Niche Site Duel 2.0.1 – Keyword Research and SEO Analysis

hey what’s up everybody Pat Flynn from smart passive income calm and welcome to niche site duel 2.0 video number one this is keyword research and SEO competition analysis let’s get right to it he would research SEO analysis and all the other criteria we’re going to talk about today I mean this is the most important part of this entire process because everything we do from this point forward from selecting the URL from determining what content to publish and who to reach out to it’s all based on the niche that we select to get into so the goal here is to find a keyword that meets a specific set of criteria that gives us the okay that we could build a website for it meaning that we know we have a good chance of ranking high in Google getting traffic coming to the site and earning an income from it now the approach that I want you to take is from this point forward I really want you to think about this is that as we select our keyword and as we start to determine witness niche we’re going to get into that we are going into it knowing that we are going to build a website that is going to become an incredibly valuable resource that serves that particular market we are going into it building the ultimate resource for that niche so I have a specific set of criteria that I’m going to follow for this you can choose to follow this if you want or you can create one of your own it’s up to you but this is what I’m going for the first thing is I’m shooting for a keyword that gets at least at least 3,000 local exact match searches per month and Google again that’s that’s the bare minimum I would love to shoot for something higher but that’s bare minimum something that’s going to get me a decent amount of traffic per month if I were to rank number one there’s a lot of other factors involved such as the following I also want relatively low competition in Google this means that there seems to be room in the top 10 spots on the first page of Google and I’m going to go into that when I actually do the demonstrations for you later in this video all right number three does it pass the GRANDMONT test meaning if I were to become incredibly famous for having the number one website in this particular niche that I get into whatever it ends up being when my grandma be proud of me or would she kind of be embarrassed or should I even tell her you know if she would be proud of me then it might be something I might get into before what is the earning potential this is something a lot of people miss you know they find a keyword it meets all the criteria but it’s not going to make them a lot of money we want to make some money of course and there’s some tests you can run to make sure that that’s going to happen all right number five the 50 post-test is this a particularly neat I can get into and imagine myself writing 50 posts for it seems like it would be a drag or it would be hard to come up with 50 posts and they might think of something else what the 50 post test does is it shows me that there’s a lot of content here which allows me to potentially add a lot of traffic from longtail keywords in that particular niche number six can I imagine myself writing or is it even possible to create a beastly resource for this particular niche a really in-depth high quality post that I can use to sort of get buzz for my nation and get eyeballs on my brand and lastly can I actually help people in this particular niche maybe it’s not through my skill or experience all that would obviously obviously help maybe it’s through research and curation of content to meet and fill a specific need that people have in that particular niche all right so to help you understand how keyword research works I want you to think about it like you’re panning for gold just you know the big nuggets are already taken people found them already but there is gold that lies within you just got to put in the work you got to sift through all that dirt all the pebble and all the rock and do the work and that’s what the keyword research tools are for and there are free tools and paid tools which I’m going to show you later there’s a big key thing you have to realize the more dirt you get through the more chances you have of finding the school in the keywords this is this isn’t a pan for gold this is just a bowl with ridges that sort of look like it but not really now this is your first time doing keyword research you have to sign up for a few things first before you can start using these tools the first one you want to sign up for is for Google Adwords that’s now why do you need to send it for Google Adwords well this gives you access to the google adwords keyword research tool you can use it without signing up but then you got to fill out a CAPTCHA form like every time you use it and you can only get up to a hundred related keywords for every seed keyword that you put in make sure you sign up because you can get up to 800 related keywords and you can skip the capture process when you’re signed in and even if you’re using some keyword research software like longtail Pro or market samurai or some other ones you still want to sign up for Google Adwords because that software were most likely prompt you for it to get those 800 related keywords since that software uses the data from Google Adwords Keyword research tool so make sure you sign up for Google ad okay the next thing you want to do is head on over to SEO mo0 RG SEO Moz org a free account there will work or they have an upgrade to a pro account if you want in future just to keep in mind what this does is it will give you access to things like open site Explorer so you can check the backlinks for your site in competitor sites too and also you’ll get to see the Moz rank for each of the competitors site which is an indication similar to Google page rank that will tell you how authoritative a site is and many say it’s even better and more accurate than Google page rank ok and lastly head on over to SEM are you sh com SEM rush com this is a great site it will give you some good free quick analytical data for specific keywords that you might be interested in and also competitors websites ok so I’m going to do keyword research right here for you right now first using free tools and this is going to show you exactly how all of this works and it’s important even if you’re using paid software that you watch and understand because you don’t want to use those tools and trust them without knowing exactly what’s happening so the first step always is to find a seed keyword or seed keywords and this is what you enter into the Google Adwords Keyword tool or some of your paying software and when you submit that word you get up to 800 other related keywords that will show the data along with them such as search volume average cost per click and things like that so the question is where do you get your seed keywords I’m not going to go over that right here right now but I am going to link to another video how to do if you’re having trouble it’s called 7 methods to help you dig deep here with keyword research and I’ll embed that here on the YouTube video and I’ll put it in the description as well or if you’re watching this on the blog right now I’ll put a link to it right below this video so to start I’m going to find some seed keywords and there’s a number of different ways to do this like I said one of the