3 Commandments of Wealth

how to make twenty five hundred to twenty five thousand dollars a month is it realistic can the average person do that if you’ve been watching me for a while this is the most important video I think I’ve released in the last five years so please pay careful attention I’m going to answer that question so here’s some work I’ve been working on I’m at my farm here and a lot of quiet focused study time I’ll share with you some stuff from this book The Millionaire Next Door good to great Jim Collins book the book the self-made billionaire fact so what I’m about to say is not just my opinion this is based on actual statistics and science this actually happens in the real world can you make an extra twenty five to twenty five thousand dollars a month well the answer is yes average people can do it that’s the short answer but I need to explain how because it’s impossible if you don’t know what I’ve written here this is a ten point ten step by step I call this the cash flow system so this is a ten step systems so I’ll explain that watch this video to the end because I’m gonna give you right here this ten step formula okay what are the three I’m gonna answer this really quickly by talking about that what I call the three commandments of wealth what are the three commandments of wealth like I said based on books like The Millionaire Next Door which is an exhaustive study of millionaires based on the book the self-made billionaire fat where CPAs went in and studied self-made billionaires Jim Collins you know three million copies written built to last good to great this is my answer after many years I’ve been focused on being an entrepreneur building my own business since I was 19 years old in fact it all started here near this farm about two miles away when I graduated high school I went to work and I went for apprenticeship with a guy named Joel Salatin my first mentor and that led me down a path where I ended up with five millionaire men you might have heard my story before that helped me go from you know the American Dream stored from rags to riches but my path was complicated because yes I did have mentors but it wasn’t laid out in like a step-by-step cash flow guide like this I had to piece it all together I’ve been to over 40 countries now I’ve had over ten mentors millionaire mentors I’d befriended several billionaires who have taught me a lot me and my business partner have done over a billion dollars in sales online he just sold his company for 255 million dollars we owned an investment company so I’ve done a lot of stuff so what I’m telling you his first-hand experience and I believe it’s pretty darn accurate so the 3 commandments of wealth which you’ll see why this is pertinent number one thou shalt have more than one stream of income ideally three in fact there’s a book called rich habits where they studied self-made millionaires the average millionaire or about 60 to 70 percent of millionaires self-made millionaires had three streams of income some had more Warren Buffett the billionaire has over 90 streams of income you can go on his Wikipedia page and count all the different businesses he has over 90 streams of income that’s a little extreme but if you want to be one of the richest people in the world that’s how many streams of income you need so commandment one thou shalt have more than one stream of income thou shalt never trust just one source of income that’s a great way to go bro second commandment of wealth thou shalt invests thy money in new trends okay if you look at what creates people millionaires and billionaires from Mark Zuckerberg to Jeff Bezos to Bill Gates it all start you on musk it all starts with them investing their money wisely into cutting edge opportunities Elon Musk did electric car Tesla he did PayPal which was online banking before anybody else did Mark Zuckerberg did social networks back when there was really just MySpace and Friendster so he caught that early trend and you see this pattern not just in the last 20 years but you see this centuries ago the richest person in modern history is john d rockefeller I just read the book Titan listen to it also audio and read it there’s a lot of gems in there and he caught a new trend which was oil people used to use whale oil he found oil in the ground could be used to light lanterns light your house and then of course to power cars and he became worth four to six hundred million so thou shalt invest i money wisely in new trends my mentor allen nation my second mentor said thai never be the first or last to try a new idea if you wait too long you invest your money most people are always investing in stuff that doesn’t work that well anymore and that’s why most people’s money doesn’t work for them which brings me to the third of the commandments of wealth number three thou shalt make thy money work for thee or for you by having the right connections when you study million in Jim Collins talks about this when you study millionaires and billionaires and hyper successful people financially it’s not just what you know it’s who you know you have to have the right connections and that’s why if you grew up like me I had a single mom you know my mom didn’t have much money and I didn’t get those connections Bill Gates dad introduced him to computers when he was 12 years old he had the hookups his dad was a millionaire lawyer Mark Zuckerberg parents had the connections to Harvard if they sent him to Harvard Steve Ballmer who who I know had dinner with very interesting conversation one-on-one with him he had connections to Harvard he got in so if you’re watching this and you’re not in the elite family status I wasn’t an elite family I didn’t have family that could get me into Harvard in fact the reason I never went to college and if I went to college a little bit NC State but I don’t have enough money and I didn’t have connections to set it up I mean look at what’s happening now people get connections and get scholarships all this stuff so I got good news and bad news oK you’ve watched so far the good news is let me start the bad news movie Godfather The Godfather said he always liked bad news first here’s the bad news nothing in society is setting you up to follow any of these three Commandments okay you probably have one main source of income now a job or maybe you’re us a fledgling entrepreneur maybe you’re more advanced entrepreneur but most your income most of your eggs are in one basket okay and society wants it that way set the education system we even get majors you get a major in college major and one thing okay whatever by the way remember when I’m about to show you kind of make twenty five hundred to twenty five thousand dollars a month as an extra stream of income or ideally three so you you have society that’s the bad news is against you it’s not giving you the connections it’s not telling you where to invest to catch the next big trend right I mean and nobody’s interest to share that with you so here’s the good news by the end of this video I’m gonna show you the way around it I found a glitch in the matrix I found a 1/2 you could say that you can follow and basically a cut and paste formula that you can start following those three Commandments of wealth now if you ignore these I’m gonna tell you this right now be very careful ignoring what I’m about to say because no it’s not just based on my experience it’s based on the experience of hundreds of thousands of millionaires and it just people are too entitled in this world and they think that they deserve to have financial success for no reason it’s not it won’t happen so if you ignore what I’m about to say I promise you and the reason I know this is because there’s times in my life where I ignored it and suffer financially you will waste ten years of your life financially if you do not listen to these three Commandments I promise you okay I mean I don’t know you personally necessarily but I’m telling you be forewarned and if you don’t know my background most of you if you’re watching this you probably know a little bit about me but what I’m telling you I’ve seen work beyond belief I’ve seen it take me I remember when I literally had zero dollar income and within nine months I caught a new trend got on Google AdWords was making six figures within nine months from two different streams of income I didn’t even know about having multiple streams of income on a financial company a nightclub business in Raleigh North Carolina and then I begin to expand now I have about 18 different streams of income I’m not at the Warren Buffett level but I’m better than when I started and had zero and I remember you know making my first million dollars a year then I remember focused on make my first million dollars a month and then I remember making a million dollars a week and so I’ve generated you know in my own businesses in my own personal brand a lot of money I don’t like to brag or say but it’s it’s a lot okay it’s more than eight figures it’s not you know it’s not ten million or eleven million it’s it’s a lot more than that and so this is from firsthand experience that’s my background entrepreneur magazine I think in 2017 named me you know number one online entrepreneur Forbes if you go to trial of Islam slash Forbes it’ll take you to Forbes website they’ll it named me last year I think as top 10 business influencer in the world that’s Forbes the big magazine so I have experience in this and I also reach about a hundred million people a year entrepreneurs and people who are looking for these tenants of wealth to work for them so here’s what I discovered right now this year like we’re talking 29 this is what’s gonna work in 2019 2020 2021 the next two years max okay and then this will be saturated by the way I told people in 2016 about a cutting-edge wealth opportunity I launched the social media marketing agency program I now own I it went globally caught fire okay I trained over 40 or 50 thousand people how to open use social media to get businesses to pay him one to ten thousand dollars a month it’s more saturated now the people that first got in many millionaires were created many I was just a few saw my social media well it’s been in Vegas and these two guys came up with me they have a hundred chiropractors paying them I think on average $1,800 a month they’re making 180 thousand dollars a month they bought me a bottle champagne across I was in at the Hard Rock Hotel eating a sushi at Nobu and a bottle came across and and so I’ve seen what it takes to actually take everyday ordinary people who didn’t grow up with opportunities handed them and what it takes for them to start making money so when I say these three commandments of wealth it comes with well I’d now were 250,000 people over a quarter of a million people have gone through my paid training programs just since in the last five years since 2014 but the world’s constantly changing that stuff that I talked about in 2014 doesn’t necessarily work anymore because everyone jumps into it’s not a new trend anymore so what’s the new trend what is the new trend what I’ve discovered is right here I call it the cash flow system just because any multiple streams of income people call that cash flow here’s what the cash flow system says basically here’s the problem every book you read about starting your own business every online program you see about starting your own business there’s one problem um you’re starting from scratch and it’s relatively hard to start from scratch you have to hire people you got to get a website up you have to get accounting correct you have to get customer support people you have to do you have to actually fulfill whatever it is you’re selling to people so you have to either buy a product and have it in inventory or you need to if it’s a service business you’ve gotta use your labor to provide the service you’ve got to hire salespeople you have to hire an assistant and so a lot of people if you’re what a lot of people get lost in that process because that’s a hard process don’t get me wrong so I went back it’s been right in front of my eyes the whole time back in 20 sorry back when I was 20 was 19 and a half 20 years old my first business I partnered with my mentor troll Salatin he had the whole business set up I just did I duplicated what he did now this is a back end grass-fed beef business okay but this applied the principle doesn’t matter if it’s grass-fed beef online sales real estate if that’s not done I partnered with my mentor he had enough I had no capital to start right a couple hundred bucks in my bank account he was able to front the money $60,000 for us to buy the cattle then he split the money with me and I made that year I think we I talked to him since he only lives a few miles down by on the form here I’m in my little farm cottage house ah I was about it’s about 400 acre farm it’s cool it’s raining right now if you hear the rain but I talked to him he he wrote me a check for 12 grand which was a lot of money in fact then I took that 12 grand remember I told you I found multiple streams the income I had a job I had this part-time with Joel Salatin I made $1,000 a month there I mean another thousand here I had multiple streams I saved that money I invested it wisely he then gave me the connections I went to Tasmania Australia in May a guy named Bill Mollison and Gary Townsend and dr. Gordon Hazzard he connected me I partnered with him he duplicated his business split the profit with me and then he gave me the connections to reinvest my profits and I did and that is the beginning of everything you see now that became the beginning of something very large I over 2 billion minutes of my videos have been watched just on YouTube alone I’m almost 2 billion I’m like 1.9 something a billion and I’m 400 million views so that’s just YouTube if you count Instagram and Facebook I’m probably approaching a billion views but that all became because of somebody else helping me out somebody else allowing them to partner with me and so as I look back over the last few years if you’ve been following me or not um I’ve trained a lot of people but I haven’t partnered with a lot of people and there’s a big difference see Joel Salatin was training me as an entrepreneur training me how to create multiple streams of income but to get me off the ground he actually partnered with me and within a few years of that and that was a less formal well I’m about to show you a more step-by-step system but that allowed me to get to six figures you know that got me to that was the catalyst that got me to from zero to making I was making eight to ten thousand dollars a month which was a lot of money for me okay all my own I started from scratch so I was of ordinary of ordinary in terms of wealth I didn’t have a rich parent I never been to Beverly Hills I’ve never seen a Lamborghini like all those things that people think about me I never been on private jet I didn’t even really know people do private jets all I knew as I didn’t want to be broke anymore all I knew as I wanted to be secure all I knew is I didn’t want to have sleepless nights all I knew is I didn’t want to repeat some of the things that I saw my family my dad was from Harlem you know my dad ended up going in prison when I was young didn’t have much money you got mixed up trying to make money when people are broke bad things happen so let me explain for you this is what I have for you today okay this is what I have for you and this is limited I cannot do with everything because if I do with too many people it saturates just like those from earmark an agency program which still works don’t get me wrong there’s people buying it every day but I told people get in in 2016 and a lot of people were skeptical I mean and you know skeptics lose people who got in early got the bigger is the biggest results and of course that follows the second of the three commandments of wealth you know I’ll show invest my money in new trends early early not late to the game so I’m gonna give you the chance to be early to this new game here’s what I want to do I’ve created a cash flow uh partnership with me okay now let me step back real quick explain one thing for sure you got to invest in new things new trends new trends what are the big new trends out there that I see I mean CBD is a big new trend that you hear a lot about right Oh quickly growing market social media was a big trend like back 2015-2016 it’s not so big anymore I was on Google AdWords pulling the first people on online advertising was a big trend I caught that trend so what’s the trends for right now or I said CBD is one but you know what’s one nobody thinks about that’s Dwarfs anything that you could think of online education did you know online education this is 2016 was projected to go to over it was already like a hundred billion dollar industry 100 billion 100 bit let me put that in perspective the whole nutritional supplement in the entire United States is only like sixty billion online education is so massive that richest man in the world Bill Gates Microsoft they own link tin they bought a website called lynda.com which is online education and they paid over a billion dollars for it over a billion dollars Harvard’s going online all this stuff is going on online education is the trend and I have invested my money in well over fifty million dollars by the way okay so when I say money I’m talking money I’ve invested in reinvested profits well over that number because online education is insane let me – aren’t such a good trend for you to catch one it’s very lucrative but more importantly it helps the world imagine that making money without exploiting people you don’t have to exploit that’s a myth online education and people go well how can that just happen well you’re taking money away the only people losing is community colleges and colleges maybe Lou but that’s gonna happen anyway they’re not losing those companies those big endowment colleges they’re overcharging people there’s over 1.2 trillion dollars in college debt people come out of with a college degree still don’t know how to do anything in the real life no practical skills don’t practical training they don’t know how to buy their own home they don’t know how to get a mortgage they don’t know how to read a contract they don’t know how to negotiate a deal they don’t know sales they don’t know how to start a business they don’t understand social media marketing they don’t understand ecommerce so people are going in debt 40 to 100 grand my brother got in debt $80,000 for a Spanish degree it’s a crime in many ways you didn’t need to spend that much money to learn Spanish you could learn Spanish online and so the world is shifting mint mark my words your kids and grandkids will not go through the traditional education system of the 1950’s 60 70s and 80s it’s already changed and it will continue to Train smart people from Elon Musk you know look at how many caught dropouts there are the car drop out there at the top of the world so I’m not saying you everyone should drop out of college I’m just saying there is a place for online education that if you catch that trend as I caught started catching this trend 2012-2013 it’s very lucrative it can be another stream of income the problem is and I’m gonna solve the problem for you is that it’s hard to start an online education company trust me it’s I spent like I said tens of millions of dollars getting it off the ground figuring out the products recording the content making sure it’s good building a customer support team building website building online seminars giving away free content blah blah blah blah all this stuff so here’s what I’m gonna do for a handful of you um I am going to give you a cut and paste system that I believe and stand behind by the way I stand behind this can generate as another source of income another source of cash flow for you twenty five hundred twenty five thousand dollars a month starting it within the next 60 days in fact I’m gonna put a button below if you get in the program okay if you get into this cash flow system training program and it’s a partnering with me okay affiliate partnership with me and it doesn’t work I’ll give you all your money back how about that if in the next 60 days you follow the ten step cut and paste guide that I have for you and it doesn’t work I’m gonna give you and by work it doesn’t generate at least twenty five hundred dollars for you paid to you not gross revenue I’m talking about your cut of our partnership twenty five of our affiliate partnership twenty five hundred dollars I will give you all your money back you paid to get in to the program nobody in the world has ever made that promise name somebody this College say if you spend 30 grand with us or you spent ten grand with us this year and you don’t get a job that pays an income we’ll give you all your money back name one that nobody does that because they don’t stand behind it because they know deep down that this doesn’t really work anymore but I know this works every single day I have online education revenue and I’ve made a lot of money here I realized ty do what your first mentor to share the system so how does it work you might be skeptical all tensed up all blah blah is this really gonna work I mean am I just blowing smoke up here no let me explain here’s the ten step system I’ve got it all right now so step one this is once you’re in the program so there’s a button below you click it’s quickly you get through enter your credit card it’s a 256-bit SSL encrypted page you enter your details your email address phone number we won’t spam you nothing like that we do not see your credit card number it’s safe and secure in fact it’s more secure than handing your card to a waitress or Starbucks cashier okay because we don’t see the card number as soon as you get in that what happens right after that okay is step one where do you want to get paid so you tell us do you want to get paid via PayPal you want us to mail you a check uh or do you want me to send it directly if you’re wire a CH to your bank account step number two you create your username and bio a little bio right little bit about yourself okay step three you upload a photo just a photo over yourself okay if you’re shy just fine what about you you like how you looking take 20 and pick the best one okay step number four we are then going to generate okay on my new cash flow website a page for you okay so be like cash flow comm slash if your name is you know Bob Smith slash Bob Smith okay so you actually you don’t have to build a website you don’t have to create funnels you don’t have to do Shopify you don’t have to do all that my software by the way I’ve spent well over five million dollars building my own software you can’t buy it anywhere it’s not WordPress is like it’s my proprietary software that runs all my businesses it’s a beast okay and I’ve got like 20 programmers full-time I’ve got a whole customer support team I this is all gonna be your team now okay as it our affiliate partnership meaning if you don’t have to worry about tech you don’t have to build any online education products you don’t have to have customers for it you don’t have to have sale you don’t have to have banking relationships with Visa and MasterCard to write to process credit card I’m gonna give you through our affiliate partnership just a page that has it so then step 5 step 4 we generate your link okay and you put that in your Instagram handle your Facebook your Twitter okay you know how you get a little place you put a little bio link step number five and this is the key I’m gonna start teaching you how to give away good free advice in training I’m gonna give you cut and paste things that I’ve written that I’ve seen help people that you can take you can say it line for line you can read it or you can post it as an art as an article on your Facebook feed as a tweet you can do this as a video on YouTube I’m gonna work with you I know about personal branding okay I have over 10 million social media followers over 3 million Instagram verified Instagram Twitter YouTube Facebook snapchat all those okay so not bragging but I’m saying I can train you I see people buying a book on how to be a social you know how to use social media to generate I’m like that author probably hasn’t even generated a million bucks okay I’ve used social media and generated a million dollars in an hour more than once made a million bucks in an hour I’ve never figured how to make a million dollars in a minute yet well I have with a business deal but not online okay so that’s step number five I’m gonna show you how to do a review I’m gonna give you cut and paste things to say okay number six when people click that link in your bio that I’ve generated it’s gonna take them to your page where I have the funnel all built for you you want the doing anything this is key I see everybody going on funnels I’m gonna build phones funnels are hard to build I built my first funnel remember I start as a young teenager i oh well the first people online in 2002 I had a funnel I got over 15 years experience building funnels you ain’t gonna learn that let my team build it for you you don’t have to do anything so when people click that link in your social media you can also email it to people you can use it on business cards it’s gonna give them a free download to an e-book of the 3 commandments of wealth even if they don’t buy something start helping the world people don’t know anything about finance so this ebook walks them through you know investing it walks it through multiple streams of income it’s some of the stuff I’ve talked about but it goes more in-depth okay and it begins to show them that what they really need and by the way after they download the book they can sign up for an online live replay seminar that I do online that I do so you have to do any selling you don’t have to do anything just when people go there from your social media from your friends or from your email list or from your Twitter they go my process brings them all through and even if they don’t buy anything we’re not forcing stuff throwing people’s throat if they don’t buy anything you can sleep good at night knowing you help people people need financial education number one cause of divorce financial problem no more thing that says people stress people though more anything it’s people don’t have enough money even sickness and health physical body things come down to do have money enough money to take care of yourself a living wage people don’t have so you we’re gonna be training them for free now as they watch read the e-book watch the webinar step 8 just let my automated system sell cutting-edge online training programs I have five core programs we have ten but five core ones we show people how to build a social media marketing agency we show people how to make money with e-commerce okay me and my business partner own mentor box.com its e-commerce we have Walmart’s of customer we have over 75 days thousand paid customers we teach people ecommerce skill you need to know richest man in the world Bill Gates acts our head Jeff Bezos is all e-commerce then the third thing we teach people is credit how to improve their credit so all these things are showing people how to improve their cash flow bill multiple streams ethical and the last thing we show people real estate the number one thing that’s created millionaires in the United States and most countries self-made millionaires is real estate now ecommerce has created more billionaires but we’re showing people and then we also have a program on how to sell on Amazon we have online education programs on how to open an e-commerce agency we have one on how to use Airbnb to rent properties out so with all these different cash flow ideas so you can sleep good at night knowing Wow people are getting trained in this for free and then we have more advanced ones that we charge money for any person who buys through my automated funnel on your page they’ll come we track them by the way so if they come to your page and join even if they don’t they lose your page you still get credited for the commissions I’m not gonna steal your commissions in any way so we track we have the most advanced tracking system