom cake yeah you can you can fly me out to Tampa for wisdom you can do that I’m down for it al-faqih you said credit card al Faqih please DM me on Instagram I feel bad for nothing able to answer your question that you don’t need me five dollars or please DM me on Instagram and say yeah just damn eat and then I’ll ask you from there because it interesting question I’m sorry there’s a $20 in there yeah it’s hey Zeus oh oh let me let me scroll up and see if I can find this question okay so I heard about getting CC for ads for the cash back oh oh Elfi i understand your question now a credit card for ads for the cash back and rewards still like a credit card I see what you mean yes so personally for ads and everything I use a what is it an Amex SkyMiles card and I get like rewards for what is that spending anything I get rewards for spending anything but I make money back table just it gives me what is it it miles so I can pay for flights so yes that’s what I suggest but it’s really just you can find rewards for literally just cash back or he could find four points four hotels or points four flights but I think a lot of flights so I did mine for flights specifically how did it get more at accountants you literally just go to your business manager and make them I haven’t video on that in the course which is a link to get it down below if you guys haven’t joined at 6 a.m. in South Africa hell yeah best time is Sunday okay good to know how do you duplicate ad sets in a new ad account to a new ad account you mean it’s a very complicated process but I will I’m making a video on that already for the course do I think paysafe is a good payment method gateway I haven’t used it personally so I can’t say what do you do about returns and refunds I typically have someone like return it to like the supplier directly or just to add location not my house but locally and then I’ll just like then I’ll send it to my supplier if I need to because a lot of people just don’t want to send it back one thing I’ll do is I’ll say hey instead of you could go to the post office and return to sender and I’ll give you a hundred percent I’ll kind of make it sound difficult or you could keep the product and I’ll give you 50% of your your money back I I do that I mean not me personally but my VA is do but so it’s typical for assets to get only one sale or two and then die and then wait to combat that is just test for ad sets essentially yeah cuz a lot of bad sets will just get one or two sales and then die but eventually with like look-alikes you’re gonna find audiences that are just gonna make you a crapload of money when in Texas um basically down the street from Texas what’s the best payment processor stripe or payment cloud I’m big on focus what’s your best advice for when you lose focus or get off-track on your goals well you shouldn’t be getting off-track on your goals if you actually have goals so step one is to actually have goals and also not just have materialistic goals materialistic goals are never gonna be enough you need something emotionally resonating so you need something that would actually literally make you emotional like you know think about is it providing for your family just because your family’s provided love to you or I mean just just what is it so figure out like like why you want to do what you’re doing and then go all-in and that that’s a I mean if and if you’re just not motivated then motivation doesn’t last but discipline it’ll really make you successful but anyways you scroll through you know make sure I haven’t missed anything yeah okay no donations I missed is free shipping worldwide bad I don’t do it but it’s not bad what type of products would you recommend video ads or picture ads picture ads for self explanatory products when I ever move out of Arkansas yes maybe then again I can get a mansion here for literally a million dollars it’s nothing payment cloud yes oh okay so we got a competition right now between hey-zeus and Nelson no hey Zeus had the highest donation which thank you again for $25 donation and then Nelson just donated $30 Thank You Nelson he said hey Zeus chill fam hashtag king of the hill okay okay Nelson thank you for the donation I really appreciate it we can definitely start a streak on snapchat follow me I got to but thank you Nelson appreciate it who’s gonna beat that how many of you contents do I start from looking like audiences at least at least 500 in what specific country yeah giveaways coming in well we did just hit the hour mark stop we’ll go ahead and do the giveaway so the $100 giveaway I’m going to give away to when you go do it I’m with phone really quickly okay okay okay so a 100 dollar giveaway let me go see one moment guys okay so I set up the $100 giveaway in last video which was been out for two weeks now so for those of you that didn’t hits with a giveaway and you’re on the live stream right now are watching the replay well everyone’s saying me ever say me everyone’s like me me me me anyways so I had you guys comment your favorite quote on my post on Instagram from last video which like I said it’d been up for two weeks and if you didn’t join the giveaway by comments in your favorite quote which is very simple and easy easier than just saying me no it’s not well then you second but honestly all of these were good quotes I got over 700 comments on this post so appreciate all of you that did jump in and join but one person honestly went all-in he quoted over 50 50 comments and they were all their original quotes it was really good and so let’s see his Instagram is for you to grow for you to grow literally a basic account I mean doesn’t even doesn’t it doesn’t even look like legit but for you to