Paypal’s SECRET V.I.P. – How To Get It (Funds Now)

hey everybody Scott Hills – here with you today now before I started this video I just want to really stress be sure to subscribe and turn post notifications on because I answer any and all questions within the first hour of every video that’s by far the best way to get in direct contact with me you will receive a response if you comment within the first hour and please be sure to hit like hidden like supports my channel supports the algorithm and ultimately supports unique videos like this there’s not a video like this on the YouTube right now I just looked it up there’s no clear-cut way of how to get this and it’s called PayPal VIP officially it’s called PayPal funds now but it’s VIP access I got this about a year ago just completely randomly I didn’t understand how I got it I just rarely got an email it said congratulations you’re and PayPal funds now programs like great so basically what that means is there’s no holds or delays on any of your money if someone disputes say a couple thousand dollars you still get to keep that money while the disputes going on they don’t hold any money there’s a lot of people out there who got the unfortunate result of PayPal keeping their money for like 180 days so this is ridiculous so having PayPal VIP aka funds now is how you surpass that but it also gives you priority access to the customer service so when you call like when I call PayPal I just immediately get a representative I don’t go through the like what would you like to talk about the like last time I call it was like immediate I didn’t have to wait in any line like I usually was waiting in lines now I don’t have to wait in any line I just get immediate access to their customer service so like it’s great it’s amazing especially if you’re a drop shipper we all know that PayPal’s you know not too keen on drop shipping they allow it but like you got to be careful with what you do or you will have a quarter million dollars locked up if you’re unfortunate so yeah guys it’s great like when you’re making these sales it’s an you can immediately immediately take it out of your account and say someone like disputes a couple hundred dollars so not only will that dispute not even matter well I might matter eventually if you lose it but you but from my experience when you have funds now like they kind of lean towards you to the VIP so and you meet the proper criteria that gives you the credibility over anybody basically without VIP or fun’s now so in that aspect it’s amazing so without further ado let me get into the steps on how you can become a PayPal VIP slash funds now member so according to PayPal you have to have bare minimum six months with a business account specifically like you have to at least have six months of use on that business account before you even qualified or even close to eligible funds now slash VIP understandably next you really want to have a strong selling history so since one of my first stores was that iPhone case that I was only charging thirteen dollars for I’ve had you know over twenty thousand transactions within that year just from that store alone and I was also taking transactions on other stores that I was doing through PayPal so that it was around like order fourteen thousand is when they I randomly got this email and I got it at an interesting time so I feel like PayPal they give a broad eligibility check on their on their website it’s the six months of the business account strong selling history and confirmed account information to keep your account secure so you have to confirm it email verification all all of that but here is why I feel like I got VIP slash funds now over a lot of people because I was talking to jarrod and Jarrod’s done millions of dollars through PayPal millions and he’s never even heard of this before so I was wondering like huh there must be like a key aspect that people are missing or like a key component that they don’t even really mention on PayPal and I was thinking of back to when I got this like what what did i do what did I do to deserve this okay I had a lot of transactions that’s good my return rate was less than 1% that’s really great aspect you have to have a low return rate and a low dispute rate in order to be considered for this for sure but then I remembered okay last April about a year ago I took out a five thousand dollar working capital loan and if you guys don’t know what those are PayPal offers it and I’m not trying to like promote it or anything like I’m not getting paid by pay bow for this or anything I’m just I really believe this was the final component that allowed me to get this priority access to PayPal funds now slash PayPal VIP so a working capital loan is something to offer by PayPal where for example I took out five thousand dollars and then what they did was every PayPal transaction they take a small percentage off small percentage off so I took out the five thousand dollar loan just cuz I just wanted that as extra comfort and then also like I was just curious because I was interesting you know five thousand dollars instantly like this is instant approval into the into my PayPal account and I can transfer it in my bank bank account twenty five cents back then I took that out I think it was like a thirteen month loan I ended up hanging it off in like like five weeks I think so that is what if you really if you have had already a strong selling history already six plus months on the business account and have already verified all your information you’re still not getting funds now you should take out that working capital loan and just pay it off like just wait a couple weeks and pay it off it’s not gonna even cost that much to do it since the interest is expanded out so the sooner you paid off the less interest interest you pay and you can take out a small loan or a big loan really doesn’t matter but I think if you followed those four things again just to review this whole video six months on the business account confirm and verify all of your information and then have a strong selling history with not a lot of disputes and definitely not a lot of loss disputes and then finally if those three don’t work take out a small working capital loan pay it off in a couple weeks and then just see if that works because guys for those of you who are already deep into PayPal or dropshipping with PayPal and everything you understand how huge it is to have no holds ever on your money no holds ever and again this isn’t official but I strongly believe they’ll always lean towards your way like I I barely ever lose a case and then remember throughout all these disputes I’ve never had any of my money held or anything so thank you guys so much for watching I really hope you guys gain some information on this I couldn’t believe there is no YouTube videos about this because this is such a strong powerful tool so yeah be sure to comment tell me what you think be sure to subscribe to post notifications on so you can get in with that in that our window to ask me any questions you like and most of all please be sure at the bare minimum to hit like that helps me out so much let’s get this information out to the public I want as many people to have PayPal funds now such VIP as possible so thanks so much for watching guys peace [Music]

How Many Times Have You Been Stung By Bees? (I got 4 new beehives)

they say getting stung by bees is actually good for you good for arthritis so should I stick my hand in there Alex you got any arthritis Lexi you want to come see the bees you guys doing in here I won’t disturb you okay leave the chickens alone made it back to the farm on a rainy day

They Want You To Be Poor (Millionaire Reacts to Robert Kiyosaki Interview)

