How to Build a Blog in Less than 4 Minutes and Write Your First Blog Post

hey everybody this is Pat from the smart passive income blog I just want to thank you for taking a moment of your day to check out this quick video of me showing you exactly how you can build a blog and write your first blog posts in less than four minutes so in the time it takes you to boil a pot of water you can have your own blog with its own domain your first blog post up all ready to go for the world to see which is awesome now you may be wondering why I’m creating this video and the reason is because I know there’s a lot of you out there who just don’t know how to get started and and set up your own blog which you know is the first step to creating your online success for a lot of people and I definitely think a blog is the way to go because it’s easy to set up it’s dirt cheap you don’t have anything to lose and it’s a great way to gain a lot of followers within a relatively short amount of time now obviously you’re not going to get rich the day after you create your blog you’re gonna have to work at it a little bit creating your content and you know reaching out to other bloggers and and gaining a mass following but that can happen it happened for me and it happens for a lot of people every day but for a lot of people the hardest part is just setting up the blog and getting started you know they have a ton of information in their head they’re just waiting for it to get out there online for people to see they just don’t know how to do it or set up a blog I’m going to show you exactly how you could do that right now in less than four minutes so this is actually my first take and I’m hoping it only takes one take because I don’t want to end up buying three or four different domain names if I end up messing up during the process but I’m confident I can do it under 4 minutes and I’m also hoping that I have enough time to change the theme of the blog as well as at a picture to the first blog post as well which really makes your blog posts stand out a lot more and you’ll see that hopefully at the end of this video and I’m ready to get started if you are so let’s do this now I apologize if I’m going a little too fast here I really want to try and get it under 4 minutes to show you how quickly it can be done but for your convenience I’ve outlined the information below in a step step format so you know exactly what to do and you can go at your own pace but this video will show you exactly how you can do it too all right so I have an online stopwatch timer already set up for you so you know I’m not cheating or you know editing it weird or anything like that so here it is set up at four minutes I’m going to pull up my blog and I’m going to use the Bluehost link on the right-hand sidebar to start so let’s go alright Bluehost first thing you want to do is go to domain check this is where you check to see if the domains you want are available or a minute blog and it should pull up registration information if it is available all right just like that I put in my information phone number email password password now I’m going to set it up for twelve months at seven ninety five per month and putting credit card information now hopefully I can blur this out later so you don’t steal my credit card number right and next now creating order records is what it says now it should be there should just be a button that’ll take you to your control panel right away and help you get set up with WordPress so yeah at the top control panel oh I’m a little too fast for their system all right let me try again all right there we go now if you get rid of that welcome message and scroll down to software and services you’ll see button for WordPress really convenient stuff and there should be an install button at the bottom and I’m going to set up some Advanced Options I want to give my blog name the 4-minute blog and I want to create my own password and all that stuff legal information alright and it’s creating the WordPress blog for me right now 40 percent complete now after this is all set up I should be able to just go right to my blog and sign in from there all right it’s all ready to go now I’m going to open up a new tab and go to WWF 4-minute blog comm and it should pull up the generic WordPress theme that we just set up there it is right there now I’m going to click on login admin and the password that you set up could save the password if you want and this is your control panel I’m going to actually change the theme from within WordPress I’ll click on appearance and then click on add new themes and now you can search for a whole bunch of different kinds that you want but I there’s one in particular that I like called soul or WP soul install click on install now and it’s that easy all you have to do is activate it and it’s all ready to go it automatically changes your theme now I’m going to create my new post still got a minute to spare add new welcome to the 4-minute blog hi everyone I think I’m actually going to finish before the 4 minute timer is up whoo I think I’ll add boobs add a picture since I have some time alright to add a picture you click on here upload and insert select files I have a picture all ready to go and just takes a brief moment I’m going to Center it and insert into post and it’s right there my blog post let me say bye and click on publish and I’m going to show you exactly what it looks like when someone comes to the 4-minute blog com and there it is there’s a this is the blog post it’s all set up for you is the picture of the smiling face cappuccino thing and I have a second left so that’s it and it actually did take just about four minutes to complete that process which is which is awesome and that included getting the domain and the hosting package at a dirt cheap price from Bluehost comm which is what I use for all of my hosting and that’s six or seven bucks a month which is awesome and also that included setting up the WordPress blogging platform and also going in there changing the theme and adding my first blog posts and adding a picture to it all within four minutes like you saw but you know I know it’s going to take you a little bit longer and I want you to do it right but if you were scared about the process before hopefully you aren’t now because you know that there’s no coding involved there’s no HTML work CSS you can do the whole thing just by clicking a button here clicking a button there and magically a blog appears which is great so if you’ve had any reservations about starting a blog before not knowing how to do it well you don’t have an excuse anymore and feel free to use the steps below to help you again during this process so I hope you like this video I hope you found it useful and thank you again for joining me today Cheers

