No Excuses: Of Course It's Possible

[Music] what’s up man what’s up Matt hey man you know it’s crazy did you just met Nathan McMasters actually he’s a close friend of mine yesterday life is crazy yes um I know you want me to be quick just how to fight through the bullshit and just be successful every day okay so let’s define your bullshit like what’s your bullshit parents work boss failed businesses your own head what’s your bullshit my bullshit right now man I’ll just finish my GED and get into the army right now okay so that’s is that a process like that doesn’t sound like bullshit that sounds like something in front of you that what you don’t like it like you you just hate school the way I did and so just even getting the GED is a pain in the ass but once you get done with it you’re pumped cuz then it gets you into the army because then you’re able to get what you want from the army yeah I mean my plan is I’ll try to do a two-year listen with the army and then trying to use my GI Bill to pay for our acting school who has to end all goal is to try to get their act in some way so this is where strategy really matters my question is for some reason and normally Society and parents you’ve decided acting school is the best way for you to become an actor in a world where many actors become actors without going to acting school yeah like my question is instead of getting a GED and going to the Army and then going to acting school and spending the four and a half years before you even get in that bat what about making skits on Instagram and YouTube with your homies or just going to LA and just hanging around actors and making skits – then get discovered to become an actor yeah let’s talk about it let’s talk about it this is why I decided to take these seven minutes like I’m here with you brother just mean you so like have you put school on a pedestal as the Gateway to get become an actor because so many people in 2019 don’t go to acting school to become an actor and I’m like fuck he’s giing it to fucking get into the Army Army’s no fucking joke you got to do the army then that helps you pay for acting school that’s another I mean we’re talking about four and a half years before you know before you even get an at-bat and as I’m alive my man hammy underscore TV right like this leaving comedy goes you’ll get that gig having millions on social media more than acting school now he’s talented and him and his fiance are making really great videos sexually least you know but like appropriate for Instagram but just you know PG not PG not 30 migrate it are something but nonetheless Mike this is a very important question why school to become an actor in your brain answer that for me because I just feel like that’s kind of what I’ve been like that’s kind of just like I was in school like you go to school the high school to college I feel like that’s just kind of the route that works you know I feel like that’s kind of what I’ve been taught and singing in front of me is how that works and when I spit the concept of Instagram and YouTube and just go into LA and being a waiter and networking with people that make content and then if you’ve got the talent you’ve got it you get discovered does that sound like an alternative does that sound crazy does that sound like a lottery ticket like how does that sound see like to me that just sounds like something I could get immersed in you know it’s just like I don’t know if I get that sound laughing all to me that sounds you know that sounds may be actually how you’re supposed to do it now more so than you know 10 15 years ago that sounds like something that is what exactly happen to know you know so what makes you then not want to are you a family of military and you want to do the army thing are you doing the army thing because you don’t want to go in debt in acting school like talk to me anything yeah it’s go like that like I mean my my grandpa wasn’t worrying like my dad was in the Army you know and like when my mom my freshman and sophomore well I can’t I rediscovered myself my freshman and sophomore year high school you know I was kind of like a jock and you know and I kind of went life about that way you know I played basketball football and then once our grades start to slip in and I couldn’t play sports no more I was like you different and you know I can just see how people change like they’re you know just help quick stuff can change for you and so I think they’re not kind of flipping to knock a deep depression but you know as I’ve grown up I’ve seen how kind of stupid maybe I been so what allowed myself to be at such a little point because of that you’re not stupid you’re just a human feelings or feelings like you valued yourself based on other people’s opinions about you and when you weren’t an athlete people’s opinions about you changed yeah now my biggest question whose opinions do you value for real like like think about the like the math around us ever having this phone call it’s low so let’s let’s be truthful here straight-up whose opinions do you value our price their value only a few people you know who my family my girlfriend who in your family your girlfriend who my father my mom my grandfather my girlfriend Ashley awesome so let’s break it down I would assume based on what you just told me that your father and grandfather think it’s a good idea for you to go to the army yeah my biggest question is do you think that or do you think that because they think that I mean as just like a foundation aspect of it I believe it will be but do you think you can get that foundation somewhere else I mean yes I do I believe I’m where well maybe there’s like just like you said you know just like just keep cracking out and maybe found myself in LA or something like that doing something maybe working some minimum-wage job or whatever