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki is one of my most favorite books of all time it has changed my life it has changed my mindset in ways that I don’t think I could ever quantify now with Robert he can’t be somewhat controversial at times but some of the stuff he says I mean it is straight gold but when I saw this interview that he did with be inspired that had over five million views especially with the title that says they want you to be poor it made me wonder is Robert still know what’s what’s going on in the world as he went off the deep end so I want to find out exactly what he had to say in this interview so what you’re going to see today is me reacting to Robert Kiyosaki’s interview where he’s talking about how people the system Society wants you to be poor let’s find out what that is right now [Music] the school systems is actually teaching people to be poor the school system will never teach you about money the school system is designed to teach you to be an employee or a doctor or a lawyer a specialist but I can definitely relate to this because I know for me you know high school for me and I’m I don’t think it’s talking about college as well but I definitely high school I had a consumer education class it didn’t teach me anything really about money I I remember I bounced checks after I graduated I got a credit card debt and not saying that even I would have listened that would have worked but I think what Roberts got going on here I think he is absolutely whatever sent right on this never about money my father was the head of education page day all that stuff I go home and ask him said why don’t we learn about money in school and he looked at me says because the government doesn’t let us teach that subject the government tells us what we can teach what we can’t teach and I thought that was strange and I said but are we going to school to learn about money he says no your job is to get a job poverty has passed on it’s taught in your family I mean I’m sure back in his day when he was in school they didn’t talk anything about money I mean now I am seeing more personal finance classes in high school also in college so I know that this has changed not saying I’m sure every state is different as far as what they actually teach in schools but I think this is definitely evolving now and I don’t think this applies to everybody right now that’s in school families and middle classes taught in families and so the people right now we’re sitting at home who are struggling financially or worried about money or unhappy they may be making a lot of money but on what they’re doing it was probably taught to you your super-ego was taught get a job work hard or you’ll never be rich or the venturi I know for me like with with my dad you know he he echoed a lot of that same advice of go to school get a good job you might might my dad was the one that didn’t want me to give up my salary which at the time was eighteen thousand five hundred my first start as a financial advisor he wanted he didn’t want me to give up my salary because fear of that I if I went on complete commissions and fees that I wouldn’t make it or he want me to get more experience and you know that definitely that scarcity mindset is what he was raised with and that’s all he knew and he attempted to pass that on to me thankfully I listened to his voice but I didn’t follow it by evil or whatever until you change your mindset money won’t help you Rick and we see that with people that win the lottery people to make more money they still have the same problem right because they have that poor man’s soul right if you’re poor you’ll always be poor that’s really hard for people done e will disappear that fast just like most pro athletes you know they make millions of dollars and what 65% are bankrupt five years later it’s because it come from poorer families now you tell them that they get buried now if you are poor you’re always be poor I mean I was poor I was raised I mean I guess it could be considered middle class but you know the the house that I was raised in that might my dad bought I mean he spent seven thousand eight thousand dollars on the house on the house eight thousand dollars per house and no it was not a trailer who is it a Motorhome like it was legit house and so it’s not just yes if your families are poor and you’re raising that you definitely have a higher chance of having that mindset stick but if you are introduced to new concepts and new books like Rich Dad Poor Dad and associate with other people that are big thinkers like you can get out of the rat race and stopping poor very angry I choose not it’s a rich fault you know as you guys ripped me off and government ripped me off but unfortunately what mr. Lipton was saying it’s passed down genetically the moment I pay you you think like an employee that’s the trap entrepreneurs work for free the moment you accept the paycheck your brain goes dead as long as you’re hungry you’ll think you see people say well why don’t you give the poor money it’s the dollar problem with that is just creates more poor people because a man a fish he fishes for the day or eats for the day yeah you give a man a fish you got a lot of people want more fish you know well you teach him to fish but you are the Robin Hood of now so it’s funny just a more recent experience I’ve got a business that I used to own and no longer owned and I’ve had a few people come in that were trying that I hired them to basically do what I did but I made the mistake of giving them too much I was so so focused on making sure that they succeeded that I didn’t make them actually do a lot of work that I had to do and in those situations I recognized that because they didn’t have to put in the work because they didn’t have that same sweat equity they’d have that same risk just like what they’re saying here it they expected things to just be handed to them and it’s so true it’s so true that’s why entrepreneurs typically they will be more successful because they’re willing to take the risk and they’re willing to put themselves out there and they’re not looking for the handout so there is a lot of truth to what they’re saying right here knowledge because I see you giving this knowledge out in yeah that I do the rich people cringe and say don’t tell them that Rob yes yes yes don’t tell people what you know I keep on poor poor will always be amongst us because it starts up here it’s in their words you know and the words become flesh when they say I can’t afford it or I can’t do that they go down they become what they say and I made so many people I don’t afford it you think I’m made of money there is so much truth – this is funny – because as a parenting moment I have really been on to my kids about things that they speak and saying a lot to do with sports but you know I’m I’m not good at this I can I’m not gonna baseball I’m not gonna make the team and I’ve let them know like the more that they say things the more that they believe it the more that you say things out loud the more that it becomes becomes subconscious truth so you start believing it so and this might say here when you keep saying that you’re poor and things are not going to change and and you just stay in that mindset and keep saying those things like you’re basically you’re speaking truth and that truth will remain true as long as you believe it and don’t make the steps to get out of it so there once again a lot of truth of what they’re saying right here my PhD daddy says what do you think I am made of money I can’t afford that and my Rich Dad would say that’s why he’s poor poor people say I can’t afford it I can’t do that I don’t have time because this is an escape it’s an escape you know I mean it’s easier to say I can’t afford oh I come too tired well I can’t go to the gym you know when you could go to the gym you know I can’t truth is I’m just too lazy to go did you and you play it safe what’s the the the the quote or the adage he can’t you can’t deposit excuses at the bank like the bank does not deposit your excuses people got excuses all day long and got time for those excuses you go out and make them make it happen do the work Nathan you don’t introduce new risks into your life and so I have job security right and you’re rich dad used to say what instead of I can’t afford it how can I afford it how can I do that you know what would it take or why should I do that love love love this anytime I hear my kids my wife people that are wanting to change their situation and they say oh I can’t do that or I don’t know how to do that or that that that can’t happen and instead of asking you know why it’s like how like how can happen what do you need to do what are the steps you need to to do today – for that to happen and once you start asking those questions then you start identifying what those steps are and usually it’s they’re simple steps but it’s just changing the mindset changing the questions you’re asking yourself and then taking action a question opens of mine a statement closes the might see but you see I can’t afford it your mind shuts down and you become what you say you know people say well money is not that important to me then if money is not that important to you money is not important to you I mean they you know I mean I don’t care about my the money doesn’t care about you you know it the word does become flesh or I’ll never be rich or the favorite one is the rich or greedy it’s the poor that are greedy you know if you think about it because to be a rich you have to give something you know yet I have to produce books and games and I purchase real estate I provide housing provide jobs and all that that’s why I’m rich but greedy people produce nothing oh no is the Richard are greedy and I’m going hey sports fans you know you point a finger forward three up raining backwards and so as we know there’s a big attitude problem against the rich today will have fear to be truth will have fear it’s just how you deal with it you know Einstein I like what they’re discussing here because I know that somebody that came from nothing and has you know became a self-made millionaire you know multi millionaire it’s one of the things I struggle with you know Magritte you know am i motivated by greed and and a lot of times people will look at you and they’ll point fingers like oh you know they’re just doing it for the money or he’s doing it for his Air Jordans and the shoe addiction and all these other things and but the reality is that once when you actually start a business or you start multi businesses like you’re you’re helping people whether it’s the business that you that you have and the product or the service that you’re producing or the jobs that you are supplying and those are things like that sometimes I forget about but when I start seeing like the the number of people on my team and the impact that my blog and the YouTube videos are making you know like this is all we’re helping people and how awesome that you get paid and you get paid well for helping people I constantly do a gut check and making sure that the things I’m doing are they purely motivated by money or is there a deeper just a deeper result that I’m looking for and it’s taken me a while to figure that out but now I can see that all the things I do now I mean it’s money is not the motivating factor you know it is impact and helping people inspire people to take action science said your imagination is more important than knowledge but knowledge empowers imagination and what most people lack is real business knowledge like accounting you know like debt like taxes you gotta know that stuff but they don’t teach it in school to anybody you know people who are afraid of making mistakes like they teach in school they don’t have a grow because spirituality is as good and there’s bad there’s right and as Rob does up and there’s doubt most people don’t want to be right all I want to be positive well you can’t have that that’s not reality every time I failed it was like goodness okay what have I learned and the average person the reason their pores haven’t failed you know they play it so safe they haven’t made any mistakes like they taught in school that means they don’t learn anything that’s why the school system is actually fundamentally how many times as a kid did you fall riding your bike or riding a scooter or a skateboard and how many times did you have to get back up and try again before you finally got it and I loved that because there’s I’ve had a lot of times in my life where things were safe but there are so many times that I put myself out there and it didn’t work out I have lost thousands and thousands of dollars on business ideas or hopeful investment strategies that didn’t work out but it’s because of that is why I’m here today because I didn’t play it safe I was willing to take risks and put myself out there and those risks has led to what you see right now so love that just uh dropped its anti education and I think what most people do is they let their parents or their friends talk them out of life so afraid of failing but failing is how we succeed our schools punish you for making mistakes that’s why we have so many people are so afraid of admitting they make mistakes are afraid of failing all right so this is good I like this so let’s uh I’m gonna take a break and we’re going to unpack what this whole interview is all about right now all right so that was a really really good interview it was short it was sweet very high quality very well done and really what Robert was saying like there wasn’t a lot of controversial things yes you know school the system the government wants you to stay poor I mean that is a bit of a a bold statement but what I’ve seen and what I’ve witnessed personally is that a lot of what he’s saying like personal finance investing building wealth like these are things for the most part that are not being taught in schools or least to the degree that they should now I know that there are schools that are adopting this and I’ve had many financial education teachers message me saying they’ve used some of my videos in their classes and like that is awesome like awesome for these teachers to you know raising the bar and making sure that their students are getting the financial education they need but I I still have many of you commenting here on my channel that don’t know how to invest don’t know how to get started and the reality is that with technology and information nowadays like that shouldn’t be that hard like there is so much information nowadays and to get started is so much easier than it was five years ago two years ago even a year ago that this is the type of stuff that shouldn’t be happening I mean there should be people that don’t have enough money in their savings to you know pay for a thousand dollar emergency and there shouldn’t be people living paycheck to paycheck so whether that’s on the system or on them to make those bold changes in their lives and just changing that the way they think the way that they believe and taking action I know that I have witnessed so many people that want to point fingers they want to blame the system they want to blame their situation and blame their parents and blame their family for all of their shortcomings but if you spend all your time pointing fingers and other people instead of pointing the finger at yourself and making those bold changes then it’s your life your situation is never going to evolve it’s never going to change for the better so you’ve got to stop pointing fingers and identify what are the things that you got to do and it’s not going to happen overnight it’s going to be a journey it’s going to be could be a long journey it could be a short journey but either way it’s going to be some sort of journey to get to a different stage but it all starts up here and making sure that you do it do the work and take action so what do you think about this what you think about Robert has to say with everybody wanting you to be poor do you think he’s on point have you experienced something different let us know in the comments below we want to find out have you been trained to be poor or have you been given the tools that you need to be successful and achieve rich status alright so until next time peace [Music]