How to Create a Facebook Fan or Business Page

hey everybody how you doing this is pat flynn from the smart passive income blog at smart passive income comm I hope you’re doing okay today today I’m gonna show you really quick how to create a Facebook fan page or also known as a facebook business page now a lot of people are getting on these right now because it’s a great way to develop a long term relationship and you know interact with your customers and readers and stuff like that so I just created one the other day have a lot of fans we’ve been having fun on there having a lot of interaction which is great so I’m going to show you how to create a Facebook fan page really quickly today so what you want to do is go to in now at the bottom here you’re going to notice an icon in the little tool bar that’s the ads and pages manager so we want to click on that in the middle healer here you’ll notice this area right here you’re going to want to click on pages the second one over now this takes you to the page where you have a list of all the pages that you’ve already made if you haven’t made any obviously they aren’t going to be in here so in order to create a new one you can click right here on the plus sign create page and this is where you create it now you’re gonna have to organize it into a category there’s a whole bunch of different categories you know based on what kind of business you’re in and stuff like that but if you have a website usually what you can do is go to the middle radio icon here and click on website at the bottom you don’t want to put the name of your website now I’m gonna this is a fake Facebook page I’m just creating just to show you how to do it I’m not gonna publish it but you’ll have to do that manually once you go in and create it yourself so sign the electronic signature and create page great now you’re gonna be taking to a blank page and again this isn’t published yet so what you’re gonna want to do is set it up so that you know it’s ready to be published and for you to get some fans for it so the first thing normally that you want to do is you’re gonna want to upload photo this will be either your blog logo your website logo or even just picture of you so for this hypothetical Facebook fan page for Phil’s fly-fishing website we’re going to put a picture of Phil so you’re gonna want to click on change picture upload a picture and go into your computer and upload a picture this takes just a moment all right so there’s Phil there and if you ever want to change your photo just hover over and click on change picture now if you want to edit your information which is what you’re going to do there’s a few ways you can do this in the info tab right here you’re gonna want to click on edit information right there and this is where you fill out your basic information about your website like when it was founded your website address company overview mission products and stuff like that make sure you put your website address in there because that’s how people are gonna find you now another way to that another way you can add something is by clicking over here and that says write something about Phil’s fly-fishing website now you can put anything here for me I have my website address at and also my twitter address and I think I also have some quote or something that goes along with my business and what I do so in order to edit that just click on it and add whatever you want there and then it it’s gonna be there automatically and whenever when anyone goes to your fan page you’re going to see that right away so that’s why it’s a good spot to put your website address and there’s a lot of other things you can add on your page you can even put opt-in boxes you know your RSS feed other links and stuff like that and I’ll show you how to do that in other videos but this is just video about how to create the page so another way to edit the page and you know edit the restrictions on what fans can do on your page and stuff like that it’s by you know clicking over here on edit page and then you’ll see a whole bunch of settings for all the different applications and stuff like that you can click through there but usually the way that it’s given to you is just fine and if you ever want to view your page and click on here view page to see what it looks like and let’s go ahead and see what it looks like right now and there’s nothing well obviously cuz we haven’t put in the information yet so the the way you actually publish your page and I’ll show you how to do that right now is you can just click on here after you edit stuff this bar up here will show up and it’ll say publish this page so all you do is click that right there or you can access it through here edit this page and right here on the right the right hand side publish this page it’ll tell you if it’s not published yet and obviously you want to publish it and so you could tell your friends and your people through your blog or website to go there and become a fan so that’s basically it that’s how you create a fan page now there’s one really quick tip I want to give you go to oops slash username now let’s go there right now actually so slash username now what this does is it allows you to put a custom URL for the page that you just created so in order to do that you set a username for your pages and you can do this for your name too as you can see I have one already for my name slash Pat Flynn that’s my personal account but I also have one for my page you could do that by setting a user name for your page by clicking on that right there now you have a drop-down of all the different pages that you’ve created you can just click on you know the one that you want change and then you can just take it from there and make a customized URL right now I can’t do it because I haven’t published so you have to you have to publish first but once you do that you know there’ll be a box here where you can type in whatever name you want it to be and it’ll be slash whatever you put in there and you can check the availability if it’s there go ahead and take it alright so that’s it that’s basically how you create a Facebook fan page and don’t forget to publish it after um after you put in all your information and stuff like that or else no one’s gonna become your fan and don’t forget you can go to slash username to make a really nice-looking URL for your Facebook fan page oh there’s one more thing I want to show you really quick you know if you don’t have a Facebook account but you still want to create a page you can still do that which is nice so if you go to that’s just the home page at you can look here under the signup page or under the signup area there’s a create a page for a celebrity band or business so that’ll take you through the same process except you won’t have to use your Facebook account you’ll probably just have to enter your email address and stuff like that so that option is there for you alright so if you guys want to check out my Facebook fan page really quick you can check it out at slash smart passive income and if you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me probably the best way would actually be through Twitter so slash Pat Flynn and I love if you could these are two ends here I’d love if you could subscribe to the YouTube channel I’m going to be doing a lot of these types of videos for all different types of programs and things that I use for my online business and stuff so feel free to do that if you’d like and thank you guys again so much for joining me today and don’t forget smart passive income it’s all about more money and less time take care

