Pat Flynn – How to Stand Out From the Crowd – Financial Bloggers Conference 2011

thanks man hey like seriously let’s all get philip like the biggest round of applauses is been an amazing experience this is this is incredible this is incredible last to speak right I have a lot of responsibility you know you can go home I could have a really crappy presentation and you could think the conference sucked and it’s all my fault but you know at last I have a really interesting and special relationship but let with last in high school I didn’t pass five feet tall 100 pounds – my junior year I was a tiny kid it was super easy to find me on the marching band field notice I say marching band field not football field like that no I didn’t get any girls I was always that cute kid that the girls would wanna be with but never get any girls and yes I was always picked last for everything and it sucked but I was picked last to speak today and I’m really really super stoked to be speaking last because I’ve gotten to know a lot of you speaking and you know just the relationships we’ve built together this weekend and the relationships that we built before even meeting today and so special to me it’s even more special because I’m up on stage here today and I get to speak with other speakers who have spoken before right before this moment JD Roth is JD here JD’s back there you’re my hero I was on your blog when you had 4000 subscribers and you were born to talk about personal clients I mean it’s in your name JD rocks right I mean I think we should all go to them and change our name to some keyword that we talked about on our blog that that’s the best SEO no don’t do that you taught me the power of a blog and the ability to reach people not only reach people and teach people but reach a lot of people yeah well almost a hundred thousand subscribers every time JD writes something a hundred thousand people’s lives change in one way or another super powerful amazing stuff for me you taught me a lot too I don’t know if for me to hear incredible presentation you know I’ve been reading a lot about presenting in public speaking this is my first presentation just like Adams first public speaking gig and you know I read a standard delivered by Dale Carnegie and all the tips in there for me did everything to a tee so that’s why I have three points that I’m going to be standing on that’s why I have a clear water bottle that people can see through so it doesn’t you know it’s all it’s all there and Rumi taught me the power of going big going for the big wins something that really affected my life was when I was still working 9:00 to 5:00 I you know I used to stay late at work to to read his blog because if I leave 30 minutes after work I’d get home at the same time because of traffic you know one thing I learned from him was going for the big win so one day I go to my boss and I say I’m worth this much this is how much I should be earning next day $20,000 raise thanks to me four months later I was laid off I don’t know if they knew I was happening I didn’t know what’s happening I mean maybe they were trying to make me happy before they cut everything off but I knew but that was a really depressing hard moment of my life is about a week where I was just saying this sucks I was about to get married how was I going to provide for my family right and really what saved my life was a blog little blog I had in a niche in a niche in a niche about teaching people how to pass the LEED exam it’s an exam that architects take that teach them about sustainable design and beam architecture in that sort of thing I had this blog when I was working 95 I didn’t do anything with it it was built to keep track of my notes and and teach my coworkers how to pass the exam didn’t touch it at all got laid off learning about internet business took this little blog I had turn it into a six-figure business I made over $200,000 in the first year from this site never looked back and that was incredible and I wanted to share that with people and that’s why I created smart passive income blog which is where a lot of you know me from how many of you have ever been to or heard of smart passive income blog before this weekend I love you guys and if you’re not raising your hand I want to love you guys it’s incredible I mean it’s really blogging has really taught me you know not only the power of blog to reach people or the power of the internet to sell things to make money and help everybody but also the power within me to do something incredible it’s something that changes my life in the blog because the blogosphere now the blogosphere is interesting right when when we hear the term blogosphere you know the sphere like the world right and I think this is where we’re at right now it’s interesting I mean it makes sense because we’re all different people and we have different cultures and experiences we share and we were this world right bargaining industries this world but I think that’s a little misleading to me honestly I think it looks more like this the universe blog o universe that’s a little bit harder to say maybe that’s why they didn’t make it the blog universe but I think that’s what it is right and the personal finance industry is a big part of it and I think that’s uh suspect there maybe it’s crazy did you know that every six seconds in this universe somebody creates a new blog there’s another one every six seconds is that crazy and we all know how much time and dedication and effort and energy it takes to maintain one of these it’s not something you just set up one time we all blog every day or every week we’re concerned about our blogs and these people I think maybe 50 since I started talking I’ve just started their journeys and there’s all this noise out there and everybody’s fighting for everybody’s attention so how do we stand out how do we create something visible how do we create something like this going back to the earth this is what we want to be the earth beautiful something with life something thriving something unique I mean you can be Jupiter if you want to be but it’s a big ball of gas I don’t want to be big but all this so how do you create something that stands out in this and that’s what I want to talk about today I’ve done a number of different things to stand out you know I am part of the personal finance injury but I’m also part of the