things I like to do is sort of try and discover trends and put those words into here and see what see what I get and Google has a tool called Google Trends which is fairly good for finding trends although a lot of the keywords that are shown there a lot of the trending keywords are celebrity related or current event or news related which are hard to build websites for I like to go to a site called this is a job search site and they actually have a link here at the bottom for trends and it’s going to show you sort of the latest trends in job search which is really interesting and so you can see here the top job trend is html5 and a lot of other software related things I like to click on industry employment trends here on the left hand side it’s going to show me by sector sort of what is going on and this is as you can see hospitality here is up 25% from last year which is interesting so I’m going to click on that and here is where you can find some really good seed keywords if you go scroll down a little you find top job titles I mean look at these here housekeeper custodian front desk clerk are tender server cook these are words that are definitely going to be too hard to rank for but they’re perfect seed keywords because those tools are going to show us related keywords to these that might have some potential to build a website for so what I’m going to do is I’m going to take some of these and just plop them right now into Google Adwords so I’m going to use a housekeeper what was another one bartender Cook was janitor and you can put a several C keywords there but I’m just gonna use those for now next I’m going to create some filters and what this does is it sort of gets rid of the keywords that don’t meet my criteria already now I had mentioned earlier in the video I want local monthly searches greater than 3000 now you’re also going to find a lot of keywords here that I’m going to show you you know hundreds of thousands of local searches those are typically going to be too competitive as well so I’m going to put local monthly searches less than you know six figures so hundred thousand I also want the last one I want approximate CPC or cost per click that’s how much advertisers are paying every time someone clicks on the net not how much you make every time someone clicks on that I want that to be at least above $1 that’s going to show me that there’s some sort of money flowing in that particular niche so the last thing and the most important thing to do before you hit the search button again the most important thing on the left hand side here it says match types you want to set it to exact if you set it to broad it’s going to show you numbers that are way too big and skewed and aren’t true to exactly what’s going on so you want to make sure you have it on exact match or else you’re going to get screwed up from there you can click on search and a number of keyword ideas are going to show up underneath there’s two columns here actually they’re beta testing this thing called ad group ideas which takes that group of keywords and puts them into different sort of categories which is actually pretty interesting or you can get the traditional sort of long list here of exact match searches related to the keywords that you put in and you can see a lot of data here so I’m just going to stay on this page right here this is the keyword here on the left-hand side the next column is called competition do not confuse this with SEO or search engine optimization competition that has this is advertiser competition so this is how competitive it is to bid for these particular keywords this is just between advertisers so don’t be confused and actually hi is actually a better that hi is better than low because that means there’s different advertisers competing next is global monthly searches and local monthly searches again we wanted this above 3,000 and there’s plenty here above 3,000 and then approximate CPC or cost per click and all these are above $1 because we set that filter now at this point what you want to do is if you’re doing this the free method you want to take each of these keywords one by one and explore them you want to see you know they’ve meet the criteria so far they meet your they’ve met our search volume criteria now we have to see if they meet some of the other criteria and you can immediately do the ones that we talked about earlier such as the Grandma test or whether you feel like you can write 50 posts for that particular niche I mean I don’t know if I could write 50 posts on janitorial supplies or I might not be interested in that or maybe my grandma wouldn’t approve so I wouldn’t even need to do research on that one but there are ones here that I might be interested in I want to explore those further so a bartender game that sounds kind of interesting so I can do some research on that right now one of the first things to do after you’ve met this criterion you want to search further is just to simply type the keyword into Google and see what pops up and see if anything sort of stands out at you right away so I’m going to put bartender game and see what comes up right now immediately I can see that there are no ads here typically there are the ads here on the top of the search results page and also on the right-hand side the fact that there are none is sort of a red flag that this may not be a good money keyword it may be something that is not that competitive but also you want to make sure that there’s a potential to earn an income now it’s not just the fact that there’s no ads here doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t you know dig deeper to see if there’s any sort of money involved you want to see if there are any products or affiliate programs that you could potentially be associated with before you just immediately scratch this so that’s what we’re going to do here since that’s the sort of first thing that stood out at me right away and to check that to check the earnings potential some other tests that you can run is you can put quotations around your keyword if it’s more than two words or if it’s more than one word or if it’s at least two words and then type in a money related keyword or transaction related keyword for instance price so I have bartender game price and what this does is it shows me sort of what products are out there that are being sold related to this particular keyword and I could see a few things like an iPhone app game this one seems to be an Android app game and here’s something on Amazon called the bartender game it’s a toy of some kind maybe a board game there isn’t really that many things that are very attractive to me right off the bat and a couple other words you can put in our affiliate to see if there’s any affiliate programs that you can potentially join look through the descriptions and look for bolded key words that say affiliate in there I see one here under for that same bartender toy or game or whatever it is and yes you can sign up for Amazon and become an affiliate through their Amazon Associates Program and potentially sell this whatever it may be but is that something you want to be e is that something you want to potentially sell on your website something you’re gonna be happy with can you imagine yourself doing that or writing a number of articles about that for me I would say no but there’s a few more things I want to do with bartender game really quick before