OptinSkin Demo, Review and Bonus!

hey this is Pat Flynn from smart passive income calm and i’m here to introduce you to a brand-new game-changing wordpress plugin called opt-in skin an amazing amazing plug-in by my friend Glenn Alsop from Viper chill calm and what this plugin does is allows you to quickly and easily create customized and place take action areas and opt-in forms and share buttons on your blog like the ones shown on these sites here this will increase traffic to your website and conversions to your email list which is the goal for many people however the best part about this plug-in is just how easy it is to use and how slick it is so let me show you exactly how it works ok so here I am on one of my niche sites and on this site in this particular post i want to show you how easy it is to put an opt-in form or take action area at the bottom of your post so i have a space right here ready to do that and yes you could do this man manually you can go to your PHP files and you know have a designer design one for you but i’ll show you just how easy it is to place one on your site so i’m going to go into my dashboard here scroll down to opt-in skin which has already been activated click on add new so the first thing I’m going to do here on the opt-in skin dashboard is named this particular skin or form that I’m going to create I’m just going to call it a bottom of post and then skin purpose I’m collecting email addresses now i’m going to scroll down and this is the cool part it comes built in with several skins that you can choose from so i’m just going to scroll through a few of these here so you can see you can choose any of these for your site there’s one in particular I want to go to right now as you can see some of them have the share options and the subscriber area right next to it there’s one in here that includes a picture of an e-book that you can actually change yourself and there it is so I’m going to work on this one right now so what I’m going to do is just update and customize this particular skin change all the colors the text the e-book everything and I’m going to fast forward so I don’t waste your time and i’ll meet you on the other side okay so i just finished customizing everything I changed some of the text the colors and of course as you can see the e-book image as well so this I want to place at the bottom of my post and when people get there there hopefully going to subscribe to my email list every time I’ve used one of these action areas they have increased the number of subscribers that I have and then down here is the opt-in form settings so this works with feedburner aweber mailchimp and also included in the newer version is a Infusionsoft and eye contact so if you have any of those email service providers it’s super easy to put your you know to connect your email list to this particular form and all I’m going to do is I use Aweber so I’m going to click on a weber and all you have to do is put your a weber list ID so whatever ID or name you have your list in Aweber or any of the other services that’s what you put there you can also put the redirect URL so once someone signs in or opt in they go to a special page I’m not I don’t have one on this particular site so I’m not gonna do that right now and this is where you can place that form the default is at the bottom of the post so it’s going to automatically do that if I leave it there I can choose below the first paragraph the top of the posts and so many other places and I can also choose to place it anywhere on the site such as a sidebar using a widget or using a shortcode if I choose this option here so I can even embed it in the middle of a post if I wanted to I can also change spaces around the skin I can also have it fade in which is really cool so I’m going to enable it to fade in after one second and i’ll show you what that looks like i can also have it stick to the top which means when people scroll down it stays on the top so it’ll grab people’s attention you can get more subscribers that way if your perfectionist you can use split testing so you can have two forms show up and split equally between the traffic that you have and you can see which one converts better because this whole thing keeps track of your impressions your subscribers and your conversion rates so you can get the most subscribers to your site which is which is incredible you can also make money through clickbank by just putting your affiliate user name ID there i’m not going to do that right now so i’m going to create the skin and this is what you see sort of analytical area where over time you’re going to see a line graph form based on the number of signups impressions and conversion rates that you have if something is little off with your skin you can come here and edit it you don’t start over and create a new one and it also gives you a couple short codes here that you can add to anywhere on your site in the middle of a post or in a widget on your side bar or something so it just makes it really easy to use now it also adds this link here on the opt-in skin settings area which is the same name as the skin that we just created so any other skins that you create that name will show up under here so that’s where you would go to see the performance of each of those skins so now that we created our skin I want to show you what it looks like in the post so I’m going to go back to this post here that we had up earlier I’m going to reload and then I’m going to scroll down all the way to the bottom of the post and show you what it looks like and if you remember we tacked on that one second fade option which I love all right some scroll down i’m reading I’m reading a reading of all I get to the end and then what happens boom interviewing for a job check out the security guard interview tips ebook top ten quick tips blah blah blah in your email BAM looks good and again there’s a bunch of different skins to choose from you can customize them to your liking you can put them anywhere on your site totally cool so again often scan my affiliate link is smart passive income calm / opt-in skin now before you go I want to give you a bonus if you sign up through that link and you send an email to bonus at smart passive income com with your clickbank receipt i will give you a plug in an expansion pack that will give you five additional skins for your opt-in skin plugins so it’s sort of like a smart passive income only expansion pack for the opt-in skin and i’ll show you what those skins look like right now so this is the first one that you get with the bonus if you go through my feeling link and this might look very familiar to you because this is the one that i use on my site you can customize it to your own liking you can change the graphics the colors the text anything you want so this this is what you know you can see all the options down there the next one looks like this this is a really quick and easy one that’s great to put in the middle of a post which I do on my about page you can check that out if you wish this is the one that I sort of use on my sidebar so this is great you can include it in a widget in your sidebar really easily to collect email addresses that way it’s a third one this is the fourth one when I just designed sort of because I thought it looked really nice and it stands out especially if you have a product to give away for free like an e-book for your opt-in subscriber list and then the fourth excuse me fifth one is one that doesn’t use the email list but I thought it might be interesting for those of you who have a product to sell it comes with an add to cart button you can create the headline you can change the bullet points change the prices any of the text down here and the colors background again really useful and something that I thought should be added to opt-in skin so again if you go through smart passive income calm / often skin send an email with your clickbank receipt two bonus at smart passive income calm and i’ll send you within 24 hours you know give or take a little bit the page to download all those skins it’s a plug-in all you have to do is install it and automatically it shows up in your opt-in skin option so check it out thank you so much for your time and tension today I know that if you install this plug-in and try and use it it’s it’s going to help you increase your subscribe rate especially if you use a split testing option there’s so many wonderful things to this and thanks to Glenn Alsop for taking three months out of his life to dedicate to making this an amazing plugin that’s really changing the blogsphere right now as we speak so thank you for your time and attention and I’ll see you in the next video please subscribe you