grow you are the winner of $100 I just DM to you on Instagram and like I said it was from last video for anyone who come into their favorite quote on my most recent Instagram post and all of them were good all of them were good quotes but he did over 50 he went hardcore he went all-in he was really dedicated and that’s what I look for when I give to people so that’s what I like to see so that’s something to all give away let’s get some solid questions throw me some mindset questions throw me some lifestyle questions throw me your number one question that you would ask me if you were here in person with me right now behind closed doors and I’ll answer that and don’t jump off let’s see let’s see you meant to say free shipping store wide not worldwide I don’t know what you mean by that but anyways King what’s my thank you for the $5 dude when I never sent I think it for the donation man thank you thank you thank you what is my schedule in August I’m about to buy your flight snapchat me Chris – father we’ll set that up I just honestly my schedules free so far yeah what’s the best free theme day be 100% what’s my goal with econ this year that’s a good question have a lot of goals with econ I’ve been transitioning away from like more revenue revenue goals and more towards emotional gains if that makes sense like a lot of you guys a lot of you guys tie your happiness to things like money but money isn’t the only only way to chart success in my opinion like you could be less successful with $100,000 then someone who has $10,000 because success isn’t about how much money you have in your bank account success is about how you feel happiness is the number one ROI for the hundred percent so yeah guys for those of you that don’t aren’t making money with Shopify or anything like that right now it’s okay you know money doesn’t make you who you are your car doesn’t make you who you are how luxurious your apartment or your outfit or your shoes those things don’t make you who you are what makes you who you are is the thoughts you think every single day and the way you treat other people that’s what makes you who you are so for those of you that aren’t making money with Shopify yet just know it’s not the most important thing in the world but it is something to strive after it’s financial freedom and it is possible is a bathtub a reverse boat that’s a good question what the heck that’s a good question is my course enough for yes zero experience yes am i millionaire already yes did your facebook ad strategies work for affiliate marketing yes should I start testing with CBO now scale with CBO now test with regular ad sets how do it how you duplicate ad sets in a new ad account that is that’s not like something I can just answer that something has to be shown because that is a very complicated thing to do do I listen to Tony Robbins not enough as I said but he is very worth listening to yes do I incorporate a trade name for each of your single product stores if you mean like a company not until it’s like highly profitable bring all of my hair forward I’m sorry I won’t but it’s like really long it’s like well you know these are the short hairs but this hair right here that comes down like to my mouth it’s pretty crazy what kind of video content you use for the first five seconds of the video add something very catchy the first three to five seconds of your video guys is the most important that’s gonna make that is where people decide if they’re gonna watch the rest of your video or not it’s living alone lonely I could say so I mean but it’s not the fact that I’m living alone that makes it lonely because I could have people here and it could not it could still be lonely right it’s really just something you have to cope with when you’re a part of the 1% just because if you want the 1% lifestyle like the luxury then you have to think like a 1% or you have to like literally live like a one percenter you have to work like a one percenter and you also have to have a social circle of people that think like one percenters 100% and by one percent of being a 1% type of person doesn’t mean you’re rich literally I knew I was a 1% person before I had that I had the money to prove it you know cuz the money doesn’t prove that you’re like the 1% of like the world out there what proves it is like I said the thoughts you produce what you think about your actions every single day if you have bad habits and a lot of money you might find they actually be 1% but you’re not you’re not actually 1% so anyways whole snap ok al-faqih just donated 35 Canadian I’m not even sure what that comes out to in US but that’s 35 that’s what’s up one last because you’ve got a dip thank you so much for the golden value alpha Kate do it of course thank you for the donations that you’ve given me I really appreciate it let’s see one lat okay the last one because I it wasn’t requested here number one ëcome constant created 100% I dropped the Alpha League comment by the way and love the shirt bro much love thank you thank you thank you alpha Lee is good this is actually alpha Lee right here you can’t tell but Thank You alpha key have a good night for sure but anyways success is lonely just because you have to you have to you have to focus on quality over quantity and it’s hard to find quality out there let’s see okay why hi just donated $5 thank you why it’s a sick name why ha I was had a name like that why huh why huh sounds like karate they give another donation yellow handsome bro how do you determine product price when to raise and when to stop how to test you want to sell your product at least three times the product price 100% that’s what I do and if your conversion rate is really okay so you