I move on and try another keyword and then start to use some of these tools but again immediately I would just move on to the next one at this point it doesn’t seem to be a money keyword is is the is the thing and also just doesn’t seem that tractor so I’m going to type in bartender game again and show you some other things that you should look out for when you type in a keyword at Google the keywords that you typed in are bolded so those are things to look out for if you if if you look and see sort of how often people are using bartender game in the description and also in the title that’s a good indicator whether or not you know it’s going to be very competitive if not very many people are using those keywords in the title and also the domain and also the description then that’s a good sign because you can sort of take advantage of the fact that they’re not usually utilizing on-page SEO now other things you want to pay attention to or just what kind of brands are here what are they selling or what are they doing a lot of these seem to be free online games or flash games and again this is something you know you would have to create something better than what’s already here in order to get that the top ten so you have to create some sort of it seems like you some great resource about are tender games again that’s just a sign that this isn’t something that I would really want to get into so I’m actually going to move on to another keyword go back to Google AdWords here and see if we can find anything interesting here’s one bartending school this one stands out to me because I think that deals with school or education or studying or things like that I know from experience that people are willing to pay money further for information and are looking really hard for good information about that type of stuff so bartending school seems pretty interesting has a you know rather large number of exact exact local searches and also you know decent 2.14 as far as the cost per click so this is something that we’re going to look into and see what we can deduce from from typing this into Google and using some exotic tools so the first thing I wanna do is just type it into Google or attending school and you know good sign that there are you know at least a couple of ads up here but one thing that does stand out to me this is something that you may run into when you start to do keyword research especially for schools and things like that and you know anything that may have a physical location is you’re going to get these this big bulk of local sort of search results here so these are all San Diego related bartending schools for example so this just shows me that in order to get any sort of traction in this particular niche I mean you would need to get you know in the first in the top two spots in order to make anything happen I mean once you start to go down here it starts to it starts to become a lot less traffic and volume for you if you were to get get on this first page so that’s just something to think about now for security guard training which was my previous in each site that they did in this site to one point now I actually got to number one and there are local searches for securing a training facility so it is possible but the trick is to find that keyword that you know has enough room within the top two spots or hopefully the top spot to have a new site come in there which is the one that you want to build so what we’re going to do now is run some analysis on this I mean a couple things really quick I just want to make sure that there’s you know good potential potential money in here in this particular keyword and I know there is because it’s a school type of education thing that people have to pay for but one test you can run is this sort of test that we ran before I’m just going to type in I’m going to put the keyword into quotations and type price next to it and then right here I’ll immediately see you know cost of bartending school I’m a bartender school tuition and things like that so this just shows me that there is money involved here and I could potentially contact these companies and this isn’t something that’s necessarily cheap either I can see where right here it says you know obviously this is outdated what it says a cheap bartending school may cost two and fifty to five hundred bucks for two week or so you could potentially hook up with a company or companies out there and for example get some lead gen commission from from something like this but anyway what I want to do now is take the keyword bartending school and put it into a number of these tools so we can sort of analyze the top spots in Google so the first thing I’m going to do is go to SEM rush comm and type in the domain there or actually the keyword and hit Search what this does is going to show me a number of different things related to this keyword stuff some of the stuff we’d already like here in the keyword summaries it’s going to show us the cost per click and the exact volume local search volume and things like that’s going to show us a really cool graph as far as the trend you notice the trend going like way down that might be a red flag and something for you to explore further what’s really useful here on SEM rush is this phrase match report these are great sort of secondary and tertiary keywords in addition to bartending school that you could potentially write posts about or it could be potential new seed keywords to go to dig deeper and and you know they should at least be things you should be paying into to potential keywords that you can rank for in the future if you were to get into this niche and what’s really important down here is the organic results this just neatly shows us the top ten spots it were actually top 20 spots in Google what you can do here is you can click on this little window here to open up these pages and sort of see what these websites are all about and so this seems to be one of the top ranking sites here for bartending school ABC bartending schools so if I go back to SEM rush you know that’s one that we’re going to have to try and outrank so we want to do some analysis on it so I’m going to copy that URL and I’m going to put it first into a tool called open site Explorer this is going to show me things such as the domain Authority the page Authority and the number of backlinks and some information about the backlinks that are pointing to the site which are all things that Google uses to determine the authority of a site so I’m going to hit search and I can see here that the domain Authority the domain Authority isn’t that important it’s mostly the page Authority that’s important but you can see here that you know this this seems to be like a site that may potentially be out ranked able the page Authority is only 23 which is good anything in the 20s or below is a good sign and there’s only 51 links it seems to this particular site and if you’re signed in to open site Explorer you can kind of get information about these different links and the more the more page authority that the links pointing to this particular page has the more you have to worry about but it doesn’t seem to be anything too drastic and only shows you a certain number because you know you could sign up to get unlimited amounts of information information from signing it for SCO Moz Pro but this is good enough for now you can see some of the anchor text that’s