Passive Income Streams 101

hey guys this is pat flynn from the smart passive income blog today i’m going to show you exactly how to create a passive income business model that works for you and not the other way around secondly i’m going to show you how to create multiple passive income streams and how and why that works now lastly i have a tip for you beginners out there who you know maybe you don’t have a product and you have adsense on your website i have one tip that will quadruple your Adsense income so make sure you stay tuned to the end for that alright so first I’m going to show you exactly what a passive income business model looks like and obviously it starts with a customer with a need or you know potential customer now they’re going to make their way over to our website which provides information about whatever they’re looking for now maybe we’ll have an e-book or something electronic on that website that you know provides really really good information about what they’re looking for so they might be interested in buying it right so when they go from there they have to fill out their billing information you know they’re ready to put to make a purchase with us so you know they fill out their credit card information PayPal whatever it is whatever form of payment they want to use and when they click ok this is when the magic happens when they click ok this tells a third party payment processor website to do everything for us I’m show you how that works right now so when they click ok and the payment clears the payment processor you know the third party website automatically delivers that product to the customer instantly and they’re happy right so it’s very important that we set this business up properly in order for it to work this way now the trick is the payment processor actually holds the e-book for us you know we upload it to their website so that whenever our bill information you know behind-the-scenes it tells the payment processor after a successful payment to automatically deliver via email that’s supposed to be an envelope but it automatically delivers the product via email to the customer now where are we we’re over here we already set up the website you know we set this up we spent you know many hours setting us up correctly but now it’s on autopilot now the only part of the equation that we’re involved in is right here money in our pocket so this can be happening 24 hours a day seven days a week 365 days a year and while that’s happening you know we’re not involved in this anymore you know hopefully we’ve set it up in a way they automatically get customers hopefully our websites already done you know of course we’re going to set that up at the beginning billing information you know we don’t need to deal with that pain and processor that’s all done by a third party website we’re not involved in this process the only part that we’re involved in is accepting cash so while this is happening all the time for us we’re getting more and more money coming into our bank account and that makes us super happy so after you set this up the first time do you think would be really easy to set up another one yeah of course you know maybe you can even copy paste the whole thing and just do it in a different niche or do it with different products so create one boom you have another one easily create multiple passive income streams like that and while that’s happening you’re sitting here doing nothing because you set that up right from this first one after you set it up it’s on autopilot you can create another one and then another one and then another one and then another one and then income will come to you from each of these passive income streams and that makes you very happy all right so I want to finish up today by giving you my number one Adsense tip now I know a lot of you I don’t have your own products out there and you’re running Adsense on your website which is great you know I love Adsense it’s what I started using to make money online on my website but my number one Adsense tip is actually to not use Adsense again my number one Adsense tip is to not use Adsense now that might sound weird but I’m going to show you exactly what I mean so the way Adsense works is advertisers will pay Google and Google will put an ad on your website right this is your website here right they’ll put an ad here so what happens is when a customer comes in or someone who visits your website clicks on that ad they will be taken to the advertisers website you know which was their goal and Google will give you a little bit of money right so who is getting the money here you know you’re getting the money Google’s getting the money so the advertisers might have to pay a little bit more you’re getting less than you should be earning so exactly what you should do is figure out figure out who this ad advertiser is and you can see on your website look on your website see who’s advertising on your website and contact that advertiser directly you know yeah maybe you’re scared of doing business online and contacting people directly but hey if you want to make real money online you’re gonna have to do things that you might be uncomfortable with that first you know that’s how it was for me so what you can do is find out who that advertiser is just by looking you know don’t click on that ad because you know you’re not supposed to do that you know you can see that you can see the URL on the bottom of the ads usually so find out who they are go over there and contact them directly and make a deal with them you know money is going to go directly to you instead of through Google and then you and you’ll just get a little bit it so that’s my number one Adsense tip figure out who your advertisers are who’s showing up on your website contact them directly and cut them and cut a deal with them you know you’re going to get more money they’re going to be happy because there probably has been less money at the same time and also they won’t have to worry about other websites or competitors showing up in that same ad space you know if you can prove to them that you have the numbers the traffic the click clicks and everything like that that’ll work out for you so that’s my number one Adsense tip so thank you again guys for listening to me today I hope you learned a little bit about passive income if you could do me one really quick favor I would appreciate it so much if you could please leave a comment below about what your favorite part of this presentation was you know what struck a chord with you what really got you going or motivated you with this presentation I would really appreciate it you know and if this presentation sucked for you or if you didn’t learn anything you know let me know that too I put a lot of time and dedication into this presentation here so I’d really appreciate if you could spend 10 seconds just leave a comment for me alright and if you really like this video and you want more you know just please 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