it’s all track anything that person buys okay is tracked so then you get paid so oh I forgot one step without stepping step 9 after they get in the programs we also have a phone team that a phone coaching team that calls people helps them and for certain people we have even more advanced programs that make him purchase again we I’ve given away like I said to free people over 400 million views that’s probably one day hundred to 200 million people have just gotten free information never had to pay me learn things in fact there was a guy who just DM me three days ago saying ty thank you I’m making like fifty thousand dollars a month in e-commerce and social media and I said are you my programs he said no I just watched your free training so obviously we get a lot of testimonials from people who go through the paid advanced training but we also get a lot of people who just literally you know watch the free stuff so you can sleep good knowing you’re not forcing things down people’s throat we’re not super pushy but we have a phone Kochi team that helps people get started and they also can upgrade people on the phone so we got you covered online sales phone sales you’re not doing anything you are asleep remember I said you got to make money work for you not just work for money damage person works for money make money here’s how you know you’re making money work for you when at 3:00 in the morning when you’re asleep did money come into your bank account for me every single day for over ten years I’ve been making money work for me okay so our phone team will help step 10 you get paid we pay you a percentage of what people pay now this is what I want to do right now okay I’m gonna give you an opportunity to be a gold level partner with me okay you don’t have to be a gold level partner I’m just telling you now so be careful about missing this opportunity for example last week I gave this opportunity I just sent out one email one or two emails to my followers I said the very first people who get in here are gonna get a special thing and no one else will ever get it well I’m keeping my word no one ever is getting that deal again but this I knew I only wanted to do that a few people just to start the test group I’ve created a test group only people in this test group right now who click the link below are going to get the guarantee okay then if you don’t make 2,500 fall oh the ten step cut and paste okay and you don’t make $2,500 in commissions in the next 60 days I’ll give you all your money back if you want it if you want to know all this didn’t help me like look I didn’t make a penny I followed it nothing I’ll give you all your money back okay that’s only available to people at the gold we have Bronze Silver Gold level we have some higher ones but that’s not available to I know you a little better but Gold level partnership with me get you the guarantee get you attention and of course I’m gonna pay attention okay you’re gonna be in a face private Facebook group with me I’m gonna support you me and my team and of course my team will help – I have like 75 people on the team these are actually employees of mine and contractors that will be working with you to help you but the good news is like you don’t have to do that much it’s all set up I started building this like I said over a decade ago just for myself never before partner people so if you get in to the gold you’re going to get access you’ll see all the stuff you’re gonna get access to about the core of it you’re not only gonna get the guarantee but you’re gonna get double the Commission rates of people who come in at the Bronze level double okay I wanted to double it cuz I want to make sure you hit the $2,500 so I want you to think for a second what would your life be if you had another stream of income remember I said the first of the commandments of wealth is thou shalt have more than one stream of income ideally three maybe I’m one maybe of two now but that’s not three the average millionaire has three billionaires have like Warren Buffett up 90 I have at least 18 streams of income like definite diff sources of income one thing doesn’t work one month of other things kick in you have to have that do not put all your eggs in one basket and whatever you’re doing now even if you’re an entrepreneur why would you not want to catch the trend of the online education just googling Google the industry it’s over 100 billion dollars it dwarfed I mean I love the CBD industry but they’re projecting the CBD industry will be out 22 billion and people are having a freakout well that’s like in the next three years online education is already over a hundred billion it’s going to two hundred billion it’s ten times bigger and less kumkum less competition cuz it’s hard to do the only people playing in the online education space for the most part and doing it well is big institutions that have billion-dollar endowments like Harvard Yale is going online okay which the average person you and I can’t do that we can just start Harvard you got to get accredited they’ve been around since 117 Oh OS the second players are big players like I said like lynda.com who got acquired for a billion dollars you’re not gonna just start that okay but I’ve already done it so just duplicating and partnering with me about what I know sells every single day in fact while this video was going my online education was putting money in my bank account I want to do that for you too but I like I said I cannot pay attention to everybody who wants to do an affiliate partnership so if you come in the Bronze level you know you get half the Commission’s cuz I’m not gonna pay attention it’s not gonna be focused you’re not gonna have the guarantee this gold one now when you click the link below you’ll see the price people go well ty look it’s under a thousand bucks okay now I could have priced it much higher I could price today 10 grand five grand I’m putting a guarantee on it no but I like people spend 20 grand on college undergrad degree with no guarantee so I’m putting a guarantee I’m giving you a system that makes me money every single there is not an hour gone by in the last five years that online education has an money maybe there’s been one hour whatever there’s not a two hour stretch 24/7 you see my social media you see me traveling people one of the big questions I get is like ty what are you doing what do you do I see you’re just enjoying life well I followed the three commandments of wealth that I gleaned and learned from my mentors and one of them was what are they again thou shalt have multiple streams of income ideally three thou shalt was the second one testing your memory here what is it thou shalt I have by the way I don’t know if I should say shout or shall all right thou shalt invest i money wisely by investing early in new trends and number three now if I’ll make money work for you while you sleep by having the right connections if you didn’t have the connection you have to me it wouldn’t be getting this opportunity I mean that connections matter so I want to give you a direct connection to me as an affiliate partnership you’ll have your own business you’re not my employee like I said we’re like it’s like my business partner Alex like he’s not my employee one partnership and we’re not in a formal business partnership where we own a company 5050 together but an affiliate partnership is a real-deal thing by the way affiliate partnerships not anything weird if you think it’s scammy just remember you know uses affiliate partnerships the most Jeff Bezos amazon.com is all affiliate stores or not all Amazon owns some stores and they allow affiliate stores and nobody would call you it and call that a scam right but there’s a richest man in the world and the first or second largest company in the world amazon has affiliate partnerships and it made Jeff Bezos the richest person the world as he allowed other people to make money from his system that he built Amazon because he could have just built Amazon just he has all the stores all the products is him but he he made a big decision if you can read about it where he actually gave people the ability to sell on Amazon I think like 10 million people or something I need to plug this phone in have affiliate partnerships with Jeff Bezos so it’s also um so don’t think this is anything weird when I say affiliate partnerships it’s not scammy it’s been used for since the beginning of the Internet okay so learn how to sell online without having to build a website without having a sales team but I want to set up a like complicated thing and all the things that going in business without having to take a risk of trying to sell a product that it’s not proven to sell my product my education barber are are definitely proven I want to get some people to 25 grand a month or more not everybody will get to that level but I said next 60 days if you don’t make twenty five hundred dollars I’ll give you all your money back that’s what colleges should do by the way if they believe in what they’re doing they should stand behind you I stand behind what I’m presenting you to you today so click the link below I think that’s what I’ve said what I need to say oh let’s talk about the price so you might say tie okay well you know how come it’s not twenty bucks well I don’t want $20 partnerships with people I know one of the things that I’ve learned in any type of partnership business and financially related everybody has to have skin in the game around a little pro tip here forget what we’re talking about today if you ever start a business and you put money into that business and somebody wants to partner with you and you say hey put some money in and they say no run for your life they’re not committed they’re not that’s not fair you put money and you put time sweat tears you want to be a partner you put it into I put money blood sweat tears years of my life into building products that help people there are high quality that have helped millions um and so if you want to partner with me I want to partner with people or okay with putting a little bit of skin in the game now I’m not asking you to put in like I said I’ve invested over fifty million dollars of money and reinvested profits are reinvested revenue back into the business I’m not expecting you to put in 50 million dollars I still own the business it’s not it’s but affiliate partnership if somebody’s not willing to look somebody not win I should just do $1,000 even because I read that the average community college in Los Angeles one quarter is $1,000 $1,000 what are you gonna get out of Community College people say oh well then you can use Community College to get into University that’s very circular logic let me take a subpar class from a professor who’s probably not the best because no offense to Community College professors but people paying a thousand bucks for that why should you charge a 5,000 because when it comes to actually generating money I know how to do it online and I’m giving you the chance and I’m giving you my software giving you a page on there giving you affiliate tracking links giving you all the customer support done everything all you’re doing is using your social media and your influence maybe you’re not you know a big social media influence maybe you have a hundred followers or a thousand or five thousand or maybe you’re friends with somebody who can you know kind of work you can work with them you could turn that into an alternate source of income and I think that after me talking for this long whatever if this doesn’t make sense to you that’s fine not this is not for everybody I’m not pushy like that honestly I’ve learned it’s kind of like going on a date with somebody if I go on a date with somebody when it comes to the second date if you really have to push on them that hard to do a second date they’re not the one you know you go you go on a first date you talk for 20 30 40 minutes you present who you are as a person and the people who resonate with you that’s the ones you should have a second date with that’s the one you build long-term life you marry maybe you you know that that’s how that works I spent what 40 minutes with you this is kind of like of an introduction not a date but you know what I’m saying and if this resonates with you then do it and if it doesn’t it’s like Yoda says do or do not there is no try so if you want to think about this procrastinate I can almost guarantee you by the time you come back this opportunity will be gone I’m not gonna do the gold level affiliates with everybody forever I’m just not at this price level so this is your chance to get in early click the link below the way it’ll work you go through the page enter your credit card info you go you’ll immediately will start setting up your page we’ll send you something if we need some information from your just real simple we need what you want on your bio and a picture from you and then we’re gonna generate that link for you and we’re gonna get you started with the guide remember all you’re doing is helping people with online education around their finances that’s it and you’re doing it for free and we use a model called freemium it’s exactly um like what YouTube does or what many businesses do like YouTube you can use YouTube and so people use YouTube red and they upgrade for ten dollars you see this on dating websites they give the product away for free like tinder you know you can use tinder for free but if you want to be like a more premium member you pay some money and tinder is now generating billions of dollars in revenue it’s the same with my business model we help people we give them free education free downloads free online seminars and then those who are really engaged by the more advanced and step by step training so worst case scenario by the way you’re just hoping a lot of people with stuff they should know people should know about credit people should know about real estate investment people should know about social media people should know about e-commerce people should know about how to sell on Amazon people should know about how to use Airbnb to generate revenue so the training or giving them is very high quality I didn’t tell you that by the way I don’t teach all these programs my online education I’m fortunate enough that a lot of interesting people follow me and they come and they fly in and they train I train in the online education but we’ve recorded hundreds of hours of training taught not by college professors but actual entrepreneurs who have made millions dollars and so we’re passing that that paying it forward you could say in these programs so you will become an affiliate partner spreading that message spreading a message that’s not putting people in 1.2 trillion dollar of cause debt nobody’s gonna get into you know 80 grand of college debt like my brother did for a Spanish degree we have programs that people can buy starting from as low as seven dollars all the way up so we have something for anybody that you send to your page okay and we’re gonna help you you’re gonna have questions once you get inside the program we have training for you it’s all gonna make sense but just remember this cut and paste formula really the Zack same formula I’ve spent over fifty million dollars refining down I’m handing it to you at the gold level and I’m paying you twice double the Commission rate and that’s a key thing double the Commission rate of those people at the bronze level and I don’t even have the bronze level open right now but you get double the Commission rate as a gold level compared to bronze and you get the guarantee and for a lot of you this is your first foray into something like this I wanted to have the guarantee so you know that you can’t lose the guarantees back by Visa or MasterCard I can’t if you want a refund work on a refund show if it doesn’t work for you why would I want to as a partner I’ll refund I once had a business partner put 150 grand into a new business we were gonna do we never launched it and then he got cold feet and said I want my money back and I went under 50 grand that’s a lot of money I gotta give him back I don’t work for like a year but then I said ty you don’t want to partner with somebody who heart not anything so I gave them all 150 thousand dollars back so this is not costing you a hundred fifty thousand it’s not costing you 80 grand like my cross fire my brother this is not cause costing you ten grand for under a grant less than the cost of community college degree for some of you that’s too expensive that’s I I it’s a not for everybody but this comes out to like four bucks a day if you don’t think we can create a partnership where your Commission’s your split is three dollars a day then you shouldn’t go into this I believe and I’m putting my money where my mouth is with a 100% money back guarantee so if I can’t do it it doesn’t work for you you got all the information for free and you got the money refunded back to you so click the link below get in the program become get in the cash flow affiliate partnership with me you want to partner with me on partner or Tai Lopez sounds we’re at the table third person this is your chance people by the way I’ve asked me this for years I decided I’m gonna open it up build a test group just like it did for social media marketing in 2016 people get in that initial test group always do the best because what’s the second commandment of wealth that’s how I invest my money in new opportunities early new trends early not being the last to the Train so yeah click the link below I will see you inside the program I’ll begin to train you up again to partner with you you’ll be added to the Facebook group I’ll be in there I want you to succeed in fact let me just say this last thing this is the real reason why you want to do a partnership with me Phillip Archer I only get paid when you get paid I want to pay you via PayPal check wire ACH I want to do you know why every time I’m splitting the money with you you’re you’re bringing in customers that I don’t know I’m so aligned with your best interests there’s no reason for me to screw you over like every time I’m giving you a check I made money too it’s beautiful it’s just like what I did with Joel Salatin my first mentor in 19 and 20 years old build a business he was happy to write me a check for $12,000 because that means he had made more okay so you know he had made all the money back he was had but he was like oh I wish I mean he wished and I wish I hope that somebody watching this maybe you I have to write $100,000 Commission check because that means you made me that much or more like it’s the ultimate win-win situation whenever you can make money win-win situations do it really that’s my advice by the way also just like in the office if you ever watched the comedy show the office Kevin says Kevin Malone one of the characters goes if anybody ever offers you 10,000 to one on anything you take it he said if John Mellencamp wins an Oscar I’m gonna be a very rich man and what he meant by that is it if the deal is a good deal and you can’t really lose or you hardly lose anything do the deal because of the upside potential and this one the worst thing you lose is the next 60 days you get all the training you get the opportunity you like get the whole thing and it doesn’t work for you and I give you the money back you’re not even out a thousand bucks name another business you can start just name anything you could start for a thousand bucks you could walk somebody’s dog okay yeah but you still probably should have a website mmm how you gonna accept you if you want to accept credit cards you got to set up a merchant account mmm that takes you okay you gotta have an LLC to do it you have to oh I beat it’s gonna cost you money and that’s you just starting on your own no one to encourage you no one to train you most businesses cost if you do the real money you’re gonna put it 10 to $100,000 in to build your own business this is an opportunity to get in for under $1,000 and it’s you know obviously this is not like launching a restaurant which might cost you 50 grand that’s a little different I’m not it’s a little bit apples to oranges but the general principle what I’m saying is you can get in and try to make money online online digital products and you can do it in in a way that’s very low risk for you by the way something interesting and keep in mind one of the this works so well is that with online if you do by the way this is not MLM or network marketing or this is not a lot of the stuff that people might think um the problem with so I I think everybody should sell physical products but one cool thing about online education products what you’re getting access to now to be affiliate partner with me is that like there is no cost to deliver it so there’s more Commission’s that I can pay out there’s good profit margins which I can split with you if I own like a restaurant and I and you were bringing in customers who bought $50 worth of food I couldn’t split that 50-50 with you you get 25 I get 25 cuz there was the cost of food is expensive for a restaurant the cost of $50 meal might be with food alcohol and labor might be you know 30 or 40 bucks they operate on relatively thin margins so they could only split like ten dollars with you 5050 here’s five bucks there’s five blocks like or whatever the split would be 70/30 like it’s not much to split with online education the beautiful things we’re helping the world it’s a win-win situation people get free information they upgrade they’re gonna buy it anyway by the way they’re going to lynda.com they’re going to Harvard or whatever they’re about to spend the money and might as well do with you but your affiliate link that I’m gonna set you up on our website on our cashflow comm website and and and there’s enough profit margins that you can make actual money you’re not gonna get like I’ve seen people do affiliate partnerships and they make like six dollars well that’s great it is better to make six dollars online automatically than zero but I mean it’s that move the needle I want to show you things that you can present the people that can make you get you a check that’s larger than six dollars that could start actually making a difference in your life and that’s important and even though people see my lifestyle don’t think I’m that far removed from being a broke kid broke a dull living on a mobile home sleeping on a couch I grew up my teenage years my and my teenage years I lived in a mobile home still there in Clayton North Carolina I remember what it’s like I remember seeing and being presented opportunities and taking some of them and not taking some of and regretting it I regret as the saying goes in general you regret the things you didn’t do they asked Warren Buffett what he regrets and he says in general you don’t regret what you do you don’t regret jumping on an opportunity because worst case you just learn from it but you do regret the what-ifs what if I had listened so think about that right now what if you had listened to me what if what I’m saying is actually true what I’m saying this actually works no matter if you’re male or female no matter if you live in the United States or another country Europe Asia Africa you know Canada South America Australia what if it didn’t matter if you were 18 years old if you were 80 years old if this trend of online education is booming so much that it levels it out and it doesn’t care who makes money from it just like Amazon anyone can sell on Amazon anyone can sell online education because I’ve got the phones it’s me selling for you you don’t even have to be a salesperson we’ll do it so think long and hard before you don’t take this opportunity you may regret it really and I’m not saying that to try to shame you or guilt you because if you really don’t resonate with this you should not do it I again I don’t want any partners that are optimistic about this but if you’re on the fence and you’re just a little bit scared um let me answer just a few frequently asked questions by people who have a lot of anxiety and fear about new things number one always consider the opportunity cost so what’s the cost of not doing this so there’s a cost to become a gold level affiliate partner with me and get the advanced training and extra attention and the guarantee well what’s the cost of stop shopping watch this video and walking away and doing whatever you were doing well like on sunset the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results you’ll probably end up in the same financial situation that you woke up in this morning there is no change without a change in routine that’s what Joel Salatin told me when I was 19 years old there is no change without a change of routine a lot of people go to I don’t like my finally I don’t like my bank account like while you change your routine you change what you’re doing no I just I’m waiting for it to happen it ain’t gonna happen it ain’t gonna happen like that I believe in the law of attraction in a certain sense youth what you think about you attract I agree what you are you attract but I also believe the law of attraction what’s the last word in attraction action you must attract an act okay you’ve attracted this video into your life something’s going on in your life you stumbled upon this you got an email you’re here attract but now you gotta take micro step micro action this is a small action it’s a safe action I want you to feel good about it I’m excited about this I think that’s the main frequently honest question I need it to answer and I appreciate you taking an hour of your time to watch this those are your action takers this is your cue click the link below get in the program for those of you who are more practical they need analysis you may want to re-watch this video I laid it out very carefully and very logically the case for those of you who are very social and you like the idea of being out helping this is your chance connect with people you know for those of you who are very emotional and maybe have anxiety as I spoke about don’t just think about what can go wrong think about what goes wrong when you don’t take a step of faith you gotta consider that too so click the link below I will see some of you on the inside of the training area getting started in the next five minutes so change your life there’s no change without a change of routine I believe everything happened for the reason for ease I believe you stumbled upon and made time for the video for a reason and the reason is when the student is ready the teacher will appear when someone is ready the opportunity appears it always happened for me financially when I was ready when the mind was ready that work begins to manifest and I don’t mean that in a super you know far out new agey kind of way what I do believe is that like I said I have chosen to believe that things happen for a reason not everything’s random there are all random things in life but there’s a thread to it that draws things together and I’ve know that the most important days of my life would have been when I stumbled across a video a book or a person who said something to me that caused me to take a little shift I was going that way I was almost on the right track but I needed a little shift this way this programmed this video I believe is that little shift who might need and you’d be surprised what a little shift does it changes your trajectory your future why not just feet but miles you know and hundreds of miles so I hope this will take you to a place that you never thought you would go this will be the beginning the catalyst of a new financial life one where you’re following carefully the three commandments of wealth where you have multiple streams of income where you’re catching you’re investing your money into new trends where you were making money work for you by having the right connections okay so thanks so much click the link I’m excited to partner to be an affiliate partner with the the those of you who join and take advantage and jump into the test group early this is early you’re watching this now this video still up I’m gonna take it down when I don’t think this is gonna work anymore and it will get saturated so you snooze you lose