always want a three extra price if you can’t sell it at 3x then you do want to move on but if you’re selling it at 3x and you’re very very profitable then just keep going that’s it that’s it that’s what I would do is always test your product at 3x the price what’s my chair the oh my gosh I got the hiccups there’s my little pillow that’s noble chairs noble chairs definitely comfortable yeah a lot of people do want to waste their time while you know the 1% wants to get somewhere in life so yeah I mean you I definitely do make a lot of sacrifices on the way up and so that’s what I definitely suggest you guys do I mean you have to make sacrifices literally some people make millions some people make meets a lot of your friends out there making memes so when you associate with them any meet up soon yeah I’m doing an event in an LA July 28th so more details on that it’s gonna be sick I’m gonna have a few a few people that you guys know on YouTube has like a live panel it’s gonna be insane so I’m gonna release we’re gonna start selling tickets for that next week it’s gonna be super cool it’s gonna be a limited amount especially for like the after-party in the in the Hills so it’s gonna be LA it’s gonna be nice Beverly Hills mansion it’s gonna be super sick you’re gonna get to meet me in person so it’s gonna be super cool I’m especially meeting you guys and I’m gonna love that oh no oh man you’re here flexing bro you just dropped 40 you shopped 40 on hey Zeus man you did it you did it much love for the donation really I’m hella grateful thank you $40 from Nelson thank you so much let’s see let’s see that’s funny Thank You Nelson much hahaha you’re great how do you distinguish fake gurus and their screen shots from legit ones honestly I’ve been called a fake but honestly it’s you really can’t some some gurus are out there are really good at Photoshop but honestly you really can’t if what they’re providing makes sense to you likely if they’re providing good information and it makes sense to you then just test it and if you believe in that person and you sense that they are genuine then do it you know then do it like everything I’ve ever taught everything I’ve done is real like that’s just that’s just who I am as a person I consider myself to be genuine and so yeah but you really a lot of times you can’t tell like a lot of these rappers out here they come up by flexing rented Lambos but people don’t know that they’re inside you know so yeah what sites do I recommend for bas I recommend using up work out videos on that and I want to thank all these questions in the course you get the course of the link below Scott Hills is he fake I wouldn’t particularly say he is fake no I would say his methods don’t work near as well as the methods I suggest using oh dang oh Nelson you gonna let this happen you gonna let this happen Eric Griffin thank you for the donation really you $50 that’s amazing seriously I’m grateful thank you so much thank you for tuning in this lungs and live stream as well I think you’ve been donation girl cannot fly you down to the NC mountain or ‘the carolina mountains for free beer and hang out your course that’s changed my life yes you can dude 100% 100% snapchat me email me just get in contact with me in every single way and i will make it happen Eric Griffin thank you for the $50.00 much love okay drinks again theme for the donation the twenty DKK I’m not even sure what kind of currency it is let me go look at us what that is real quick currency that is the the Danish Krone thank you how are you Danish that’s crazy I’m selling a product for $40 that cost twenty a no no I wouldn’t suggest doing that No I would definitely I would definitely sell it for a sixty at least thank you for the donation with a 10% also is have ever been sued for dropshipping no I have it I’m going to flex my Nissan okay let’s go flex it do a vlog one day I will why is a millionaire taking donations honestly what is it donation what is a donation it’s not something I’m asking for I literally didn’t say I didn’t tell you guys there was a new update on YouTube I can’t disable this function someone just started donating and then the rest of you started doing it Muhammad SAW you’re hating because people are out here donating money a donation is something I can’t choose to like take her tonight I mean it’s just yeah anyways let’s see how do you deal with multiple ad posts on page post I don’t know what you mean you want to use one page post ID I could not yet yeah bro they flex it on you what’s $40 for a millionaire at least donate 10k you guys are you’re hating on the people donating even if it’s $2 it’s not about how much you guys donate it’s and I don’t even you know it doesn’t even make a huge deal for me that you guys donate but what it is is an emotional deal you know the the financial change that it’s gonna do for me isn’t massive but it’s about like the care like that’s insane and it feels great that you guys would care enough to donate and it just makes me feel really grateful that’s why I think and shout out all of you that are donating because that’s insane I really appreciate all of you and you guys hatin or just don’t even know why I hate haters are gonna hate I got a note on my car the other day I was driving out of my out of my apartment and there was a note I’m like alright wait like there’s a note on my car and I read it I said slow the fuck down you ignorant cut a lot of cuss words I was like whoa I was just laughing a lot of people get upset by that but honestly I was just laughing you know just laughing to the bank like dude a lot of people hit on success like oh my gosh dude it’s crazy you guys will you guys will experience it whenever you