being used and things like that there’s only a total of 51 links now what you want to do is you want to do for each of the sites that are here on the top 10 because you want to be on the top 10 to Google so I’m going to put New York bartending school the open site Explorer 2 so first one was page 3 of 23 this one has a domain Authority of 34 but a page Authority of 45 and yes it’s totally normal to see page authorities higher than a domain Authority and this is actually you know it just shows you that you can’t just look at the top result you got to look further and sometimes there are anomalies I’m not exactly sure why ABC bartending score whatever the domain was is ranking higher but you know you got to take the entire top ten in whole and analyze each of those things and here you can see there are a total of 2077 links and there are you know the page Authority is 45 which is relatively high this would be just from that you can tell that’s going to be a particularly tough site to outrank and you can see a lot of the anchor text being used New York bartending school so it seems like they’re primarily making for New York bartending school but they are also ranking second for just bartending school let’s try it let’s do the third one which is bartending actually this is a good sign here when you start to see exact match domains or ones that are really close that had the keywords in there such as this one bartending school com this is a site that was built knowing that it was going to target that particular keyword so running an analysis on this is a good idea because if you can just do better than what the site is doing you know or any of these sites really but it’s nice to know what’s going on with these exact match domains if you can do better than these then you know that you’re going to eventually outrank them especially if the content is valuable and you start to get some juicier sort of more powerful link so I’m going to open this one up just to sort of see what it looks like and it seems like it’s a domain for a bartending school in Virginia which is which is interesting so what I’m going to do is I’m going to put this in to open site Explorer as well it’s searched and I can see here that just like the last one the page Authority is 55 which is which is high total links is 937 you can see the page Authority for a lot of these sites that are linking to this are really high 73 65 64 scrolling down I could see you know some of the stuff here local SEO blocking and tackling I mean what does that have to do with bartending well it seems like somebody who knows what they’re doing with SEO is talking about this and also using the you the resources that they have to to bump up the rankings of their website so this person actually you know hired somebody or is somebody who knows SEO and is using you know is link building to increase the authority of this site and so this woman currently ranks I think number four you can go down the list here another good the helpful thing that you can use is you know you can put all these URLs grab each of them copy paste them into a neat little sort of text file like this and then you can use a tool that I found here if you go to SEO ranked smart comm they have a number of different free SEO tools that you can use so one of them is the bulk Google Google page rank checker so what I can do is just simply paste all of those URLs here type in the code fd1 be five hit submit and it’s going to quickly tell me the PageRank of each of those sites so if I scroll so here I can see immediately that the PageRank is four four three three three three four four one two now this is the Google page rank which is a scale from zero to ten I believe either nine or ten and once you start to see a lot of threes and fours and fives in the top ten that’s something that shows you that it’s going to be no particularly difficult to put yourself on onto that onto this list of ten here when I did niche site duel 1.0 I used a tool called market Samurai which showed the PR and I had said that you want the average PR of the top ten in Google to be around 2.2 so this is obviously higher than 2.2 although I will say that Google Pagerank isn’t considered quite as important when it comes to SEO competition still something we should definitely look at but there are other factors out there like Moz rank and things I’m going to show you and something other tools that I’m going to share with you later but this is just still good to keep in mind this just shows me that these sites are potentially ones that could be difficult to outrank okay like I said one of the factors involved in if a keyword is competitive or not is to look at the Moz rank of these sites here so we’re going to go explore tool moon slash Moz rank and so if I were to take one of those URLs and just paste it in here again that’s a moon z mo + sy comm / mo z re + K I were to put one of those URLs here and check it immediately get the Moz rank which is a scale from I think 1 to 9 but it does it on the hundreds so it’s like one point whatever see this one is three point four seven here a couple other ones just you know Google is eight point eight to my site is six point one one let’s put in that bartending school calm when to see what the Moz rank for that is check and that one’s five point three two okay so I fast forwarded in time a little bit and what I did was I took each of these URLs here that I had from the top ten at Google for bartending school and I put them into this tool on moon Z just so I can see the Moz ranked all next to each other it’s nice how it just sort of keeps track of the history of the sites that you searched for and not looking at the one for google and one for my site you can see the sites here three point four seven five point three two four and a half for three and a half five four and a half three and a half four I can tell that this is going to be a relatively hard niche to get into you’re looking for something that’s a little bit less competitive and this is a good indication that this is pretty competitive something between two and four if that’s going to be the average again maybe two and a half would be a good number to shoot for possibly three depends on the search volume and the CPC and how you know ambitious you are but you know here this is going to be rather difficult and I like looking at the Moz rank especially all next we Cho they’re like this because I can get a feel for all the top ten in Google at the same time you know I like it better than page rank because page rank doesn’t update quite as often and this is more accurate Moz rank is a bit more accurate so I want to show this to you here now there’s obviously a lot of factor other factors involved like the backlinks pointing to each of these sites which is why we use open site Explorer and also the domain and page Authority but I want to show you now what it’s like to use you know these paid tools to run this search because right now it’s pretty clunky we’re using all these different tools Adwords Keyword tool open site Explorer SEM rush moon Z and all these other ones and you know it’s pretty clunky right and remember what I said earlier the more dirt you get through the more possibility that is that is that you’re going to eventually come across those golden keywords so that’s what these paid keyword tools are really good at you don’t need them you don’t absolutely need