One Sneaky Trick to Get More Twitter Followers

hey everybody this is pat flynn from the smart passive income blog today I’m gonna give you one really quick tip that you can use to help you get more Twitter followers today so this is a trick that values that has helped me increase the number of Twitter followers I get and most of you probably already know you know if you if you’ve been actively trying to get followers you know highly targeted followers on Twitter for whatever niche you’re in you probably already know that the number one way to do this is to find a guru in whatever niche you’re in and follow their group of followers right so if this is you over here on the left hand side oops and this is a guru you can follow the Guru’s followers and more than likely a lot of them are going to auto follow you back which is awesome now I mean for example if you had a fly-fishing website right and you found the top fly fisherman or top fly-fishing website on Twitter you can follow that websites followers and a lot of them are gonna follow you back now what happens is there’s a group of followers within that gurus followers who are gonna automatically follow you back like I said right because they have Auto follow-on so that’s a given right there you’re gonna get those people anyways now there’s another group of people within the Guru’s followers that are a little bit more stubborn right they don’t have Auto follow-on and they want a reason to follow people they want they’re not gonna follow you just because you follow them back if you can show them for some reason that you know you could provide them with good information or you know you’re somehow related to the industry then they might follow you back so what happens is they’re gonna come over and visit your Twitter page and they’re gonna see what you’ve been tweeting what your bio is like right and if you don’t please them or if there’s nothing there that triggers something in their mind to follow you they’re just gonna not follow you and that’ll be a waste right so the trick that I use and this is a secret here the trick that I use is before right before I end up following this group of followers I shoot the Guru a message write a reply I type at guru or you know whatever the actual screen name is and I send that person a message you know might be a question it might be a compliment and you know trying to engage with that person in conversation if you can engage with that person in conversations even better but you don’t have to right so what’s gonna happen is this stubborn group of followers here they’re gonna go to your Twitter page and they’re gonna immediately see that the first thing you tweeted or the latest thing you tweeted was to guru and more than likely they’re gonna know who that guru is so they’re gonna see their screen name in your Twitter and they’re gonna follow you just because of that so that’s my secret and it’s worked for me it has increased the number of conversions I have by 15 and 15 20 percent which is huge especially if you’re doing if you’re following people in large mouths so that’s the trick send the Guru message and then follow that gurus followers so that’s just a little tip I want to share with you today to help you increase the number of Twitter followers you get so thank you guys so much I appreciate your time if you’d like more tips and information just like this you can head on over to my facebook page at slash smart passive income so thank you guys so much I appreciate it have a wonderful day and I’ll talk to you again soon Thanks