Grow Your Dough Check-in (you won’t believe how much money I made!)

so what happens when I take one thousand dollars and invest it into nine different investment strategies we’re gonna find out how that works how much money I’ve made and who the surprise winner is right now what’s going on y’all welcome back to wealth hacker TV the channel dedicated to teaching you new ways to grow wealth that does not talk to you in schools or by your parents I’m your gracious host Jeff rose and today we’re doing a recap of the grow your dough challenge and for those that have been asking my apologies I know it’s been a long time it’s been too long and I could give you so many different excuses of why it’s taking me so long but we’ll get into that another day but today let’s talk about the numbers but before we get to the numbers let’s first for those who don’t remember maybe this is first time watching this so at the beginning of this year I took $1,000 and I put it into nine different investment strategies now just to get more clear that wasn’t 1,000 divided by nine if that was $1,000 into this strategy and $1,000 into this strategy and $1,000 into this other strategy so overall was about $9,000 as I spread out through these different investment platforms some online investing apps we’ve got fun rise in their online of real estate we’ve got Lending Club we have me try to do like a side hustle and then this other one that I did that actually is the surprise winner which we’ll find out at the end of this video if you watch all the way through all right so now that’s what I did so the whole point of this was to show you that how easy it is to invest that if you haven’t invested yet for those that give me all these excuses of why you haven’t invested I’m showing you how you can go out and open an investment account online and start investing immediately any excuses you give me right now is not good enough because your people tell me they can’t do one investment account and I just did nine different ones like you see the issue here all right okay so we can I’ve talked enough about that in other videos you can watch all those but today we’re gonna look at some of the numbers so right we’re gonna dive into my computer and show you how things were looking who’s making the most money and you’re gonna be surprised the one maybe you won’t be surprised but you’ll see who the clear winner is at the end of this video so make sure you’ll watch it to the end and if it get to the end or if you want to do it right now you can go ahead and press that like button mmm mmm mmm mmm like it all right okay let’s take a look those numbers right now all right let’s go ahead and dive into this grow your dough recap we are halfway through a little bit more halfway through this grow your dough challenge now for tracking purposes I wanted to take advantage of personal capital personal capital is by far my my favorite most favorite online tool because it’s free and it is one of the only tools out there that will track not just like your spending I mean that’s what tools like mentor 4 but like what I love about personal capital is that it will sync and aggregate all your different investment accounts all into one place and show you exactly what you have and it will track performance and everything you need to know and everything a lot of things you for I don’t really care about but a lot of the stuff that you don’t know unless you utilize a tool like this as a former find 4 planner I just I love this tool it’s free if there’s one headache about the tool is that if you do have I think a net worth of over a hundred thousand dollars you will get a phone call from one of their advisers wanting to work with him because I do offer some investment platforms that you can choose from but if you don’t mind like the occasional quarterly call every once in a while then this is a great tool to take advantage of if you’re interested be sure to check out the link in the description so you can open up your free personal capital account so what I did here was I set up a personal capital account just for this grow your dough throwdown now I had this set up that’s linked up all my other investment accounts but I want to create something separate for this grow your dough challenge and that’s what you’re seeing here now if there’s personal capital for the most part will sync all the different Besant platforms that are out there there is one that it did not work with which I’ll share here more in a second but first let’s go ahead and go down this this grow your dough challenge like how are we doing so the first account we could take a look at is with e trade so the e trade strategy so each race strategy was looking at more dividend paying stocks you can see that I’ve got Verizon here Altria Group Occidental BP Amoco and right now we’re down we’re down start off with thousand dollars it’s currently worth nine hundred twenty eight dollars and thirteen cents so yes we’ve been getting dividends but unfortunately some of the stocks have dropped in value so that is how that strategy is going so far I think let’s see if I can show you a little bit more you can see like the income here you can see there was a dividend here in April had another dividend here in May lastly for the last 90 days let’s look at this year so this year we’ve collected three dividends this is all the time just trying to show you a little bit with personal capital what you can see here is the actual holdings as I mentioned oxy Occidental Petroleum Corporation BP Altria Group Philip Morris there and then Verizon so those are the holdings there and we’re kind of down across the board so that’s the e trade balance now I could actually log in each of these accounts to show you there but I thought it’d just be easier to show you all here in one spot alright I know many of you have been asking about fund rise so here is how fun rice has been doing invested thousand dollars beginning the year income wise we had a dividend back in April I think there was another one this year no just in April so that was $13.38 with that I think we had some price appreciation so total return there we’ve 1019 dollars and 66 cents so that is the percentage there and now we compare that to Lending Club I had another video where I talked about Lending Club compared that to fund rise and kind of tracking that so here’s how Lending Club has been doing once again started with $1,000 just like everything else this one is current the more than fundrise 1038 dollars in 73 cents now if anything with this right now we haven’t had any chargebacks on any of the loans or any default so that has affected some of the return here I would expect this to be more in line with fund rise as this challenge continues but either way you can see how that is doing here so that is the Lending Club return what about m1 finance so with m1 finance right now here are the holdings so this one I went more tech I think I bought the he called the the big four had Amazon Google Apple Facebook and then Netflix I guess it’s the big five whatever so with this so this actually is done better than the dividend paying portfolio so and when Finance we started with a thousand we’re up to one thousand two hundred and forty-seven dollars and that that’s what’s going on there so it looks like the Big Five have been pulling their weight here so as of right now the this is the winner and if you kind of shoot down you can see that this is the winner so far there is one other one that we’ll take a look here at the end all right so with Robin Hood so with Robin Hood strategy there was I went more speculative one of the options I bought was GoPro and that’s just because the hero 7 just came out which is right here so I’m big fan of the hero 7 I got one for my youngest son he’s been making some YouTube videos so I was part of the reason there and then I did buy a marijuana stock in crong crong crong this group I’m sure I’m pronouncing that right either way you can see how this is one’s doing we are positive current balances one thousand twenty seven dollars and fifty eight cents so that is a return there here is stockpile so for those that missed it I did a video with my two older sons and I’m actually gonna skip over to their account so you can see so I’ve actually logged into stock pile here the reason being is because I set up two separate accounts one for my oldest son Parker and one for my middle son Bentley so this was kinda this was basically was a duel between the two they picked their own stocks I gave him the thousand dollars and then we just bought try to break up the shares as evenly as I could so Parker right now he is uh yeah he’s not doing too good so we put $1,000 in he’s down a hundred dollars and I’m not really sure I think it’s Facebook is the one that has hurt him the most we’ll take a look at in no time but yeah so right now this is where he’s at he’s down pretty big there and as far as Bentley goes so he start with a thousand he’s up to one thousand forty seven and eighty cents and I’ll take a look at which one’s actually winning for him but they actually don’t know this yet so I ought to show this they’ve been asking me I just completely forgot to show them so right now little brother is beating big brother so that is stock pile so stock pile once again they’re the investment count they you can buy we call like gift cards for stocks really good for if you’re trying to teach kids how to invest that’s what I like about stock pile all right so a TD Ameritrade and if I’d be an awesome number but my strategy was here I think I just bought some blue chips some bigger stocks I really don’t remember but either way we have GE General Electric a Berkshire Hathaway some love for Warren Buffett and then AT&T and this one here we’re up one thousand thirty one dollars and 59 cents so that is the the total there now the last one here I have manually added this so you can if you can’t sync up an account or if you have like an asset that you like there is no way to track it you know through an online account you can actually do a manual manual entry so that’s what I did here and what I did was I guess it doesn’t show your chart but basically this is for stock X and I’m going to show you my Google spreadsheet here so if you miss this you know I’m I am a sneakerhead that is I’ve always been a sneakerhead just never I guess had the money or has a desire to buy a bunch of sneakers now that I’m past age of 40 I’m like just buying all these sneakers my wife is tolerating it she’s likes it she I think she has more Jordans than I do that’s a true fact so here so this whole strategy for the most part has just been trying to buy sneakers via the Nike sneakers app and with this I mean there’s been a whole lot harder than I had hoped there have been so many different shoes that I was waiting in line for you know I’ve got a Nike account my wife has a Nike count and we have been there trying to buy right when the shoes drop and we have missed so many big ones so many big ones these are the ones that I’ve been able to buy and the most recent one was the Jordan 4 is the Drake Edition I thought I had something here yeah so it was these I bought these so these came out because right now it’s recording we’ve got the NBA Finals going on and the Raptors were in it so they release these I bought these and then I made a mistake of I saw them too soon I had them on there almost like a sell order a good to cancel order just like a stock and I had a sale price of 245 and I should have just taken the order off because right after game 3 ended and the the Raptors won you can actually see right here this spike right there got up to over $300 and I could have made a lot more instead I think I actually lost money but overall I bought one too only five pair of shoes and total profit is $115 so percentage-wise I’m basing this off a thousand dollar investment and just gonna basically at the end of the year see when I’m up total eleven point five one percent so that is I mean once again up 11% and all I’m doing is buying shoes and just selling them all in stock X and that’s what’s going on there and that’s what I added there so for the most part here’s all the ones I’ve added now as I mentioned the beginning of this portion of the screen recording there was one that I couldn’t sync up and this is the one that I’m call it embarrassing or just whatever if you’ve watched any of my youtube videos before you’ve heard me talk about about crypto cryptocurrency Bitcoin all the good stuff but I figure you know what I can’t do a grow your dough challenge without including Bitcoin so I had a coin base account and put a thousand dollars in and then I let’s see if I can show you I split it up between all the different crypto currencies that they offered at the time so I bought some theoria my bought some Bitcoin cash I bought some light coin and then also bought some Bitcoin as well so with that you can see who the current winner is in this grow your dough challenge so far is crypto thousand dollars in and right now total portfolio value is three thousand twenty seven dollars and ninety seven cents so yes crypto nice winning bitcoins had a resurgence here in the last gosh by the last three to six months I believe I mean you can see oh no that’s the last 24 hours let me well for those that you don’t maybe you don’t know let me show you what it looks like so here’s the one year let’s see I think I got in about right here and being in January when the Crypt or excuse me Bitcoin was around 3500 and now it’s been it’s hit up 8,000 think 8600 dropped a little bit here now so back down to about 7600 time it’s recording and yeah I mean it remains to be seen you know I for me I I the whole Bitcoin thing was it my totally gets it no it was just the people that were just pouring money into it thinking that this was going to make them the next Warren Buffett you know when everybody saying bitcoins going to a hundred thousand and you know we went from looks like a high here 16,000 down to three thousand so the people that bought it here are the ones that are crap now if you bought it back here yeah you’re still sitting pretty I’m an into you if you wrote it all the way down like you’re still doing good that’s totally fine but anyway so that is what’s going on with the grow your dough throwdown so yeah so what do you think how is it going so far anything else you want to see with this challenge I’ll do another update a lot sooner than this one I just showing you how how things are going I’ve obviously want to do more with the stock X because I just like buying shoes I’ve got actually a box over here with some Nikes I just got have to open it up and get those shipped off but this is it man this is grow your dough throw down just showing you how you can invest different platforms take advantage of different things and you can grow your dough and the cool thing about all this except running to the UPS Store and dropping off the shoes like you can do all of this without even having to leave your bedroom or having to leave your home office your living room log this is all online and that just shows you how you can hack your wealth with so much ease technology is a beautiful thing arto until next time reminding you that is your money it’s your life and only you can make it also so get out there and grow [Music]

12 Best Side Hustle Ideas To Make Money In 2019 (That Pay Well)

what’s going on guys in today’s video I’m gonna show you some side hustles that you can do right now to make some money on the side so you might be in school you might have a job you just want to make a little bit of money on the side or even a good amount of money on the side so you can pay for bills or buy yourself something nice now some of these I’m actually doing myself right now and I’ve done a lot of these in the past and I’m not gonna be showing you those spammy apps where you have to go and do surveys and stuff like that I’m gonna be showing you real ways you can make money on the side so you can pay as some extra bills or save some money to buy yourself something nice or whatever you want to do with that money now if you’re new here guys make sure you drop a like on this video subscribe tip that notification box you know my next video comes out and we’re gonna jump straight into this one today guys and number one is really cool it’s kind of it’s probably one of my favorites out of this entire list and that is something called I maybe get it get it up right here this is something called Amazon flex and what amazon flicks is first of all they pay you between 18 to $25 per hour which is a really good wage if you think about it that’s that’s above minimum wage and you are essentially a delivery man so Amazon you go on the application and they deliveries come up and you can put in your own schedule and you it’s like an uber for but for delivery for Amazon so you go pick up the box and you go and take it to the person there they purchase that product and you get paid a fee or an hourly rate for doing that job now the reason I like this is because it’s easy if you go to like uber if you go to but you have to interact with people in a car and stuff like that but something like Amazon flicks you just pick something up you drop it off easy done deal you get paid your hourly rate or however you get paid and it’s really good and you just simply just go to Amazon or flex amazon.com you sign up and you can go and put in your hours and you can start earning a site income from doing this so if you’re maybe on your way to work on you at a school on your way home you can pick up a package and drop it off and you’ll get paid to do that so number one guys this isn’t in any specific order but number one probably one of my favorites is going to be Amazon flex because it’s really easy for anybody to do now number two is also a favorite of mine and people are making a roundabout well here in New Zealand around about a hundred dollars per day doing this which is extreme good to see you looking like like if you did the seven days a week you you’ll be making like seven hundred bucks a week but you could easily make three four hundred dollars a week two hundred dollars a week by going out and charging scooters lime scooters bird screws and stuff like that you simply go and sign up on the application as a charger and you go and pick up these scooters and you charge them overnight and then you drop them back to this designated locations the next day so people can go and use the scooters this is once again a great our way to make a side hustle because you don’t really interact with anyone you just go and pick up the scooters you take them home you charge them you take them back and that’s it and you get paid and people are making up – or round about a hundred dollars per day doing this so essentially it can be a side income or K actually be a full-time job if you wanted to go and put the effort in and make this a full-time job however I do know that to make the hundred dollars a day plus you do need to be charging a lot of scooters overnight so you’ll need a truck or a ute or something that you can use to pick up a lot of scooters and bulk or a trailer so if you do want to make good money over $100 a day doing this trading scooters you will have to think big but but you can’t go and make a little bit of money maybe 50 bucks a day 30 40 bucks a day charging a few schooners overnight now number three guides is also a great way to make a side income and I actually pay someone to do this for me so if you go into your local Facebook groups in your area there’ll be people advertising their businesses and one that I see all the time is car washing so not so long ago it will actually once every couple of weeks they get this guy to come and wash my car I pay him around about $200 200 hours because I have multiple cars and also have an exotic car so he has to be careful that one it’s cost a little bit extra but I found him in a Facebook group guys and all he does I said to him how do you get most of your business and he said all I do is post in facebook groups telling people I can wash their cars so you can you don’t have to have really much skills to wash your car it’s very easy and you can just go and get your bucket your sponge and all that sort of stuff there’s water at their house and you can go put up advertisements on Facebook groups offering to wash people’s cars and I’ve seen multiple people do this inside Facebook groups and I’ve paid a pay my guy around about $200 for two hours of work I don’t know how much of this he does every good day but it’s definitely a good side hustle if you want to do it on the weekends or after work or after school or something like that you can simply go and watch people’s cars now typically we right where I am you’re looking at around about $80 per car to wash your car and you can usually do one car within an hour to wash cleaner inside and stuff like that so that’s myth number three guys is to go out and start a car washing side hustle or lawn mowing or anything like that but use Facebook groups to go and get your clients now number four guys is probably one of my favorites as well and this is called garage sale flipping so essentially a guy called Gary Vee talks about this quite a lot he’s quite popular essentially you go to garage sales you find something for cheap when you’re trying to go she ate a deal and you flip it on eBay and stuff like that for profit now this over the last couple of years has become a very lucrative business model people have gone from doing a side hustle with this to making businesses there worth millions or even six figures per month people literally go out and buy so much stuff in garage sales and they put it on eBay and stuff like that for a big markup and they make a full-time living out of this so you can do garage sale flipping you can make I do a full-time income if you like or a side hustle but of course I would depend on the area you live in because it might not be a lot of garage sales and stuff like that but number four guys is going to be garage sale flipping this is really easy to do guys you don’t need much money for this apart for them to buy the products but you’re gonna get that money back and a little bit of gas money to drive around to the garage sales to go and pick up the items number five I’m doing right now and that is called drop shipping drop shipping is something will you sell a product that you don’t have yet online and then once someone makes a purchase you go to your supplier you pay your supplier and they ship out the product now the reason I put drop shipping into a side hustle guys is because you can you know I have students inside my training who are making $100 a day and some that are making I don’t know ten twenty thirty thousand dollars a day so drop shipping can be a side hustle or it can be a full-time income depending on how much work you want to put in it’s dependent on your of course so but you can definitely make a hundred dollars a day 50 bucks a day even thirty dollars a day you can make some good money I know someone right now making $2,000 per month doing drop shipping and just as a side hustle on top of their job so drops is definitely up there with some of the best side hustles in the game right now or you can actually do it as a full-time living now if you don’t want to do dropshipping guys number six is renting out your car on a website called Toro comm now this is an American website I assume I’m not sure we don’t have this in my country but you can go out and you can actually rent your car when you’re not using it so I have multiple cars that I don’t use if I wanted to I could go and rent them out I’m not sure how much you make per day but you can go and rent these out oh there you go $44 per day 56 dollars per day $44 per day obviously this website would take a cut of those profits but you can go and reach your car’s out and make a few hundred dollars per week if you’re not using your cash so for example if you go to work and you take public transport and you leave your car at home and maybe you drive your car once a week or something you can rent it out for those days that you’re not using your car so there will be number six guys and it’s a great way to just get some extra cash on the side if you’re not using your car and you want to go and rent it out to people and there’s this probably isn’t the only website goes there’s probably other applications and websites you can use to go and rent out your car now number seven is one of my favorites because I hire people to do this for me all the time and that is called chat bot support so with the you know Internet’s really booming right now there’s lots of software’s coming out there’s lots of people dropping courses there’s really a lot of people selling stuff online well we need support teams so we hire people to sit online and reply to people on our chat BOTS and do support now I pay my guys around about fifteen to eighteen dollars per hour some of them are a little bit more depending if they’re a manager or not but you can go out there guys and you can earn I think at least fifteen dollars or more per hour being a chatbox support person and it’s simple you don’t you don’t really need any skills like what my guys do is they just reply to general questions and then if the questions are too hard they forward those questions on to my manager and he takes care of the rest or even to me and I take care of the risk so a chatbot support us is someone that is essentially a middleman helping people with general questions then the harder questions get forwarded up the up the letter and we sort it out so that’s a great side hustle guys for someone that you know it likes to type you just type in answer questions so that’s a chatbox support you can go online and just type checkbox’ support and there are hundreds of jobs you can apply for to be a chatbot support put a person or customer support whatever you want to call it for websites companies software companies and all that sort of stuff so that’s a great start hustle if you have zero money in the morning on start making some money online number eight is very common now this is uber eats I’m not going to include uber itself because ruber itself you have to actually interact with a lot of people people sit in your car and I love it I know that a lot of people might be socially awkward like I am and you might not want to sit with people all day long so we’re gonna add an uber each because this is simple you go and pick up food you put that food in your car you drop it up to somebody and the human interaction is very minimal so it’s great for anybody even if you’re an introvert and stuff like that so uber eats is good because once again you can do this in your spare time when you’re driving around driving a work driving home driving to school and stuff like that so I think OVH has better than ruber itself because you know you there’s not so much interaction and with uber itself there’s so many chicks you have to grow through with uber eat so it’s a little bit different there’s not as many chicks you have to go through to get a job with uber eats so I recommend uber eats and actually on the news yesterday I was watching a thing how uber eats is just blowing up right now and more and more people ordering food to their house so the work is never going to slow down and you’re always going to have work and you can do it whenever you want you’re on your own time schedule other side hustle that I find very fascinating I didn’t actually know you could do this I was just kind of came up and I was researching topics on this video is to rent out a car park space so this is a website called curb dot works this is in my country I’m not sure if it’s worldwide but I assume that most countries would have this application or website and you can rent out car park spaces so if you live close to town or close to like a stadium or close to anything that requires a lot of car parking you can rent out your driveway you know if you have some a lawn at your house you can rent out the lawn and people can come and park on your property and you get paid for doing there so this is great for events I remember when I was younger I used to go and watch cricket and at the stadium and everyone would have signs out ten dollar parking on my lawn ten dollar parking on my driveway well now you can do it with an application and it’s it’s so easy like you don’t you don’t even have to do anything you just say you just go and list yourself on there as a person with the car park and someone can come and rent a car park off you you it’s not like rinsing out a car where you have to give someone your car you’re just giving someone a bit of space so that’s a great way guys to go out and make some money on the side without having to give anything up like a car or your time it’s literally just free money or the only time you need is to actually go and log on to the site sign up and do all that stuff but once that’s all done you just use the application on the website whatever one you’re using to go and rent out space at your property that’s a great side hustle if you live near somewhere that requires a lot of parking and maybe there’s a lot of expensive parking around no guys number ten I also pay a lot of people to do this for me as well and this is writing for people so you can go to a website called aia writer calm and you can write content for people all the time and there’s always content to be written so go and sign up as a writer and then literally every single date is go and check and they’ll be people asking for content for you to write you don’t need to be that great at writing because a lot of the times the people buying it will just edit it anyway but you can sign up to the site guys I write so calm and you can go and write content for people now anyone can write anyone can use a computer or laptop it’s really easy to do and they they will send you the topic how many words they want and you can just go and research the topic that would take long you can start writing the content and then you can say hey the job’s done and they will pay you and you will get paid to write content once again this is a really easy thing to do for a side hustle there’s no upfront money there’s no upfront products that you need to like car that you need to rent out or anything all you need is time so you’re just getting paid for your time you’re not putting in any of your own money or capital to get this side hustle started so writing for someone is an extremely good way to make some side income now number 11 guys is called rent a friend now I wasn’t sure if I was going to add this one in but essentially what you can do is you can go out and hang out with people so there might be someone that’s new to you your city they’ve come for a holiday maybe they’re tourists maybe they want to know where the best restaurants and hang out with somebody well you can go and rinse yourself out as a companion or someone to hang out with these people and show them around your town and stuff like that and once again it’s just a time thing you’re only getting paid for your time so if you’re a social bunny you like to interact with people we like to hang out with people go out and have a good time and you like to meet new people this would be a great way for you to go out and interact with people and get paid to do it at the same time so rent a friend is a pretty good way of making some money on the side there’s probably multiple web sites you can go out and make money doing them now number 12 is called domain flipping this is something that I do as well essentially what I do guys is I go and find expired domain names that have good catchy brandable Dannette our names and I go and resell them online for a profit so you can go to a website called just dropped com every single date they list domain so you can buy you can usually buy them around about $69 all the way up to $200 depending on how good they are and some of them you can sell for two thousand three thousand I’ve even sold them up to ten thousand dollars in even more in some cases so that’s a great way guys but the only problem with that is you need upfront capital to buy the domains and sometimes they do take a while to sell so domain flipping is not for everybody but it definitely is a great way to make some money on the sites you go and research how to do domain flipping essentially you’re buying domains that people will want in the future for their business you’re holding onto them or you’re going to go resell them straight away for a profit and it’s called domain flipping it’s kind of like online real estate now out of this entire list guys I’m gonna say that my favorite probably is going to be drop shipping because you can go ahead and do this with literally minimal money and you are in control you can make a little bit amount of money or a big amount of money now if you want to learn how to do drop shipping guides you can join my training where I show you exactly how to do drop doing step-by-step or you can actually click one of the videos on the screen and it will take you through to other videos teaching you how to do drop shipping and some other make money online methods if you want to make money online and stuff like that or you want to just go and start your own side hustle so click one of those videos guys and I’ll see you in the next video

