Podcasting Tutorial – Video 6: Submitting Your Feed to iTunes and Other Directories

hey what’s up it’s Pat again and welcome to the sixth and final video of this podcasting tutorial and seriously if you’ve made it this far just a huge congratulations to you I mean you’ve done so much great work already and you just have one final video left and this videos gonna be so much easier than some of the other videos I mean we’ve covered a ton of material already from your equipment and software to recording your show exporting it as an mp3 file tagging it hosting it on a media server setting up your feed properly and publishing your first podcast episode and in this video we’re finally going to submit that podcast feed to all the important directories out there so people will listen to your show and you know just great work so far this is the final video but really it’s the start of your podcasting journey so come on let’s get started so here we are back in the dashboard of WordPress and we’re here to get our podcast feed once again that we’re going to submit to the podcasting directories we’ll just find it copy it and then we’re all set but before I get into that you know if you’ve watched the last video we’ve just published our first podcast episode it’s live on the site and you can choose to now after publishing your first episode submit your podcast feed to these directories like I’m about to show you but you may want to think about waiting until you have two or three episodes live on your site before you submit your show and the reason for that is because if you were to submit just one podcast episode live on your site you know one podcast in your feed the directories are only going to show one episode since that’s all you have and that’s okay but when you publish your second the second will show up in the third and so on and so forth but if you were to just start with one which is actually what I did I actually had a lot of people saying well Pat where’s the next episode you know I want more and then I actually wasn’t ready for that you know also because it was an introductory show it just basically explained what the show was going to be about how it was going to be formatted and things like that I actually didn’t have that much useful relevant content to download so I actually got a few negative reviews from impatient listeners who wanted more than just the introductory episode again it’s up to you but you may want to think about having two or three episodes live on your site before submitting your podcast feed to give new listeners more than one episode to listen to either way this is how you’re going to submit your podcast to these directories and we’re going to start with iTunes so first like I said we have to pull our feed and copy it and to do that we can go back into here go to the power press plug-in you can go to feeds and here you’re going to see that podcast URL here which we validated in the last video so I’m just going to right click copy link address and good we’re all set we’re going to submit what we just copied to all the directories out there first starting with iTunes so the first thing to do is actually go into iTunes you know open up iTunes in your computer you’re actually going to need an account if you don’t have one already you’re going to sign one up you don’t need to pay for anything although you may need to submit your credit card information and things like that most of you probably already have an account with iTunes and so to submit your podcast actually go into the podcast section you can just actually click on podcasts and then over here on the right hand side underneath the podcasts menu you’ll see the categories and you can download the app and things like that on the bottom here it says submit a podcast that’s what you want to click on so submit a podcast and then here just asks for our feed URL and conveniently we just copied that so I’m going to paste that there and click continue and now it’s asking me for my ID which you know like I said you have to have click continue and now it should come up with a page that will show me a summary of the information that’s in my feet already and as you can see it has the artwork the name the author the short description the long description the category subcategory English the the explicit is it yes or no it is clean and so it has all the information we need already because we set that up in the last video with the powerpress plugin at this point all you have to do is click Submit if all this information is correct if it’s not correct you have to go back into power press update all this information change it to whatever you want it to be and then click Submit and yeah in the future at you know if I were to submit this now and it got approved and then I want to change something all I’d have to do is change these settings again in power press and iTunes will update baby it pretty much updates every you know 12 to 24 hours and changes will be made within the day or so but at this point all you have to do is click Submit and I’m not going to do this because this is a hypothetical you know example podcast but that’s how you do it and so pretty easy okay next we’re actually going to go to stitcher so to submit your podcast to stitcher which is an application on mobile phones that has a user base of millions of people who listen to podcasts you can actually go to stitcher comm slash content providers no-spaces dot php’ so as you can see there I’ll zoom in on the video for you so you can look at that stitcher comm slash content providers dot php’ and that didn’t work well actually I may have copied this wrong make sure the pianned providers is uppercase and if that works that’s kind of crazy but anyways yeah okay so stitcher comm slash content providers PHP the P in the word providers is capitalized I don’t know why forces us to do that but that’s okay you can see here this is where you can actually submit your podcast so you want to give them your contact information first name last name address and all that stuff your website address you know everything with an asterisk is what’s required and down here you know there’s actually multiple spaces if you have multiple shows but I’m going to close these right now so it’s easier to see show name you can just include that which is a show name that you know that you have already this is where we would paste our RSS feed right there show format podcast genre you can pick the genre their language jet a current number of listeners it could be you know just be honest about what it is you can put your Twitter handle your Facebook page and any keywords you can just copy those keywords again from your powerpress plugin if you want to do that you can include this other information as well because what you can do is you could actually partner with stitcher and earn a little bit of revenue by sharing that app with other people and just click you know we fill in this capture form and agree to the terms and conditions and click continue and then from there you’re ready