5 Arten von Produkten für E-Commerce – Wann verkauft man was? | Kevin Helfenstein

im e-commerce gibt es fünf verschiedene arten von produkten die du an deine kunden verschickt und diese fünf arten möchte ich dir in diesem video vorstellen viel spaß produktart nummer eins ist das sogenannte saison produkt was ist ein saisonprogramm wasser zu vor und nachteile saisonprodukte kennt jeder es ist 30 grad raus und wir brauchen irgendwie etwas um uns abzukühlen um den effekten cocktail zu machen oder um schwimmen zu gehen das sind nämlich saisonprodukte produkte die nur in bestimmten saison funktioniert wie zum beispiel im cocktail mixer für draußen eine decke für den sand oder ihnen welche schwimmflügel für unsere kleine kinder schwimmflügel für die hunde oder oder oder das sind alles verschiedene produkte die du an seine kunden verkaufen kannst allerdings nur in bestimmten saison bedeutet also du kannst keine schwimmflügel und keine cocktail mixer oder sonstiges während dem winter verkaufen heißt für dich wenn du wirklich sagst okay ich möchte eine saison produkt verkaufen musst du dich darauf vorbereiten wenn du sagst ich möchte jetzt für den winter irgendetwas besonderes verkaufen dann musst du auch bescheid wissen dass du jetzt schon mal anfangen sollte und ihn überlegen sollte ist okay alles klar was nehme ich dann für produkte und wann fange ich an damit weil im oktober und november solltest du bereits fertig sein mit seinem job oder mit den produkten die du dann verkaufen möchtest weil dann eben diese saison anfängt bedeutet im klartext drei monate im vorfeld solltest du bescheid wissen wann du mit diesem produkt staat ist und sollte es auch schon die ideen haben und kurz vor der umsetzung sein kommen wir zum punkt 2 und das ist nämlich mein lieblings produkt ist dass vor diesem produkt kurz was ist eine vor diesem produkt ich glaube dass vor diesem produkt hat eigentlich nur vorteile mir fällt jetzt kein vorteil einen der hier oder nachteil er gesagt was hier nicht gegeben ein four season produkt ist nichts anderes als ein produkt was immer funktioniert winter frühling sommer und herbst dieses produkt lässt sich einfach immer verkaufen vielleicht im winter ein bisschen schlechter vielleicht aber im sommer ein bisschen besser das tendiert immer aber grundsätzlich lässt es sich immer vom kopf verkaufen von daher ist im voraus diesem produkt überhaupt kein ding produktart nummer drei ist das sogenannte trendprodukt und beim trendprodukt sollte man ein bisschen vorsichtig sein oder aber man muss stehen trend wirklich immer verfolgen also grundsätzlich kann ich sagen beim trend produkt ist letztendlich auf kurze sicht und auf kurze dauer das meiste geld drin das ist auf jeden fall so das weiß ich aus erfahrung ich sage immer was in amerika jetzt in ist aber in deutschland noch nicht so wirklich bekannt es wird in den nächsten zwei drei jahren auch hier in deutschland bekannt sein daher muss man sich hier weil wenn man trend produkte verkaufen möchte immer so ein bisschen nach den amerikanischen markt richten denn irgendwann wird dann auch der durchbruch hier für deutschland österreich schweiz komme auf jeden fall nachteil hier auf jeden fall ist man weiß nicht sofort ob es funktioniert es ist schnell vorbei aber man hatte sich einen hohen cashflow eingebaut oder eher gesagt eingesammelt von daher muss man da so ein bisschen schauen grundsätzlich würde ich aber schon mal versuchen so ein trendprodukt zu starten ich bin nach gerne immer bereit ein trendprodukt aufzubauen und ich suche auch immer täglich was ist jetzt aktuell in amerika in was ist vielleicht in australien in kanada england und so weiter und so fort und was gibt es eben in deutschland noch nicht so viel zu dem trend produkt das nächste produkt was wir haben ist das so genannte problem dass problemlöser produkt problemlöser produkt ist ein produkt vergleichsweise mit dem four season produkt denn auch das problem lösen produkt ist ein produkt was häufig verkauft wird allerdings auch nur für einen bestimmten zeitraum also ist so ein mix aus trend und four season produkt problemlöser produkte können zum beispiel seien die tuning wie die füße die füße weh und es gibt irgendwie eine bestimmte sohle dafür dass beim wandern meine füße nicht mehr tun das sind eben problemlöser produkte das ist weder ein saison produkt und noch im four seasons produkt aber weder auch noch ein trendprodukt das weiß man so nicht deswegen ist für mich ein problemlöser produkt habe ich persönlich auch schon mit erfahrung gemacht tendiert sich hier zwischen so ein bisschen ein macht auch auf jeden fall geld und macht auch langfristig geld also es geht jetzt nicht in die richtung von trendprodukten sondern hat zeiten wo es wirklich explodiert hat aber auch zeiten wo man sagt ja geht jetzt gerade so break even von daher ist das wackelt so ein bisschen sage ich mal sowie das trendprodukt aber auf jeden fall profitabler und langfristiger gesehen wie das trendprodukt kombi zum nummer fünf das ist das produkt was ich überhaupt nicht mag und was leider gottes die meisten verkaufen stiftet ist auch weil er ist nämlich dass wegwerfprodukte wegwerfprodukte geht gar nicht weg wer produkt sind produkte womit du sag ich dir jetzt anfänglich machst du damit auf jeden fall geld aber wenn wir dann einen schritt weiter denken was passiert wenn menschen nicht mit deinem produkt zufrieden sind was passiert wenn sie ein produkt bestellen zum beispiel anti stress ball oder so was was dann auf ein offener produktseite extrem cool dargestellt wird und auch so riesig und so viele funktionen aber sobald man das ding in der hand hat ist das nur so groß und man drückt einmal drauf und alles geht kaputt wie wirst du davon begeistert wenn du da für 20 euro bezahlt aber selber vielleicht auch weiß dass es nicht mal ein euro wert ist was passiert mit diesem produkt erster bekommt natürlich eine schlechte bewertung und eine schlechte bewertung aus dem internet wieder raus zu bekommen ist sehr sehr sehr schwierig zweitens es gibt menschen die das produkt zurückschicken und auch wenn du keine kosten drei retour anbietet sondern dass der kunde das selber zurückstecken soll kannst du davon ausgehen dass der kunde dieses produkt zurückschickt und dann wird es auf jeden fall dickes minus haben wenn du diese wegwerfprodukte versuchst zu verkaufen deswegen ich rate immer davon ab so ein produkt zu verkaufen meinte an dieser stelle an dich ist wenn du sagst du verkaufst so ein wegwerf produkttest das produkt vorher das sage ich grundsätzlich zu allen produkten bevor du überhaupt anfängt irgendetwas im internet zu verkaufen bestellt sie lieber einmal selber nach hause sind prüfe das wirklich auf herz und nieren und schaue kann man damit arbeiten oder kann man damit nicht arbeiten kann man das für den preis verkaufen oder ist es nicht gerechtfertigt und wenn du selber der meinung das ok das würde ich für den preis auch kaufen ohne dass du den hintergedanken hast das ist nur ein euro kostet dann kannst du sagen alles klar okay jetzt verkaufe ich dieses produkt dann ist nämlich auch keine wegwerf produktion und pendelt sich dann selbstverständlich unter diese produktpalette ein vielen dank an dieser seite fürs zuschauen ich bedanke mich fürs zuschauen last gerne mal einen daumen nach oben daher sagt mir ob dieses video weitergeholfen hat oder ob dieses video nicht weiter geäußert bis dahin den kämpfen hätten [Musik]

Amazon Just Launched A New Credit Card…

우아 gbic 저희는 1 소아 중이염 4 5 moon soo 이 책이 오면 for 내몰 코어 60 2차 교파 by 50 어폰 또 말게 웹페이지 os 쌩 도안 마리쯤 앵거 era hotel scan 징 4 500ma 오래오래 이빠이 peters 카 sont 쌓인 top 보즈 며 등 역할에 soon ho 코 이거 demon 쿠란의 평도 쿨 아이카 s 웨어 나와 약속을 비누 워크 아닐 터 않좋아 부부 이거이 먹어줘야 오브 파워 센 ids redo unveil hp 교환과정 코너 개수작 ce 그걸 t 께 스쿼트 오블 av 등이다 수업 하우 투 페이스 오브 컬러즈 업되고 나야 옵션 – 4 뭐 더러 이슈 rx ry 빵에 비해 문자나라 5마리 초콜 수 있다 3 2일부터 와이프 r 했 기대는 분들이에요 소리 왜 멀게 내주세요 우리가 해 무서운지 싸이는 18일 컷 어워드 비보이로 골드입니다 칼이 제스쳐 2월로 크레딧 sv 오프 polo 아주 싹 빼고 등이 앞뜰 가르치고 웹 슈프리머시 noi 있는 수천 남심이 있을텐데 2개 마우스 온스 큐레이터 여기서 소통과 퀄컴 즉 예비부부 하고 프로그램 qr 코 알코올 어빙 not 울스포츠 뷔페 이다 두께 디스크에 민아 포머 2 무게 테이 맨 조금은 어려워 o 사업명 의 잎을 아이컨택 볼에 탐스 돼 실속 의 같이 토니 지우드 멕스 악소 빈뇨 센스가 너 납골 주관의 찍고 애썼어 얘는 모르지 플러스 2개 제품 안 했지 e 아크라 레옹 마이닝 어떤 생애에서 비워서 wll 너무 odd 그 아래 비켜서 이동하더니 엄 마 리 오 점 free day or 민속을 신들의 스페인 임원 워크숍 요 그냥 프란츠 코웨이 쓰게 보브컷 ac 키울 크리크 메시 소라는 조리개 메카니컬 컴퍼니 2% 처세 이 추한 을 넣을 앤 데이 버터는 dvr 2 크랙 와인 데코의 포인트도 봐서 이렇게 어부 치환을 다워요 그다음 왜 귀가 5 막 싸우고 칼을 콜드 하트 대게는 준 앱 개발 특허를 컴프리 키는 의 스테이 큐를 파서 2nb 운지 오페어 앞이 카레 컨 자 의무 거주 펌 있어 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Snapchat Ads: Setup & Make eCommerce Sales within 15 Minutes!