7 Highly Effective Habits of Making Money

what’s the guys it’s Graham here so the title of the video might seem a little bit familiar because it’s inspired by the book the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People which by the way if you haven’t read that book go and read that book now spoiler alert here basically the seven Habits are one be proactive to begin with the end in mind 3 put first things first which is odd that that’s number three maybe that should have been first anyway the fourth thing is to think when when v seek first to understand then to be understood six is synergize and seventh is to smash the like button okay just kidding I made that one up seventh is actually sharpen the saw but on this video I’m in charge so I’m coming up with my seven highly effective habits of making money some of these are things that I’ve learned and figured out on my own over the last ten years some of these are things that I’ve just learned from other people but either way all of these work very very well and I recommend is going through all of this and copying them down and then referring back to them from time to time because in terms of making money I pretty much guarantee it this will help you make more money but really quick I want to give a huge thank you to our video sponsor today and that would be wait for it Dollar Shave Club as most of you guys obviously know I spend a lot of time in front of the camera making these videos and it’s really important for me not to look too scruffy or anything like that thankfully Dollar Shave Club has helped come to the rescue with everything you need to help look feel and smell your best they’ve got everything from shower products to hair products to skin products to so much more I mean they really got it all I just got this starter set which includes everything from razor handles to razor blades to toothpaste to shampoo to face cleansers and even a toothbrush I couldn’t be happier with this plus having all of this shipped directly to you is so much easier than going and trying to piece all of this together on your own and as for me I definitely get a lot of use out of the daily face cleanser for some reason I’m 29 and I still end up getting acne I don’t know why it’s probably just bad genetics but if anyway the daily face cleanser helps it a lot as do all of the other products that Dollar Shave Club offers they really make it very easy to find all of the products that you need and all of it is shipped directly to your house so join the club with one of those starter sets for just $5 then after that the restock box ships regular sized products at a regular price if you’re interested in the deal get it down below in the description and with that said let’s get into the video the first habit of making money is to start tracking your spending immediately I know I sound like a broken record when I say this because they mentioned this all the time but this is something that needs to be hammered in so don’t complain that I keep saying the same thing if you don’t actually use my advice until you track your spending I am going to continue to say this and yes I’m talking to you right now you’re actually tracking your spending be honest with me yes you are you doing it okay well if you do track your spending I’m not talking to you and I’m talking to the person behind you but jokes aside I started tracking my spending about seven years ago and it has been the best thing in terms of optimizing my finances saving more money and having more money left over to invest everything really at its core just comes down to this how much money do you spend and if you don’t track your spending I guarantee you’ll fall behind think of it almost like a professional bodybuilder who’s not counting calories or not tracking your workouts like if you want to get serious about being mega rich one day this is something you got to do the whole point of doing this is just to be able to spot inefficiencies of where you’re overspending without even realizing it and then from there getting an accurate count of how much you spend every single month and by seeing that firsthand you’ll be able to better optimize your budget cut back where needed and by doing so you’ll have more money left over to invest I have a feeling if you actually go and do this it’s gonna be a really eye-opening experience and I promise you by doing so you’re gonna have extra money left over at the end of the month that you can go and invest with now secondly I know this one sounds cliche but pay yourself first now this one is more aligned with a budgeting technique if anything but let’s face it it works and people say this for a reason the second you get paid to take a certain percentage of that money and pay it to yourself out of sight out of mind then you have the rest of the money leftover to budget appropriately now most people just end up getting a paycheck go through life spending money and then whatever is left over from that is theirs to keep but don’t be most people literally just do the opposite of that as soon as you get paid to take 20% of that put it in an investment account right off the top then whatever is left over could be budgeted within your expenses and if you could save more than that then go ahead and force yourself to do it this gets you in the habit of prioritizing what’s the most important here and that is smashing a like button just kidding it’s you it’s getting the routine habit of treating yourself your investments and your retirement as the number one bill that needs to be paid every single month and doing this really just increases the likelihood that you’ll save that amount every month now when it comes to me because my income tends to be rather inconsistent and vary from month to month I took a slightly different approach in terms of paying myself first since I know pretty much what I spend every single month as my expenses all I do is they transfer a certain amount of money from my savings account to my checking account every single month and that’s it that is my budget I don’t have any more money to spend besides just what I transfer from the saving to the checking then literally everything else that I make on top of that goes right into savings and then from the savings into my investments so I really recommend getting in the habit of starting this now because they really promise it’s going to be an eye-opening experience to prioritize exactly where your money goes and know no matter what you have a set amount going into investments and retirement every single month now third be very aware of what’s called lifestyle inflation this is what happens when you slowly start making more money over time and you slowly start treating yourself a little bit more like maybe you get a promotion and move to a slightly nicer place or you start eating out it’s slightly nicer restaurants or maybe you start shopping a little bit more nothing really noticeable overnight but over time it adds up this is why it’s so common to see people making $60,000 a year and living paycheck to paycheck and then there’s somehow still living paycheck to paycheck once they’re eventually making $100,000 a year this is something that happens so slowly over time without even realizing it and unless you’re saving a proportional amount of your income as you make more money it’s very easy to eventually get carried away it’s also really important to be aware of what’s called the hedonic treadmill basically this is the psychological occurrence where you become accustomed to something over time and it no longer has the same appeal it once did so you end up just setting the bar even higher to get the same boost as you did before it’s kind of like your body building up a tolerance to a certain stimulus where it no longer gives you the same excitement this is why lifestyle inflation is so common you just naturally get used to something over time and then you want more just to understand that this will happen to you and anytime you make more money make a very conscious effort to go and invest the difference instead do not spend it doing this is vital if you want to build your wealth over time we’ll give you a huge advantage over pretty much anybody else now the fourth thing is that anytime you invest have a long-term outlook this is really the foundation of investing and making money way too many people invest their money and in panic sell as soon as they see it drop in price or they look at two very specific moments in time and think to themselves well if I just bought here and then I still here I would make a hundred percent return in a few months easy here’s the thing though for the majority of people market timing does not work there have been study after study after study which proved that even the best hedge fund managers in the world cannot beat the average return of the sp500 and let’s be real here if they can’t do it consistently over a 10-year period what makes you think that you or I would be able to beat that no I’m not talking about going and buying a few stocks and making fifty percent in a year I’m talking about doing that consistently every single year over a decade I would venture to say that your overall average return would be a lot lower over ten or twenty years than if you had just bought a diversified broad index fund and done absolutely nothing from the very beginning yes I’m sure you all have years that you do much better than the average but I’m also sure that you’ll have yours that you do worse unless you’re Warren Buffett now having a long-term outlook also lends itself to having better tax advantages to see when you buy and sell an asset within a year it’s almost always taxed as short-term capital gains and taxed at your normal income tax rate however when you invest for over a year its treated as long-term capital gains which means you’ll pay significantly less in tax remember the whole point of this is to continue making money and invest over a period of decades not to do this just for a few years and then quit so I recommend investing in such a way that’s going to be consistent over time and that’s proven to work the fifth thing is that any time it comes to investing always invest your time first and then money second this is pretty much the strategy I’ve done for everything even when I got my real estate license I basically did the bare minimum just to get the license and then I worked under someone else in the very beginning to make sure I liked it enough before I then spent money on real estate signs and business cards and everything else that goes along with that career same thing also applies with investing in real estate I spent four years helping other people find homes before I bought one for my self so I knew exactly what I was getting into and I was prepared for everything I was about to sink a lot of money into I also invested months of my time getting to know everything in the market before I plunked down cash and made a commitment on something so that way I knew I was going to be prepared same thing also applies with YouTube before I spent a single dollar on any camera equipment or lighting equipment or everything I filmed all my videos from my iPhone I first wanted to see I want to make sure I enjoy making videos I wanted to make sure that people enjoy watching them and then once that was confirmed then I just went off basically I went ham and I bought all the camera equipment and then I built the studio that you see today like jumping in right off the bat with a huge cash investment isn’t always the best decision to make like often times it’s really best to invest your time upfront and really learn about it or go and try it firsthand for free before you really jump in and there’s always a chance that your time and money might just be better spent elsewhere once you start learning about something plus even if you have no money right now to invest chances are if you’re here watching youtube videos you’ve got your time to invest even if you spend your time working for someone for free chances are that’s going to be an invaluable experience later on so definitely invest your time learning as much about something as possible or trying it out firsthand before spending any money on it okay now number six the biggest piece of advice that I can give you if you want to make a lot of money it’s just this make sure you make your money based off your results and not off your time the reality is that any time you get paid by the hour there is always going to be a limit to how much money you can make you can only physically work so many hours of the day before your income plateaus and you’re out of hours and you’re just stuck getting paid on results however has no limit which means that you can make a lot of money very quickly this is why I’m so fond of jobs that are paid on commission because it really teaches you that working efficiently it’s so much more important than working hard like you could pretty much fill up your entire day with 14 hours of busy work and accomplish absolutely nothing if you don’t focus on what’s actually effective I really think we should get away from working harder or working more hours and really start to think about where our time is best spent to get the highest ROI possible if this is how you have some people making $100,000 a month working no more than someone who’s making $3,000 a month how you work has no correlation with how much you’re paid and I also really like that when you get paid for results you have direct control of how much money you make like if I decide I want to make more money this month I take on a few extra clients as a real estate agent or I try to pump out a few extra videos and I could reasonably control within a certain degree how much money I can make every month and as an employee or someone working on salary or hourly deciding you want to make more money one month it becomes incredibly difficult to do the seventh one is my personal favorite from all of this and it’s just this if there’s something you want to buy find a way to make your investments pay for it and if you follow this one piece of advice you’ll basically never run out of money this is pretty much how I built my entire lifestyle like when it first started saving and investing money I would pretty much do anything just for the sake of saving more money so I would have more money left over to then invest then after about four years of doing that I had enough to invest in rental property and then once I bought a few rental properties I decided I was only going to spend what those rental properties generate that way I could save and invest everything I made as a real estate agent and that way I would have more money left over to then invest again and I kept my overhead very low same thing also applies if there’s any large purchase I want to make I always think to myself how can this make me more money like the Lotus Exige is really a perfect example of this because number one I knew the car was not going to depreciate number two I knew from a branding perspective the car is pretty recognizable and number three I knew it was a really good way to meet clients like I knew I could justify dropping all the money on a car if I can make it pay for itself and it did like in terms of ROI this car has been incredible it’s paid for itself easily two times over just from the clients I’ve met by going to car meets and I apply this technique with pretty much everything even though I live pretty frugally and I don’t spend a lot of money and the things that don’t matter when I do spend money on something I make sure it at least pays for itself if not turns a profit that applies to everything from watches to business expenses to even going and buying a Tesla find a way for that item to make its money back plus profit then suddenly it’s like everything you buy just basically turns into its own investment same thing also applies if you want to do something that’s not an investment let’s just say you want to go to Vegas and spend $10,000 lighting it on fire well if that’s the case I would hold off on buying that until your investments can generate enough money to pay for it that way you’re not spending any of your own money to do it you’re spending the money your money makes you and just remember all of this takes a long time to do none of this happens overnight but if you begin planning this mindset now and following everything that I mentioned so far this is absolutely something that you can do and achieve later if you stay consistent with everything and really quick I have to apologize for this because I did lie because now we’re on number 8 I know I said 7 but there’s a bonus one and that is when it comes to making more money ideally do something that you enjoy doing if there’s any secret to making money that I’ve learned it’s that the work that pays the best should never feel like work you should really be so enthusiastic about what you’re doing to the point where the work just becomes so much fun and just happens to make money at the same time now the reason I say this is because to scale up to the point where you’re making a lot of money it requires a lot of work and a lot of time to get to that point there’s no easy way around it and because of that unless you really enjoy what you’re doing you’re gonna get burnt out very quick the only reason why I’m able to pull these crazy hours on YouTube while also working as real estate agents while also investing in property is because everything I do doesn’t feel like work staying up until 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning to edit a video that I’ve been researching all night it’s fun to me going out and showing some properties to a client of mine is fun to me buying a property and then spending every single day renovating it over two months is fun to me if I spent 12 hours a day doing anything else that I didn’t thoroughly enjoy I wouldn’t be able to sustain it I would get burnt out and I would be miserable finding the work that you really enjoy means that you can pretty much work indefinitely without feeling burnt out or without feeling deprived of anything and by doing so of course the chances of you making a lot more money just increase exponentially from there so with that said you guys thank you so much for watching I really appreciate it as always if you enjoy videos like this make sure to always destroy the like button for the YouTube algorithm it helps out tremendously also make sure to subscribe if you’re not already because that is free you want to make more money that’s step number nine subscribe also feel free to add me on Instagram I post there pretty much daily so if you want to add me there feel free to add me there thank you again for watching oh really quick second channel the Graham Stefan show go right now go and add yourself to that the goal is to post there daily believe it or not we’re gonna do daily videos there it’s gonna happen gonna make that happen so make sure to go and subscribe to that if you want to be a part of it thank you again for watching and until next time

How Banks Keep You Poor (The Truth)