make money online entrepreneur ship that sort of thing which is a huge niche three years ago I didn’t have a blog now a lot of people consider me one of the fastest growing blogs in the industry and a lot of you have stumbled upon my blog and before I even eating so it’s awesome again living fit so the first thing I want to talk about any strategies I’m going to talk about you’ve heard before and you know some some people JD talked about a lot of stuff that I’m gonna be talking about and when I saw that when when JD started talking like I stole my information like what am I gonna do he took my slides like but you know I think I mean use this as an opportunity to confirm that what I’m saying is that much more important that something that you should apply if you’re already applying these things great use this as confirmation to keep doing that if you’re not doing it maybe ask yourself why so the first thing is tell story right Klingons telling stories is powerful engaging it transports your reader into the shoes of the person telling that story whether it’s you or a person that you’re telling story about incredibly powerful stuff JD said if JD says everybody’s to tell a story one of my best blog posts I’ve written one of my most popular blog posts is entitled how to really profit from your blog it’s titled could use a little work although the really parts in all caps I thought that was cool had a really profit from your blog in his post I tell his story about a friend of mine his name is Neal Neal came to me because he had an idea he was an expert in his industry he’s worked 9:00 to 5:00 and knew a lot about the subject that he was in and he came to me he said Pat you’re doing awesome things with your blog and reaching so many people I want to do what you’re doing I want to eventually make money from my blog I said okay so we went out for sushi you know spicy tuna rolls California rolls Philly rolls those are awesome and he started going over the stuff and I could tell the passion and fire in his eyes with the subject he was talking about and so I was getting really excited and I asked him the question how are you gonna monetize and he said advertising I was like dude advertising you’re handing your advertisers beautiful leads on a silver platter you’re doing all the work and then you’re handing them off keep them on your own brand keep them with you create products and become more of an authority and have them become lifelong fans of you to stick around with you forever I don’t know if you heard in Adams presentation this morning which is awesome by the way about creating products and how much of an effect I can have on a person’s life super important so I was on the story and then in the blog post I go over seven or eight different ways that he could create products from the information that he knows now I could have simply just written a blog post and called it top eight ways to monetize a blog the the best ways to monetize your site right now right now parts important but we all see those posts all the time we all see that stuff but what made it unique what made it stand out was the story that went along with it it’s not that hard just the story was the frame around that same information that we have it and the thing is it’s hard to create absolutely brand new 100% unique content right there’s nothing new Under the Sun as they say but the story is what makes it unique and that’s what connects people and transports people into those emotional feelings that go along with the story so tell stories if you you know I told people tell stories sometimes I don’t have a story you put yourself in a situation to make stories happen for you go out there and do awesome things reach higher make things happen for you so that there are stories or reach out someone else might have a story that they like to share on your platform so tell a story next is be personable not only be a person that your audience can relate to just be a person I can’t tell you how many times have been on a blog and I’m starting to read it but I don’t know who’s telling me this information and we’re I mean we’re all in the personal finance industry we all deal with people’s money there’s nothing I mean some things but money is personal for people people’s families and livelihoods are at stake and how are people gonna trust you with that information if they don’t know who you are right I want to learn from a friend people connect with people people don’t connect with content they don’t connect with web design they connect with the people so becoming a person now does this mean you have to you know reveal everything about your life and you know what scars you have and what you have for dinner and post blog post about what you had everyday for lunch for the last 10 days no although I know some people view that it’s pretty awesome and I know that they do that and again I’m using JD a lot in this presentation but as an example but I know that JD does CrossFit because of the blog and he’s looking great I know that he wanted me to per for a really long time and I also know that he and his wife do gardening now those things don’t necessarily have to do with personal finance make the gardening thing because you know they save money with food that they grow but it has everything to do with a relationship that they have with the readers everything I don’t even know JD unfortunately haven’t had a chance to meet him but I feel like I know Moretti and some people come up to me this weekend and said I feel like I know you can and it’s awesome I love it so be a real person someone that people can connect to super powerful be transparent if you know anything about smart passive income blog you know this is huge for me be transparent be real tell everything like it is you know it people come out to me they’re like Pat you are the most transparent person I know in the internet marketing industry I don’t get it I’m like why does being honest and telling everything upfront why is it so different it scares me you’re really scares the crap out of me we should all tell everybody away I mean we’re in this for our readers that’s been a theme throughout this whole conference for the readers isn’t it all right as bloggers with all the great information we have to give that information in the truest light without any type of hype or anything just to give them