hey everybody what’s up this is pat flynn from the smart passive income blog i’m doing a follow-up video to the video I did the other day or I selected cop training as a niche for my niche site competition with Tyrone Shum and I’m going to tell you why that was a mistake actually a few of you pointed out that that was a mistake and and I’m going to admit up front that I am NOT I am NOT a niche site or niche affiliate marketing you know this type of this type of affiliate marketing I’m not an expert you know neither is Tyrone that’s why we’re doing this and we’re making it public right that’s why we’re making this contest public is because we want to show you what we learn and you know what works and what doesn’t work all right so I’m going to show you what I did wrong so you don’t make the same mistake yourself when you’re doing keyword research so if you remember from last video I was I selected police training as kind of my topic to do keyword research for and in finding a related term I found cop training and I was really excited about it because it met my criteria had a good amount of SEO traffic from it it had a low number of competition you know a low number of other competing websites out there for the same keyword and the SEO competition the strength of competition for the top 10 in Google is fairly weak so I was really confident that I could rank in the top 10 especially because I saw that the domain name cop training net was available that’s an exact match for the keyword I was going for and you know that helps out a lot so I was really excited got super stoked about the numbers and failed to do the further research I should have done now what I should have done and was actually go into cop training as a keyword itself and do keyword research on that and I’ll show you why well if you go back to the keyword research for police training and look at the numbers for cop training you’ll see that’s just phrase to broad ratios 67 percent now that means that there are other terms out there that people are searching for word that contain the words cop training now usually that you know 67% is a really high phrase to broad ratio market samurai guys usually recommend only looking at keywords that have a 15 percent or higher phrase spread ratio so you know 67 percent I saw this yesterday or the other day and I didn’t think twice about it but you know this is the niche that you’re selecting you should do as much research as possible and you should see what those other keywords are and I’ll show you how to do that so when you go into cop training you know open up your key word of choice that you that you’re really interested in and actually do keyword research on that so I’m going to generate keywords and see what related keywords to cop training come up and I want again I want keywords that contain the words cop and training in it so I’m going to scroll down to cop training select the keyword cop and training you know just click on those and select this excuse me this green checkmark and which is what this does is it filters through all of them and gets rid of all the keywords that don’t contain those words so you can see there’s seven left now these ones are related to my field which is okay cop training video traffic cop training k-9 cop training that’s fine but there’s these two down here that I’ve never heard of before crow cop training and Mirko Cro Cop training don’t know what those are but there’s something to be concerned about and when I analyze those keywords you know I actually find that crow cop training is really high searched for and so is Mirko Cro Cop training and those two keywords are skewing the numbers for cop training you know and it would be okay I guess if they were related to the field that I was the the niche that I was going for but they’re totally not and I found out that Mirko Cro Cop is actually a UFC fighter who has his own training videos how crazy is that you know it’s I just got really unfortunate selecting niche cop training when there’s a guy out there the last name is cop and he’s is training videos and you can see when you go into this match type right now it’s a broad match type which I want I want to go to the exact one just to see how many people are searching for the exact phrase cop training you know nothing more nothing less and when I do that the SEO traffic numbers go significantly down you can see that cro cop training in micro co cop training are up there above it and you know that means that’s those are when people search for cop training you know they’re actually searching for for this UFC guy more likely so thank you for those you pointed that out to me again I’m not an expert I’m learning as I go and I’m pointing everything out so you don’t make the same mistakes so the lesson is when you find an inch that that sounds interesting go and do the further research required just to make sure that something like this doesn’t happen you know I thought it was smart because the other day when I was doing keyword research for writer’s block which is what happens when when your writer like a songwriter write books and you just don’t know what to write you get stuck that’s writer’s block a very common occurrence people are always looking for four methods to overcome writer’s block which is why I was interested in the niche but when I generate keywords for this and I do the research you’ll see again this doesn’t happen very often but you’ll see that you know the top ranking related keyword to the word writer’s block is just Jack what does that mean well I’m going to go into Google and show you now just Jack writer’s block you know just jack is a an artist or you know a songwriter or a musician or whatever that has a song called writer’s block so I know immediately that I want to stay away from it’s this niche writer’s block because these numbers are there these numbers are off how many people are searching for the song versus how many people are searching for the actual you know problem of a writer’s block I don’t know so you know check your keywords to make sure there are not there’s nothing unrelated to your field out there that’s skewing your numbers because you don’t you don’t want to get involved in that so I’m starting from scratch cop training is not the key word or not the niche I’m going to be going for anymore actually I’m just going to tell you really quick that I did find something that actually works out a lot better for me what I did select was security guard training you’ll see here that the traffic numbers are significantly higher almost five times four or five times higher and the SEO competition is actually a little weaker than it was for cop training so I’m show you here you actually see a few green in a few yellows and just a you know small amount of reds which is a good sign so I’m pretty confident now that I can rank for the keyword security guard training I picked up a domain that has that that has those three words in it and it shouldn’t be that hard I mean these numbers aren’t that crazy these these backlinks and and the number of pages that they have on their site and the page ranks are fairly low so I’m pretty confident that security guy training is a better choice so again thank you to those of you out there who you know showed me the way that’s what that’s really what this all about all of us learning from each other now I’m sure I’m going to learn things from Tyrone and we’re all going to learn from our mistakes and and what’s good and what’s bad and no so and another interesting thing to think about is cop training as pointed out by my friend mark Mason it was actually a slang term and those usually don’t do so well because there’s you know if I if I really wanted to do a cop training type site I would better be better off selecting something like police officer training or something with police in it but those are those are much more competitive so that’s why I stay away from those and I’m going to go for security guard training and in fact my mom is a security guard so it’s kind of cool so I’m actually pretty excited about doing this and I’ll keep you updated on the progress but again I just want to be honest with you I make mistakes and I want to share everything with you so that you don’t make those same mistakes so so just make sure you do a thorough research with your keywords everybody all right guys hope you learned something from that and and yeah I’ll see you in the next installment of the niche site competition with Tyrone Shum thanks guys take care and have a good one