and you can be up and running within
literally five minutes with a perfect
piece of creative and your product on
snapchat should you be using snapchat as
another marketing platform for your
e-commerce or dropshipping business
well short answer is if your product or
offering is tailored towards Millennials
then you definitely should be in this
video I’ll teach you step by step how to
effectively advertise on snapchat and
start making sales on a very small ad
spin get into it make sure that you
subscribe to this channel and turn on
post notifications that way you’re up to
date with the latest videos that are put
out now a quick question as well what
platform do you predominantly use when
it comes to advertising and getting paid
traffic to your site let me know down in
the comments below
now let’s get into snapchat marketing
this beast here I want to show you a
couple slides and this is all going to
be about online sales with low ad cost
and that is snapchat so moving on to the
next slide looking at a couple
statistics here because snapchat is
underutilized in my opinion and a lot of
statistics are over not exaggerated
enough in my opinion
so snapchat has approximately 109
million 191 million daily active users
that is huge that is an untapped
potential right there
there are more than 10 billion at daily
video views on snapchat 18 percent of
social media users also use snapchat so
guys that’s 18 percent almost twenty
percent of market share that a lot of
people aren’t tapping into when it comes
to their e-commerce business seventy
eight percent of 18 to 24 year olds use
snapchat regularly now again this is a
big statistic here because like I said
earlier if you’re targeting Millennials
or you think Millennials will
potentially buy your product then you
should be a snapchat this is slightly
above Instagram usage for this
demographic which comes in at only 71%
so again a very interesting note that
actually people within this demographic
use snapchat more regularly than
Instagram but that’s not to say that
Instagram has no place
76% of snapchat users also our online
shoppers this is a really interesting
one that is a very big percentage a lot
of them are online shoppers and no
surprise I mean 78% of 18 20 to 24
year-olds use snapchat regularly you
know normally they’re going to be online
shoppers nowadays moving on to the next
slide what is unique about snapchat and
why should you be on snapchat
two reasons for in my opinion in my view
it’s more authentic for starters when
you think about people using snapchats
it’s really about a very friendly
network it’s very raw it’s not a curated
newsfeed it’s not a curated feed of
images it is you know very raw videos
very raw photos it’s not supposed to be
stylized so it’s seen as more authentic
and secondly there’s less competition
right now anyway there’s less
competition when it comes to getting
that paid space so naturally cost per
clicks are going to be lower and that’s
something that you should get on board
with moving on to the next slide what
are the ad types okay I’m gonna get into
how to set up snapchat ads in a second
but let’s talk about ad types and what
they look like now
snapchat ads cost an average of two
dollars 95 per thousand impressions so
that you’re getting a thousand eyeballs
on your ad for only two dollars 95 which
is significantly lower than instagrams
average of four dollars 20 and of course
Facebook’s newsfeed or other placements
for five dollars and twelve cents
significantly lower like I said so
you’ve got snapchat ads snap ads which
is the traditional in-between story sort
of ads you’ve got web view app installs
long-form videos I will get into this in
a second but for those who don’t know
how snapchat ads work people essentially
watch stories or their friends stories
or whoever they’re following and then in
between a couple stories you’ll be
served an ad potentially your ad so
that’s all the ad types right there
let’s go on move ahead with the next
step which I wanted to show you step by
step over my shoulder how to set up
snapchat ads it is relatively simple but
there are the tricky part is the
self but I’ll give you once again a very
quick solution on that so moving on to
the back end of my snapchat ads manager
first of all most actually if you
haven’t set up your snap snap ads
manager and I’m assuming you haven’t all
you need to do is head on to WDS notch
at calm and simple sign up process as
you normally would you don’t need to be
a snapchat user just set up ads on
snapchat unlike Facebook which is a
great little nifty feature so once
you’ve signed up you’ll be met with this
panel here it’s basically Facebook
business manager but far more simplified
you see the usual metrics here spend
paid impressions paid eCPM swipe ups ECP
you for those who don’t know the e
stands for enhanced enhanced CPM I won’t
get into the details of what exactly
that means
but all you need to know is it’s
essentially the same as Facebook
business manager just far more
simplified so let’s go ahead and create
a new campaign I will give you my
campaign suggestions advanced create not
so necessarily necessary unless you’ve
tested all the ad types and you know
what’s working and you want to get a bit
more granular I won’t go into that
detail in this video but I’ll talk about
the quick campaign setup in this video
so like I said you’ve got snap ads story
adds collection ads filters now what do
I recommend here let’s go through each
ad and I’ll tell you exactly what I
recommend snap ads is like I said the
ads that play in between stories story
ads are what is seen on the discovery
page so when you see you know all the
big up comers on that discovery page
your ad is gonna be placed there too
that is the story ad collection ad that
is you’ve got to think about it like
collection or carousel ads in facebook
essentially the same thing and then
filter ads is you know when you’re in a
specific geographic location a custom
filter pops up and it can be your brand
now what do I recommend
I stick snap ads very very simple
filters are a kind of useless
they don’t really Drive conversions
collection ads good for e-commerce
story adds not so much so the two that I
stick with the snap ads in collection
ads let’s go with snap ads for the sake
of this video but naming the ad itself
essentially the same as you would do in
Facebook it’s just a naming convention
for this again for the sake of this
video I’ll just put in test here brand
name Andrew Ethan zing headline again
this is going to be what appears in the
actual snap ads so think of it again
it’s it’s if you haven’t used Facebook
business manager then this is gonna be a
bit more of a steep learning curve if
you have used Facebook business manager
like I’m presuming most of my audience
have this is going to be pretty straight
forward again headline is the same as a
Facebook ad headline this is where you
want to be good with your copy in terms
of capturing attention so let’s just say
YouTube tutorial and as you can see on
the right hand side you’ve got your
business name and then you’ve got the
actual headline so all very point
information to support your actual
product snap pixel again I’ve enabled
this but when you first enter the
snapchat ads manager you’re going to
turn this on and you’re going to get a
pop-up saying you haven’t installed your
pixel yet all you need to do guys this
is very simple if you’re using Shopify
or you’re using WordPress whatever it is
it’s still pretty simple it’s the same
as a Facebook pixel but it’s a snap
pixel so you get a custom code what you
need to do is essentially put that code
on Shopify there is a back end option
where you can just copy and paste the
code and it’s it’s live the same goes
with WordPress and whatnot if you have
any issues guys just let me know down in
the comments below I’m happy to help
again shareable leave that on because
you want your ads to be shared top snap
media now this is where you actually
load your creative now one of the things
here is one of the difference between
snapchat ads and Facebook ads is the
fact that snapchat ads is very simple
it’s essentially it’s very video driven
rather than copy so it’s all about the
creative and
that’s the hardest part of this section
so you know a lot of you are probably
thinking well how am I going to come up
with you know organic snap ads or how am
I going to create video ads for snapchat
well I’ve mentioned this tool in the
past and I highly recommend it I will
give you an example right here right now
the recommendation is place it now
mock-ups galore here all you need to do
is insert an image of your product and
again you can take this from Aliexpress
or if you’ve got custom images slop that
in slots that in and let’s I’ll show you
what this looks like so scroll to videos
here go on to places go into videos and
go to Instagram vo Instagram Story video
maker it’s the same ratio so it works
exactly the same by the way guys I am
linking this tool down below and highly
recommend that you do grab the monthly
subscription because you get a limited
use of this tool and as many creative as
you want to create with a $29
subscription link down below essentially
you’re gonna pick one of these again I’m
just going over the first example just
to show you here guys what it looks like
I let it load now you can add a couple
slides you can customize a whole bunch
of things but as you can see here the
default here is summer sales it already
looked damn good guys like that’s pretty
eye catching as it is the default is
really eye-catching as it is but I’m
gonna show you what you can change I’m
gonna change to Andrew Ethan and I’ll
show you exactly what it looks like you
can change the colors you can change the
font you can change the alignment and
you can even change the background so
like I said you’re gonna slot your video
or your image just in the background as
so and then you just want to preview it
and then from here that summer sales
part is gonna change to whatever you
want placed in this video again a very
nifty tool as well is they have audio
tracks completely royalty-free so you’re
not going to get flagged on Facebook or
snapchat or whatever so I really like
this tool in creating
ads across the board and for a whole
bunch of other reasons this is great for
too so that’s my quick solution when it
comes to creating a snapchat ad this
tool is perfect for it and you can be up
and running within literally five
minutes with a perfect piece of creative
and your product on snapchat so that’s
that’s that that is the big bulky part
of snapchat ads done the next thing is
of course the demographic and geographic
targeting now let’s just go ahead and
type in random region here I’m just to
give you an idea so I’m just gonna type
in Australia ages thirteen thirty five
that’s totally fine males and females
age restriction required obviously not
necessary necessary unless you’ve got an
explicit product that you’re selling now
interest this is interesting when it
comes to interests on snapchat it’s very
straightforward it’s not you don’t get
the selection and the power of pure
targeting and very granular targeting in
facebook as you wouldn’t snapchat as you
would in facebook sorry with snapchat it
is very simple it’s simply just
interests based on very top-line
categories unfortunately but something
still work with so let’s just say I am
selling fitness gear so let’s type in
Fitness fitness enthusiasts let’s go
with that whole demographic there and
even with this granular targeting we’ve
got three hundred thousand potential
snapchatters and then you can go into
further details but this is really all
about making sure is that you’ve hit
roughly about half a million
snapchatters because this is all about
impressions this is all about getting
impressions and not necessarily anything
else than that because that’s what
snapchats all about now you need to hit
from what I have found you need to hit
people on snapchat a number of times
before they actually take action rather
than them taking action the first time
they see the ad so it really is a
numbers game it really
is all about impressions but let’s move
forward aim for about 500,000
half-a-million audience size now the
duration budget it’s really up to you I
recommend at least starting with a
decent amount of budget and this is
daily by the way so at minimum ten goal
is video views in this case cuz
obviously I’m running a videos campaign
auto bid and now I’m not gonna get into
bidding strategies here but leave it on
to auto bid unless you know what you’re
doing unless you know digital marketing
inside out then just leave it out so a
bid that’s not going to change much but
from there that’s it you input your
payment method and create my ad and guys
if you’re not on snapchat already I
highly recommend this because of the
reasons I spoke about and because it’s
very simple there’s low barriers to
entry and it’s not super regulated and
when I’m what I mean by that is
Facebook’s very tough on ads and
approval in quality score and whatnot
whereas snapchat it’s very laid-back for
the time being anyway because this
platform isn’t completely into man but
it’s underutilized guys people need to
start using more often particularly for
e-commerce products I mean you can drive
direct traffic to your store at a very
low cost per click and like I said we’re
talking about two dollars 95 per
thousand impressions here and you know
there’s a lot of people on this platform
as it is so guys if you do end up using
snapchat as a marketing platform let me
know down in the comments below how you
go with it because I’m interested as
well and if you don’t already know
I am also I’ve also started a new
mastermind group called mastery so if
you haven’t already joined that group
I’ll also put another link down below a
lot of action and community engagement
is happening on that group so if you
start using snapchat ads you’ve got an
issue or you’re finding success let me
know in that group as well I’m sure a
lot of people in that group will want to
know about it there’s 200 plus people
and that group currently and I created
it literally a week ago so guys get into
that group if you haven’t already
otherwise thanks for watching as always
I really hope this video has helped if
it has give it a thumbs up and stay
tuned for a lot more
coming outs but in the meantime guys
keep on hustling