to go again it takes a little bit of while two four stitcher to approve that applica your podcast but you know if you if you look up smart passive income in stitcher on your mobile phone or iPad or whatever you’ll see it there and it takes a little bit of while but that’s how you do it so again stitcher comm slash content providers up PHP with the pianned providers as the capital letter okay next we’re going to go to the BlackBerry directory and that’s easy it’s BlackBerry dot-com slash podcasts and I think depending on where your location is it’ll redirect for your specific language so as you can see here it says us blackberry comm and a whole bunch of other stuff all you have to do is scroll down to where it says add your podcasts today just click on that then it’s going to ask you to login and at this point if you don’t have a BlackBerry account already you’re going to have to create an account and then most of you probably don’t have one so just click on sign up here underneath the login fields this Terms & Conditions yes I accept does anyone ever read this stuff I don’t know I guess you have to scroll all the way down to the bottom and then click I accept continue then it’s going to ask you for sim for some information here ok so I have all this stuff filled up and I’m going to click sign up okay at this point it’s going to ask you for once again your feed for your podcast so I’m just going to paste that there click continue and then you’ll see something similar to what we saw in iTunes something that pulls up your artwork all the stuff that we’ve tagged already in using powerpress podcast name things like that you know you just want to make sure all these settings are correct and then you’re going to click continue and then at this point you can confirm that you are the podcast producer or owner of that show so on so forth and click Submit I’m not gonna do it because again this is an example podcast but that’s how you do it and at that point it would take a few days I guess before you get a notification from blackberry that your podcast is in the BlackBerry directory awesome ok the last important directory I’m going to point you to is actually Zune which is at Zun II dotnet and it’s weird I mean really the only way to submit I mean that I believe there’s some software where you can submit your podcast as stuff like this a lot of people been saying that’s zoun is kind of dying out for podcasters but if you just wanted one more location and it’s you know it’s always good just in case if you wanted one more location to submit your podcast to and that is to Zune this might sound weird but you’re going to send an email you’re going to send an email to Rob at Zune dot net just in the subject line say please submit my podcast and in the field say hey Rob what’s up please submit my podcast here’s the feed just copy that feed once again and that information should be up on Zune again I don’t know how many people actually use Zune to listen to podcast but it can’t hurt you so again that email address interestingly enough is robbed at Zune dotnet and that’s it so I get actually just one more thing with that podcast feed that we copied from from power press that URL that we pasted into all these directories you also want to share that with your blog readers say hey if you want to subscribe to the podcast here’s the manual feed link for you in case you don’t want to go to through the iTunes link which you’ll hopefully put at the end of your show notes you know after every show after you’re approved by iTunes okay the last thing I want to do is I want to show you what it would be like to publish a second episode just to go through the workflow really quick and show you how easy it is now after you’ve set this all up after you’ve submitted your show to these directories it’s really easy just to add new episodes into these directories because these directories automatically read your feed so all you have to do is publish another episode it’s going to put that episode in your feed and these directories are going to update automatically so just hypothetically speaking I’m going to add a second episode here by going to posts in WordPress and click on add new you know I would I would tag my show security guard training HQ zero zero to episode two title in here I would put my show notes you know all the links and items mentioned in the show subscription links anything else that you feel would be useful for your listeners and people who come across your site I would make sure to also include it in your podcast category here so it easily organizes all your podcasts into a category in your blog and then to actually put that episode into this into this blog post like we did before you just have to include a media file link to that mp3 file here and click verify and that’s how it gets enclosed in this show so that when you click on publish it updates to feed and updates the directories in a few hours after that so that’s that’s how you do it that easy you don’t have to worry about anything else with power press unless you wanted to change things around but again it’s really easy to do you know just just create high quality stuff and pump out the content and great stuff is going to happen all right congratulations you made it to the end of this video podcasting tutorial series and you know I just wanted to take a quick moment to thank you for spending time with me here in this series while I help you get your podcast up and running and also wish you the best of luck with your podcast now if you start a podcast as a result of watching this video series I would love to know about it just leave a message with a link to your podcast below in the comments section or send me an email at Pat at smartpassiveincome.com I live I would just love to know what you got going on and potentially listen to your show if I have the time to do that and lastly if you still feel like you need a 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t smart for $100 off and just full disclosure that is an affiliate coupon code so if you do use that coupon code I will get a commission as a result thank you so much if you do that again that’s at extra cost to you and if you do use that coupon code again that’s smart that’s smart uh you know just send me an email and just let me know you did that I would love to just thank you personally for that and also follow your progress along the way and give you any support I can if you need it so you know that’s it again that’s podcasting A to Z comm coupon code smart if you need that additional help and if you know at this point all I have to say is just just thank you thank you and good luck and you know get your podcasts out there get it up and running start producing content and the more you do that the more you put yourself out there the more amazing things are going to happen to you as a result just like they did for me because of my podcast best of luck to you please subscribe to the YouTube channel I have a lot more videos to come and yeah I’ll see you in iTunes take care