Smart Passive Income – Camtasia | Bamboo | Omnidazzle

hey everybody this is pat flynn from the smart passive income blog that’s smart passive income and i’m trying something out a little neat today this is actually my first video that i’ll be putting on youtube and on my blog and i’m using some really cool tools that allow me to do some really cool things which i’m gonna be sharing with you really quick today now you get an insider view of what’s on my screen and that’s that’s done via camtasia for mac and again that’s how i’m recording this screencast right now I’m also using something called a bamboo tablet now bamboo is the name of the products it’s actually done by a wack home and it allows me to use a pen instead of a mouse to navigate so I’m using a pen right now and the reason I’m doing this kind of goes along with the third tool that I’m using it’s called Omni dazzle and what this allows me to do is it allows me to draw on the screen so if you could take a look at the window right now you know I can draw and I think this is pretty powerful stuff because I can use this to highlight things that I’m doing online so for instance I can point out certain areas that I like you know I can change the color and show you this area right here and as I’m talking I could really teach you to show you exactly what I do online you even down to where the click is or you know it’s really hard to explain someone in an email you know well this works for you here or you know it’s hard to explain that type of stuff it’s really easy to show you using this pen and stuff in it and I’ll put the links to where those tools can be located for you in case you’re interested in doing something similar I’ll put those links on the show notes and in the resources section at so pretty cool huh you know I’m not gonna go into any you know type of teaching or anything like that right now but I just want to show you kind of what’s coming up what I plan to do and I plan on doing this a lot more and maybe it’d be cool if some of you guys out there who have your own blogs and you know you want my advice for whatever it’s worth to you I’d be happy to show you exactly what I feel using this technique which i think is pretty cool so yeah just want to share that with you and thanks for joining me today and feel free to subscribe to my youtube channel which is brand new right now it’s slash smart passive income and you can also come over to the blog at and subscribe to the feed there and you can also find me on twitter at pat flynn that’s my username p80 f ly and n and i just wanted to thank you guys one more time and don’t forget it’s about more money