zo ben ik sar keeping you for en in vissen video andere show you exactly how this is working and how you can get this issue and financial stretches broer hanzo many aanmerking centexbel for every person american te gooien toe de consumer financial protection bio5e olie 3 personen van marion’s huxley feest met zijn serieus wanneer zul je zo lang financial stress en secties trouble de lycans mee in wines die coming from one of en peper one over die wel vier scampi’s en de wereld hou ze dat sommige people are struggling finally en lizzie’s naam is irma team in deze video is een primaries wortel mening roses for my people are struggling financing for quite frankly ouders kung systemen aan fel dat we voorstel er net een biedingen mining and social studies in science met personal finance is immers zo slideshow podium als cases never discussed in schools and this is a big reason for people financial stress is juist naar tess kassen in some cases the teachers have pintor zijn die telefoon iphone lessons and discount freckles deel in adsense en most people just my luck to actually learn the ideas and that always happy polar stem voor en en hou van xlii dll suite for financial situation to win this video and share evert een uniek nummer bellen banking system in saville row dr keeping you for how you wear stay more broeder systeem waarmee er currently en sophie finally found you in this video and considering subscriben voor meer videos like this may help you save my money makes more money and build uit berg van yes of future voor jezelf zo naïef onderdeel wat just get started with his video’s al wat wordt gedeeld you is dus een free sample give a in charity biologie work for sales engineer zoals edgar grandmother and give you up taal zijn duidelijk site met de stijl zijn douwert mini shetlander merrie sinds 19 sexy forces and saving up and she finally kiezen teamie uw price muzikale komedie is jou beurt een shilling incredibly james reed zo hier is veel dollars in teeny your position and more join te duwen tess manier wat je folie nagel in de display on your table somewhere in uw gaan speakers waldes natte safest place de product nu kunt u lose it up people groot stilist van je home or even uw accounts kunt barselaar people dommelen dus vooral aan of money in de rondte circulaire de kitchen table zo wanneer er options wel warm hem en de mos abs option eerst uw code in view een back ze potentieel belgica op naam van uw dood ruwe berk het william pornoster ga op bang voor axel in werking marine finalist en dus de guppy’s groei van de jack afstand is een pornoster monitor de berk en akkoorden dus twee keer zelfs sneller en bewaking too bad grandpa de ene like box ahead john nee mannen en en video’s leveren van die comeback in de media money to back to them by palladium money it’s now en de herrie partners in going down to world games in finding a girl power poldermodel deadweight zo wapens is lekker viewers die zo jullie voor de duizend dollars in to your account and if you for cetus s oké wie al je fans dollars maar je comeback uur manier moet even hier manier so in this situation van de bang pow in want elk portion of this money bij uw ervaringen hier weg gaan nike ballen marian het nog minimaal 2 other people maybe your neighbor was de by some tanki niet om wonen en dit is cool fractional reserve lending’ van een subtiel in het en ex-manager zo vraag over zorgwoningen wat het is works is een centrale bank geen wenda en porsche en op de manier dat jonge koningin trivio bike gaan zo in this case law at the buzzer verwarming is het hem percent zo hyper johnson die zijn die ben kaas kip campus en de manier allen geen zodat aan media people come een nuance money back aan de rebol 2 ik heb mijn manier 2 people for walking in de bek nee wat in this case al zei dat de fax ongelooflijk warm en eens 1% ze wapens hier is de backbone lt nine hundred hours20 e-bridge kvk en wassen by santing we hebben deze benaming coming kids en die honderd dollar woning in dit de princess bride precies wat je wat lampen ik ben laura tegendeel gewoon morgan’s studie loon sololo creditcards personal loans zo dus en warmte van loon zal de wapens niks is where i get very interesting zo wit with nine van de bouwers dat kamphuis wat ze kunnen duwen tijd op een alarm cases she’s not going to this polyarchie kitchen table just like what you may free wisseling naar woon in de derby tussen snel door ict-projecten sophie my check de mos en zwol 11 oorringen intrige ichat niet jouw medisch-ethische campillos motor car stellingen watermolen ischgl moyens een academische paus en carcinomen nu table nee zo wat havens you say heaven say zijn dan vrouw centiem de put it into his checking account nou wapens hier is really really interesting zo wit is marina bay sands balk cavendish de pauze en haveloos en door en de was checking account windows windows dan die persoon en apps op een honderd en dollars en jedi purge gewoon voor saus zo’n lmc caravan sneeuw er wordt dan binnen octomom fragrant en bouwers van de bank en je kunt ze hadden ze workshops mee dan de system awards me dan online nu woont een nieuw boter nu woont en je my story telling racing telesis effect meer blog ipad profession duizenden my account hij was het effect in meer al heb 11.000 video’s of hotels bars in het wanneer het is back wat ze praat me gehaald mij actually hoe zing manier met een keer component eerder in identiteit is dat wanneer er nieuw marie being created with basic economisch minder supply en samsung’ increases wapens voor de value of de apotheek door item of god in the crisis die crisis zo de value of your money model job you’re down down picasso this money as being made 2 braking system wie de al uw of your money that you have in your account die crisis zo lets wi-fi modem ik downloadde witte jurk originele cheeseburger familie weiss en trekt aan ons wow bacon de then you get one for five cents hoi zo dat schema werkt en waar is de vr6 liegen tank met ijs inflation invasion is something that happens i’m just about every case evans in de wereld in or comments een academisch over de prijs fifty er zijn american spin lovely bepaalt u de drie procent per jaar inflation o man oké zo in feestje wetenschappen binding finally the terrible in een aan het steeds politieke buik in dc olie 1917 you can see some you is een feestje was uploads of 13 procent in just i hear that means on your money could be worth ik een single een mailadres wanneer je agenda en quite some time hebben net in five nights and quite some time sdk diep en qua je louis philippe go-to persoon of our in jazz ballet hen kastanjes en in some cases inflation kim get very out of control and germany poster wereld waar want ryan het doctor that and invoicing god zo badges expanding visions of procent per dbm aan of manier die was in volledig in essentie wapen is people after warme heftig rotrude market by lover brad wordt een wiel bel volle maan ieder level i learning how to stay warm bier is immers buffels what you stole the word please note this happened in extreme situaties hebben is een bae bae bae bae bae bae bae bae bae bae bae bae bae bae bae bae bae bae bae bae bae bae bae bae bae bae zijn zo lang is beep door een dan heb ik denk in de ene in dat een spaarlamp control zo wapens hier bakje youtube worden solutions to this problem and warm van de massa via solutions de spaanse night you’re manier dus het value over je lifetime celtype toepassing marie zomer ik dasn’t moens wel unionizing spoel over we worden nu dus in de simpele swanenberg easy is fix could be something like en online en savings account zo in aan het foundational 70a airbag deze budget speakers en online c music all in one i like i like i please be scared of online banking furby heb je kan ik u online bij gingen naar olie totaal zijn ze kunnen binnen wit sketching people were very een krant verboden goin’ toen achab en kwam in twilight ene je kunt u online banking trojans terwijl ever i buy koffer zit wat we geven geen bewijs is dat you could and interest rates and the war between 2 en toen er percent and growing on your money’ in a simple c muzikaal online service green apple ze met emotie getagd american express online berg sinai feedback op dat ding voor radio die sectie en video en is al mijn channel kan ook banning over zo’n tipper back to offer in ahoy is interface belgische any way between you and to laugh procent interest and you and i should help je kapot inflation sopje brengen 6.000 eur count after year you have extra en wie is het tony voetballers in interest and you have to laugh procent interest rate on effect kan zo in shock gp at work in fashion over dark for snel dat is de simplest fixes for the key pair in de in both cases dashwood ibfd icing en cherry wood for any money interessante is nog een shirt by de kapper ben acteur record miljoen dollar zo youtube ook in het is om je arbeid can tell you what did you all the decisions in mijn familie of decisions met je mee en en u of de make sure that you’re able to deal with the consequences of de organen consequenties cheetos decisions de marshmallow options als marieke tankbouw mededeling series ul series of great for people who were made the approaching more time and or in retirement demonen fixed income door able to find a very nicely sabena heeft een getting a five-year cia dat 3 en de herfurth en intro’s lepel nodig achten wat schokken en thomas manieren kpn de acteur mijn implantatie lisa en integration for people for op werk in de rangers en demonen hebben weer eens even een planning and very safe flight zal dat is een option for people die grootse dingen ander tips of baan zo je voetbal cadeau was schrijven rebound genoeg best into the night steeds comment or whatever country email eeuwig in die club tastend hierover coverband in in my case the social and generally safe investments naomi’s safe garmin clubs cablofil vestingen te die steeds kan men ook hoor hem in is de safest in batman ben je kan ik zal dan is another option to help gigi bouwput inflation baan sorry going to be back winners for people je grootste gebouw de staart mark het is sowieso get started in starks today in 2013 werden verpakt asbest in actie gestart met the road hours and get started in 13 to something like button and my final year i got something like vanguard to get started in de stad marinades als real estate wil steken help you keep up met een feestje en actually be een feestje in both cases picasso 4 precision ook blend value in both cases to biologie populair in een make you all a more money en warm voor 11 is built in rails team zo 2 is ik geef les aan dia in your mind think about wat uw deling winter finance congo deling wordt en and share this video with somebody afschuw mee science and value win this video die familie kritisch de hopefully helped many people as possible to build a better financial future for themselves and really rijschool starters grill grill barbecue familie galliërs missen subscribe grappen like one mini studs stembureau in de comment section b support and fashion wassing of 7 body nextime

5 High Dividend Stocks Ranked [Best Cash Yield for Your Money]

dividend stocks beat the market research proves it time and again but which dividend-paying stocks are going to give you the highest yield and return on your money in this video I’ll not only rank the top 5 dividend stocks I’ll reveal 4 dividend investing risks that will destroy your portfolio we’re talking high dividend stocks today on let’s talk money BJ come on make your money work free in the financial future you deserve talk money Joseph old with the let’s talk money channel here on YouTube I want to send a special shout out to everyone in the community thank you for taking a part of your time to be here if you’re not part of that community yet just click that little red subscribe button it’s free and you’ll never miss an episode now you know I love dividend stocks and it’s a big theme here on the channel I get a lot of comments and questions about some of the highest-paying stocks the ones with those double-digit dividends so I wanted to make a video ranking some of my favorite dividend investments now those of you in the community know I’m not about just laying out a list of stocks to invest it I will reveal those 5 high dividend stocks but I also want to give you the tools to find your own and make those better investing decisions now that means knowing the four risks to watch out for in these high-yield investments four dangers to dividend investing that you absolutely cannot neglect first of these is going to be also to look at that payout ratio for a stock now this is the percentage of the profits a company pays out to cover that dividend payout too little and it’s probably not much of a dividend stock payout too much and it will seriously limit any future growth and may actually cause the company to fall behind the competition finding the payout ratio is actually pretty easy you just divide the annual dividend amount by the earnings per share now a safe ratio is gonna be different for each sector so safety sectors like utilities and telecom gonna have higher payout ratios while growth sectors like tech tend to pay out less so just make it a point to compare that payout ratio for a stock with some of the others in the same sector our next risk and this one is especially bad for investors reaching for those really high dividend yields like we’ll talk about and that’s exposure risk to just a few business structures you see there are a few types of businesses specifically business development corporations or BDCs which lend out money to small and medium-sized businesses master limited partnerships or MLPs which hold energy assets like pipelines and storage and real estate investment trusts or REITs which hold commercial real estate now these three types of businesses tend to payout almost all their profits as dividends in fact they get tax breaks for doing so and these tend to be the highest dividend yields you’ll find the risk is that if you’re only searching for stocks with very high dividend yields then you’re probably only an investing across these three business structures these three sectors of the economy now all three of these are highly sensitive to interest rates so when rates increase it tends to hit these stocks harder than the rest of the market you’ve also got risks within each of these like a steep drop in oil prices for MLP zaroor credit risks in those BDCs the point is you need to hold more types of dividend stocks than just these in these three business types our third big risk to watch for is just focusing on that dividend yield alone understand that a high dividend yield is still no guarantee of a positive return you see a lot of these really great dividend payers with yielding the 12 or 15 percent but the stock price goes nowhere and sometimes even Falls as much as that yield this is something that we’ll see in that ranked list of high dividend yield stocks now all five that I’ve selected have beat in the stock market over the last three years but you’ll see that that highest yield isn’t necessarily the highest total return so before you invest in a dividend stock look into the fundamentals of the company and make sure that that company is just a good investment on its own our last dividend risk before we get to that list is to watch out for the high yield myth now I call this one the high yield myth because you find a stock with a high dividend yield you invest in the shares and then you see that the stock price has plunged over the last year the problem here is that you take any stock paying a 2% dividend yield cut its stock price by 50% and suddenly it’s a 4% dividend yield stock it’s like a magic right well something is definitely wrong with that company and when the Board of Directors goes to declare that next dividend they might cut it back down to 2% or maybe even cut it out completely so always look at what a stock price has done over the last year or two and make sure it’s not just a high dividend stock because that dividend has stayed the same well the stock prices tanked now let’s get into those five high-yield stocks that I found and how I started as I screamed Morningstar for stocks with a yield above 6% and a market cap above 1 billion dollars now what I didn’t do was just go and pick the highest dividend stocks available that would have left us right smack in friend of the risks that we just talked about so I went through each stock looking through the fundamentals and the prospects for growth picks had to produce positive total returns for the last few years and have some upside potential besides just that attractive yield I’ll first reveal each individual stock that made the list and then a table rank and then my total returns first if you like in the video though and the information do me a favor and tap that thumbs up button below so our first high you’ll pick here is Crestwood equity partners ticker CEQ P now this is an energy master limited partnership paying a six and a half percent yield Crestwood is the perfect example of why I say look for the total return rather than just that dividend this is actually our lowest dividend yield in the group but has produced the highest return with an annualized 31 percent return over the last three years now Crestwood is a traditional midstream MLP which means it owns oil and gas pipelines processing stations and then those storage facilities it then charges energy explorers a fee to transport through the pipeline’s or store in its tankers and you can see it has assets in all the major production zones the company has long-term contracts with some of the biggest oil companies including Exxon Mobil Shell and con Edison now most of these contracts 84% are on fixed fees so so not subject to that volatility in energy prices Crestwood is some of the some great fundamentals with 30% growth expected and distributable cash flow and an industry-leading one and a half times coverage on that DCF ratio now this is a really important metric for MLPs that we’ve talked about on the channel it means a company is covering its dividend by one and a half times so the cash flow is there and it might even be able to increase that payout a little our next high dividend stock is a mortgage real estate investment trust chimera investment with a solid ten point four percent dividend yield now this is one of the oldest and most dependable mortgage REITs out there sending investors over four and a half billion in dividends since its founding in 2007 now what I really like about chimera is that it survived through that 2008 crisis so management knows the risks and it’s put together a solid portfolio of mortgage assets to keep that dividend stable even if the economy takes a hit so the company invests in a great mix of residential mortgages agency and non agency mortgage-backed securities and there’s some commercial loans and now this chart showing the breakdown probably doesn’t mean a whole lot to you but it just shows diversification in that company’s assets total number of loans over 136,000 and spread across these different loan models that’s what gives chimera its stability now one of the drawbacks to of these high-yield business structures so your BD C’s your REITs and your MLPs is that they have to raise money frequently they pay out almost all their profits as dividends so raising money through preferred shares or stocks can sometimes dilute that investor ownership chimera has actually authorized an 85 million share buyback program so it’s actually doing something to counteract that dilution just a little bit now one thing to remember about mortgage REITs is that the group is extremely sensitive to rising interest rates first real estate is just highly leveraged industry so anytime those borrowing rates increase you’re bound to see a little weakness in the sector also though and this has been a big weakness over the last few years for mortgage REITs specifically is that the Federal Reserve increases short-term rates but it really can’t do a whole lot about controlling those longer-term interest rates the problem here is that when the market is looking at a potential recession or at least an economic weakness those longer-term rates don’t rise as fast as the short-term rates when the Fed is hiking now mortgage REITs borrow in those short-term rates to buy those loans with longer terms so what you get is higher borrowing costs in those shorter terms without much of an increase in the interest that they’re collecting on those longer term assets this might not be a problem for a few quarters because the Fed has already come out and said that’s pretty much done hiking rates for at least a year but just to understand then be ready for a little bit of pain in mortgage rates every once in a while when that when those interest rates are increasing now our third high-yield pick is one of the few stocks outside MLPs rates and business development companies Alliance Bernstein Holdings say there’s an asset management with more than half a trillion in assets under management he’s a strong six point six percent dividend now what I really like about Alliance Bernstein here is that it gives us some diversification in that high-yield list a B manages stocks and bonds with 51 percent of assets and fixed income funds another 38% in equity funds and then the rest in alternative assets I like that position of fixed income funds because I think it’s less prone to the trend in passive management that we’ve seen in stock investing over those last few years it’s got a strong international reach with 45% of through that global investment services the dividend payout hasn’t been quite as consistent on this one so the payment is bounced around though the yield is fairly stable as the company reported a strong pipeline and institutional assets last quarter of eleven point four billion so this is money committed to new funds that the company is going to be rolling out and a big opportunity for fee growth so with Alliance Bernstein not only do you get a solid dividend yield and good investment but you get to diversify your portfolio a little bit from those roots in the MLP so that usually find dominating a high yield list New York mortgage Trust is another em read and pays the highest yield of the group with a 12 point 7 percent annual yield so this one is gonna be similar to chimera investment and that the company invests in different types of mortgage debt now you New York mortgage focuses a little bit more on multifamily properties and has a larger portion of its portfolio and distressed property debt so maybe a little bit riskier but it also has that a little bit higher yield given the choice between the two though I probably have to say to go with chimera but I think you can spread your investment between the two it’s going to give you a little bit more diversification in these Emirates and then take some of that company specific risk out of your portfolio our next pick here is Sonico with a ten point seven percent yield and a different business model compared to a lot of those high-yield MLP as you’ll see now most master limited partnerships specialize in that midstream components so pipelines and energy storage Sonico operates in a downstream segment operating in the retail and wholesale fuel stations so not only is suntico a great dividend pick on its own adding it to a portfolio of midstream MLPs is going to give you some of that diversification as well sonica books three different sources for income fuel income through its wholesale operations selling fuel to 7-elevens and other buyers it books rental income on over nine hundred and forty locations and also books some income like payment processing franchise revenue and terminal operations now let’s look at these five high dividend stocks ranked by three-year total return again I want you to notice here that the highest yields didn’t necessarily translate to the highest returns in fact the two lowest yielding stocks produced strong annualized returns that outperforms some of the others I noticed that industry concentration we talked about in ml peas and REITs as well so I’ve ranked the five here but understand that these are the five best among 60 plus high dividend stocks as I looked at for the video so-so any of these would probably make good additions to your portfolio now if you want to see how I picked dividend stocks for our 2019 stock market challenge click on the video you see to the right the portfolio is beating the market with almost a 20% return just this year with five stocks over 30 percent don’t miss it and don’t forget to subscribe for more videos like this one

How to Get 4 Million Visits Per Month With One Simple Keyword Hack

– Can you guess how many
visits I’m getting a month?
Four million of those four million
two million are unique.
But you already know that.
But what you don’t know is
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And best of all it’s easy.
You don’t even have to be
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Hey everyone, I’m Neil Patel and today,
I’m going to share with you
how to get 4 million visits a month
through one simple hack.
(upbeat music)
Before we get started,
make sure you subscribe to this channel.
That way when I release
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Question for you:
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Leave a comment below with the number.
I’m curious because I want you
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because you know what?
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If it doesn’t you can leave a comment
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Because that’s how confident
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And I’ll show you, how
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So, here’s a little secret,
instead of trying to find
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find whatever keywords
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going after that term as well.
Here is what I mean:
If you already rank for the term dog food,
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lot of traffic for it,
Google will easily rank
you for all the other
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The reason being, is it’s
harder to rank for the head term
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And even if the majority of your traffic
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So what I want you to do, Step 1.
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The next step, I want you to take is
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After you do that,
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You’ll find that, if you
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The next thing you need to do,
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So that way no one else needs
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Neil Patel’s “Worst SEO Advice”: Let’s Talk Facts

so something happened last week on another YouTube channel let’s take a look can you guess what the worst SEO advice is that I’m gonna tell you about it’s actually that content is king they all say that the more content you create the better content you create the better off you’re gonna do that’s a bunch of baloney so many of you know neil patel i really respect the business that he’s created he’s done awesome stuff and internet marketing and so when somebody of that caliber talks pretty directly at running contrary to exactly what we teach on this channel we’re gonna take notice and this video we want to kind of respond with no drama about about it and show why it is that we do exactly what we teach here on this youtube channel about how to build a brand get traffic to your site and make money right Neal doesn’t mention our name directly or anything we don’t feel like he was necessarily trying to cause drama either and he’s one of the biggest SEO players in the game on YouTube here so we felt like we owe it to our subscribers and to the SEO community in general to just defend our position because a lot of our subscribers did feel like it was a pretty direct attack on us and we definitely heard quite a few comments about it and he has been kind of stirring up hornet’s nest over there he made a video kind of exposing clickfunnels kind of thing so anyway but this is let’s just stick to the facts here and escape all the drama that nobody we don’t have time so let’s talk about it so here’s his basic position is that content is not king on the web that basically you make pretty good meteor crush I don’t know quite what he’s suggesting content and you just bought a heck of a lot of promotion behind it now when you have as large of a platform as he does that works fine right promotion does a whole lot of good for ya because when you have an email list of 200,000 and you have a big Facebook group in an Instagram group in a YouTube following etc you put out a pretty good content and you push it to all those channels and Caban it’s gonna pop to the top right so in some ways that strategy works now it’s not quite what I would like to do because I feel like that would hurt a brand right but does it work yeah if you have a huge audience and you put out kind of this mediocre Ishi book and just put a heck of a lot of promotion behind it you’re gonna sell a heck of a lot of ebooks it’s gonna work but that strategy does not work on new sites and that’s what this channel is about this channel isn’t about how we succeed with a giant network of websites and 40 writers in an office and a youtube following and everything else what we’re doing is what you’re doing we’re starting brand new sites with from scratch with no audience all the time in different industries just like you are and there let’s say you get somebody who has this website about off-roading jeeps right and you write this mediocre content about what’s the best Jeep for off-roading and then you just throw a lot of promotion behind it like we’re being told right so I go on Facebook and I try to drum up five people because I don’t have an audience yeah and I go to my email list and write it to ten people because I don’t have a giant Facebook list that strategy falls apart for most people who are building brands right it works great when you’re a huge brand yeah we get what Neil is trying to do he’s saying I have millions of page visitors because of this model that I do but saying this is what I do doesn’t necessarily translate to this is what everyone should do most of the people who follow us and who follow Neil probably haven’t gotten to the point where they can promote their content he says spend 80% promoting your content 20% actually creating it makes sense in conception but what what is someone with a brand new site gonna do for eight hours to promote their content right now how effective can it really be and when we see people doing that they don’t move fast enough so I let’s go to a specific clip in the video that we’re talking about here if you don’t believe me go write a thousand blog post tell me what happens I bet you what will happen is your traffic will go up very little amount challenge accepted let’s do it yeah right let’s write a thousand pieces of content and just put it out there without the promotion and see what happens well you’re right we haven’t written a thousand on this site but let’s take a look at dirt bike planet calm this site is no promotion we just wrote the articles on there and 100 articles gets a hundred thousand page views a month just by putting that content out there so yes it does work if you create really good solid content and put it out there absolutely it works and that site sends us paychecks every single month you go to a site like camper report com also we didn’t even get to a thousand articles but even with a couple hundred articles that cite brings in you know about ten thousand dollars a month and over three hundred thousand page views a month so does the strategy work content is king well I think so I I mean we’ve showed it over and over and you know he also talks about you know this going big and actually making sales from it will improve photography I did that for years and that site has earned millions of dollars over the years and exactly this it’s content that you’re just writing those articles good quality content and putting it out into the into the world right exactly Neil I mean it’s great that he promotes this content we hardly do any promotion our promotion is our content if you write great quality content the links and the relevancy from Google those things are going to come yeah and you know he made mention well of this check out the neil patel blog if you noticed i only create one text-based article per week so he is putting out one text-based article per week yeah that you know we’re talking about content not just tech space right but now he’s reduced it to take one tech based article per week and so he’s saying that’s all you need to do one article a week and just promote the heck out of it now what we’ve seen on newer sites is that strategy fails hard because when you’re brand new and Google is just not showing your content you need to build up that link velocity you need enough happening on your website with enough articles hitting Google that it starts to take notice of what’s happening so you can start to break through and really start ranking we’ve seen some people in our program who just kind of didn’t do enough of the effort wrote 15 20 ish articles in the first year and they said ah none of these are ranking and I look at it and I said man it’s a it’s a good topic you chose and it’s a good article and the reason it didn’t rank is we just didn’t get that velocity we didn’t get any momentum going on this website with Google and so this strategy I feel like really harms somebody with a new website when they try to recreate it because there’s no momentum that gets up there when your giant and yeah you were only writing one piece of content a week but you can throw a huge amount of volume to it yeah that’s actually totally fine and you’re gonna do fine but also notice the text-based he’s putting out three or four YouTube videos a week yeah and podcasts and other things it’s not as if he’s putting out this teeny little trickle of content he’s a Content animal yeah he’s putting a huge volume of content into the world each week and so I do feel like it was a little bit deceptive in the way that it was presented not intentionally but I feel like people could get the wrong idea that’s how I should say yeah so all we’re saying is don’t interpret Neil’s video the wrong way don’t go and from the beginning say I’m just gonna do a bunch of promotion because Neil puts out plenty of content to maintain his brand as should everyone so just realize promotion can work but content that’s the direction that Google’s going that’s how we become successful that’s how we believe everyone can do it as well we’re seeing the websites that are doing the opposite of what was taught in that video just dominating the internet right now yeah look at a wire cutter they’re not producing a massive volume of content they’re producing a few reviews where they get a team of people and they buy 80 different types of wireless earbuds right there just go buy a ton of them they get a team of people in a room and they spent dozens of hours just rigorously testing these things and then they write this epic review or product recommendation of wireless earbuds and they are absolutely crushing it in the search results is content King oh yeah oh yes look at our creator studio you know you have to find a balance you know we can produce a huge amount of content there 15 20 blog posts in a day no problem we’re producing a lot of content there but you have to also balance that it’s got to be good content because content is king on the web and so we’re seeing how can we give our writers a little bit more time how can we give them better research so these articles are the highest quality we possibly can it’s volume and quality you have to have both pieces if you’re ready to get your empire begun and building up online check out our project 24 webinar it’s a YouTube video that you can watch that kind of walks you straight through the process of how we’re working with people starting brand new websites and getting them up to those hundreds of thousands of page views