The 7 Worst Investments That You Can Make

so in this video I’m gonna share seven investments that you may want to think twice about before actually dumping money into these different types of investments and this isn’t to say that all seven of these are going to be poor decisions 100% of the time sometimes they can be a good idea sometimes they can be a bad idea but in a lot of cases the drawbacks of these investments can outweigh the benefits of these different types of investments I’m gonna share with you in this video and just keep in mind this does not constitute as financial devices just free information on the internet for anyone and everyone who’s willing to listen so let’s get started with this but if you’re new here to the channel and you want to learn more about personal finance or saving money making more money consider hitting the subscribe button we do our best to help people build a better financial future for themselves so we really would appreciate it so let’s get started with this and the first one that you may want to think twice about actually investing into something that I generally tend to avoid is penny stocks now penny stocks from the outside can look like a really interesting opportunity and honestly they can be but I want to caution you on penny stocks a little bit because there are some drawbacks or some downsides that not many people foresee but it’s something that you want to think about the reason why I tend to not really like penny stocks is because there generally is less information about them than there would be with a company like Nike or Apple or coca-cola that are very much under the public eye they have to report to the SEC the security Exchange Commission so in a lot of cases it’s difficult for those companies to commit fraud or to do some other types of malicious activities but with penny stocks a lot of them are traded what’s called over-the-counter so it’s not like traditional stocks they’re over-the-counter so what this means is that there generally is going to be less information about them it could be more difficult to actually get their financial reports in some cases not even available for financial reports but they can also be susceptible to different types of scams which is a reason why I’m not a big fan of them one of them is something called pumping and dumping you hate to see it happen it still does happen but essentially what happens is people will pump up the price of a stock by essentially buying it when it’s say one cent per share and then pump up the price by creating news about it telling everybody to buy the stock going on to forums maybe going online somewhere and getting other people to buy the stock they pump up the price of the stock and then when it gets up to the point that they want it to be at say it gets up to for 30 cents they sell and they sell thousands of shares and they essentially dump the stock so they pump it they dump it and they usually end up in jail because it’s illegal but it does happen so it’s not something that I’m a big fan of it now and that’s not to say that it’s always going to be a bad decision if you look at say monster beverage I believe started off as a penny stock and they’re doing quite well now they grew tremendously and people who invested it into the penny stock of monster beverage back in the day back in I believe the late 90s early 2000s are doing quite well right now because they made a lot of money and don’t get me wrong looking at penny stock in thinking about its one cent per share if it goes to $1 per share and I put say a thousand dollars in at 1 cent per share goes up to $1 per share I can have a hundred thousand dollars off of a one thousand dollar investment all it has to do is go up 99 cents but you just really want to be careful with it because there are a lot of downsides to it now you can totally go about this on your own but if you’re going to just maybe start with the smaller amount of money just like with any of these investments any investment whatsoever when you’re first getting your feet wet start with a smaller amount of money to kind of learn the ropes of that different type of investment that’s just one piece of advice that I could have so the next one that you want to consider kind of being a little bit wary of or at least thinking twice about it is investing heavily into collectibles now I said heavily because it’s ok to invest a little bit of money into some different types of collectibles but putting all of your savings into say Star Wars figurines or certain types of stamps that you believe will do be you know very very high value in the future can be a little bit tricky and the reason for this is because it’s pretty difficult to predict if people are going to want Star Wars memorabilia in you know 40 years it might be a little bit difficult to actually predict that and because of that it’s a little bit more speculative so I’m not a big fan of that one as well now there are certain types of collectibles that could be smarter decisions you might be able to hold your value with some of these collectibles but if you’re buying baseball cards and you’re hoping that the value of them is going to be very very high in 40 years or 50 years it’s just difficult to predict it so it’s not something that I put a lot of money into now it’s okay to maybe put a little bit into it to diversify a little bit there’s nothing wrong that now the next one the next worst investment that you can consider is dick connect now we’re not talking about just bit connect we’re actually talking about Ponzi schemes pyramid schemes or even in some cases certain multi-level marketing schemes as well so look what comes down to is whenever you see some type of investments say big connect man I cringe every time I think about it but this was this was essentially a multi-billion dollar scam really that was going on within the online world about a year ago a little bit over a year ago year and a half where essentially they were offering guaranteed returns of say 1% daily returns on your investment don’t quote me on those precise numbers but they were offering guaranteed returns if you were investing with them and anytime you see guaranteed returns especially when they’re high of say 1% per day which is considerably high returns you want to be very wary of that you want to consider where’s this money actually coming from it’s the biggest red flag possible when somebody’s promising returns but look this happens not only with certain things like BIC connect but also with Ponzi schemes like Bernie Madoff he was regarded as one of the best investors at the time he was managing billions of dollars worth of assets for a lot of clients a lot of high-level clients but it was all just a smokescreen he was actually scamming people and creating a Ponzi scheme where essentially he was relying off of more money coming in to pay out investors as profits but it was essentially actually just money that was coming in from new investors so he had to continuously attract new investors and it all went to crap when the Great Recession hit and we had a lot of problems and now he’s in jail but you want to avoid Ponzi schemes pyramid schemes and different types of activities such as those now to see how these are actually working to actually be able to identify them there’s a list of different things that you can kind of look at but like I said one of the biggest ones is guaranteed returns returns that are looking astronomical that are looking kind of out of place and wondering where’s this money coming from and also the third one is you know if they’re not being upfront about how they’re actually making their money if they’re not telling you how they’re making their money be a little bit wary of it and do a little bit more research into it to make sure that it’s not a Ponzi scheme or a pyramid scheme and that’s just something that I think you really want to think about now another most or a different thing that people are kind of doing is by not diversifying whatsoever so look I’ve actually made this mistake in the past as well but it’s important to diversify to a certain extent now you don’t have to go crazy about diversifying and put money into a hundred different different types of investments but if you say go too heavy into one particular stock and like I said I made this mistake in the past where I would put a lot of money in one particular stock and then everything could be going well company earnings to be doing very well and all of a sudden there’s a big scandal boom company stock drops 30% and it slides down or maybe there are certain lawsuits that go on with the company something that you might not foresee that if you have all of your life savings in one particular stock it could really be a drawback and could end up hurting you over the long run so make sure that you diversify a little bit and like I said this is up to you on what you actually want to do you make your own financial decisions here but consider diversifying a little bit so just like what you wouldn’t do was putting all of your money in collectibles you don’t wanna put all of your money in one stock or all of your money in something else that could you know say precious metals because you don’t truly know where it’s going to be and it’s good to spread things out a little bit to create that safety because if something tanks one industry tanks maybe your real estate investments could pick up for something that might be going down so just something you want to consider now another investment that people think is an investment that I just don’t see how it’s really an investment is timeshares now look time shares it’s just like a swimming pool you know if you’re gonna buy a pool it’s nice to have but it’s not an investment and pools not an investment right so timeshares they’re not really an investment couple reasons for this one of them is because it’s not very liquid it’s difficult to sell timeshares but also you’re paying typically an annual fee to maintain that property so you might get say one week per year for your timeshare for your property and you own a piece of that property but what does that really mean and how can you actually benefit off of it well you know nine times out of ten more than that I believe don’t quote me on that as well but a lot of times you can’t actually sell your timeshare for more than you bought it for it’s very difficult to do that so because of that it’s not bringing in cash flow you’re not making any money off of this and so it’s just not an investment it’s okay to have them although I personally don’t really think that they’re that great but it’s okay to have time shares but to view them as an investment is a different story so just make sure that you make that separation there and aren’t buying time shares because you think they’re gonna make more money off of them in your lifetime it’s going to be very difficult to pull that off so the next one is by investing into crypto currencies that you don’t understand key words there that you don’t understand it’s okay to invest into crypto currencies although I’m not a big investor into that myself is just not my personal preference but I do have a lot of friends who are investing into crypto currencies and they might be doing well some of them not so much but others are doing well with it now the key here is to make sure that you understand what you’re actually investing into and this is kind of the problem with the crypto currency market is that a lot of people will just jump into it with no idea what the currency actually does no idea what it’s about who created it although I guess nobody really knows who created Bitcoin but really not much knowledge on the topic and then jumping into it now if you understand it if you understand blockchain and you understand how it’s actually functioning and how you could use this certain type of currency in the future then maybe that’s okay but if you’re just jumping into it because you think you can make more money off of it you might as well just go to the casino and roll some dice or play some poker because if you’re totally speculating then there’s it’s you’re essentially gambling now like I said it’s okay if you actually know how this currency is functioning and you see the prospects for in the future but just make sure there’s more something more than just thinking that you’re gonna make more money or watching your friend make money on and say I want to make money on this too no idea what it’s about throwing money into it I just don’t really think that’s a great idea as far as investing because the whole point of investing is to minimize risk while maximizing potential return it’s a two-part game there so you want to minimize your risk as much as possible and maximize your potential return that’s why we make investments and the final one here that we’re gonna mention in this video is the mistake that people make is when they’re banking on pensions or Social Security payments for the future now I believe it’s about 85% of pension funds are actually still available even when a company goes bankrupt so if you worked for Enron in the 90s and you’re getting ready to retire and you’re banking on that pension fund and all of a sudden the company goes to crap look you’ll probably still get that pension fund now I don’t know how that actually worked out for the employees of Enron but most people even when a company goes bankrupt we’ll get a pension fund about 85% but even at that you don’t want to bank on it you don’t want to bank on anything where somebody’s promising you money in the future just like with Social Security from the US government if you’re 20 like myself and you’re hoping or expecting to get money from the government when you’re in your 60s or 70s forty years from now half a century from now that’s not a great idea you don’t want to factor that into your finances at the moment so I don’t even think about Social Security that’ll be just like a nice little stipend for myself if I actually get one when I’m in my 60s and 70s and 80s now I don’t believe that the government’s gonna just leave us dying on the side of the road when we’re 92 because they say sorry we don’t any money for Social Security even though you paid into it I don’t think that’s gonna happen but you still don’t want to just expect to have it so just keep that in mind I think that’s a mistake that people make I’m banking on those so that essentially graphs up this video if you enjoyed it if you found any value in it thank you for watching I really do appreciate all the support on this channel and I’ll see everybody in the next video