them if you’re strapped for cash and you have to sort of bootstrap your keyword research this is a great way to do it but I’m going to show you really quick that it might actually be worth it if you’re serious about this to invest in one of those tools I use too I initially started using market samurai but I’ve been more recently using longtail Pro for a couple reasons one it’s a lot easier to teach with because it’s just simpler to use unless a lot of less advanced features as market samurai but I also love it because it shows a lot of the more updated sort of rankings like Maz rank and domain Authority and page Authority which markets and rank doesn’t show so let’s go into long long tail Pro right now and I’ll show you how that looks like and how we can run keyword research much faster and hopefully we can land on some potential keywords alright what’s up we are in longtail Pro right now and actually you’re looking at longtail platinum it’s sort of the premium version of longtail Pro which costs an additional monthly fee not necessary actually I’ve had the pro version for so long now and I’ve successfully used it to find keywords you may find that you may not need it although I will share what some of the platinum features are at the end of this video see if it might be something helpful to you it just makes the keyword research process even faster but I think you’ll see as I go through this as if it were a longtail Pro just how much faster this is then doing it sort of manually so what I’m going to do is actually going to create my first campaign I’m going to use the same seed keywords that we use when we ran the Google Adwords Keyword tool at the very beginning so what I’m going to do is hit create your first campaign I’m going to name this NSD 2.0 wave 1 and the language will be English countries United States now if you are building website in another country and you want to target the sort of search volume for that particular country maybe you’re building website specifically for something in that country you know you can select a different country here and you know that’s what I would recommend but moving on show results for I never click this you know if you click this you’re only going to show ideas really closely related to the seed keywords you put in I like to sort of have things be broad and be able to see other keywords that I may not have even thought of before as a result of leaving this unchecked and then as far as devices you know desktop a laptop devices is probably the best route so I’m going to click create campaign and conveniently up here it says add seed keywords so that’s exactly what I’m going to do and I think before we had housekeeper we had bartender we had cook and we also had janitor I think those were the four that we picked up and I’m going to add those now if you wanted to delete these and add more you can you can just click on the X here or add more here now you want to do a maximum of five here because if you do too many at a time it’s going to overload Google Adwords and Google AdWords may sort of kick you out a little bit just temporarily because you’re overusing their system now one thing to make sure you want to make sure you’re logged in to Google AdWords if you’re not just click on this button here it’ll say well again that will give you access to all the features that logging into Google AdWords will give you which is where longtail Pro and also market Samurai that’s where they all get their data from is Google Adwords so make sure you’re logged into Google adverts now before I move on I want to make sure that I’m on exact match do not use broad and you know phrase you know there’s debate about whether to use phrase or not you know just make it clear just use exact now down here you can enter your own keywords if you want if you want specific data for exact keywords that you’re going to put in and not necessarily using it as a sneaky were just the keywords that you want to put in maybe you found a list of keywords somewhere you just want to get the data for those keywords you can put that in here but I don’t have any of that right now so I’m not going to put it in it’s just optional under fetch additional data you can get things like the domain ability ability whether there’s net or available for those specific URLs or keywords and I’m not going to click that it takes a long time to get all that data Google title competition and big data competition I never click but I do go to apply filters and I apply the filters beforehand so that I can just not even look at the keywords that aren’t matching my criteria so for example I’m going to click on average local searches just like we did with Google Adwords Keyword tool I’m going to go from 3,000 to a hundred thousand and average CPC I want it to be above a dollar and that’s it so from there what I’m going to do is like on generic keywords and what that’s going to do is going to find all the related keywords for all these seed keywords that we put in here and apply these filters and it’s going to show us the results so I’m going to click on this and it’s going to take a while as you can see it’s going through housekeeper right now and then it’s going to go through the other ones that we did and so what I’m going to do is actually just fast-forward over time just so we can look at the data right away all right so here are the results it took about two and a half three minutes to get all this and as you can see on the bottom here it says 3027 keywords have been filtered out I mean that’s that’s crazy and what’s left over are 94 keywords that meet our search volume criteria now google adwords keyword tools show this the same stuff but what’s really cool is when we start to run SEO competition analysis which you can simply do by clicking on each of these keywords so I’m actually going to scroll down to one here that we’re quite familiar with already which is bartending school the numbers match what we had in Google Adwords Keyword tool and I’m going to click on that and what happens is it runs a competition analysis by showing us the top ten in google the title of each of those pages and also all the data that we need to know for each of them including the page Authority which is just how Authority how authoritative that page link is remember we got that through open site Explorer before page links and juice page links page links are the number of links pointing to that particular site and juice page links are more sort of authoritative sites that are pointing to that particular page then there’s domain Authority which isn’t quite as important than the all familiar Moz rank which we had before then also PageRank and the site age site age isn’t quite as important either if you want more information about each of these you can just hover over it for some basic information but as you can see here and don’t look at Casey for now that’s keyword competitiveness and that’s a handy member that Spencer is created for the Platinum version you don’t need that I wasn’t using that before although it is sort of helpful page Authority you can see it is the top two or fifty-four and 45 and 38 those are quite high you know you’ll see a couple twenty-seventh and twenty-eighth switcher which are reachable but remember we had typed this into Google and you should do that even if you’re using paid keyword tools you should type these keywords into Google to see what