Pat Flynn from on Fox 5 San Diego

it’s the dream of most folks who work hard then enjoy the fruits of their labor sooner rather than later well tonight Jamie chambers is on the money with a man who has cracked the formula for consistent cash flow without having to go to the office yeah Lauren Pat Flynn faced a common problem in recent years he got fired but instead of looking for a job he looked for cash flow and he found it inside his computer they’re the two sexiest words in the financial world and they are wait for it passive income simply put money comes pouring into your account but you don’t have to do anything on a daily basis to get it like most of us Pat Flynn started out working for his money he was an architect until that was actually brought into the office and I was told that you’re one of the youngest brightest guys we have we have to let you go he was fired weeks before his wedding but desperation shifted his thinking and his first idea was to build an online study guide for architects to become green certified builders no started to see how I could generate money for me and the first thing I did was I put advertisements on it and that first day I remember seeing two or three dollars come in and it was the best feeling in the world then he wrote an e-book with the same architecture study guide but he sold no hard copies remember he didn’t want to do anything on a day-to-day basis if you have a physical book you have to go to the post office you have to you know ship it and people become insight by the book they can get it automatically delivered to them after purchase and I don’t even have to be there in order for a transaction to happen when then replicated his architecture guide in the form of a security guard guide and a few podcasts later I am financially free but I’m continuing to kind of expand my passive income portfolio it takes a lot of dedication a lot of time a lot of failures but if you can always fall forward and you can be patient and just keep working towards something you’re always you’re gonna see results happen and that’s really what it’s all about and Flynn says he cash flowed fifty six thousand dollars last month alone now he podcast his secrets on a show called smart passive income dot-com Flynn says he’s been so lucky he now wants to give back Kathleen paid for thank you so much our Jamie chambers well as you know