Don’t Judge Success on 0.002% of Your Year | DailyVee 558

don’t judge yourself in the daling judge yourself in the yearly and slow it down be patient you got your prospective [Music] I enjoyed paying my dues I loved when I was 28 on December 9th working a register because it was busy in the store and having my friends from college come to the store in their BMW because they worked on Wall Street and they’re buying a case of wine and they’re like looking dead in my face and I know what they’re thinking which is they just pulled up into my store and their BMW and I’m the help going downstairs to pick up their case of champagne I enjoyed those moments because I knew exactly how it’s gonna play out for me happiness is being able to do what you want to do at all times just being able to do what you want to do wouldn’t want that and I think that is one of the great things about entrepreneurs the perfect cost of that is you’re always one second away from dying right entrepreneurship is scary like one second you’re the top of the world next thing you know like there is nobody behind you you’re the last line it’s like fighting a war just you do the laughs this is the castle you know everybody’s been fighting you so that’s lonely that’s scary but you get to define it you get to tell when everybody is where they position this how they should find it and so I love that feeling I love being in that place loving what you do is so on you know people hear that it’s you know even when I was a kid alone on a boat like you know it’s very fluffy but it’s very truthful it’s like being happy and what you do and whether that’s making forty five thousand a year for four million a year if you really love it and you’re really doing what you want to be doing that’s a very very good place to be you’re just gonna be happy and I I genuinely do think we have a major branding issue on success and I mean across seven point seven billion people every part of the world and and I’m very passionate about REITs like being one of the voices that tries to redefine it because I’m unbelievably not driven by money unbelievably I spent the first 12 years of my life building the family business from a three to a sixty million our business for my parents and left at 34 years old with nothing to my name then started a company with my brother was coming out of college and made him a 50/50 partner and then he left four years later and I spent tens of millions of dollars to buy him out like money does not drive McKeen [Music] [Applause] [Music] I’m unbelievably in tune with the fact that it’s almost impossible to become a human being and I have no interest for taking that for granted like like if I love with analytical people like out so when I have a very deeply math kid in front of me and we’re having some sort of debate and they’re upset about something I’m like you know the odds of being a human being or 400 trillion to one right like I think that what drives me is an unbelievably clear perspective to how lucky we are to have an at-bat and I’m struggling to dwell on dumb shit as long as eight people that I love more than life are alive that morning I’m in good spirits I really am yeah you know like look I think I think adversity and humble beginnings is an incredibly good framework to happiness if you layer positivity and optimism around your difficulty a lot of times people look at their difficult thing dwell and go the other way so for me what it’s like I’m excited every day cuz I get to play and yes I love competing but I I love competing more than I love the game more than the trophy that the game gives me and that is also another happy part but I have my perspective and Shaq I really do and I don’t just say it I live it and what’s really fun for me is that I’m a little bit older when this is all happened so I have a lot of people my life who’ve known me long before I ever made one single piece of content the internet in the wine world let alone what it’s manifested into and it’s funny when once in a blue moon if some things fester and and you know there’s a little bit of push back against me it’s really fun to see like amber school in high school in college and early wine people jump into me like business who me fucking you think this is somebody else this is the way this dude was when nobody was watching you know I’ve always been very grateful I’m very grateful I’m very grateful [Music] you should always be doing what you want you don’t know yet not at first like to your point if you do something for a year and a half and nobody gives a fuck now you’re delusional but but but notice that I’m giving you an answer based on where you’re right now if you don’t have a podcast yet you should start with what you loved because the only way you’re going to do something hard enough is if you want it you know so you start with something you love you do it for a year you feel it out and you know if you’re now into year two and nobody still lives matter now it’s you know people people always said that hardest question to ask is when should you double down on staying the course and persevering or when should you bail and shut it down you never really like I could never answer that question there’s too much I need to know to answer that question but in the beginning point it’s very easy for me to answer do something you fucking love because if you’re doing something you think will do well you’re now already in a place where it’s gonna be hard for you to make your content enough passionate about it you have so many other shit you’re gonna choose what else is better or easier like you know it’s hard to get going around something you don’t feel great about you’re just doing it for what for listening to subscribes for what I mean I’m so passionately trying to get people to realize happy is better than money I’m passionate about this I’m passionate about this it’s a very important conversation that we feel like we have to do if we want to really really really change it we have to redefine that success looks like it is just not how many subscribers you have it is not how much money it’s just not and people are pandering to the machines the algorithms the descriptions and ultimately why for the money right you’re gonna pander for those Christians and for the likes because that leads to the brand deals the money and this is like something that I think we need to talk about it’s something we’re now mature enough in this ecosystem that it’s time for us to now have more thoughtful conversations we still have we have to start having this conversation I know it’s out of that like what you do after it too much balance between creating fun time are you able to afford not doing your job because my bit money my sizes are this in the hive like very my content can you cook can you control your expenses again I mean that’s you know it’s a very practical answer like I get that one would want to you know you got a nail down it is after your job obviously you’d love to not have to do you’ve only got two option wait to your side hustles get to enough that you can leave your job or leave your job and live way more humbly with roommates or back home or whatever the hell it is those are the only two real options big time yeah I think three at the same time is fine I don’t think I don’t think you’re stretched too thin or doing too many things I think that that’s great if you could maintain it as long as you don’t mentally burn out yeah and even if by the way do three things burn out and drop one it’s at one you know what I mean like what works today doesn’t have to be what works tomorrow right this is one big game of self-awareness it’s not how I want it it’s not how you want it it’s how you need it for yourself you just need to keep asking yourself what do you need and what you need today is different than what you’re going to need tomorrow and it’s different than what you needed yesterday this is a forever evolving thing evolved to what feels right today not what you think it should be you guys I’ve been doing okay so there’s one thing you want to tell every creative out there that’s what doing out is trying to write get up to day Korea what would that one thing be it takes years a great creative work to get to that place like stop judging yourself just cuz this one video didn’t get as many views are not as many likes don’t judge yourself in the daily judge yourself in the yearly and slow it down be patient be patient I love that thank you so just as one of your life I mean I struggled when I was a kid because I hated school but since I’ve been a grown up not so not really and I’ll tell you why anytime I start getting sad I get sad like anybody else I immediately put things in perspective and here’s what I do like context like just cuz this business thing or just because these people said this thing about me what like what would happen if my mom died today bye guys the women out there we’re gonna say listen listen I have so much respect because you guys deal with so many extra dynamics that dudes don’t so I would say keep persevering you got this thank you so much you’re welcome bye [Music] the one that is just really really really big for me right now is how many kids don’t want to do with their parents want them to do but aren’t willing to pay the sacrifices to do what they want to do but they don’t know Gary like they do they they know they they do they do they don’t want to pay the price they still want their parents to pay for their rent they still want their parents to pay for their uber they still want like they think that they’re in control of what their parents are willing to give when so many when you want something from somebody you’re not in control of what they give yeah like would you live at home you live under their rule my big thing that always makes me laugh is like like there was this kid the other day that got really upset with me I’m like like really upset with me during a Q&A because I wouldn’t invest in his company and finally I said to him like it was really actually like a scene and I was like bro you’re asking huh like he was mad at me I’m like I’m not asking you for anything and and that’s a very like when you’re asking for something you don’t have the leverage like period like you you don’t want to go to college you don’t have to go to college you don’t want to be a doctor you don’t have to go be a doctor right but that also means that if that’s what your parents want and that’s what they’re willing to pay for you can’t be like hey mom you know how you’re gonna give me 80 thousand to go be a doctor that that’s what you you want well I don’t want that I want to be a painter so give me that 80 thousand that’s not her you have to leave that on the table that money that infrastructure comes with that ambition like if you want that safety and that money well that means you’re gonna be a lawyer if you want to be a fucking motorcycle racer that means you’re gonna live in a studio apartment with 19 friends people ask the dumbest shit this kidney other things like Gary Vee but how do you do this in the Bay Area it’s so expensive like you move dick you don’t live in the Bay Area you have a choice pure like Gary look what the fuck like you’re trying to pay $14 an hour how do you survive in New York City I’m like you live in Queens and you take there like like you can do anything you have options people aren’t willing to sacrifice for what they want they this is why I jump on they don’t know they know people don’t want to deal with the truth what you know there’s two things I do I keep it basic and I go right at my question actually isn’t for me it’s for my son [Music] Giovanni Giovanni he wants to be a twitch streamer sounds aged struggled with so I’m wondering if you can give him a few words what can you can do what type of actions you can take today to build this confidence Shivani I think the question you know I see we’re recording this look when you’re 10 years old confidence is a very funny thing they’re still forming as a human but the reality is is if you’re twitching and you’re over responding to how many subscribers you have or what your friends in school are saying you’re not going to be able to be successful and so you’re lucky Giovanni to be able to start this process now not when you’re 45 years old the quicker you get comfortable with judgment of others the more likely you’ll be successful long-term the way to get your confidence up is to start enjoying the push back is to start enjoying people say that you can’t is to start enjoying the judgment of others who don’t understand if you’re not comfortable in your own framework you’ll never succeed [Music] [Applause] love you guys I gotta catch my flight but I love you thank you for coming love you back thank you thank you yeah Ellie love it great energy in there yeah it was thank you good to see you in Sydney can’t wait thank you so much you know thank you thank you bye guys bye bye thank you [Music] [Applause] [Music] dude I’m so fired up about this so nice you know what this is do you know what it is this is a replication of the single thing that I value the most in the entire universe when I was seven years old and we moved to New Jersey and I became a Jets fan my friends had jerseys and I came home one day and they said mom everybody has a jersey I want one and we couldn’t afford to buy a $20 Jersey so week later my mom knitted me one this is the exact thing she knitted this is exactly what it looks like with my name on the back and the reason I do five is because five was my favorite number even as that little bit kid and that’s what they said this is exactly I can’t wait to wear this I can’t wait like hope it’s super cold in your [Music] [Applause] too much overthinking in the system that was the theme of the keynote great tripping KL Malaysia I love you Singapore thank you for your time d-roc thank you for your support leave a comment subscribe or d-roc will cry see if you can leave a comment there is flog oh I don’t mean on camera and in the comments section on YouTube [Music] should we name this character [Music]