comes up see what ads come up to also see what the local search results are going to be like and remember we wanted to maybe get in one of the two spots and it looks like the top two spots here are really competitive I mean the page Authority is quite high it’s in mid 50’s again we want you know 20 to 30 would be even better page links you know anything over a hundred or 200 is going to be something worth you know putting up a red flag for I mean 889 page links here 2077 you can actually click on each of these to open open site Explorer to get information about each of the links pointing to each of these sites juice page links are the more authoritative sites that are linking how many links from authoritative pages are coming over domain Authority not quite as important but as you can see here Moz rank is quite high like we had mentioned before five five and a half five three and a half four point two four oh it’s quite high so looking at this I would immediately just go back to my keyword research tool and click on the next one and we’ve done this one already there’s a bartender game as you can see here page Authority fifty forty four it looks a little bit better here on the lower half of the the top ten in Google not very many page links not very very many juice page links the page Authority is quite low but again is this something that we really want to rank for a bartender game most of which are free how would you make money from it we did the research on that already and it was a board game on Amazon that we could sell and that’s it so I would move on again there’s a lot of things beyond just what you get in all these tools again I would type each of these keywords into Google just to get a feel for what’s going on so it’s really easy to do this just click on each one of these and sort of try to make an educated guess based on the numbers here look at this one this one is drink recipes and when you think about that that’s definitely going to be one that a lot of people are already building sites about so the top site here is a page Authority of 72 72 65 72 I mean look at the page links going to these sites they’re in the tens of thousands this one here is for Hood six figures I mean it’s crazy the Moz rank is quite high it’s in the high sixes high fives there are sprinkles in the know you can see anomalies every once in a while a lot of times these are for really high throat aging sites like Wikipedia this one’s for Google Play sometimes when you see one for page Authority and then a hundred for domain Authority it just hasn’t read shirred yet it’s just it’s just there because Google ranks those sites are really high because of the domain Authority that’s why Wikipedia is always ranked higher than a lot of other sites so let’s just keep going keyword research boom mixed drinks house mixed drinks look I can already tell I mean this is this is very competitive I mean it’s even more competitive than those first ones for bartending school and bartending game that we looked at boom next one drinks cocktails I’m not I’m gonna look at this I’m going to delete those because I know that those are competitive already drink makes her UPC code let’s try bar code generator a little bit better nothing in the 70s but as you can see page links are definitely in the thousands here again we want something that is you know under 200 in most of them and once you start to see something that is a little bit less compared as competitive yeah you can actually go into each of these sites check them out and see what you can do to outrank them go into their backlinks see where their backlinks are coming from and see if you can get better backlink coming to your own site when you create your site so that one didn’t work alcoholic drinks I’m not I’m going to looked at here DJ software again high authoritative sites so I’m not even going to move on cooking classes I’m imagining this one’s pretty high as well sixty eight forty five look at the page links coming to the site and again a lot of these sites are probably paying a lot of money to get all these backlinks and rank really high and again it’s going to take a long time this is what keyword research is all about we’re just digging through the dirt right now and it just takes a long time so don’t get discouraged and actually you’ll find a lot of you will probably get addicted to this especially using these tools you’re going to just randomly think of things to put in as seed keywords and again we just put four in but we have ninety-four keywords to go through and just imagine doing all this by hand or manually going through each of those SEO competition analysis things how with this easy recipe for kids here you go this is obviously a little bit less than those other ones that we were just looking at forty six is the top side but it’s still pretty competitive I mean if you look at some of the lower ones on here there’s a lot of page links now these pages are probably page links coming from less authoritative sites that’s why there’s a twenty thousand here on number ten then 74 on the top but you know there’s a lot of anomalies and you know there’s a lot of factors involved but you know you’ll you’ll you’ll see when there’s a key word that seems to be open that there might be some room for you there you’ll see it’s going to look much different than all the other ones and they’re out there you just have to keep digging deeper cooking games for kids now this one looks a little more promising if the page links scare me a little bit the page authorities are a lot cleaner and I guess now is a good time more than ever to start talking about this platinum feature which is called keyword competitiveness this is a handy tool an algorithm that Spencer has created in this tool to give you a quick snapshot of the competitiveness the overall competitiveness based on just all this whole grid here on how this keyword is is you know a lot of those other ones that we looked at earlier like if you were to look at something really competitive like how to cook I mean you can imagine that being very competitive I mean look at the page authorities in the 70s here even in mid mid first page so the keyword competitive is going to show up here after it calculates all this that’s 57 now anything under 30 or around 30 is pretty good so what was that other one we did easy no it was cooking games for kids this one had I think it was 30 so 30 is a lot easier than 57 and what’s cool here is if you wanted to you know if you’re looking if you’re going to use KC or keyword competitiveness as a way to determine whether that’s a potential keyword you should explore even further you can actually go through each of these really quickly by just clicking here on calculate the average KC and it’ll take like five seconds or so and I usually click five at a time I don’t want to do too many and overload the system but what it’s going to do is going to go into that competitor analysis thing for you and find the keyword competitiveness number so here we go 5846 housecleaning is 39 which is a little bit less competitive so as you can see here the least competitive out of these five is housecleaning but there are more local searches than for house cleaning services so housecleaning would definitely be a better keyword to go than house cleaning services interestingly enough but again this is in the high 30s I would shoot for something under 30 if