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good morning we’re here today with Timothy Ferriss who’s the author of a new book called the 4-hour workweek Timothy is a CEO of a multinational company and a guest lecturer at Princeton Timothy how do I get a 4-hour workweek is that possible the 4-hour workweek is possible but you need to completely unplug and reset and the reason that’s necessary is because there is an epidemic and I do mean epidemic in this country of information abuse an information addiction where people have come to believe that checking email 200 times per day having a blackberry to your head or in your hand while you’re at dinner or on the subway or in your car or with your friends is the path to becoming more productive and more successful you mean it isn’t it isn’t because giving everyone around you every person in the world immediate access to you is inviting interruption and inviting minutiae to completely invade your life which is happening to everyone data happened to you it did happen to me I had no intention of writing this book but from 2000 to 2004 I was working at startups in Silicon Valley I started my own I’m CEO and I worked from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. every day I checked Outlook hitting send received 100 to 200 times per day like a rat with a cocaine pellet dispenser slept under my cubicle sent emails on Thanksgiving to prospects it was a depressing scene and it’s very unfortunately common scene and I think everyone is at a point of overwhelm there is more information than we can possibly organize time management is dead there’s a how do you turn that turn that around the way turnaround is you have to completely unplug and reset that means you need to take a step back forget about what people expect you to do forget about what’s popular and really look at what works and what is consuming your time so there are 4 steps there’s definition elimination automation and liberation definition is simple first need to define your ideal lifestyle what do you want to be doing from when you when you go to sleep and so what do you want to have what do you want to be what you want to do and how much does that ideal lifestyle cost and that becomes your target elimination is simple it’s getting rid of everything all the static all the noise all the interruptions all the micro managing all the people possible that interfere with getting you to the ideal lifestyle the third automation is about taking the few remaining tasks that are important the time-consuming and either delegating automating or somehow outsourcing them so in my particular case I have an army of MBAs in India about 25 of them who work for $4 an hour and take care of tasks that otherwise consume hundreds of my hours and then the last step liberation is about the final ingredient in lifestyle design which is mobility and then also how to use the time once you create it which is very difficult for most people ok this is fascinating but that’s the point it is difficult I mean how do you put the BlackBerry down how aren’t you worried that you’re not going to make as much money that you’re going to lose clients do you have statistics that show that that’s not the case I have statistics that would absolutely make your head spin so if you’re interrupted by email and phone there was an experiment done at Kings King’s College for example to showed that people who were stoned scored six points better on like you test and people were interrupted by email and phone Wow and that now good to know 26% of people in the American workforce are on the verge of a nervous breakdown the system is not working so it’s not a question of if I should do this this question of when it is the only real alternative so one simple step that people can take a baby step to prove the concept is to simply use an autoresponder set up an autoresponder that tells everyone who emails you I will be checking email twice a day it’s great idea at 11:00 and 4:00 p.m. if you require a more urgent response before one of those two times call me on my cell phone okay if I start losing customers I’m gonna call you too you can call me ok what’s going to happen instead of losing customers you’ll get more done in the next 48 hours and you would in the next two weeks well I appreciate this and I look forward to my 4-hour workweek thank you very much you’re very welcome

Tim Ferriss Guest Lecture at Princeton Q&A | Tim Ferriss

i person when you get any tips about out going on that how you multitask to do so many different things like you’re getting emails from so many different companies maybe some of they’re doing things like what do you do to keep everything organized to know what your focus on what you’re spending time on yeah do so many things at one that’s a good question um what I have tried to do is actually eliminate multitasking because when I try to do more than one thing at once I end up reaching the end of the day and usually having none of them done so what I like to do the first rule number one is control your cell phones if you have a blackberry throw it out don’t check email more than twice a day if you check email at 8 in the morning who the hell is going to reply to you I mean nothing’s happened you know between the time you went to bed nothing’s happened you just it’s you know send receive send receive it’s like one of those rats with the cocaine pedals just go go go and that’s how you kill yourself so check your email twice a day Maps I check I checked my business email once a week most emergencies are not emergencies what most people are like oh my god is done now I need to do now and then you call them a week later like ah I took care of it so to answer your question more specifically though limit your email because email is just the biggest time waster I’ve ever ever encountered focus on output more than input don’t read read read read read you’re gonna have to get out there and trip and smash your face on the curve and get up and try it again and wobble and screw up and make your mistakes so to focus on output if there’s something uncomfortable that’s usually what you need to get done so the doing your top one priority in the first half of the day before lunch is by far the most important if you want to fritter away your time the second half of the day doesn’t really matter if you have that one thing done but you need to be very clear in your goals and you shouldn’t have that many

