hey everybody it’s Roberto with a special Apple product video so Apple unveiled a whole new set of product lines today with new versions of the Mac Mini the iPad air 2 the iPad Mini 3 and the new 27-inch 5k resolution iMac in this video I’m gonna be talking about the Mac Mini and I’m gonna be covering the things you guys always want to know your top three things be priced the release date and the new specs and features for all my tech heads and gear heads out there so let’s go ahead and cut to the chase let’s talk about price the price on this thing is gonna be $4.99 for the base model and to max it out it’s going to be a $19.99 so I’m going to talk a little bit about the specs in a minute and tell you what you get for the base model and what you get for the max out model and everything in between so we’ll jump into that in a second the release date for this is actually you can order it tomorrow if you’re watching this today tomorrow is October 17th so you can actually order it from the Apple website and they’ll be shipping as early as next week or the week after so it’s just fantastic that we don’t have to wait or the ability to order these new products from Apple and that’s going for the entire new set of product lines so that’s just awesome so let’s jump right into the specs this is coming with 4th gen processors it’s gonna be a 1.4 gigahertz I 5 processor but it does boost up to 2.7 gigahertz so that’s pretty cool it is only coming with 4 gigs of ram but it can be upgraded to 16 gigs this is one product remaining that Apple’s doing the 4 gig thing on and I really don’t get that I thought they did a great move with moving everything to 8 gigs but I think because the cap on this is 16 gigs that might be a reason but I don’t buy it because even with the MacBook Pros they’re doing that and those max out at 16 gigs as well so I don’t know that that’s the reason and I kind of don’t like that about it it does still come with a spinning hard drive in fact it’s the only Apple product to still come with a you know traditional sparing hard drive that isn’t at least a fusion drive so this is gonna be a 500 gigabytes 5400 rpm hard drive however it is upgradable to either the fusion drive or to a flash drive up to a terabyte so that’s good that you can customize it and configure it to have that and get better performance it is going to be using the Intel HD 5000 gram fix but is upgradable to the Intel iris graphics which are going to be far superior so that is an option that’s on the table in terms of the upgrade for ports this is coming with two Thunderbolt 2 ports try saying that 10 times fast you can’t do it it’s gonna come with 4 USB 3.0 ports it’s going to come with audio in audio out as well as HDMI out and Ethernet of course so those are the port’s you can expect and it’s still gonna have an SDXC card slot for those of you doing DSLR photography or video that means you’re gonna be able to use an extreme capacity XD card in there if you decide to max this out for 2 grand you’re gonna be getting I 5 processors at 2.8 gigahertz it’s gonna be boost able up to three point three so that’s convenient you can’t go up to 16 gigs of ram it’s gonna have the intel iris graphics and you can go to one terabyte of the flash storage so what that means is you end up with something that’s a grand less than the base model of the portable mac pro cylinder but you get more ram out of it and then you also get more of the flash harddrive space so comparatively performance wise it could be better aside from on the graphics card because you don’t get the AMD graphics with that which are I think 2 gigabytes of dedicated HD graphics so that is kind of a trade-off there in terms of super portability it’s going to be the most portable solution and it’s just going to need you to hook up the display and all those other peripherals so in terms of cost you can kind of start to get into that whole range where the mac pro is but the mac pro is just superior overall but for the price difference maybe you don’t need it to be I can’t really see going to the high end for the low end for what this is with just upgrading the RAM I think it’s actually good to go and I can see that being for someone who’s not doing anything super intense maybe you’re just doing web design or logo design you want a Mac experience and you need a desktop other than the you know you work on your macbook pro or something but i would still go with the imac at 1099 versus this but price is the barrier and you already have the peripheral stuff then you want a decent computer for like under $600 that’s not a windows-based computer then yeah i could definitely see going that route so if you want to get in on the mac OS experience on the low-end then the Mac Mini is definitely the way to go it is super affordable now and they’ve actually done the upgrades and put in the work to make it worthwhile at least in my opinion anyway I’d love to know what you guys think of the new Mac Mini I’d love know what you think of it compared to the Mac Pro cylinder like this video if you liked it don’t forget to subscribe check out the other tech videos on the channel as always you guys thanks for watching and don’t forget create something awesome today