possible maybe mid 30s if you’re ambitious and yeah this is just what I would do so let’s do this again let’s let’s create a new campaign just to see if we can find something and I’m going to run through this until I find a good one to show you just what it looks like so I’m just going to add a new campaign so NSD 2.0 wave two and keep all that the same create campaign I’m going to go to campaign settings and type in some seed keywords and actually I’m just going to start with one that I know has some interesting data for because I want to speed things up a bit so I’m going to put in wedding rings here and I’m going to put in exact and apply the same filters that we had before three thousand in one hundred thousand max for local searches average CPC one point zero zero or one dollar click generate keywords it’s going to fetch that data for wedding rings and again I’m you want to put in you know five seed keywords so you can get the maximum number of keywords and related terms in there as possible so you can you know pick up more dirt and find those keywords but I’m just doing this for the purposes of speeding things up a bit because there’s some interesting data here that I want to show you whether you have long tail Platinum or pro this is a you know you’re going to start to discover why some things are more competitive than others okay so here were the results and if you’re using the Platinum version you know a quick thing to do is even as these are generating you can just click on the average KC calculate here to get that number and see if any of them stand out or are relatively low again 30 or below is something to pay attention to for the purposes of the niche site duel here and the reason it doesn’t calculate them all at once for use because it takes a little bit of work for the system to do and I think dispenser just didn’t want to have things overload and so I’m just going to calculate the rest of these really quick and you start to see some standout here I mean there’s some in the 40s and mid 30s which are going to be you know somewhat competitive and there’s some down here like this one for vintage wedding rings which is 26 which is definitely the lowest one we’ve seen in while and I want to explore that really quick so I’m going to click on vintage wedding rings and you know a lot of my friends are getting married both male and female right now I know the whole vintage wedding thing is huge right now so this could be a good potential keyword to get into but we want to explore it a little bit more now the average keyword competitiveness is 26 now you might not know that if you don’t have the pro version but there’s certain things I want to show you too that kind of show you why this is less competitive than some of the other ones it’s because I mean first of all look at the URL and title here what longtail Pro or platinum does is it bolds just like Google does it bolds the actual keywords in the urine title by looking at this you don’t actually see very many sites here in the top ten or any of them actually targeting specifically vintage wedding rings so they’re not paying intention or utilizing on-page SEO very well and that’s something that you could do and take advantage of in this particular Beach if you wanted to get into it now looking at the page Authority does look a bit high especially up here at the top fifty-three fifty-four forty six again we were shooting for no under thirty and there is some of that here in the sort of mid-range on the first page twenty four twenty eight twenty nine but there’s a couple things I will also want you to show I mean that’s just one thing you have to pay attention to if there’s a lot of page links here but you also notice that a lot of these like for example this one here which is twelve hundred and eighty-two page links there’s only forty six juice page links so not very many are that authoritative and looking at all the juice page links here there’s only one site to be kind of scared of here which is this one there are other ones linking above it and that might have to do with the content or what’s on that page and looking at that it’s just I don’t see anything that says vintage wedding rings on that particular URL or title so that’s I mean that’s a big mistake for that site if it wanted to actually target this particular keyword also look at the Moz rank it’s relatively low to what we’ve seen already the first one here is pretty high 6.22 that’s about as high as smart passive income right now but then there’s a lot of them in the mid threes down here below for Kay and Zales it’s just in the one it’s below two and that’s definitely the lowest we’ve seen so far so that’s why the keyword competitiveness is 26 so again this just shows you that there’s everything here you have to pay attention to not just the numbers but also the URL and the titles and how people are utilizing on-page SEO and then if you’re using platinum there’s a Casey or keyword competitive in this sort of column for that particular for these particular websites that it’s showing next to so I’m going to go back to keyword research and see if I can find anything interesting about any of these other ones that are going on there’s also one here wedding wings for women which is a you know actually has more local searches in the higher CPC at just a little higher kc than what we just looked at for vintage wedding ring so i’m gonna click on that just to sort of see what i can deduce from from doing this and you know when you’re first starting out looking at this matrix and that you know it’s going to be very confusing and just know that i went through the same thing and the more you do this the more you’re going to get used to it and there’s a few things that stand out here and that is just the relatively low number of juice page links that are pointing to each of these sites i mean zero zero forty two zero three one zero one that’s very low and that just shows you that you can potentially outrank a lot of these sites here which do have a lot of page links but they’re not very authoritative the links that are pointing to those sites so if you get some good links coming to your site that’s gonna that’s going to mean a lot the page authority is sort of all over the place here you got you know low 30s all the way up to 73 this top one might be something to be scared of and if you look in open up titles you’re going to see a lot more bold and bold lettering here which is a sign that they are utilizing on-page SEO quite a bit the Moz rank is just sort of average you know some zeros but mostly in the the four five range but then the PageRank is relatively low so again this is a potential and if you were totally into wedding rings for women and you know you could crush it it might be worth getting into but it might be also worth trying to look for other keywords that may be in the mid 20s as far as casey is concerned or might show you in an might be more obvious when you look at the data that there is some room there so i’m going to go back to keyword research and i’m going to go back to my campaign settings I’m going to delete wedding rings I’m going to type in something else and we’re just going to see what comes up okay so I’m going to type in a few things that are closely related to each other and that is certification license board exam and also permit now these are things that people might have to potentially apply