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book about very bonds in the BALCO steroid scandal hit store shelves today it is already number 24 on bestseller list that’s actually down one notch it was 23 earlier this morning Game of Shadows by two San Francisco Chronicle reporters claims that bonds used steroids for at least five seasons beginning in 1998 now bonds denies using any banned substances and he has never has tested positive for any but one man says what is written in that book could have a huge impact on other people especially impressionable young athletes Timothy Ferriss owns a sports training and nutritional supplement company based in San Jose he joins me this morning to talk about some of the concerns good morning and thanks for coming oh it’s my pleasure thanks for having me one of your concerns that this book might in your estimation double steroid use among young American athletes that’s exactly right there is a precedent of a downstream trickle effect when you have books of this type particularly one is promoted as a drug by drug day by day account of what some people are calling the best hitter in history in the late 90s there was a bodybuilder named Andres mincer who died from an overdose of various anabolic products and a weekly German magazine named err Spiegel published all of it a full account with his exact dosages and when he used them and despite the fact that he died using this immune sur cocktail as it became known it was duplicated among athletes and that was with us a relatively unknown German publication but this is in primetime now and I feel that very impressionable athletes could be led to use more not less steroids as a result of this by the way kind of like what we see with some movie critics even if it’s bad press any press creates more buzz and more people go to check it out no that’s exactly right and I actually have had the opportunity to read the book and it’s not as sensational as the excerpts but the way that the book has been positioned in the excerpts the sensational benefits of growth hormone steroids and other anabolic products far outweighs the the cautionary notes that are included so now as we mention you know a sports supplement company what do you tell your clients if they want to boost their performance what’s your advice to them I work with my athletes primarily in a training and nutritional capacity at the highest level of sports particularly in sports that depend on power and speed so track-and-field the top athletes are almost without exception using a an entire laundry list of drugs in my particular case athletes will come to me when they want to get off of those drugs and still maintain their competitive edge and that’s how I assist them using hydration nutrition or botanicals in place of illegal advanced substances so now you’re saying that most athletes are using when you say they use drugs are they illegal drugs or legal drugs they’re using both it’s it’s not that they’re using purely prescription or legal medications they’re using everything that they can get their hands on that will help them ranging from legal supplements to imported illegal Schedule three drugs which anabolic steroids would be classified as in the same category as opium and with the same punishment let’s talk a little bit about some of the younger athletes a high school athletes and irrespective of the book or not just the publicity the buzz around steroids these days as much attention as it gets in the media do you think that has any kind of an effect on them do they see this and say I’m staying away or do they see this and get curious and go towards it in your opinion I think they get curious particularly when they read excerpts that claim for example the growth hormone improves hand-eye coordination perception speed etc I’m not saying that the drugs don’t have those effects but I think that education is the solution here drug testing using drug testing to solve drugs and sports is like using a breathalyzer to solve drunk driving just doesn’t work you need to educate these younger athletes and in the case of high school athletes in particular if you simply say don’t do drugs it’s not going to have the compelling effect that you want it to you need to make it clear that giving their hormonal profile at that age using those drugs really has no benefit and the downsides are tremendous the risks are tremendous when you’re that age and your growth plates haven’t haven’t stopped developing for example we you say that that follows through again let’s say now that you’re a professional athlete where you’re growing has more or less come complete do the steroids or banned substances still have a negative effect in your opinion uh they can have a negative effect certain drugs more than others what I think is important for people to understand is that when people say steroids that’s in fact a very broad class of drug so if you were to say by analogy stimulant that would range from a cup of coffee to cocaine many of these steroids have legitimate medical applications and low doctor’s supervised settings but when you’re abusing them in an athletic setting using super physiological doses they can have very serious side effects ranging from prostate enlargement to to cardiac problems but I’m not going to deny the performance benefits I mean that’s what they’re designed for but there are side effects and risks involved and if I could add one more thing I would say that besides the physical side effects people should be very aware of the legal side effects most athletes young athletes included see the athlete the drugs freely available around them and assume that means the penalties aren’t very severe but you can go to jail for a very long time simply by possessing these drugs sure very good Timothy Ferriss thanks for your insight this morning I know it’s a topic of people gonna be talking about for a long time it’s my pleasure thank you

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I’m all warmed up take a little exercise I got my tango shoes on we are here to set a tango record where is Wilmer Wilmer I had a dream about this once okay so do you think you can dance they do they hope you set a new Guinness Book of World Records for the most tango spins in one minute so please welcome Ferris and elysium monkey okay let me ask you a question now sorry where are your sleeves huh you’re such a good tango dancer where’s your sleeves seriously I left him in the back room I forgot how do you get a detangle well I was a complete workaholic in 1994 and I just left the country with a backpack on a one-way trip to Europe for four weeks is supposed to recharge my batteries I was on for 15 months in Argentina we her took class just for no real good reason and there were 10 women in the class and two guys and you like those odds I like the odds I like the ratio and signed up and here we are that’s incredible and did you meet there is that me there she was actually one of my teachers and I became a complete fanatic about tango and started doing it four to eight hours a day and we decided to compete and the rest is history okay well you are gonna teach us how to do a proper tango spin so can you show us so tango what defines a tango is the embrace so you were talking about sexy spins yes start right here it’s just the chest chest a chest I’ll put what would should be my chest against and the first thing the woman is going to do is she’s going to pivot back and back step with in this case her left foot no left foot and the man is going to follow with his foot extended here he’s basically tracing her rear foot and then comes around you bashed up Kelly you’re going to take a sidestep it looks like this so once part looks like this back back back side back side of the right top no back at the left take a sidestep at the right eye then you’re gonna slip forward with the left foot around him forward you’re gonna pivot on your left foot okay you’re facing him again Wilber there’s a part with this is what it looks like like that so that’s what the spin looks like and then I turn we want to give to the point here which is you two setting a new world record [Applause] and the time to beat is 27 spins in 60 seconds okay Stuart when you’re ready you give them the go-ahead okay Timothy are you ready ready okay three two one go [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Stuart what’s the word do we have a new record we we certainly do the Guinness record boy [Applause] seven is now 37 congratulations [Applause] you