Sales – Sales Training: Closing the Deal and Increase Sales!

hey this grant cardone I want to talk to you again today about closing the deal how to get it done how to wrap it how to move through the objections most often how to move through the just mere complaints wrap the deal close it finish it so that you can get paid you know the response to my book the closure survival God God has been absolutely incredible many of you write me and say man I’m using it as an encyclopedia grant I have the the closes actually marks that I can go to them for those of you don’t have this book I’m gonna encourage you to get it so you can use this as a reference guide as an encyclopedia and I’m also going to encourage you at some point to get on the audio program so you can hear it every day what you need to know today about this marketplace about your customer is the closes everything today how do I push through resistance how do I push through the consumer sphere how do I give them that close and then push them over the edge so they buy my product buy my service so we can truly be of service to people remember the clothes is where you actually get the exchange when you get them to agree to give you something you give them something and there’s an exchange or closed that is the point of a true service until then until you get that exchange point what we call in this book called the critical exchange point until the critical exchange is accomplished all you’ve done is sell promote market and talk we want to close we want to wrap it okay we want to finish them up okay products are very similar your product you’re selling a phone or refrigerator an automobile real estate all of its very similar many of your making a mistake today because you lack closing skills that you’re thinking I need to give it away I have to real estate agent in Los Angeles who sets the value for a product in this marketplace although consumer does I’m like you’ve got to be kidding man you guys are the professionals a guy buys a house every eight years you don’t let him set the price or the guy down the street that’s foreclosing set to price my house is unusual it’s unique it’s into a particular location with a particular view you guys the real estate agent should be setting the true value selling that value justifying that value hey man why is it worth more than house down the street why do it now rather than wait until the real estate market improves everybody’s in the same situation folks if you can’t close you don’t get paid you have a great dream you have a great idea you have a great product a great service if you can’t finish and close or lose so look I want to share some of these closes I’m working with these constantly I’m mark them I use them right out of my book I’ll give you one of my favorites right now it’s called a personal favour close okay it’s on page but those of you have the book 318 sir while ultimately it’s your decision I would ask you to consider one other thing the fact the fact that you would do this now for me would be a personal favor to me and to my family look the reality is I need your help okay you’re gonna do this you’re gonna do it sooner or later you’re doing it right now would be a personal favor to me and to my family let’s do it see you’re asking them for him amen do it for me that if you can’t do it for yourself do it for me you want to start actually leaning on people put them into place where you’re actually gonna push to get the business not just be nice be nice will not get you the business you have to push through the clothes for instance you guys I got I know it’s right I know I needed I know I’m gonna do it but not today sir I’m not gonna allow this it’s called won’t allow closed page 312 sir I do understand your position first rule of selling agree however I cannot allow you to not do this at this time I’m gonna put your name on I’m gonna insist we do this it’s the right thing it’s the right product it’s the right service I’m gonna take care of you you know you’re gonna do it now or you’re going to do it later let’s roll and go for the clothes so I’m giving you some information you can use this weekend you know do you mind begging I don’t mind begging do you mind handling time problems sir it’s never the best time there is never a best time to do anything okay so what’s the difference we do it now we do it later you wait three months man you’re still gonna be busy you’ve got this much paperwork on your desk right now okay he’s saying send me something give me some more information man you got this much paperwork right now I send you another piece of paper I’ll do that but the truth is sir there’s never a best time to do something missing and you know the piece of paper another proposal get you something else to look at let’s do this now because truth is you’re gonna do it now or you’re gonna do it later okay I could move into another close right now then now or later close so the cost now is 300,000 the cost later is 300,000 the difference is we could start using it now there is a potential that there’s gonna be a four percent increase in the price maybe it is maybe it’s not if there is it’s twelve thousand dollars extra you could start using it now benefiting from it now getting the results of it now start saving money for your company now hey let’s do this great you pressure me no sir but I’d be willing to if I had to trust me you can’t make the right decision you don’t decide to do this I am definitely willing to jump over there and insist on your doing this and don’t confuse my enthusiasm with persistence let’s roll folks learn to close or you’re gonna go home tonight and your kids are gonna ask you just sell something today daddy mommy did you sell something no son I didn’t close the deal so you can take care of your family this is what you need to be listening to every day you’ll notice these closes let’s see let me turn it up right side here for you the basics are closing beyond theory classic closes advanced closes this program is sick it will make you super strong in the clothes I introduced this information to a group last week in Los Angeles a lady walked out with a target for 50,000 for the month she did 225 thousand and sales in four days exceeded her entire months target five times because she had the right information close or lose is that simple so look I gave you poor closes maybe five closes today learn them use them and then start adding to the ones you have thank you very much hey share this with a friend a family relative a neighbor or somebody that doesn’t believe in selling somebody thinks Ellen’s bad if you can’t close you can’t make your dreams come true thanks grant cardone management make sure all your people are getting my tip each week this is for information it’s for you it’ll make you money now go out and use it thanks on