Passive Income Definition and 18 Passive Income Streams Ranked

I’m using the definition of passive income
and six years of building online businesses
to rank 18 income streams.
In this video, I’ll not only reveal which
income ideas are most passive but will share
exactly how much I make on each and show you
how to get started.
We’re talking generating passive income
today on Let’s Talk Money!
Beat debt.
Make money.
Make your money work for you.
Creating the financial future you deserve.
Let’s Talk Money.
Joseph Hogue with the Let’s Talk Money channel
here on YouTube.
I want to send a special shout out to everyone
in the community, thank you for taking a little
of your time to be here today.
If you’re not part of the community yet,
just click that little red subscribe button.
It’s free and you’ll never miss an episode.
We’ve got a very special video today, first
in a series looking at the best ideas in passive
income, how to get started and how much money
you’ll make.
In this video, I’m ranking the 18 most popular
passive income streams from blood, sweat and
tears to the ones that will make you money
while you sleep.
That idea of passive income and building those
income-generating assets has been an important
one for me.
I got a job in corporate finance after the
Marines and absolutely hated it.
All I could think about was saving for early
retirement even if I had no idea what that
I was miserable for a third of my day and
was probably going to be that way for the
next 20 or 30 years.
Then I started learning about some of these
income sources, I started creating passive
Not only did it mean extra money every month
but I actually enjoyed doing it.
For the first time since being a Marine, I
enjoyed what I did and was making money doing
That beginning has grown into a $100,000 plus
annual income and the perverse side is that
I don’t think I’ll ever want to retire
from doing this.
Now I want to get into that passive income
definition and look at those 18 income streams
because I want you to feel that same freedom
and financial independence.
So I’m going to go straight to the IRS website
for our passive income definition because
that’s always the best source for exciting
material, right?
Here we learn that passive activity or income
is from any source or business in which you
don’t materially participate, you don’t
have to manage it on a constant basis.
So we’re talking any income source where
you don’t have to break your back every
day or worry about the money coming in each
We’ll be using three factors to rank our
passive income sources next that are going
to play into this definition.
First though, I want to hear your passive
income story.
How has passive income changed your life or
how will it help you create your financial
Scroll down and tell us in the comments and
let us know what’s your favorite passive
income source.
Now let’s look at those 18 passive income
streams ranked from back-breaking work to
Pina Colada.
These are the most common passive income ideas
I see suggested and I used three factors to
rank them here on the list.
First, I looked at how much time or money
it took to get the idea started and making
This is probably the biggest factor so we’ll
talk about this one a lot looking at each
idea on the list.
Then I looked at how long you have to build
up the idea before it becomes
passive income or at least starts building
that momentum so you have to do less work.
We’ll see that some of these ideas can be
completely hands-off while others may always
require some time every week.
Finally, I looked at how much you can make
with each of these passive income streams.
This was more of a tie-breaker than anything,
so if two income streams were close then which
one had the biggest profit potential.
These three factors are more important than
you might think.
The idea of making passive income is something
like Bigfoot here on Youtube.
Grainy pictures of something everyone claims
to have seen but nobody really knows if it’s
Anytime you hear a story about making extra
cash with no work, you need to ask yourself
these three questions and make the decision
So let’s work backwards on the list because
I feel like that’s where the most agreement
is in what’s definitely NOT passive income.
I’m going to go through these first ones
pretty fast so we have more time to detail
the best income sources that are more passive.
Here first you’ve got things like doing
online surveys, driving Uber and freelancing.
Yeah, you can make the argument that if you’re
not doing anything with your time then these
things can make money and you’re not out
anything…but it’s kind of a weak argument.
These repetitive tasks are going to mean constant
You don’t get paid unless you keep doing
surveys, keep driving or keep working freelance.
In the case of surveys and rideshare, you’re
really not getting paid much either.
You can include eBay reselling here as well.
Here you’re either buying locally like at
a consignment store or anywhere you think
you can get a good deal and then resell for
higher on eBay.
You can make some money but it’s constant
I put AirBnB here because, even though you’re
not really doing much to rent out your room,
it’s a huge hassle.
Maybe some of the other AirBnb hosts out there
can chime in the comments but I found it to
be a pain with little profit unless you’re
renting out a totally separate living area.
We’re just five ideas into the list but
stick with me because we’re about to get
to some solid passive income strategies.
From investments you can make to some of the
online assets I’ve used to create that six-figure
Selling stock photography is one I’ve talked
about on the channel before.
It’s a good one if you enjoy photography
and you can make a few hundred or even thousands
a month but again, this is something that’s
pretty much constant.
You’ll need a decent camera to start and
you have to keep uploading photos on sites
like Shutterstock to stay competitive making
Our first real money-maker here is Amazon
This is like starting your own retail company
with your own products so you can make a lot
of money but it’s also a lot of work.
I have a friend here in Colombia that sells
girdles, made locally and sold in the U.S.
and Europe.
That’s really the business model you want
to go with on FBA.
You find something, a product, that is really
popular and well-done in a country.
For a lot of products, you can find an inexpensive
manufacturer out of Asia through Alibaba but
you can source your manufacturing from anywhere.
I know a few guys that still source some of
their products from the good ol’ USA and
save on shipping.
Then you set up for the manufacturer to slap
your label and logo on the packaging and ship
it directly to Amazon’s warehouses across
the country.
You’ve got an Amazon product page for each
product and Amazon ships directly to your
This is a really interesting 21st century
business idea and one that can easily make
six-figures or more a year, but it is a business.
You’re constantly checking your product
inventory on your Amazon seller dashboard,
ordering from manufacturers, marketing and
everything else…soooo not really passive.
We’re about half way through the list but
with the best passive income streams ahead.
First though, if you’re likin’ the video
and think it’s helpful, do me a favor and
tap that thumbs up button below or share it
on Facebook.
Help us grow the community and create the
financial future we all deserve.
Next we have real estate rentals and as someone
that has owned rental property since 2001,
this is definitely not passive income.
I appreciate this something you don’t have
to manage every day but anyone with more than
six rentals will tell you it’s at least
a few hours a week.
Between screening tenants, keeping up with
repairs and permits, evicting people and bookkeeping,
this is one of those businesses I see newbies
constantly underestimate how much time it
Don’t get me wrong, I love real estate as
an investment and still own rentals.
I got started buying my first homes after
getting out of the Marines.
I used the GI Bill and some money saved up.
It’s truly one of the best investments for
people without a lot of cash to start.
You get a feeling of pride from owning a real
piece of land like you don’t get with stocks
or bonds, but it’s not the passive income
miracle you hear about.
Next we have four passive income streams that
are more investing than passive income.
I think a lot of videos get the two ideas
confused and it’s one of my biggest gripes
about passive income.
Listen, it’s great that you can put your
money down and start earning a return.
I realize a lot of people don’t have time
for these other passive income ideas so investing
in stocks is a no-brainer…I just don’t
consider it passive income because you had
to work to make that money to invest in the
first place.
The only reason these next four, from dividend
investing to bonds, p2p and real estate crowdfunding,
are here is because they provide some cash
flow while you invest.
So you’ve got dividends and bond investing
first, each pays out a cash return that’s
going to be from 2% to 5% a year for most
Now on the upside, these can be extremely
safe versus other stocks but that return is
really nothing compared to spending your time
developing some of these other income streams
we’ll talk about.
There are two reasons why I say p2p investing
on sites like Lending Club or real estate