guys start succeeding not to say that I’m in a very successful situation because I mean compared to others I’m very unsuccessful compared to some people and very very successful but at a place to where I’m doing well for myself at a very young age people people do hate on them oh my gosh bro Nelson bro what kind of money are you working with right now 74 74 you’re flexing right now he’s flexing Nelson said kid get off my Hill and King don’t mind the negativity bro we’re just showing our appreciation because we appreciation cuz we really feel grateful and appreciate you dude love you Nelson thank you so much for your donation I really appreciate that Nelson all the way thank you you’re the plug and regardless of if you guys are donated $2 $5 $10 $50 or even $1000 it’s less about that you did not that you donate but the fact that you’re donating it just out of kindness I’m not asking for it you’re just doing it and I really I’m grateful for that and even for those that aren’t donating everyone that’s here attending the livestream and even anyone that has watched the replay this far I really appreciate you I mean it’s amazing that you guys would say you’re less than we talk for this long so thank you thank you thank you let’s say is it okay to have a no refunds policy to avoid send backs you’ll just get charged backs if you have a no refunds policy we love you thank you how long did it take you for you to say I did it I mean on my first you know probably my first 10k was always kind of like man you know like I’m doing it like wow doing it you know like I did it I kind of did it I never really I don’t know it it’s the hedonic treadmill the more you make the more you do the more success you have the more you’re gonna want so it’s just natural but I don’t know but yeah yo guys donating is awesome yeah it is thank you 100% they’re selling a free product to make people think your product is crap or that your store is failing not particularly but it doesn’t make you look luxurious so yeah damn Chris new business looks like you’re a cam girl now hey was my first business why do you think I want you guys to add me on snapchat let’s see should your store be a general or a nice store I suggest niche store all the way you’re struggling when finding winning products any tips well then you haven’t watched all of my winning my my product research videos funds Italy it solves a problem how’s my life going it’s going pretty silk pretty solid pretty straight no complaints let’s see can you sell jewelry you can sell anything if you’re good enough hey for anyone listening right now that hasn’t liked this video please like the video there’s only 61 likes well there’s over 200 you watching right now please like the video don’t be slackin if you’ve got any value like the video much love let’s see what actually I used to sell more of the same product for a lower price quantity breaks my bold and that’s what I suggest definitely appreciate you thank you thank you Ray yeah she love me too man you fucks with me I goo thank you Griffin thank you another $50 donation Thank You Eric I really appreciate you your amazing suite will do what are your thoughts on doing an apparel store with your own designs I think it’s a great idea I might end up just doing like just a an apparel store just for like some you know econ Royals type of stuff I think that would be super sick I wouldn’t do a lot of it dog do like a hundred pieces only like of each design or something because I don’t want to do like handwritten notes in each one I wouldn’t want to like just what’s the app like printful that stuff like I’d want to do handwritten DOS just cuz that’d be super cool so I might just make it exclusive and do something like that I don’t know what you guys think would you guys want to do something like that thank you for tuning into it for sure I’m gonna clock off here in about seven minutes guys happy 21st birthday Q is an average Facebook video watch time of five seconds bad yes that is bad let’s see are we go group live tomorrow same time in the private group yes we are every week baby someone would get it LOL does jewelry need videos no jewelry does not need videos hope you watched wolf of wallstreet yes wolf the washer is an awesome video I remember you saying you would do a meet-up in Miami uh I don’t have a plan on it right now what if you’re an accountant gets banned just request appeal that would sell out super fast yeah I mean I definitely like think about like doing it might do it not for like not even for the money just because I want to make it limit it just cuz I’m a super cool dude you make more money than me in eight hours that’s lit Amen that’s it’s in its inspiration like my license plate for examples has no degree I love it because it’s inspiration like it’s not a flex it’s just facts ideal amount to start with five hundred dollars at least sell me this bang I see you drinks thank you for the donation again sell you this big all I have to do is ask do you want to bank and you’re sold in the story the King asks and you say yes sex toys I’m gonna lie sex toys are actually winning products on Aliexpress and I see Instagram advertisements form consistently and it’s got to be working how do you manage sleep deprivation taking naps you honestly need sleep how much time per day does it take to be successful in EECOM dropshipping it doesn’t take in any specific amount of time when it does take is consistency though 30 minutes an hour so on and you thank you for the donation five dollars and one cent that’s my area code that’s pretty sick thank you much love his question is hey Chris how do you target a broad and tris product like a toothbrush or something like a nail