How to Make $4,000+ Per Month From Google (UNDERGROUND METHOD!)

we showed you how to find the business there already on Google and now all you have to do to make $100 per day using the strategy is what’s up guys in this video we’re gonna be talking about a relatively unknown strategy to make $100 or more every single day by simply using Google and as always guys I’ve been listening to you and so this video is available to anyone no matter where you are around the world you can take advantage of this strategy but it is very important that you do is stick around for the full video because there are some small details that you have to make sure that you understand to be able to take advantage of this strategy and start making $100 or more every single day by just using Google this is gonna be a good one stay tuned alright guys so really quickly before we get started if you like money and you like making more money make sure you tap the subscribe button because we are working hard to put out brand and new online money-making strategies for you guys every single day so join the strongest money team on YouTube by clicking the subscribe button and so basically the strategy that we’re gonna be talking about today is actually a collection of a number of different ideas from a few different sources that we’re gonna be actually kind of aggregating and making into one summary there’s much easier to follow cuts out a lot of the fluff and a lot of a BS that isn’t necessarily important and just focuses on the simple strategies that you can start from anywhere to actually make money at utilizing this strategy but as I mentioned in the intro this strategy will not work unless you follow every step so make sure to stick with me and let’s get right into it alright guys so step number one is you want to go out there and find a business right you want to find a business in some City right the city that I’m gonna use for this example since this is where I am right now is San Diego California most of the time you want to choose a large enough city that you can actually you know afford high prices for the strategy that we’re gonna talk about but you don’t want to choose a city that’s so massive like Los Angeles that there’s gonna be so much competition so choosing kind of like a mid tier midsize City something in the USA is what I would recommend but again the city that we’re gonna be using is San Diego which is a very large city and it’s still going to work for this example so you can pretty much choose whatever city that you want I would just recommend choosing something inside of the USA to make sure that you can actually get the most possible money for your work the other example I want to use is just typing in a San Diego doctor right this works for any other local businesses similar to SM ma you can type doctor dentist real estate agent insurance agent anything like that because what we’re generally going to be talking about is how to get exposure for these businesses which is very valuable for that business but if we type in San Diego doctor and then scroll down the same what we see is there’s no video section right there’s no video section at all which means that there’s no business that’s actually taking advantage and getting actual exposure with a video and so what we’re going to do is actually get businesses that exposure and then charging them for it and so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna take one of these examples so we’re gonna scroll down really quick and we’re gonna click on Yelp the top 10 best primary care doctor in San Diego and we’re just gonna choose one right I usually ignore the sponsored results and so we’re gonna scroll down and actually just pick one of these I’m we’re just gonna choose I’m the Perlman clinic and then we’re gonna come in here we’re actually gonna grab on some information and we’re gonna save it in a Word document cuz we’re gonna be using it later so we’ll grab you know just about you know where they actually are for example our primary location and we can also grab you know we can check out the about look at their team you know we want to take pretty much everything from the About section and we’re gonna save this for later just in like a word document or somewhere because we’re gonna be using it in just a few minutes and so once we found the business all we have to do now is actually create the video for them which might sound like the hard part but it’s actually easy and I’m gonna show you exactly how to do it and of course there’s a bunch of different editing software that cost a bunch of money to use but as always we found you a 100% free option that you can use to create this very simple video that you can then go ahead and sell to these businesses and it’s very very easy to actually do this so the first thing that you want to do is actually go ahead and go to flicks press comm and sign up for an account and after you log in it’s gonna take you to a page where you want to click on automated templates and then select ads then what you want to do is go ahead and select the industry that you chose and the template that you like and then you’re going to want to start to customize it right upload images of the business resize them and then basically fill out anything that you took from the company actual website that we put into that Word document we gathered earlier and then what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna create a kind of final video ad for them something relatively basic that you can charge you know $100 $200 I’ve even had students charge up to $500 to make these very basic video ads using flicks press I’m just taking basic information from these businesses websites that have no idea how to do video they have no idea how to do editing they have no idea to do how to do any of that and then really what is going to be super valuable we’re gonna get to in a second which is actually getting that video onto page one for Google as well and so then step three is how to actually get the ad that you made on flicks press using this company’s information pictures things like that onto the first page ranking as a video on Google and so before I actually give you guys the how of exactly how this works let’s go back to the original search really quick and look at you know how many actual San Diego doctors how many videos are on the front page on Google for that particular search and you can see you know even if we scroll all the way down there’s literally a zero a competition there’s a zero videos ranking for videos on the page one of Google and that’s something that’s crazily valuable to a particular doctor to get an actual video you know an advertisement of their business onto page one of a video when there’s no other videos on page one it’s something that is really valuable to that business which means that they’re gonna be willing to pay a significant amount of money for that even though it only took you a few minutes to actually just go to their website gather some information from about their company you know take their basic images and things like that and set up a very basic ad on using flicks press it didn’t take you very long but it seems like it did and it’s very valuable to these companies which means they can pay you a lot of money you know to be able to do that and so the first thing we’re gonna do is actually upload the video that we made just the short ad that we made on flix press we’re gonna upload it to youtube right and don’t use Vimeo or any other you know type of video editor or anything like that because YouTube is owned by Google which means that Google gives preferential treatment to YouTube videos when it comes to searches right and remember that Google is a search engine YouTube the search engine as well so you really have to understand what you’re doing when it comes to doing SEO right search engine optimization for your actual video when it comes the video title the description things like that and we’re gonna talk about exactly how to rank that video onto the first page of Google in just a second and we’re gonna actually name our channel remember we’re setting up a brand new YouTube channel for specifically for this actual business we’re actually gonna name our channel doctors in San Diego because again YouTube actually looks at you know the name of the channel they look at the name of the video they look at the title they look at the description they look at all of that and now you’re gonna upload the actual video that you made using flix press to the YouTube channel and you’re gonna title it three things you’re gonna title it the name of the actual business the address of the business and the phone number of the business because if you can actually get that video ranked in Google it makes it very very easy for people who are searching for a new doctor or whatever type of business or city that you actually choose it’s gonna make it really easy for customers and people searching for a new doctor in San Diego for example to know exactly where the doctor is and to know exactly what their phone number is and Google actually gives you a big boost in actual ranking by having those three pieces of information because Google is smart right they know that those are the most important three pieces of information that everyone’s looking for so if you include those in the title of your YouTube video it gives your video a big boost when it comes to actually ranking in the search results and in the description of the YouTube video we’re gonna do a very similar thing we’re gonna put doctors in San Diego we’re also going to put the name address and phone number of the actual business that we’re doing this for and then what we’re gonna do is copy and paste the actual about Us section directly into the description just to get some more keywords get some rich keywords about the business about what they’re they represent what their mission is and things like that and then again for tags for the video tags are not that important on YouTube so you’re gonna choose the same keywords right and then nothing else right you don’t want to just stack it with a million tags just literally put doctors in San Diego and then the name of the business and then that’s it because remember you’re trying to rank at the top for one specific term right doctors in San Diego you don’t really care about anything else which is why we’re gonna basically stack up the title the description and the tags to all only have that word to tell YouTube that it’s hyper relevant and then give yourself the highest potential chance to actually rank this on Google and so step number four guys is we actually have to get this thing ranked so we gave it a really good chance to get it ranked by actually you know using keyword rich titles and descriptions and tags and things like that and then providing Google with the information that people need but we do need another boost to actually make this happen and get this video ranked to page one faster because what this does is it gives us a big leveraging chip to actually be able to charge these businesses more right because without it actually ranking you can still sell this marketing video to these businesses they might buy it for $100 $250 something like that but if you can actually get it ranked onto page one for a high value keyword such as doctors in San Diego or something like that then you can charge significantly more you could probably charge you know upwards of $500 for something that took you probably a day or even less to actually do and so this particular strategy is completely optional you know again it’s completely up to you but you know a good way that you can actually do this is actually going over to Fiverr and typing in rank YouTube video in Google and you can see that there’s a number of different listings here right rank number one on Google I will rank your YouTube videos to search page one in 24 hours you know you can see that there’s five five stars a thousand plus five stars I will do YouTube SEO to improve your video ranking we can see there’s a lot of different people who do this right and so what you can do is you can spend you know $25 to get this video ranked fast if you want again you can do this for free especially you can start for free sell them for a little bit cheaper just as marketing videos and then once you actually make some money from this you can actually invest to get your video ranked on to page one using one of these actual gigs on Fiverr remember because what these guys do is they go out and they build a bunch of links for these particular YouTube videos and so that Google actually thinks that a lot of different web sites are linking these videos thinks they’re important and then starts to rank them up on to page one and if you’re using the strategy in smaller towns right you probably won’t even need to use a service like you know the one I showed you on fiber that can rank YouTube videos to page one and Google but if you’re using a larger town sometimes you know this can make the process go a little bit faster again it depends on you and if you want to actually spend money to get it ranked faster so that you can charge significantly more so if you approach these businesses and say hey you know I made this video I love your business I uploaded it to YouTube I actually got it ranked on page one for this high-volume keyword you know if you’re interested you can buy it from me for you know five hundred dollars and you can basically keep it and it’s always gonna stay on page one or you know you can take it down if they’re not interested some businesses aren’t going to be right and that’s just the way it is right but most businesses especially if they’re smart will want to keep that video on page one because they understand just how valuable it actually is by being there which brings us to the last and most important step which we will get to in just one second but really quick we do want to give a shout out to our daily comment winner which is from Miriam who says this was really informative I would love to hear about more ways to earn passive income for people in other countries so that’s a perfect comment right because we’re literally making videos that are applicable anywhere not just applicable in the USA which is a big reason that we chose to make this particular video since you can do it from anywhere in the world so shout-out to you Miriam and if you want to be our next comment winner before we get into this last step that you need to actually start earning money all you to do is tap the like button and then make sure you tap on the subscribe button and turn on the notification dose because we always choose our comment winner from people who comment in the first minute whenever we actually drop a brand new video so make sure you guys subscribe if you’re enjoying the video tap the button right now and so step number five and most importantly guys is getting paid right and the way that you do this is call up this company on the phone or send them an email you can easily find their email just from there about a section actually on their website send them an email say hey you know I made this video I got it ranked onto page one for your highest volume keyword and that’s it that’s pretty much all you have to say and if the company is smart at all you know they’ll want to work with you and then all you have to do is to decide what to actually charge that company you know if you’re just starting out and you don’t feel super confident in your abilities yet you can charge you know one hundred two hundred three hundred dollars if you’ve already been doing this a couple of times especially if it’s a higher volume keyword or a larger city you know you can charge five hundred dollars or even more but you know the biggest thing is actually just get a few wins under your belt so even if you discharge a hundred dollars and transfer over the video to them all you have to do is basically give them the credentials of that new YouTube channel that you actually created specifically for them and that’s pretty much it and it’s really powerful because you know there’s no sales process you don’t have to go cold call you don’t have to do a lot of the things that kind of suck about trying make money online all you have to do is just get the results first and basically show them the results and then if they have any actual intelligence as a business they recognize how valuable it is for their business to be ranked on page one as the only video they’re going to buy it that’s just the simple truth that’s how this strategy works and so if you guys enjoyed this video and you want to learn more ways to start making money online with zero money to start from anywhere in the world check out this video right here where we teach you how to make 300 ours per day simply by typing names see you there I just made 300 dollars or I could make up to 300 dollars literally by typing names into a computer and that might sound too good to be true but stick around for this video because I’m gonna show you how you can earn up to $300 per

Ranking the Best Dividend ETF [Vanguard vs SPDR vs iShares]

