Photoshop CC Masking Tutorial

okay so this Photoshop masking tutorial is not about perfection it’s about getting a quick concept done so that you can present your idea and focus on what the layout looks out so you can get approvals yes no all those happy glad revisions that clients and art directors and people like to put you through if you’ve ever worked for a paying client or for an art director or creative director you know exactly what I’m talking about those of you watching this tutorial who have never done Photoshop for a living have no idea what I’m talking about for you guys it’s okay to spend ten or twenty hours on an image or a piece of artwork when you’re working in the advertising or creative services industry not okay to do that especially not when it’s just to get an idea out that might be rejected they might tell you that they have a completely different direction or new images or photography for you and if you’ve spent even five hours on this three hours on it it’s too long it is entirely too long just to get it out of the way so I’m going to help you avoid that by showing you how to do this quickly and easily so that you can go ahead and you can move on to the next process in your work or you can move on to arm the next concept that you have to produce select your quick selection tool and you’re going to want select as much of the actual model and a little bit of the surrounding area as you can but you want keep it as close and tight as possible and once you’ve done that you’re going to want to select refine edge and move into the refine edge tool some notes on working with the click the quick selection tool I prefer to have Auto enhanced selected just because I tend to get better selections and better results with that you also are going to want to make sure that you have a soft brush going for that so make sure that all of those things are set up properly when you’re working with the quick selection tool as for the refine edge tool um there are a couple different sliders here they’re smooth feather contrast shift edge um and they’re smart radius we’re going to be focusing on radius contrast and shift edge and we’re also going to focus on decontaminate colors for our purposes we’re not going to use feather and smooth you might in some images but in something like this not quite so much so that’s a quick explanation of these sliders and how they work and I’m going to do something on that most people don’t in this case I’m going to bump the smart radius slider up all the way and you’re going to see the results that I get from that I really hate that this software that use for screen recording hinders me with regard to arm some of the things I can do what clicking here so I apologize for that but you know unfortunately I’m not using Adobe captivate I’m using Camtasia so if you’ve ever done that before you know what that’s about okay so already with little effort on our part this is coming out rather nicely so let’s go ahead and trace along our edges here and tell it what we want to do you okay so I’ve unpause the recording option now and I want you to notice something you notice the changes to our model here and what I do want you to take note of is that I haven’t changed any of our settings in refine edge over here at all all I did was do some quick brush work on the hair just because at the time I started recording the tool due to I think probably some of the key framing settings you know wasn’t picking up the clicks you can see here where I was struggling through it so I didn’t want you guys to have to go on through all of that with me so I just paused it and cleaned it up in that way so that’s what we’ve got now um we’re going to go ahead and we’re going to look at this on red because we’re going to see some other areas we’re going to look at a few things that we can do to clean this up better let’s look at on white let’s looking at on okay transparency alright not bad in truth I would probably say this is okay and that we could live with this but let’s just take a look at the contrast here when we bump up the contrast we can see some interesting things so what I’m going to do is I’m actually going to pull back the shift edge a little bit and then restore the contrast back to actually I’m going to pull it down a little is what I’m going to do I’m going to actually reduce the contrast by about somewhere between five and ten pixels of what it was and Bill okay and I think that I can live with that for a simple comp alright so let’s go ahead and do this as a new layer with a layer mask for our demonstration all right now again it’s not a hundred percent perfect it’s not going to be watch what happens when we put it on this background alright so there is some work that can be cleaned up in there and that can be done with the going back into the refine edge tool or what have you but for our purposes this is a really good nice selection for a basic composition to present to get our main idea across and the thing is the hair selection is actually really good compared to what it might normally be now if you have a Wacom tablet you can actually get in here and refine this really easily and there are some things that you can do to clean that up you can get rid of stray hairs arm pretty easily so that is the Photoshop masking tutorial I hope you guys enjoyed this one better than the previous tutorial I hope you were able to follow it a little easier by me showing you the whole thing first and then going back into the individual steps and the process again this is not meant to be a perfect selection tutorial where we use the pen tool etc I know that that’s the method that a lot of people will advocate and I don’t disagree with them but this is for getting things done quick and fast and in a hurry so um you know that’s it um again these tutorials are a lot of work to make actually a lot more work truthfully than doing some Photoshop work when it all comes down to it so I do appreciate the positive feedback you know I appreciate some of the things that I can do to make these things better and I hope you guys will continue watching subscribing sharing and liking these videos and if there’s a video that you want to see a tutorial feature or a technique or a tool in Photoshop feel free to let me know in the comments or message me directly again thanks for watching and I guess I’ll see you guys for the next video