crowdfunding are more passive here.
First is just that you can make a higher return
on your money, so remember the factors I’m
using to rank these.
Second though is that sites like Lending Club
and PeerStreet, which is a real estate crowd
platform, have automated investing tools that
make everything hands-off.
In fact, I’ve got a video on the channel
revealing the exact loan filters I use to
invest in peer-to-peer loans for double-digit
I’ve got the filter set on auto-invest and
the platform constantly looks for new loans
that meet those requirements so I don’t
have to do anything.
Now with 12 income streams down, we’re getting
into the real passive income ideas.
These are the ones that are going to closely
meet that passive income definition, so we’ll
spend most of our time here.
Starting this channel in 2017, I would have
laughed in your face if you had said YouTube
could be passive income.
It takes so long learning what works, figuring
out a content strategy, filming and editing.
You only need to look at channels like PewDiePie
or Ryan’s Toy Review, making an estimated
$22 million a year, to know that YouTube can
be a huge business…but passive income?
Yeah, I don’t think so.
Then I started really getting some momentum
and making money even on older videos.
Six-months in, I was making money and by November
I was averaging almost $3,000 a month just
on ads.
Sure, I have to continue making videos if
I want to grow the channel but those old videos
will stay ranked and making money for a very
long time.
One video created in October, seven months
ago, has made nearly $7,000 and still makes
almost $500 a month.
With YouTube, the biggest secret is to just
get started and be consistent.
Big secrets I know, but you’d be amazed
at how important just these two tips are.
Spend a week watching videos by Derral Eves,
Tim Schmoyer and Nick Nimmins on how to start
a channel.
Take notes on everything and then JUST GET
Plan on doing at least a video every week,
same time and same day, but you’ll start
noticing the real growth when you can go to
two or three a week.
Think about what makes your channel different,
what can you tell people they can’t find
on another channel.
A lot of times, this is just your personal
experience, sharing your own journey and helping
others find theirs.
Next on our list of passive income streams
is a popular one lately with a vending machine
I haven’t tried this one myself but talked
to a few friends running traditional food
and beverage machines to ATMs and the touch-screen
This is an interesting business idea and maybe
not quite as much work as Amazon FBA but I
feel like it’s still more business than
passive income.
First you have to learn the financials behind
these machines, get permits from county and
contracts to put them at locations.
Just like in real estate, in vending location
is everything.
A lot of the best locations will probably
already have machines so you’ll need to
reach out to the b-team stores and locations.
You usually will pay 10% to 20% of the sales
to the location owner as compensation.
Machines cost from $500 to three grand and
you’ll need some money to buy inventory
so this isn’t something you can start with
no money.
You’ll want to start with at least five
to ten machines because each may only earn
between $20 to $70 a week according to the
National Automatic Merchandising Association.
As far as passive income, don’t forget that
you’ll need to restock your machines at
least once a week and empty the coin deposit.
That means either going to Sam’s Club or
getting product delivered.
You’ll also have to make repairs and handle
customer complaints when the machines eat
someone’s money.
I still think this one is interesting to look
into but far from passive compared to some
of the next few we’ll cover, especially
when you consider all of the next income streams
can be done right from your home.
Our next passive income source here is blogging
and this one is a lot like building a YouTube
I put it higher on the list for a couple of
reasons though.
First, a blog is going to be easier to start
and less expensive compared to a video channel.
You don’t need camera gear or editing software.
It’s also going to be a lot easier to write
our articles rather than filming and post-producing
for a channel.
I also prefer blogging to YouTube because
you can actually own your blog.
It’s your little piece of digital real estate
compared to YouTube where essentially you’re
renting the space for your channel from Google,
which owns the platform.
A lot of people have found out the hard way
that YouTube can change the rules, limit how
much you make or even delete a channel anytime
it wants.
That said, I think it’s almost a given that
you need both.
Every YouTube channel must have a blog and
every blogger should have a channel.
The work really well together, you’ll make
a lot more in sponsorships by being able to
offer video and blog marketing.
I have a free five-video series on starting
a blog, from getting online to the income
sources I use to make over ten grand a month.
Not all bloggers make that much money.
A survey I did found more than 50% of bloggers
make less than $1,500 a month and only about
one-in-five makes over five grand a month.
I’ll link in the video description below
to those videos and a free checklist you can
download that will walk you through every
step of the way.
This next passive income idea, affiliate marketing,
is the work-horse for bloggers, social media
influencers and just about everyone making
money online.
It accounts for just under half of my monthly
income and is a great way to diversify your
revenue with some of these other online income
Affiliate income is just partnering with a
company, talking about their product or service
and offering people a link to the company’s
If someone clicks on your link and then makes
a purchase, you get a commission usually between
20% to 40% of the purchase.
Now the best way to make money with affiliates
is combining it with a blog or YouTube channel
where you have constant traffic.
You can also do affiliate marketing with just
your social media accounts, so you see a lot
of Instagram stars doing this.
Basically, you need to get eyeballs on those
articles and videos where you’re talking
about a product because only about 5% will
click on your link and 10% of those will end
up buying the product.
That means you’ll make about one sale or
commission for every 200 people that see your
Another way to do affiliate marketing with
or without a blog is running ads to your links.
This means setting up an ad in Facebook or
Twitter or any social platform and then just
pointing the ad to your affiliate link.
Anyone that clicks on the ad will go straight
to the company you’ve partnered with and
can decide if they want to make a purchase.
I’ve got a two-video series on affiliate
marketing, including how to automate the process
so it’s more passive.
I’ll leave a link to the free checklist
and videos in the description below.
Check those out because this really is a great
way to build your monthly income and those
two videos are going to walk you through everything.
These next two income sources, courses and
self-publishing, are really very similar and
kind of like those similarities we saw between
blogging and a YouTube channel.
With online courses, you’re just taking
what you know or doing some research to see
what people want and then filming a few hours
of course instruction around it.
With self-publishing, you’re doing the same
thing except with a book instead of video.
What I love about both of these is that you
can set them on auto-pilot once you’ve created
the income-generating asset.
I’ve got ten books published on Amazon.
I spend about $200 a month on Amazon ads and
I get some sales through the blogs but that’s
Those sources are set to run and I don’t
do anything else.
They make enough sales to keep the books ranked
on Amazon and I make just under $2,000 a month
absolutely passive.
With my first online course, I made over $9,000
in the first four months and am developing
two more courses.
Course platform Teachable reports that 43%
of it’s course creators make over $43,000
a year on their courses.
The best part about these two income streams,
besides that they’re almost completely passive
once you’ve got the course or book done,
is that if you’ve got a blog or a YouTube
channel, you’ve already got that part done
as well.
You can develop your book or course idea and
create each chapter as a blog post or video.
With your blog or channel, you’d need to
be creating content anyway so why not just
repurpose that content into an asset that’s
going to be generating passive income?
I’ve got a playlist on the channel detailing
self-publishing and a three-part video series
for making money on a course.
I’ll leave links to those in the description
I’m following this video up with a detailed
look into passive income investments and income
streams you can start with no money.
Be sure to look for links to those videos
in the description below and let me know what
your favorite passive income source is in
the comments.
We’re here Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
with the best videos on beating debt, making
more money and making your money work for
If you’ve got a question about money, just
subscribe to the channel and ask it in the
comments and we’ll answer it in a video.