the right information so that they can make the choices that change their lives the transparence it’s I can’t tell you how incredible being transparent is and again this goes along with also being personable being transparent about who you are as a blogger and I I know sometimes you know I talk about my family on my blog and that’s part of being transparent not only a lot of people know about the income reports and again that I don’t know why people are so like oh my gosh I can’t believe you post your income again I shouldn’t anyone who’s teaching making money online should do that I feel because then you really know who you’re learning from but everyone knows I also I’m transparent about my life and what internet marketing blogging has done for me and I talk about my family a lot a lot of people know that I have a two-year-old son his name’s keone a lot of people know that actually a couple people came up from you this week and we’re like dude I love the wedding video and that’s that’s the first thing they say to me they don’t say I love your blog I love I love a content that you have they say I love the wedding video the wedding video is a five to six minute dance my wife and I we had our first dance at our wedding reception we were dancing to the glory of love and five minutes in deejay cuts out and people started booing the deejay and then all of a sudden you hear and we bust into this hip-hop routine that my wife choreographed she used to dance hip hop in in college and you know we busted we busted on that’s the first thing people tell me sometimes so again that goes along with being personable and being real and transparency and just be honest and you know treat your readers like you would treat your best friend every time I write a blog post I’m writing it for a friend or a best friend so be transparent engage this is something that we always hear now especially nowadays with social media having to engage with your audience really talk to them respond to comments respond to tweets and in Facebook’s and in you know doing that whole thing but I want you to think about engagement in another way something that not a lot of people talk about I want you to seek engagement get your audience to practice peyt how many of you have tweeted about fincon this weekend why because we’re all a part of it and we all support it because we’re a part of it so have people become a part of your brand and have them supports you in the same way I said earlier in the beginning my presentation that I was a short kid a lot of my friends like to play basketball unfortunately because there are my friends they invited me to play basketball which was nice of them but I was last picked four teams I was never passed the ball I never got to shoot the ball I was just there running around like a chicken without a head and it’s it I I didn’t feel like I was really there even though I was and then they had the opportunity to do some local three-on-three basketball tournaments and they set up teams obviously I wasn’t good enough to be on the team wasn’t tall enough to but they’re like Pat you should come out and support the team and I was like no no thanks and the reason was they didn’t really include me very much but I guarantee you that if they pass me the ball a couple times if they let me shoot and miss and just encourage me and let me participate I would have been there like that I would have supported Gatorade in their mouth during timeouts I would have had them with towels I would have given them massages I don’t I don’t do that for free i monetize no my point is get people to participate so how does it apply to your blog you know your audience better than anybody else in this room so you would know best how to get your audience to participate the way I do it is I have people you know most of my audience are bloggers who have their own blogs and trying to expand their business and make more money online so I have a reader challenge every every one or two months and I asked my readers to do something out of the box something different to include in their own brand and then I in my site I have all the participants like I haven’t linked on the blog and stuff those posts those roundup posts that include all the participants are the most highest tweeted most liked posts some of the highest weeds most liked posts on my site why it’s obvious because they’re participating there they’re a part of it so they want to share what they’ve done they know that they’re a part of you know my brand but they’re proud of what they’ve done and the challenge is one person I had a youtube video challenge some of people create their first YouTube videos ever you know that’s hard for people hard for some people to actually go up there and shoot video himself you know it’s just I only asked for a minute but it was hard but I got I think it was like 55 participants over half of them did a video for the first time now some of those people have 50 60 videos one person has a video that has over 25,000 views would never happened unless I got that person to participate now he’s making money from that YouTube video because it links to a blog post which has an affiliate link in it he’s a fan for life he’s a part of the smart passive income Brent he’s a story within that brand again going back to the story and how powerful it is so seek engagement EPIK we’ve heard this term a couple times this weekend be epic noteworthy amazing different surprising powerful and here’s the best one shareable shareable be epic in Ramiz presentation he was talking about how he would spend 15 to 18 hours on a single post that’s epic or actually the message that comes out of that work is epic you could spend 15 18 at 18 hours and not having income out of it obviously but the message that came across was epic because I mean he knows what he’s doing in 15 hours of his time is gonna be awesome right no matter where that time is spent so if me I have blog posts that I spent 12 14 hours long one of them has over a thousand comments epic content it has three YouTube videos six minutes each an infographic in about 5,000 words it’s one of the most profitable blog posts on my site because it has affiliate links and it really shares something that would normally cost ninety seven four hundred dollars for some people depending on who you’re buying from I gave it all the way for free