How To Simplify Your Love Life

so as a social experiment I try some of the techniques from your book at my last job and it worked out great to follow suit how can i Tim Ferriss my love life and and and yes I just used your name as a verb I’m sorry how can you Tim first you love like what was the second part and yes I used your name as a verb oh okay damn that means I can’t trademark my name with that ketchup I turn into the Kleenex of love life automation how can you Tim Ferriss your love life well for those of you who are not aware I’ll share a very brief story so when the book was about to launch there are a few things I did I planned a number of stunts of sorts and I also withheld a number of blog posts for two years all right so there was a post called geek to freak how I gained 34 pounds of muscle and 30 days or something like that which went everywhere and one of the one of the critiques was well faith this happened two years ago what took you so long said well what was the benefit of mister what was the benefit to me of throwing it up two years ago now I have a book launch makes perfect sense now more wired so that’s why but one of the other things I did is I was like man how can I get into at least a local paper I had no resources related to medium PR guys none like I was really very guerilla in the beginning stages so it’s like how can I get into the San Jose Mercury News of the San Francisco Chronicle so then sites like FARC could potentially pick something up and probably the highest traffic site that most people perhaps not heard of here really really great site how can they get off art or whatever dig that was another reason I did the key to free thing and I figured out that if I if I took the outsourcing and just outsource my my love life for a period of time that could be interesting so what I did was I was living in San Jose nicknamed van Jose for good reasons and at the time and what I did is I went to Elance and I posted a project which was setting dates for me coffee dates in an online calendar and recruited half a dozen teams from around the world India Philippines a team of Americans in Jamaica working for like $4 an hour which I thought was very unusual I Ukrainians what have you and they all had the spec sheet they had and they it was very professionally done and I had this is tremendously offensive to some people please try to have a sense of humor and then I had links to like I this girl I find attractive this girl no not so much and it was it was very specific like these are good interests like you know tattoos and heroin not really my thing maybe and really made a detail as if I was that you know sending out up a project for you know request for a proposal and signed up all these these teams and they competed so there were performance bonuses and there was for the number of of dates they could set for me initially it was going to be all over the map like I’m available on Thursday from the state to this day this time for the stuff Monday from this time to this time I was like man that’s going to be a nightmare for 20 minute coffee dates that’s going to be a disaster really interruptive so I was like well why don’t I try to batch my dates like I’ve batch my email so I had all of the dates set for one weekend and not only that but I was like how far can i push this obviously I’m not recommending that everybody do this but like how far can I really push the cells like okay well let’s say I’m particularly uninspired to put forth lot effort let me have all the dates all the coffee dates at three coffee shops on my downtown street which was five minutes walking this was like 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 and they they ended up they ended up booking more than 20 coffee dates in two days and it was confusing it was really confusing and then ah boy I mean there was some there were some glitches there were some bugs one of the so for example I gave them a discretionary budget of something like $50 each to – beep beep when I said be creative this is terrible wording it’s like be creative if there’s another site or profile that I’m not currently using because I delegated a profile to each person or each team rather so it’s like all right match goes to this team this goes to this team Yahoo Personals let’s say and then plenty of fish whatever and then some teams would get to because I was like art you have to take the the weighted average like matches a huge advantage so I’ll give them two or three profiles and I give them this discretionary budget and they had rules of things they couldn’t do but I’ll the Filipino team really ignored this and what I found funny was first I said there they were Canadian and they using French names and stuff and they’re like sorry we’ve got to you a little late the bridge in Manila was down I was like what warning sign number one and then warning sign number two was they forgot to put a date in the calendar and this poor girl she shows up and I had my head my headset on there’s nothing scheduled I was just blissing music and she’s like hey Tim and she started like throwing out all these inside jokes and I was like ah ha ha ha yeah and the team had been impersonating me they hadn’t been there their instructions were very clear they’re supposed to be like dear Beth you know path this is like venkatesh you know neuro cool writing on behalf of mr. Timothy Ferriss or whatever so like part of the litmus test was like do these girls have a sense of humor it’s like you have to – when you get something like that but what they what they had done is Happy’s elaborate they’ve done all this research I mean done these elaborate like I am conversations and all these inside jokes and she’s like you’re forgotten all about her you know conversation about this I’m like oh that was the only real glitch but ended up ended up with a at the time a long-term girlfriend out of it and that is something I had not been able to do as depressing as it is to admit and like six months of going out to bars and clubs and parties and so forth so can it work yeah if you wanted to to nurse your little butt caveat emptor watch watch the French Filipinos butt that would be that would be one approach