clipper great question what I would do is I would run a PPE what the heck goes well you know it is a PPE or a video view campaign so just to tell you specifically I would personally do PPE so for a general general product that you don’t really have interests or I’ll run a PPE too and then running up to like fifty thousand video views or something like that only to the top five countries so we’re in a PPE campaign to the top five countries for fifty thousand video views and then start your ad sets with ten Adsense or twenty assets however doing the look-alikes video of you look-alikes fifty percent viewed video you’ll effects thanks for the donation Andy that’s what I would do do I give loans no no it’s only no Jessica Huff take it within three dollar two dollars I really appreciate it it’s less about how much you donate guys it’s just the fact that you are donating and you guys are amazing and I really appreciate you so thank you Jessica and of course how would I target sweat vest females kidding thank you for the donation again $2 ballin how would you target sweat vest females I mean I would target tugging about the summer body or I’ll just talk about honestly if you just have good-looking people in your ads it’ll help you a crap-ton literally if you just do that for any sort of product you have good-looking people of like just visually in your ads it’s gonna help a lot so that I mean that’s it just target people that are into fitness and or just target like weight loss friends and then make have good people like good-looking people in your ads and you’re good to go is go still farting yes he is let’s see how’s the f-type been it’s been amazing and love it thank you for sharing so much thank you let’s say to teacher let’s say is using parts of other people YouTube videos legal what’s the time requirement to be legal I can’t call specifics on that I’m sorry David I’m sorry Korea money I see you out here donating Korea money $1.99 thank you for the donation appreciate it much love from the King Korean money shout out to your biggest become obstacles you overcame since starting uh probably honestly just a marketing aspect realizing that it’s not about the product you choose and more about how you more than anything and then having to learn how to market to the emotion which is something I teach in the course so yeah but yeah that was my biggest obstacle but a clock out in a minute guys it’s been a long livestream you can tell I’m tired it’s like 1100 it’s like 12 p.m. here for me at 11:47 I definitely plan on doing live streams earlier in the day so I’m more energetic and less tired I just figured I would do like a lady livestream just cuz we have even like like less people on here but people that don’t typically get to you know tune in to the live streams but anyways do more live streams I have a private Facebook group around do live streams every single week so where you at I GU thank you for the $2 donation I appreciate you I’m good that’s a sick name I’m guna yeah sounds like a samurai this guy’s a samurai thank you how would I sell a fanny pack first off you need a a sick fanny pack so it can just be some basic fanny pack that looks like this you’re not gonna sell a fanny pack that looks like this it’s not a fanny pack but you know that would work you need to sell if any picker it’s like LED or just something super cool and then target it to the right audience so what I would do is sell a fanny pack is I won’t look for rave and like EDM and glow sparkly fanny packs and then market it to rave girls that’s what I would do let’s see best time of day to run ads there’s no specific start time just run your eyes you’re good to go love your spirit Thank You universe in human form that name I love it okay let’s say evoke emotions equal cells yes what not a percent oh man keep killing it bro Austin pika thank you for the $1.99 appreciate the love pre-submission Thank You Austin keep killing it I will guys this is it for the live stream anyone that’s out here watching the replay to this long gosh so much love I really appreciate you and anyone that it has been live especially this long you’re freaking amazing everyone that’s donated I highly appreciate you like more than you know you guys are great 100% then you think you think you much love royally Nelson Lika just said a bro forgot to wish you happy birthday thank you bro be 20 On June 2 jun 10 2013 7 terbaru – flavor king and thank you for the another $2 donation you guys are great so yeah happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday thank you guys thank you Andy Thank You Tashi um oh task I see you what’s up ranae Thank You Think You Jay Thank You doc Thank You Motaba crazy name I love it Thank You King Thank You yaha yeah holla is sick let’s see let’s say thank you again Tasi thanks ray thanks to Roddy big SMO net you guys are great it’s gonna be sick I should just do like a royal party for my birthday and just free entry free entry Beverly Hills mansion royal party but now seriously there is gonna be a party in the hills in La July 28th I’m doing an event so it’s gonna be sick but yes I said your name yeah holla much love anyways guys I’ve got a 2:00 now I love staying live with you guys it’s been great so appreciate all of you that have watched this far 100% thank you for all the donations guys thank you for the love let me get ghost up in this this final goodbye ghost hey wake up bro what’s up dude what’s up dude this is Prince ghost everybody that hasn’t seen him yet he looks tired even down there sleeping but much love guys I’m gonna turn off now I’m really tired appreciate the love of the support and yeah yeah much love guys ending a stream here have a good night