that’s epic now does this mean you have to spend a lot of time on a blog post and in order for things to be epic no I have a blog post that took ten minutes to write it’s only a hundred words it’s actually called the only hundred words you should be today another one of the most popular blog posts on my site why because the message that came with it was epic and the way it was delivered was epic delivery is important so what was in that post well a number of posts before that one were really high quality pillar articles you know epic posts and that one it was a curve ball it was only a hundred words and it basically said take the time that you would spend reading this post normally in my post for long so maybe 20 minutes and do something for your business today and make something happen do something and that became an epic message because of the way it was delivered and when so be epic and then the last thing I wanna talk about has become a brand this is this is crazy because if you just stick with a blog you’re gonna miss out on a lot and I know a blog is what we’re all comfortable with and we all love to write which is why we’re here but if you just stick with blogging you’re gonna miss out a lot miss out on a lot of new potential audience members do traffic and eventually downline income if that’s that’s why I hear big businesses big businesses you see them all over the place Facebook newspaper or television everywhere why because they want to be everywhere and that’s my motto be everywhere you want to be everywhere problem is we don’t have millions of dollars to spend on ad campaigns like they do but we have things like YouTube free except you just have to invest a little bit of time if you step out of your box get a little bit uncomfortable and honestly if something that you’re gonna do to improve your business is a little bit uncomfortable that’s probably a good thing because that means it’s gonna do something for you if you just stick with the norm you’re gonna get normal results if you just do what everyone else is doing you’re gonna get lost in the crowd you’re never gonna stand out again that goes along with being epic – if you do big things take bold actions you’re gonna see big-time results and that can happen with branding yourself across many different platforms and you had some people like hope it’s a so much extra work I’m already spending so much time I’m you know I have three blog posts a week and I don’t have time for videos I don’t have four time for podcast that’s okay every two weeks take a blog post out insert a podcast and now what you’re doing is you’re doing a couple things you’re hitting people no matter how they consume content if you were sitting in on cliff ravenscraft podcast presentation yesterday you’ll know the power of a podcast – and the point is the power of the voice you know what if I had just you know deleted myself from the stage just put my presentation up there for you to read it’s boring and you’d have to do the work people love to listen to people people love to watch people my podcast has over 750,000 downloads in about a year my youtube channel has almost a million views how many videos new podcast so I have I have 26 episodes and about 30 videos it’s not much over the course of a year year and a half it’s not much but it rounds out my brand and going back to how people consume content some people like to read and they love to read and those are the people are gonna be on your blog some people hate to read and those people will never go to your blog but if you’re on YouTube if you’re on iTunes they might find you I get emails every day from people who say I found you in on iTunes I love your stuff I found you on YouTube thank you so much for that Facebook landing page tutorial how many of you have used that Facebook landing page tutorial awesome it’s amazing so you’re reaching out in places that you would have you would find people who have never you who would never normally find you in YouTube is a search engine you could rank for certain keywords in there there’s an SEO quality to it it’s number two search engine in the world second to Google and who owns YouTube Google three billion videos are being viewed every day I can’t even fathom that number I can’t even write that many zeros and also for your existing audience for the people who are already on your blog they’re gonna see you as more of an authority figure they’re gonna be like okay you have this blog awesome you do also do audio and you also shoot videos you are everywhere you’re someone I need to listen to you and your competitors or fellow bloggers who are talking about the same things you are might not be doing all those things you’ll be seen as more of an expert that way so before we all go home this weekend now I just want you to think about those things you know these aren’t Brandon these aren’t brand new strategies or things that you’ve never heard before but I think there are things that we need to re listen to and re hear from time time again so before you go home just I want you to think about why you’re here not only why you’re here in this room but no why are you here what’s your message what’s your what are your goals why are you put in the blog of universe and what do you have to share why are you here in this world and then also why are we here don’t forget why you came here and and what the purpose was and you know you each have a unique message to send and the thing is we’re each unique individuals you nobody’s like you and that is the most powerful advantage that you can have over your competitors nobody’s like you nobody so what I want you to do is raise your hand as high as you can up in the air right now sighs you can all right everybody raise your hand one inch higher I put your hand down everybody put their hand up one inch higher when I told you you could raise your hand as high as you can everybody I saw all the hands go up you don’t know how much you can do you can always do more than you think you can do all right so if I ask you again to raise your hand as high as you can what’s gonna happen stand up on your chair on the table and just reach as high as you can because you can do so much you just have to believe themself so again thank you so much it’s been a pleasure to meet you all this weekend if I haven’t mentioned you yeah I’d love to meet you and thank you