Google IO Ignite – Practical Pessimism | Tim Ferriss

in case you just came in you’re in the middle of an ignite session we’ve got nine speakers we just had our third talk all the talks are the same in that they’re five minutes 20 slides 15 seconds of slides and the speakers have no control and our next speaker is a control freak and not used to this please meet Tim Ferriss he’s the author of the 4-hour workweek and he’s here to talk about practical pessimism all right guys this is not meant to be depressing it’s meant to be practical I changed my topic a bit so hopefully at least perhaps one or two percent of you will find this useful do a little dance all right so this is a photograph of lost lanius and Argentina where I went skiing with two close friends one of whom recently died of pancreatic cancer he was in his early 30s the same day I received an email notifying me that the ten-year-old daughter of a close friend had been diagnosed with inoperable cancer and this was very recent and this catalysed produced a profound sense of urgency and me to do bigger and better things in my life and to test new directions before some undefined point in the future so I want to talk about the most effective pair of productivity techniques that I’ve come across since 2004 that have helped me up to this point test the uncommon despite the fear of ridicule criticism failure and so forth and both techniques I cheated a bit with the format some things will repeat are borrowed from stoicism which was a school of philosophy from the Hellenistic period used by a lot of the greco-roman educated elite including Emperor’s and military and statesmen the first is called negative visualization and it’s all related to the basic assumption that defining your fears instead of your goals is a key to doing anything uncommon anything big negative visualization is what I would call preparation in practice pessimism and that is defining an excruciating detail the worst-case scenarios so as an anecdote in 2004 I was working 14 hours a day in my own company trapped in a beast of my own design and knew that I had to take a two to four week retreat to either streamline the business and extricate myself or shut it down because there are issues with exit options I didn’t do that for six months because I was running an endless loop of what-if scenarios what if I missed a notification with the IRS what if we lost the biggest customer we have and therefore had problems a B and C problem is those fears weren’t actionable just like poorly defined goals aren’t actionable then I came across to the writings of Seneca Lucius Seneca who was an advisor to the emperor in his day in Rome also what you might consider the most successful investment banker and playwright at the time in Rome and I performed an exercise that he suggested which was taking out a piece of paper in my case an eight and a half by 11 sheet one evening and detailing in the first column all the terrible things the worst case scenarios that can happen if I did when I was considering which was this this retreat for you it might be a change of job it might be proposing a new project it might be ending a relationship could be any number of things all of the negative things that could happen second column all of the things that I could do to minimize the likelihood of those things happening and then the last column were all the line by line actions I could take to get back to where I was then to RIA teve the status quo so to speak maybe getting back into the industry that you would leave to start your own startup whatever that might be and in that instant I saw that on a scale of 0 to 10 10 being most impactful I