Price Vs Value Part 1

hey this grant cardone here and i recently wrote a strategy about price and value and i want to share that with you might see me look at my notes here a couple seconds because this information is unbelievably valuable to every entrepreneur business person and sales person look dropping prices that bad habit all of us have fallen into from time to time as a way to sell your products or services or you think oh my god it’s going to make it more valuable if I just drop price look dropping price is a shortcut to actually building the value when I drop the price does the value go up or does the deal just look better so ask yourself what are some ways you could enhance the value your proposition without without dropping the price and you might want to stop this video right now and actually answer those questions what are some ways you could actually enhance the value you know I have this little British flag right here because I’m on a cruise liner and there’s people from all over the world here doing a sales workshop with me and so I asked a question look if this thing this British flag and we’re doing the Olympics right now in the UK if this is the value proposition okay and this is price over here and this is the value on this side if this thing’s if this stays equal in the consumers mind and in your mind nothing happens it is only until some something moves one way or the other that that actually action will start taking place so if if value goes up let’s say the values over here actually let’s say the values in the flag okay let’s say the value of this little one dollar symbol the value of this flag gotta happen I’ve got to have it because I’m going to my buddy’s party and he hates people and the UK and the UK just won an event and see the value goes up because now he has urgency to do this what happened to price priced down here with the little tape sticker price went down see what I’m saying see when you drop price just drop price does it automatically build value I don’t think it does I think this is what happens you drop price everything goes down including the value you get it a client a client recently asked me hey grant we’d like to we love your services we lie come with like a $300 we’d like you to lower it $300 and I’m thinking to myself okay I can do that absolutely I can do that from cellar be sold the first rule of selling is to agree I can do that dude I could drop it 300 I can drop it he’ll I could pay you 300 a month to use my product right I’m just agreeing with him and then I say to myself grant how do you build value how do you raise the value of the product so price automatically goes down and his decision rolls down toward me you get it when value goes up in this proposition when value goes up price comes down and the role the clothes will come to you there’s a gentleman sitting next to me right now he was in my workshop three or four days ago he’s like literally every deal I’ve been on using your words your phrases and your thinking I have closed he’s close more deals in the last two days than he did what your month the last two months baby I’m talking Rock okay so look let’s face it everyone including myself is used price in a deal to somehow make a deal in most cases it’s not necessary I’m telling you I don’t care how much they pound you over price build the value proposition make the value go up and the price in the buyers mind goes down you’re always going to have to give some price away to some buyer some some person that personality is just a price buyer only only only price but in most cases that’s not it okay it’s a price myth it’s the myth of price being so important so look hook up with this article will link it at the bottom of this whether you’re selling dental implants at $14,000 or you’re selling used cars $14,000 or you’re selling a condo at $14,000 for a rental for for a month okay it doesn’t matter what you’re selling it doesn’t relieve no matter what the price is whether it’s a $1,200 purse or 12 million dollar house if you can’t do the value add proposition no one will see the value in the UK the flag or whatever they’re buying okay check it out check out the article you need the data thanks a lot have a great weekend and remember build value don’t just drop price