hey we are live the Sunday as we are every week here on let’s talk money at 1:00 p.m. Eastern 10:00 a.m. Pacific I want to thank everybody for joining us it just gives us a chance to talk about a topic of the week and then reach out to the community to answer some community comments and you know just have a have that back and forth that we don’t get to have in those regular videos thank you for being here I see some some people joining in go ahead and you know let us know where you’re coming at in the chats where you’re coming in from and I love to get started here like I said we do these every every Sunday 1:00 p.m. Eastern 10:00 a.m. Pacific and this week it’s going to be a something a little bit different from what we’ve been doing lately we’re gonna be talking about some of the easiest ways to get those high yields and and to minimize your risks in dividend funds you know so lately we’ve been talking a lot about you know individual stock picking picking stocks and this week this weekend we’re going to talk about you know kind of how to how to reduce some of your risks and still get those high yields with some of these funds got some great dividend funds lined up for you talking about you know what to look for some of the risks in them and then even if you’re not interested in you know dividend funds even if you’re you just want to pick stock still stick around because I’ve got a strategy that you’re going to be able to use to to use dividend funds and individual stock picking together to to really get the best of both worlds you’re gonna lower risk you can get market returns and less stress from those dividend funds but you’re still gonna be able to make those higher incremental returns from picking stocks so great strategy I use it myself and we’re gonna be getting to that right after we talk about these four these four dividend ETF funds that I that I like and that most of my invest in my portfolio as well see some some people coming in all good from Sealy Gregg from California Thank You Gregg for being here Greg’s a great member of the community always commenting and adding his a feedback into the videos love that darn ena how are you I saw you last week here ex-dividend Nina thank you everybody thank you for being here I want to get started because because like I said I’m really excited about this this talk about the dividend funds we love talking about stocks but but there’s a lot to be said for just you know getting a big portion of your portfolio in these funds to diversify your risk a little bit more stress-free investing strategy so we’re going to do I like we do on on every every livestream every week we’re going to start off with some community shout outs love the comments I get every week appreciate everybody everybody out there in the community with your feedback your advice even I mean this is a two-way street so I learned from you all the time then we’re gonna be highlighting a few of the videos we did last week and some preview of some of the videos coming up and then we’re gonna get into that dividend funds and that strategy to use funds and individual stocks and of course will always leave a leave time for individual Q&A at the end see some more well from Ireland I’ve got some Canon Canadians Queens New York thank you for being here and so so let’s start with those of those comments because because I again I love all the comments I receive I try to respond to each and every one and and got some great ones this week this first one is from badass which loved the love the screen name there and this was on our portfolio update last week we did talking about you know some strategies to avoid or strategies to survive the next stock market crash not saying it’s going to be yet this week this year but a stock market crash will come you know it’s just the nature of the markets and that human element in the market to get you know over exuberant and then you know obviously on the other on the other way down seeing the crash coming so just some strategies to talk about and why I think you know a stock market not necessarily a crash but you know weakness is coming over the next next year or so and in banos had to say you know the well there’s no crash well there hasn’t been a crash there has been a big difference in you know ratings and prices between sectors and geographic locations it makes the point that you know China and European financials like I talked about in the video we’re quite cheap you know and again I think you know this is a once in a lifetime where once in a generation opportunity to get into some of these domestic Chinese companies these companies that are going to benefit from that long term rise of China and European financial I mean they’ve been beaten down for so long they’ve got extremely low price to book value as compared to their US counterparts some of that is structural to Europe you know Europe has negative interest rates on a lot of their 10-year bonds so you know people are paying the government’s to hold their money you know in these in these ten-year Treasuries and obviously with financial companies with banks and insurance companies if they’re you know lending out on that short-term rate and getting their assets are in those long-term rights those long-term rates are near negative percentages then they’re not making any money but but some still some upside in European financials and you know madness makes the he makes the the comment that you know usually crash this happen when when the market is as expensive and nobody is expecting a downturn and the market doesn’t have this feel and I agree with some of that obviously you know that yeah it’s always great to it’s always best to look for value where you can find it so so some of those some of those sectors and some of those geographic areas like China like European financials even in the states like you know like maybe real estate and and some of the other sectors that aren’t very expensive you can look for value in there to help protect yourself from a you know stock market weakness or even a full-blown crash what I would say is that you know if you look at the history of stock market crashes typically there have been people that have been you know calling a bubble or calling a those over valuations the only problem is they’re wrong on timing you know you get you get all these guys coming on CNBC saying I called the the 2008 crash you know except they kind of leave out that they were calling in in 2003 because you know that’s when we started to see a lot of these these this asset bubble from the mortgages and those those collateral collateral debt obligations and and other derivatives start really giving out a hand of course you know they were five years too early so so you know I mean there there are people that expect a downturn that are calling for it it’s just the problem with time in there and I would agree though also that right now there aren’t there doesn’t look to be any huge forces that are pointing to a crash you know not there’s there’s no huge asset bubbles other than I will say the corporate bond market is is if you hear one thing most about asset bubbles and and how are how the market is overpriced right now it’s it’s in these in this corporate bond market you’ve had ten years of near zero rates through most of the developed world and especially here in the United States and corporations have just used that rightfully so you know to to borrow billions hundreds of billions even trillions in debt and then a lot of that is just going towards you know financial engineering so so buying back their own stock you know increasing their dividends and and those kind of programs so not necessarily things that they can use to to grow the company with that debt but just you know to make the balance sheet look better not necessarily to make the income statement look better earnings per share obviously when you buy back billions of your own stock then you’ve got less shares to spread those earnings over so earnings per share goes up so that’s you know a lot of what we’ve seen over the last ten years is that revenue so sales has been really flat I mean it’s been a really sluggish overall top-line economic growth but that earnings per share has continued to increase for for corporates because they’ve been buying back so much their own stock by issuing this debt and using that cash that earnings per share has gone up and of course you know then the stock market has gone up so corporate corporate debt is really a problem but you know with with rates where they are and likely to be lower for for quite a while you know the Fed is even talking about cutting rates now even further there doesn’t really seem to be that impetus to send that corporate bond market into a you know into a full-blown crisis and that kind of thing that doesn’t mean that we can’t get a 20% correction or a bear market technical bear market like we saw in last December just if you know earnings corporate earnings come down we were expecting to corporate earnings recession this year which is two quarters of negative corporate earnings growth and and a lot of those a lot of those things you know from the the trade wars and just a you know lower profitability among corporations that could easily send us into it you know a ten percent a twenty percent correction so not necessarily a crash maybe but there is some cost to be concerned and you know things you can do to a position for that so thank you badass love the screen name and I love the comment I appreciate that this is actually something we’re gonna look at in a little bit but I want to get to arson I could come in here from G Stroud great member of the community a fellow marine so awesome four five there but he’s a he’s asking here is a little confused about the taxation the taxation on REITs and MLPs how’s that different how do you use that in different portfolios and that kind of thing now I think what what kind of confused him here is in the 2019 stock market portfolio that we have the dividend portfolio and it’s group you know been doing excellent so far this year check it out if you haven’t seen that yet I think I leave a link in the video description below I have to check that out but but look for that because that’s you know 18 percent so far this year over the market by about 8 percent which is the S&P 500 is right around that 10 percent as of you know last week so I’ll perform in the market but what I’m doing in there is I’m holding an MLP fund so the al-arian MLP ETF the a MLP actually one of the funds will talk about later on in the in the livestream today and that is not a traditional MLP it holds MLP MLPs in the fund but it’s treated on a tax basis as a as a fund so that is taxed a little bit differently from MLP so generally with MLPs what you get and mo peas are an excellent investment I highly recommend I’ve got quite a few videos on the you know on the vid on the channel about it it’s basically there’s these midstream usually midstream assets so these companies buying up energy pipelines storage facilities processing that kind of thing and then they charge the the other energy companies fees to use those those assets and then they end up sending the majority of the profits off to investors that set up as a partnership so the MLP itself doesn’t get taxed on corporate earnings you don’t get that same double taxation that you get with other stocks right the corporations paying taxes and then you’re paying taxes on any money you receive from that so it might be a very efficient way to hold these assets and what I love about them is most of that dividend that you receive from MLPs is actually actually counted as a return of your investment so you get maybe a $2 dividend and I on it on a certain MLP each year right a dollar 60 of that it’s usually around 80% dollar 60 that is is going to be counted as a return of your what you invested in the company so it’s going to reduce the cost that you paid on the shares by a buck 60 no tax effects right there immediately now when you go to sell the shares then you’ll have higher capital gains tax because you know you bought the shares for lower and then sold them for higher there so and then the rest of your the rest of your dividends are counted as income so what you want to do with them Opie’s you want to hold those in a regular taxable account so you can take advantage of that capital gains tax and that special tax benefit now REITs on the other hand these a real estate investment trusts that hold real estate assets and their rent amount and send a huge dividend check to investors REITs a lot of that a lot of that dividend that you receive is often going to be counted as income okay it’s not necessarily qualified dividends like with a lot of your other dividend stocks that are that are lower tax rate so what you want to do with REITs is hold those in an IRA or a Roth some kind of a retirement account so you not paying taxes on those dividends until you withdraw those in in retirement so you know it’s a tax taxes are always a fun interesting subject I know but you know just some some things to understand things to remember to get the most out of your you know out of your dividends pay save a little bit on taxes and let me tell you you know working with private wealth clients when I when I used to do that with with high net worth individuals taxes is where it’s at taxes is where you save where you make the most money you know all the rest of us swaps out here paying our paying our taxes the rich they get rich by finding out these tax breaks finding out these tax strategies and using those to their advantage so so understand the difference between REITs and MLPs here and how to use them our next comment so thank you GE appreciate that and our next comment here is from Sean really talking more about the business side of things would you recommend setting up a business so so any kind of a business you start setting it up as like a sole proprietorship starting out or you know he’s cause a DBA or doing business as basically it’s it’s just everything from your business goes on your own taxes personal income taxes or would you set it up as an LLC S corporation right so so an LLC is a limited liability corporation it’s a pass-through part kind of a partnership kind of deal with this S corporation designation now I won’t don’t want to get too far into the the accounting and all that about it but but it is something to think about if you’re thinking about starting your own business and and I think everybody should everybody should have that that income insurance that comes from starting a side us will start in a business there’s a lot of great tax tax loopholes tax benefits you can get from having your own business and you know you can pay your kids some of that you know put that money into their retirement accounts and you take that off of your off of your sales or off of your income so you don’t have to pay taxes on it a great way to shield some of those some of that money on there you know also through that last 2018 tax reform that we got a lot of great benefits for business or owners in there you can actually deduct I think it’s like $20,000 off of your offer your partnership or off of your small business and not pay taxes on it you know it’s just free money it’s it’s not– not taxed as as income so so definitely i recommend everybody you know checking out some of the videos we have on channel here about side hustles about starting your own your own business some of these online strategies that I use and doing that now to Sean this question you know there are when you set up an LLC and an S Corp to to take advantage of some of these tax benefits because with an LLC and again I don’t want to go for too far that’s into the India accounting because I want to get to our our dividend funds here real quick but but you pay less taxes you you can shield some of your money from the payroll taxes that most companies have to pay but there are fees to setting up and maintaining a limited liability corporation and escort that kind of thing so normally I’ve heard you know you don’t think about it usually until you reach about a hundred thousand in in sales or income and that’s just because the the fees and the set up behind you know formally incorporating your business outweigh those tax benefits so I just you know just this last year early last year I started a you know for my own LLC because I kind of reached that high-water mark where I could start shielding more income from taxes by using that LLC rather than just having it under my name so we’ve got exams tomorrow I just saw somebody have exams tomorrow but oh okay for some reason I thought you were talking about the the the cfa exams which had just struck me I think that was yesterday so if anybody’s here just got done with the CFA exams I give me a shout-out it’s been a man it’s been a long time since I’ve thought about that but yeah so so now and again I love all the comments thank you everybody I appreciate it I appreciate that community that we have and and all the comments I get the feedback and the advice and I just want to go over a real quick you know recap of some of the last week’s videos and then a preview of the week’s videos we’ve got coming up cuz we’ve got some really really neat ones coming up I think I think that are going to help you not only on you know dividend stocks that topic that we cover here but on some passive income investments that I’m that I’m going with Wednesday and Friday so last week completely dividends week we had two dividend to dividend videos on Monday and Wednesday about kind of strategies around the payout the payout ratio and the ex-dividend date some really interesting strategies that most investors usually don’t think about usually think about dividends it’s kind of buy and hold and that but I shared some strategies with you to you know really take advantage of certain dates around dividends so that was fun Friday’s poll for all the portfolio update is there always the highlight of my month I love looking into our dividend stock challenge portfolio and seeing how that’s done compared to the market and and some of our picks in there like I said 18 percent year-to-date return against about a 10 percent year-to-date return on the S&P 500 so so happy with that it we actually you know shielded a lot of our portfolio from that may sell off in stocks by by repositioning into real estate and bonds and some other stuff next week’s videos like I said Monday tomorrow I’ve got a really interesting one to high-yield stocks ranked ok this is a very highly requested video everybody asks me you know especially with that that portfolio that we’ve got you know why I started the linen why I only look for stocks with a 3% dividend yield or higher and most of them have that 3 to 6 percent dividend yield why didn’t I just go for dividend stocks of 1215 percent some of those very high yield investments with very high yield stocks and and it’s something I’m going to talk about tomorrow and I’ve got actually I’ve got a portfolio of 5 high yield dividend stocks 6 percent dividend yields or higher and you know I’m gonna rank those I’m gonna share why I picked those and what are the risks in picking those high-yield stocks because what’s really interesting and you’ll see this in the video tomorrow what is very interesting is of those 5 dividend stocks from 6% yield all the way up to I think one is paying a 15% yield on that investment the 6% yield the the two that are right around six percent yield were actually the best performers over the last three years you know one of them is a 30 percent annualized return over the last three years so so basically doubling in the last three years but it only pays a six percent yield so definitely I you just can’t look that high-yield you can’t just look at that yield to when you’re looking for that highest total return but I’m going to talk about that tomorrow in tomorrow’s video how to find those high-yield stocks and that high total return and and kind of some of the risks to watch out for Wednesday and Friday we’re going to switch into some passive income ideas so so Wednesday I’m ranking 18 passive income ideas you know most of which I use myself on a monthly basis you know which are the most passive which is the most or the easiest to set up and make money and then some of them that it might take a little bit longer to actually make pass it to setup but they’re gonna make you thousands a month so a very very important video coming up Wednesday and then Friday we’ve got passive income investments which are going to be gonna be a fun one you know kind of a mix of investing and passive income so now I you know I want to get to these dividend funds ranked because I think this is a really interesting strategy of using these funds not only is as an exclusive part of your portfolio so just investing in funds but actually using it in a strategy that I’m going to share with you after we look at these four funds that I that I’ve picked out and talked about so you know there there are some factors that that lead to dividend outperformance okay everyone on the the channel knows I’m a huge believer in dividends because they just they just outperform the market you know you paid to invest that dividend is it always every year that dividend is going to be a positive cash return whether stock prices go up or down you’re always gonna make a positive return from those dividends and then on a total return basis dividends just outperform you know I looked at some Morningstar research just this last week kind of researching for this for this this live stream and there’s really two factors that lead to that dividend outperformance you know you’ve got typically dividends are in you know higher dividends of course are are in sectors with a lower valuation you know you’ve got utilities you guys consumer staples a lot of these sectors that you know might have a little bit slower growth than tech than biotech than a lot of those other sectors but it’s you know so so investors aren’t paying for that growth they’re paying for the actual cash flows and that kind of thing so you get valuations that are a lot lower you got that value of okay typically value stocks just outperform growth stocks okay because you know generally people jump into growth stocks they bid the price so high and then you know that growth doesn’t materialize or we get some kind of a stock market correction or a crash and and those stocks just gets slammed they just get hammered while the the value stocks tend to you know tend to tend to do a little bit better they don’t necessarily miss the miss the market crash completely but they don’t fall quite as bad as grow stocks the other side of that or the other the other factor that leads to dividend outperformance corn in this resource whistling you know more stable cash flows right and this kind of feeds into that that whole idea that we just talked about really it’s just that you know dividend stocks and high dividend stocks generally these companies have more stable cash flows of course that’s why they can offer these dividends because they know that they’re gonna have money coming in you know regularly to to grow the company and pay this dividend and of course you know that’s just rewarded by Wall Street that’s we rewarded by investors when you have a company with stable stable cash flows so you know now I want to share three factors before we get to those four funds I’m going to show you four funds rank them for high-yield funds that I think you can add to your portfolio in great pics but I want to share three factors that you want to look for when you’re trying to pick dividend funds okay everybody on the community knows I’m not just about just putting out a list of stocks to invest in or funds to investment I want to give you the tools here to do your own research to pick your own funds you know if you don’t like these funds or maybe you know in the future if you want to change funds I want to give you the tools to be able to pick these yourself so whenever you’re looking at an ETF an exchange-traded fund or any fund in which you want to invest the first thing you want to do is look at expense ratios right and and this is just how much the company is charging you each month to to invest in that fund for the portfolio demand manager to manage those assets or those stocks within that fund you know how much are they charging you and we’ve seen a massive drop in expense ratios over the past decade over the past five years you know really a race to the bottom firm you know Vanguard Charles Schwab shares all the may fun companies have really been lowering their ratios their expenses quite a bit so that’s that’s great you know but you always want to look and make sure that the expense ratio is is lower than maybe some of the ones compared to it and you always want to look just like in stocks where you compare stocks within the industry against each other you don’t compare you know a tech stock against a consumer staples stock right you compare a tech stock where the tech stock in funds you always want to compare that expense ratio in you know other alternatives within that that theme okay so if you’re looking at dividend funds you want to compare the expense ratio with in dividend funds okay you don’t you don’t compare the expense ratio in a dividend fund with one that’s in there like an active management you know leveraged fund or something of course that one that’s gonna have a higher expense ratio just because it’s more actively managed it’s you know maybe a leveraged fund something like that so you really can’t compare the two but you compare the the expense ratio you also want to look for diversification across sectors and this is hugely important one that something I think most people kind of miss when they’re looking at funds especially dividend funds is you know how much do that does that fund have in each sector maybe even each country or region wherever the fund invests in and a great example of this is the SP Y the spyder S&P 500 fund it’s that that main and really them the most popular ETF out there just because it covers shares of the SP 500 the broad market the SP why people love to invest in that and think you know I’ve got all the investor I’ve got all the the investment all the diversification I need because it holds the entire market well the problem here is that if you look into that SP Y that fund the the the SP and you look into the SP 500 index the market itself you’ll see that just like three sectors are about 50 percent of the fund you know you’ve got tech you’ve got I want to say and I should bring up the add the page but I’m not going to you’ve got teka and you’ve got like two other sectors that are about 50% of the SP 500 and their their growth stocks their their growth sectors their sectors that have grown so much over the last ten years that the market cap of those sectors is so high that they just dominate the sp500 well what happens is of course if you invest in that SP Y if you invest broadly into just the SP 500 then you know you are highly exposed to any kind of market weakness any kind of economic weakness because you’re in just these three sectors that are highly cyclical okay so when that market correction does come or the crash or what have you then that fund is going to fall quite a bit more than maybe another fund that might have a little bit more diversification in other sectors okay there’s nine sectors of the economy there’s there’s tech there’s health care consumer staples utility utilities you know industrials materials so these nine major sectors you want that diversification across those or very least you want to understand yourself as an investor whether you’re a high risk investor or maybe somebody wants a little bit lower risk and be able to be diversified you know in those sectors that that kind of align with your with your personality right if you’re a high risk investor then yeah maybe you want a lot of your money in tech in industrials and those cyclical sectors that are gonna swing back and forth pretty wildly with the economy but if you are a you know buy and hold a less risk investor risk averse investor then you know you’re going to want to have more money in those those safer sectors like utilities telecom consumer staples health care things like that so you really have to watch for this diversification in these sectors in these funds okay and the third factor is just just kind of looking at the fund itself the returns to date you know you can’t just look at hi the highest yield in these funds and I get this so much and this is actually something we’re gonna cover tomorrow in that in Monday’s a video about high-yield stocks is that so many people they just they look for the highest yield and you know one you get so many companies that you know have those those very high yields the high single digits low double-digit yields and it’s just because the dividends haven’t been haven’t been changed yet you know maybe the company’s in trouble stock prices coming down so much that that dividend yield increases okay because dividend yield is just the dividend divided by the stock price so if the stock price comes down and the dividend stays the same that yield is gonna skyrocket okay but what happens when you know when when the company looks at its cash flows during the next during the next quarter and the board says hey we can’t support this dividend they cut the dividend and you know it’s it’s just a bad news all around you know this it usually isn’t quite as bad for a fund that holds hundreds of companies together but it can be the same thing for a fun so you can’t just look at the high the highest yield fund for the stocks you want to invest in a good example is is the Oppenheimer ultra dividend fund which actually targets like the 60 highest yielding stocks from the SP 900 I think it is and it has historically underperformed the Russell 1000 index you know just by just just by blanket targeting those 60 highest yielding stocks its underperformed to the index because yeah in in those highest yielding stocks there are some problems that you need to be aware of and you need to watch for so so now we’re going to get on to those for dividend funds that that I want to talk about for funds I think that that you can you know that you can you can count on you can look to for for some of the best funds for not only high dividend yields but total return as well a very important idea that you get into that you look at Total Return the first one we’re going to look at here is the spider portfolio SP 500 high dividend ETF that’s ticker SP yd it’s got a four point one seven percent dividend yield and the expense ratio is just point zero seven percent so one of the lowest expense ratios you’ll get you’ll find and it’s a great just kind of low cost core fund right you’re looking at a broad market exposure here and at a low cost it’s return to 12 percent annualized since its inception now this one hasn’t been around for that long so that 12 percent is a little bit skewed because it didn’t have to you know it doesn’t have returns from the like the 2008 stock market crash so a little bit skewed there but you know it’s it’s it’s a good overall fund look at the holdings here it’s a very heavily it stood in real estate you know consumer consumer discretionary utilities which you know consumer discretionary is a little odd here because you wouldn’t generally think of that as as high-yield but some of these others these other larger sectors like real estate utilities financials are those high-yield sectors so fairly well well balanced it’s I you know it still does have it could used a little bit better a little bit better diversification and for that I want to look at the the vanguard of Vanguard high did high dividend index ticker vym now this one has a little bit lower dividend yield three point two six percent a little bit lower expense ratio as well not by Macchio point zero six percent expense ratio so another low-cost core fund and this one is actually a little bit better diversified that’s why you know given the to I think I might go with the Vanguard fund here because you know you do have a little bit better diversification and you see that here you know basic materials you see you know industrials eight point three percent whereas I think on the the spider fund it was it was much lower