for is is what I’m getting at maybe that’s a good one apply for and I’m going to click Add and I guess we’ll see what comes up ok so here are the results and I’ve already calculated the average KC by clicking on the calculate button that was over here on the right hand side which took quite a bit of time because there’s a lot of keywords here as you can see in the bottom there’s over 3500 keywords that have been sort of filtered out and I’m seeing 133 here that meet our criteria now what’s cool is you can sort of sort each of these columns so you can get a high low for each of these things and doing that right now with average KC so I’m seeing the lowest average keyword competitiveness right now keyword which is TABC certification I don’t know what that is but I’m going to explore it because it’s already met the criteria and it shows me that it’s something to pay attention to if I didn’t have Pro I would eventually come on to this and see the following I would see a lot of sites here that have a TABC certification in the URL which is not always a bad sign and you can see here this one for example TABC certification com that’s and that’s almost obviously a particular niche site that someone else has created or it’s just the you know you have a company that does this or whatever it is but you can see here that that particular website is ranking number 3 right behind a sort of a government or state site and it only has a very low page Authority very little page links and not much going on with it there’s other ones that are about TABC permits and online TABC certification which have relatively low page Authority in the 20s page links in the tens and 20s zero juice page links and this is why again the competitiveness is 23 and then so if you were interested in this whatever it may be and you feel like you can build a good resource for this and create something better than what exists already and obviously you want to go to each of these sites and also type it into Google and actually let’s do that let’s let’s type this into Google and you’ll see that you’ll see what happens when when you type into Google you actually find that TABC is the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission and what they do is they provide permits and licenses to sell alcohol in your establishment if you were to go to and type in TA BC certification I would get you know an ad which is a good sign not very many ads but then I see the same sort of websites that were here that are in longtail Pro so you know since this is something to do with a selling alcohol and beverages you know alcoholic beverages that’s not really something I want to get into but if you know maybe you live in Texas and maybe you have a business that sells alcohol and your business is thriving because of that I don’t know this might be a good keyword for you but I’m going to move on but it just shows you that there there is a lot of random things out there that you might be able to find and you’ll have to see and assess whether or not that’s something you want to get into now there’s another one here with the average KC of 30 which is driver license check I’m not even sure what that really means but looking at the data here I can see you know relatively mid-level page Authority I mean the top rating site has page 30 or 33 very little page links the most page links here on this particular set of results here’s 234 the Moz ranked ranks from 0 to you know the top one is one point six for those maybe there’s one in the five range and you know so this is a good sign that there’s a room here I mean look at the juice page links nothing above 10 so if you wanted to rank for driver’s license check and going back here it looks like there’s nine thousand nine hundred people doing local searches each month for that I don’t even know what that means exactly does that just information about how people check your driver’s license maybe if you’re getting carded for something or how to make sure it’s legit I don’t know but I could see a lot of different states Washington and Texas here so I don’t know how you might want to tackle this or where it would come and fit into play as far as writing 50 posts about this maybe it’s about driver’s license checks in each of those 50 states and maybe you could dominate it through that what is the sort of you know the capability of earning an income from this niche I don’t know we’d have to do some checks and Google for that there’s also Texas teacher certification which is also has the keyword competitiveness of 30 and if you were to you know the relatively low amount of local searches compared to these other ones but a higher CPC so it might be worth it especially if that’s something you’re interested maybe you’re a teacher in Texas and so you can see the mahzarin care is relatively sort of low to mid range you know the top five in google or between one and four page links not to bad page authorities kind of mixed and I think the on-site competitiveness you can see down here actually a good place to start would be these sites down here in the bottom that are obviously targeting this keyword exploring the backlinks coming to those sites seeing how authoritative they are you can see the juice page links for those sites aren’t very authoritative at all so it might be something to get into and this is really what keyword research is all about just going to go into here and see if I get a good feeling on any of these see where there might be room for something else that might be interested in currently any of these that I found I’m not really interested in so I’m going to keep going but this is where I’m going to end the video just kind of show you that you know this isn’t going to come easy and I’m still working on finding my keyword right now I have a few potentials some of the potentials that I’m really actually interested in as a topic are a lot more competitive than I want them to be but it still may be a keyword that I want to tackle showing that you know it’s okay if it’s a little bit competitive as long as you could bring something new to the game so I might I might end up challenging myself in that way but we’ll see what some of the other you know new site dual participants end up choosing or what niches they get into and also the people who are going to be in the mastermind group with me too now more information on the niche site duel you can go to niche site duel com to get that and all information to sign up participate and all that good stuff so I hope you’ve enjoyed this video from learning all about keyword research all about you know everything that you need to live to use for his SEO competition and then going through longtail Pro and longtail platinum to speed things up a bit for you so hopefully that helps thank you again the affiliate link for longtail Pro is actually slash longtail Pro there’s a 10 day free trial if you wanted to give it a shot and yeah I would you know I do get a commission if you go through that link and I would you know just let me know if you do and I want to thank you personally for that because that’s awesome and hopefully it you find it valuable so thank you good luck and I wish you all best I’ll see you in video 2 in a little bit which will probably show you how I found the exact keyword that I’m going to use and the strategy for building a brand and creating content for it alright I’ll check you later bye you