was looking at a unlikely transient pane of about two and a potential life-changing permanent change of 10 and I took the trip I took the trip and that’s why the book happened that’s why the world championships and tango happened everything that brought me to stand here today I can trace back to that one evening that one extra sighs so let’s move to practice the second piece the second technique is rehearsing the worst case scenarios Seneca would put it thus set aside a number of days each month where you are satisfied with the cheapest and scant issed of fare meaning food the roughest of dress all the while asking yourself is this the condition I feared what you’re doing is exposing yourself to negative emotions like fear embarrassment lack of finances so that you’re inoculated when you later have to make hard decisions ask for hard things or reject refuse things so you can act despite these emotions Cato who was viewed as Seneca as the perfect stoic wore darker clothing than his expected light purple didn’t go with the tunic he was very out of style in his day and he did so that he would learn to be ashamed of only the things that were truly shameful and to ignore the millions of things that men would otherwise have low opinions of so it’s very important that you practice your worst case scenario what you’ll find is that many of the fears you have are based on undervaluing the things that are easily obtainable so those are two techniques that have resulted in the greatest gains all of the in common all the big things I’ve been able to do and I would encourage you before trying to define your goals to focus on defining your fears thank you very much you

How To Balance A Fork and Spoon w/ Toothpick On A Glass | Tim Ferriss

this is Tim Ferriss hello everybody I am going to show you one of my favorite tricks this is something you do just about anywhere a handful of these doesn’t require a lot of gimmickry or goodies it just requires a toothpick or a match preferably flat sided this is round if you don’t have that you can also use a key then you need a spoon fork and any glass really will do so this is how it works this is a physics trick actually it’s just physics but it’s fun to watch so you have to interlace the fork and the spoon like so not every restaurant will like this so you start with that and all you’re going to do in this case it’s tooth pick so you can see you’re sticking in the side within the semicircle effectively and then you can balance it on the side of the glass here and I’ll show you what this looks like it’s like that you look at it from the side you can see if you have a match for the number of matches you can actually burn both sides down so that it’s fairly barely hanging on it’s quite cool in this case if you move it I encourage you to keep your hand underneath it so if it’s a key it’ll often slide into the water but you can see you won’t have your hand oftentimes you can move it around anyway that’s trick enjoy

"Trial by Fire" TV Debut, 12/4 | Sneak Peek | Tim Ferriss

I just arrived in Tokyo generally only avoid rush hour today I don’t have that luxury because I only have a few hours to get everything I need head up into the mountains to train an ancient ritual at the Abu Samir Yabu Sami can take a lifetime to master but I have just five days to find a way to hack the samurais water or I’ll suffer the brutal consequences my name’s Tim Ferriss I’m known as a life hacker it should take years to master I try to tackle in a matter of days I’ve been a national kickboxing champion the world record holder in tango and a best-selling author what’s my secret to deconstruct streamlined and remap any challenge you you