so you don’t have that overweight exposure in in some of these you know some of these some of these cyclical sectors like oil and gas I think was much higher exposure in the spider fund you know this one the Vanguard high dividend index b ym has provided fifteen point five percent over ten-year annualized returns so a little bit higher total return on that even though it’s a little bit lower dividend yield so so definitely you know look for a little bit more a little bit more diversification and in that total total return next is probably my favorite fund and anyone in the community knows this because I point this fund out constantly you’re probably tired of me talking about the Vanguard real estate ETF the V&Q three point nine six percent dividend yield 0.12 percent expense ratio so a little bit higher than those core funds but but still very low compared to a lot of other funds you’re gonna find and and not bad considering that this is a little bit more actively managed you know fun this this fund holds I want to say eighty let’s go to the the holdings here this fund holds a hundred and eighty eight REITs you know 188 real estate investment trusts so great companies for dividend yields and it’s fairly well diversified across different regions of the country different property types you know you don’t have a huge exposure to to retail real estate investment trusts are just thirteen point six percent in in in retail REITs which I like because you know they’ve had a big problem with with you know they’ve got a big problem with that ecommerce trend and a lot of these traditional retail spaces are having a hard hard go of it so it’s it’s very well diversified and you know when we’re talking about these these dividend funds you know everybody wants to go dividend stocks and dividend funds but you you have to be diversified in that real estate portion as well so so a great way to and you know add real estate exposure to your portfolio get use out of some of that risk in in dividend stocks and like you saw in yesterday’s or a Friday’s video on our portfolio update this B&Q was eighteen percent throughout the whole month of May okay so I started May with an 80 percent tone return for the year or return for the year ended May with that same eighteen percent didn’t suffer that seven percent you know sell-off that we saw in the rest of the market so a great way to a diversify your risk in your portfolio and protect the money that you’ve earned there our last dividend fund that we’re going to look at before we get to you know I’m gonna I’m going to show you a ranking or rank these four funds so I show you a graphic there and then I’m going to talk about that set that strategy that you can use with funds and stock picking to get kind of the best of both worlds and this one is the AML P this is another one that I talk constantly about it’s also in our twenty nineteen portfolio challenge because you know it’s it’s got lots of the same benefits as the real estate fund as the B&Q so the Alerian MLP ETF ticker a it’s a fund of like we talked about before a fund of those energy assets okay so so these are pipelines storage facilities things like that pays an eight point two percent dividend yield okay so one of the highest dividend yields you’ll find from a fund it has a little bit higher expense ratio of 0.85 percent expense ratio it’s a little bit more actively managed some than some of these but but it’s really hard to beat that that dividend yield and and again why I like this is you know this is going to this is going to diversify your portfolio you see here that most of these assets most of them are midstream energy assets with pipelines gathering and processing you’ve got some storage assets in there but it’s you know it’s just a different sector of the economy than a lot of these other dividend stocks so it’s going to it’s going to protect your portfolio it’s going to give you a lot of the tax break advantages that the MLPs get and and with this you get no k1 form I know so so a lot of you love you want to invest in MLPs but you’re kind of hesitant you’re kind of scared of that k1 tax form that you get every year with with an MLP investment well with the fund you don’t get that k1 form so it’s taxed just like a you know just like any other fund and and you can hold it in a in a retirement account and you know pass those taxes pass those taxes each year tax deferred each year in those retirement accounts so now looking back at the return on this it’s been tough you know you had that that huge sell-off in in energy in oil prices in 2014 that really hurt a lot of energy companies and they haven’t fully rebounded yet so you know the longer-term return on this one is skewed a little bit from that but it’s it’s a great return you know over the little bit shorter term over the last couple years and then before that big sell-off as well I actually did some research for a corporate client once comparing the the dividend yield that the yield on the 10-year Treasury and the return on the am LP or the dividend yield on the MLP and when you get what happens is if you look historically over where that dividend yield on this fund has been versus the 10-year Treasury note so 8.2% on the on the fund right now two points so seven percent two point one percent on the 10-year Treasury right now if you look historically at when the spread has been that much when there’s been that much of a difference then the forward return on this fund has just been excellent you know we’re talking 20 30 40 percent returned forward returns on this fund so you know of course past past history is no no guarantee of future results but but some very convincing evidence that that there were total returns will be there for this for this fund now I’ve got one more graphic here on you know ranking these funds kind of comparing the over the last well this is a year-to-date graph on these funds so you’ll see the the V&Q has just outperformed and a lot of that is that interest rate exposure you know obviously the real estate is very highly leveraged in debt so anytime you’ve got rates coming down interest rates coming down then then interest rate or the real estate tends to outperform right because because you know their their funding costs get lower so so there’s being q this Bangor real estate fund has done 20% year-to-date outperformed all the others outperformed the market by about double then you’ve got the looks like the a MLP is next with eleven point seven percent return year-to-date the vym so that Vanguard core kind of core broad market has done ten point seven percent and then the SP yd has come in at a flat 10% yield to year today which right around where the the market has been so far so now I want to talk about that a strategy to use both of these to get really the best of both worlds I know a lot of you want to you know pick individual stocks you want maybe a little bit higher return than the market if you can and then some people just want those those funds but I’m gonna tell you a strategy that I use that is really you know the best of both worlds is going to help you get that stress-free fund strategy it’s going to help you get those Margaret and those high dividends but it’s also going to help you juice your portfolio return just a little bit with with maybe some individual stocks and this is called the core satellite strategy okay and some of you might have heard me talk about this before and basically because it’s it’s the strategy I use the strategy I used with private wealth clients when I was working in that industry because it is so effective and effective and is such a great strategy and what happens here is with the core satellite strategy you want to put you take your whole portfolio and maybe 70% of that you know 65 to 75 percent of that of your strategy so you have a hundred thousand dollars to invest seventy five thousand you should put into these dip into these funds okay not necessarily just the dividend funds right you’ve got a diversified broad you know broad exposure into different types of funds so your bond exposure your bond funds that can go in there your stock funds your real estate funds that Vanguard real estate ETF the a MLP to get that exposure so it’s just broad market exposure in these funds and what that’s going to do is you know it’s going to give you those those dividends from that it’s going to give that market return it’s just going to be a stress free way to invest your money that buy and hold hold these great low-cost funds for for 20 or 30 years and and you’ll never have to worry about them right then what you do is you take that rest of your money or the rest of your money in your portfolio 20 25 30 percent and you invest in that group of individual stocks that you really love now we’re talking you know no more than 10 or 15 individual stocks if there’s one thing I want you to get from the channel when the investing videos on the channel is that you can’t just watch a youtube channel you can’t watch CNBC and just get a list of stocks and pick you know and invest in 30 or 40 individual stocks just from that you have to do your own analysis and you got to keep up with that analysis every re checking those stocks to make sure that you know they’ve got the competitive advantages they’re the best debride stocks that you really want to own so you know what limiting your part of your portfolio into those stocks is going to be is going to do it’s you’ve only got 20 to 25 percent so you’ve only got enough money to maybe put into 10 or 15 stocks right so that limits the number of stocks that you’re probably going to invest in anyway that’s just going to you know help help you save some time be able to only focus on those very high quality stocks that you truly believe in right but of course you know because you’re because you’re doing the end analysis you’ve got that individual like that handful of really great companies then it’s going to give you the chance to do a little bit better than the market return you get from the funds okay so so maybe you get another 4 or 5% total return on those stocks compared to what you would if you had a hundred percent in funds so just a great way to to make your portfolio make your investing strategy stress-free with with the majority of your of your portfolio but still get those extra returns so now I want to open it up to Q&A I’ve seen a lot of good comments come across and I’m going to scroll up and and try to catch a lot of those comments that came across but if I don’t get your question or if I don’t say just go ahead and ask it again in the chat there so I can uh so I can make sure that I see it again thank you everyone for joining us here and this is my favorite part of the of the livestream each week it’s just kind of you know talking back and forth with you looking at your your comments and your in the chat window here ok hello from England Wow England we got Ireland Tallahassee another one at the SP HD fairly safe and not very volatile and actually a good point that I wanted to want to bring up talking about these these dividend funds and especially the core the low-cost core funds like that spider portfolio the Vanguard high dividend yield there are going to be there are other Podesta’s good really and you could probably go into I think this SP HD is is probably another good pick very low cost very low expense ratio well diversified more or less I think I picked the the spider the the SP why D here just because it was a little bit more diversified I’d have to check that again but but yeah you know a lot of these funds are going to be very similar just basically just different investment companies offer it’ll use those three factors that I talked about you know expense ratio diversification across sector Total Return instead of just the highest yield to really pick you know between funds what else whatever variable to evaluate an etf product so so definitely you go through those those those factors you know look at the expense ratio look at the diversification because most of these you know mostly is especially dividend funds they’re going to be passively managed more or less the manager is going to have a set criteria of what he or she can can invest in as far as stocks or you know they just have to follow a pretty passive index so you know the manager isn’t gonna really have a whole lot to do they’re just they’re just following this index and these rules to invest in so a lot of these these different funds especially the dividend funds like I said be very similar across Vanguard iShares Blackrock you know so so so they’re they’re gonna be very similar don’t feel like you have to get the absolute absolute best one because you know you’re a total return difference is probably going to be maybe a percent or two over the over the long term so so and we’ve got can you please adjust stocks to buy like you did with Campbell Soup I’d like to I mean not really a not really stock picking live stream we’ve got I will do another stock pick and live stream maybe a not next week but the the next week and I’ve got some some videos coming up on how I pick stocks I’ve got one video that’s gonna be very exciting coming up on how I pick IPO stocks and whether you should invest in an IPO I had a lot of people ask for the S for the video so I put it together kind of how I looked at IPOs when I worked for venture capital firms so so private investments IPO investments working for those venture capital those early investors how I looked for stocks and I’m so I’m going to share that so so not necessarily not going to talk about how to pick individual stocks right now I want to keep it a little bit broader but I will I will definitely get to that thank you for suggestion of investing is you’re welcome dart Nita always always love to see the the people that come back you know every week for the live stream and have this conversation it’s it’s it’s really nice I really appreciate it you know if you have a hundred shares of stock with portfolio buy a thousand if I sold a weekly covered calls a fifty dollar premium how come my balance not a thousand fifty when can I withdraw that fifty well you know with you or with your with your covered call strategy so actually a great great option strategy one that I use and it really helps to protect your your risk on a lot of stuff is it’s basically selling someone else the right to buy that stock away from you and you know and they pay you a premium for doing that so what they’re talking about here is that okay if you’ve got a thousand dollars in the stock you collect fifty dollars from selling these calls to someone you know when can I win kind can I use that $50 one kind of invest it and the thing is you know a lot of a lot of these investing sites the platforms they want to account for that there’s still risk in that you know you’ve still you still got basically it’s an unlimited risk because if that stock goes yeah you know through the roof then you still got you still got to sell it for for that for that amount so that fifty dollars isn’t necessarily yours yet they want to they want to keep that in reserve so when those calls expire that’s when you’ll have that that fifty dollars you know that basically the the value of that call will you know to window all the way down to the intrinsic value by the time the stock that the call expires and you know so gradually you’ll be able to use that extra money but when you first saw the other call option and that your account shows that extra fifty dollars then you know you still got that’s still like a liability right that fifty dollar premium that’s still a liability so as that you know you have to wait till that comes down to zero or it comes down to the intrinsic value anyway of the of the call to be able to actually use that money what else I can use so just more strategy using on Morningstar not not quite sure what you what you mean there what the question is there I mean I use your mornings they really it’s kind of data research they’ve got great financial information there you know so you get all the all the company’s finances stuff like they’re not necessarily strategies that I use but just you know information that I get from home what else took a bunch of short positions on retail who’s doing good then then recovered should I sweat the dividends and and hold on okay so so that’s a good question because you know when you short a stock then you have to pay all the dividends that those that those companies pay retail has been having a tough year tough many years actually and I haven’t really looked at kind of the the ebb and the flow of the stock prices with that kind of trading idea then obviously you really need to look at to investor sentiment I know I wrote a book a couple of years ago can’t remember what it’s called but but basically it was saying and it’s very true that stock prices you know within a year are all about investor sentiment okay you know you’ve got fundamentals that exert themselves financials you know earnings growth that exerts itself over the longer term so you can find companies that have those strong fundamentals those strong financials that are going to grow find those for long term picks but you know a year to year within a year it’s all about investor sentiment what investors are paying for those earnings so so so for any trading strategy it’s all about investor sentiment you got to look at okay you know I have investors beating these stocks down enough to where any news is going to be good news and I think you know I think a lot of the retail companies have have been hurting especially bad lately so you know it might be it might be time they come up temporarily a temporary rebound I don’t think they fixed their problems so I think the the overall trend is probably going to be lower than downward especially for a lot of these department store larger department store retail companies but you know if you’re shorting if you’re you’re doing that trading strategy then and yeah you really have to make sure that you’re in and out at a good time Greg asked could you explain how expenses are taking from an ETF and how to effect NAV liquidity not a whole lot of effect on on the liquidity expense ratios expenses generally taking taken and you know I’d have to check actually it’s been so long since since I’ve actually looked into it but expense ratios are quoted on an annual basis so that point zero seven percent annual annual expense ratio is an annual basis but I think they take it out on more on like a monthly basis I’d have to check to see you know when exactly they’re taking out it might be different for eg ETF the thing is especially with a lot of these funds that we’ve talked about it and and a lot of the funds out there the expense ratio is so low that it’s really almost negligible I mean we’re talking point zero seven percent so that’s not even a percent it’s not even a tenth of a percent an expense ratio on that so you know whether it’s ten comes out monthly or whether it comes out in the entire year at once you’re probably not even going to notice a whole lot of it unless you’ve got a huge position in one fund and you just notice you know 10 20 bucks comes out all at once what’s your opinion on LMT you know I haven’t I haven’t looked at it I’ll mt4 for a couple of couple of weeks or months even but like we talked about I think in our trade war livestream I think was I don’t know if it was last week or the week before you know it’s it’s not a trade war with China it is a cold war it is a developing evolving cold war and that is going to you know that’s going to mean longer-term longer term profits sales and and support for these aerospace and defense funds you know so not only are we seeing an increase in defense spending and likely very strong long-term support for the defense spending spending but these are these other aerospace so so you know going to the moon going to Mars these these these aerospace companies are doing well as as well of course you know with the exception being Boeing because it’s got its own its own problems so you know you will you definitely want to do more more analysis in LMT itself make sure that it hasn’t gotten too far ahead of itself look at the debt look the you know the the earnings and that kind of thing but but long-term I really do like those those defense names LMT Raytheon actually just announced they’re close to a merger with the aerospace division of United tech so so that might create a pretty strong competitive advantage in that company and I think it’s gonna all be going to Raytheon’s name so Raytheon LMT some of those other defense defense names should I still be buying Keo stock even though it’s hitting 52-year 52-week highs I mean it’s hard it’s hard to justify paying some of these stock prices I will say that coca-cola is actually in a you know in a video that I’m doing that I just finished and it’ll be up it within the next few weeks that you know talking about investing in the stock as a part of a passive income dividend investing strategy because you know it’s hard to beat the sale the scale and the distribution of coca-cola they are diversified across different drinks you know not only soft drinks but juice milk pretty much everything everything you drink into your body so some great competitive advantage they’ve asked actually been going into asset light model over this last year which is why it’s been hitting that 52-week high you know they’ve been selling off franchising reef ranch eyes in a lot of their bottle bottling partnerships so you know taking those assets off the book and really becoming more efficient and higher profitability so so yeah it’s been reaching those highs but it could still be a you know good good good good investment to come and long long-term it’s you know you can’t be beat can’t be beat for dividend and and safety there what else do we have in the via ym is real estate included in the financial I think it might be I’d have to check and look at the prospectus but you know it’s it probably would be but it’s something you definitely want to check if you’re balancing it with that banker to real estate fund maybe not to get too much exposure in that what else do we have here too still hurting the Biddy banger yeah energy has been tough over the last few years but but you know sometimes the best the best times to buy not quite sure what you mean on the 2575 rule as it applies to MLP MLP funds so all the so like the so like the core satellite strategy I guess and what I mean with the core satellite strategy is you’re taking your entire portfolio with that 7525 split so so within that I mean you know you can do that by asset classes as well so you know how much you want to invest in stocks how much you want to invest in bonds and how much in real estate you know whether you include MLPs within that stock portion or have its own section you know maybe I think I have about 10% in my total net worth in MLP so maybe a little bit lower so whether you want to separate it out from stocks or not but what you can do is in these each of these asset classes have a core satellite strategy in there as well you know so within stocks within the portion of the sixty seventy percent of your money total money you have in stocks then okay seventy-five percent of that is in funds and twenty five percent is individual companies within bonds as well you can have individual bonds and funds within real estate you can have maybe real estate investment trusts or the well maybe the broader V&Q fund or or maybe an international fund I think that’s the rwo is the is the Vanguard international reach fund you can have that as your core part of your portfolio and then individual reads as the satellite so again with it with MLP funds if you have your MLP assets that you want separated from everything else then you take maybe 75% of that you put that in the a MLP and then with the other 25% maybe you pick out a few individual MLP funds that you can invest in and of course you know like we said you want to you want to separate that the a MLP the fund goes into a into a tax-free or tax deferred retirement account the individual MLPs go into a into a taxable a regular taxable account okay div yeah I haven’t looked at the div as far as the the as far as the the price action on that the thing I will say about funds it’s very hard for a fund to be a dividend trap in itself because it just holds so many companies you know individual companies like we talked about individual companies within that fund can be a dividend trap but it’s very hard for the fund itself unless you know the manager has been kind of going rogue and investing in more of these these very high high-yield investments that that might be dividend traps themselves so what happens if you hold the a MLP in a taxable account it’s just gonna be just like just text like like any other fund okay then I’d have to check see how much of the the a MLP dividends are qualified dividends if they are but but my general I think the a MLP that the dividends you received from there are pretty much the same as any other ETF so it’s going to be you know you’re gonna have qualified dividends in there the the prospectus will break it out or the the annual tax form will break it out for you but you know it’s a it’s basically just going to be your you’re gonna be paying income taxes or taxes every year on those on those dividends you receive so it definitely definitely hold that in a in a in a retirement account is there a commodities fund there is I don’t you know I haven’t I didn’t really look at a whole lot of the commodities funds I’m not big on direct investment in the commodities unless it’s with a with a professional you know commodities broker or you know a commodities account because you know commodities paint nothing and tell you until you sell them so so I’m much more interested in you know buying the miners so like maybe a miners fund the gold miners fund I want to say GDX is on is the ticker for that the GDX gold miners fund that way you at least get those dividends you know gold miners can be profitable even as you know gold the price of gold is a little bit lower they can be profitable they can be creating those earnings creating that that positive stock price appreciation even though you know even while if you were investing directly in the metals themselves you wouldn’t be making money or maybe you’d even be losing money because the price would be going down so so there’s that what else we have do you think it’s a good time to buy Cheney stocks so Muhammad s if it’s a good time to buy Chinese stocks Alibaba other China stocks is US market crash cause falling Chinese stocks too well and I think it’s a great time to buy Chinese stocks haven’t looked at Alibaba in a couple weeks but you know it’s a very strong company it’s basically the Amazon of everywhere else except America ok Amazon’s got a pretty good lock on on the US but but Alibaba is really expanding its influence outside of China and really globally so so Alibaba is generally for a longer term I think a great pick some of these other Chinese stocks as well we own the LFC so China life in our in our portfolio we own the the FX I which is a China China fund and and ok so your second question there does the US stock market crash cost falling Chinese stocks too there is going to be some some you know contagion effects is what they call them contagion being that you know if investor sentiment crashes in one country especially a country as large as the United States then then obviously that’s gonna that’s gonna affect stocks in other countries it’s not a one-for-one relationship though and that’s that’s a big reason why you want to diversify into not just American stocks American companies with Chinese sales you want to diversify into Chinese domestic companies okay so Alibaba so 10 cents so you know China life that kind of thing because that that relationship isn’t one-to-one you know China China’s economy could be growing at five six percent even if the US economy goes into a recession so so you’re still gonna have some good upside potential over there and if nothing else you know it’s gonna it’s going to smooth out your your your your your overall portfolio what else think you really didn’t understand the expense ratio with ETF so the expense ratio is so with with an ETF and exchange-traded fund just like you know the old me no funds somebody is running that a company is over managing that fund and and like I said most of them are just buying the index or buying the sp500 or buying a portion of that or they’ve got rules about which stocks they invest in but there’s still a lot of expenses that they have to pay they have to make the portfolio managers the analysts you know everybody within that company so there’s an expense ratio an expense that you pay to own those shares those shares of that fund okay so whereas if you buy shares of coca-cola you can hold those forever your they don’t cost you anything to hold on because you know you just don’t shares of coca-cola if you hold a fund there’s people that are you know people that are managing that fund incurring expenses on their side and you have to pay them to be able to to be able to own that fund so so the expense ratio is just a percentage of its basically the the assets of that fund you know but it comes down to you know per share you can look you can think of it as a per share expenses as well you know that percentage of the stock price that you have to pay okay because the stock price is related to the the asset value of that of that company so just know that it’s it’s an expense you pay that comes out of your invest in account for the the the total investment value that you have in that fund each year and and look for the lowest ones obviously okay what other questions do we have can you please share a link to your m1 PI for the investment challenge it’s kind of hard to share links while I’m doing this I will put a link in the in the video description below to the investment challenge if you want you can just go to a go to the home page for let’s talk money go to playlist and it’s the 2019 stock market challenge playlist there and then that’ll have all seven videos in that stock market challenge it shows the fund or the the portfolio how its developed I think I started with 10 stocks but now we’re up to maybe 14 so it’s like 7 stocks and some dividend or some some other funds and and that kind of thing but I will share that in the you know in the video description by div because the monthly pay dividend the dividend trap because it seems like the price continues to fall faster than dividend can make up for it yeah and that’s that’s the kind of thing with with dividends is is you really have to look at the you know the the the diversification to make sure that it’s not overly exposed to one specific sector so if the sector Falls and comes into trouble a economic trouble or cyclical trouble then then that that helps for it but but yeah you know I haven’t looked at the DI B lately so I don’t know exactly what sectors it’s in or why maybe it’s losing value faster than some of these other dividend funds you got to understand that during may you know almost all dividend funds are gonna are going to have lost value other than that Vanguard REIT that we looked at just because they’re their general market funds for the most part so we are coming on in a little over an hour for this livestream want to wrap it up a little bit again thank you so much forever everybody for being here I appreciate it I enjoy these this back and forth that we get every week for the for the live stream please you know if you if you ever have a comment or feedback or advice you know I love learning from you as well just you know ask it in the comments or put it in the comments to a video I always I read every single comment we get and and look for those look for those videos coming out this week gonna be some great videos tomorrow that high-yield investments ranked video the five the five highest yield stocks that I like one of them a thirty percent annualized return over the last three years so huge return plus that Plus that high dividend yield and then those passive income investments passive income idea videos that we got Wednesday and Friday but I will with that I will close it up and I appreciate it thank you for all bit for being here and I will see you again next week