let’s talk about it do you think that your parent your father and grandfather specifically would be devastated if you’re like listen change of plans I want to be an actor and what I think is now the way to do that is to just go to LA and make content on YouTube and Instagram and give myself two years minimum wage living humbly as fuck but living out my dream to even see if I’ve got it know that I don’t think they would leave it as you know I’m saying I think they would be what they would want more so it’s just me to be safe and be able to pay my bills I don’t think it would be something to wear they’re extremely disappointed well it sounds like you have a great grandfather and father then yeah that’s me I mean obviously it would be you know they would fight rather me go in she’ll be rather versus be devastated or two very different things you know my man there’s so many ways to fucking do it ya know I ran a liquor store for 11 years really 11 years 11 years my path to Instagram and YouTube subscribers does not look like most yeah if you want to be an actor if you’re asking one man’s point of view and I can be a hundred percent wrong the thought that GED to army to acting school feels less right then going to Los Angeles working at that Burger and DMing every single influencer that makes content for them to have you in their skits yeah well that sounds that sounds good to me man yeah that’s just all about that no nothing’s the way I think to sometimes the court case everything’s about the way you think this whole games the way you think the world’s about how you think perspective is the fucking jam like seeing shit in your head is the life it’s the difference between happiness and sadness it’s the difference between success and failure everything’s about how you think that’s why I’m fucking sitting here on the phone with you eight minutes and 40 seconds right now to give you a scene to think about a different maybe yeah I mean that’s this is where I would like like where do I start even how they get over there like I don’t know nobody over there fucking bus yeah well I live in LA I live okay oh yeah take a bus take a train drive hitchhike or take a plane sell us you got some dumb shit in your closet sell it on eBay and buy plane ticket yeah go on Craigslist and find a roommate yeah I know it’s possible of course it’s possible millions of people do it the question is are you hungry enough and willing to fucking eat shit or are you soft no I believe them I believe I’m willing to do it because I know following you down here that you know eat shit and I feel like people that you know unless maybe they got a stroke of just complete luck you know that’s what they at least have to eat shit a little bit everybody ain’t my man every single person that’s made it they made it they ate shit and did the work there’s people that inherited money there’s people that have won the lottery let’s stop thinking about those people everybody spends all their time thinking about those people those people are enigmas they’re anomalies they’re two point zero zero zero zero one percent they have nothing to do with you yeah the 99.999 that made something of themselves ate shit they put in the work you’re I know I’m right everybody’s fixated on fucking 4,000 people while there’s seven point seven billion people who fucking worked or didn’t and then failed you want to be an actor get your ass to fucking LA yeah what do you mean is there a star you don’t know anybody fucking of course you know somebody tweet and Instagram right now be like who’s in LA you know who’s in LA your former teammates fucking sister your fucking friend from high schools uncle people are no way you know fucking 30 people in LA you I’m fucking asked yeah I know you’re a mess yeah here I did I know I’m right dude and I wanted for you I appreciate that and the best part is you might suck shit adapting but you need to find that out yeah get your fucking North Carolina ass to LA take Ashley with you and fucking go live your fucking life don’t fucking buy into an antiquated process you can act tomorrow your I know I’m right now are you scared to find out that you suck at acting that’s a different mental game well I feel like I would be mentally prepared for because I don’t wanna I don’t think I would suck and that’s kind of maegor the school trying to come into play but I mean I just know that you know for a few years now I’ve been Kyle just been so interested in America I’m ending with this cuz I gotta go scratch that itch scratch that itch that you’re interested cuz you don’t want to live with regret one day and say fuck when I was 20 I wanted to know if I was an actor and I ended up not being an actor because the military took me a different route and I ended up this like go scratch that itch this is exactly when you can afford to be high risk because you’re young enough that you can fucking eat sonic burgers all day long and like fucking like Roman nuclear romaine or whatever the fuck what’s that shit called Roman nubile noodles and ramen like fucking you this is when you do it and by the way I’m gonna save this live stream I’m gonna end it right now I’m gonna post it you can re-watch it and fucking 50 people invited you to crash on her couch during this stream so rewatch it click on their fucking Instagram handle DM and be like I’m coming dude you need to be in yes culture not in overthinking all the variable culture yeah perspective yeah well most people do a ton of shit to protect themselves from ever finding out their truth you’re fine with truth 100% you’re putting fuck in school and then army and then school again on a pedestal all to not allow yourself to find your truth yeah I know man failure is what scares people that’s true get on scared my man sorry but it is see ya love you see ya good luck [Music] [Applause]