so something happened last week on another YouTube channel let’s take a look can you guess what the worst SEO advice is that I’m gonna tell you about it’s actually that content is king they all say that the more content you create the better content you create the better off you’re gonna do that’s a bunch of baloney so many of you know neil patel i really respect the business that he’s created he’s done awesome stuff and internet marketing and so when somebody of that caliber talks pretty directly at running contrary to exactly what we teach on this channel we’re gonna take notice and this video we want to kind of respond with no drama about about it and show why it is that we do exactly what we teach here on this youtube channel about how to build a brand get traffic to your site and make money right Neal doesn’t mention our name directly or anything we don’t feel like he was necessarily trying to cause drama either and he’s one of the biggest SEO players in the game on YouTube here so we felt like we owe it to our subscribers and to the SEO community in general to just defend our position because a lot of our subscribers did feel like it was a pretty direct attack on us and we definitely heard quite a few comments about it and he has been kind of stirring up hornet’s nest over there he made a video kind of exposing clickfunnels kind of thing so anyway but this is let’s just stick to the facts here and escape all the drama that nobody we don’t have time so let’s talk about it so here’s his basic position is that content is not king on the web that basically you make pretty good meteor crush I don’t know quite what he’s suggesting content and you just bought a heck of a lot of promotion behind it now when you have as large of a platform as he does that works fine right promotion does a whole lot of good for ya because when you have an email list of 200,000 and you have a big Facebook group in an Instagram group in a YouTube following etc you put out a pretty good content and you push it to all those channels and Caban it’s gonna pop to the top right so in some ways that strategy works now it’s not quite what I would like to do because I feel like that would hurt a brand right but does it work yeah if you have a huge audience and you put out kind of this mediocre Ishi book and just put a heck of a lot of promotion behind it you’re gonna sell a heck of a lot of ebooks it’s gonna work but that strategy does not work on new sites and that’s what this channel is about this channel isn’t about how we succeed with a giant network of websites and 40 writers in an office and a youtube following and everything else what we’re doing is what you’re doing we’re starting brand new sites with from scratch with no audience all the time in different industries just like you are and there let’s say you get somebody who has this website about off-roading jeeps right and you write this mediocre content about what’s the best Jeep for off-roading and then you just throw a lot of promotion behind it like we’re being told right so I go on Facebook and I try to drum up five people because I don’t have an audience yeah and I go to my email list and write it to ten people because I don’t have a giant Facebook list that strategy falls apart for most people who are building brands right it works great when you’re a huge brand yeah we get what Neil is trying to do he’s saying I have millions of page visitors because of this model that I do but saying this is what I do doesn’t necessarily translate to this is what everyone should do most of the people who follow us and who follow Neil probably haven’t gotten to the point where they can promote their content he says spend 80% promoting your content 20% actually creating it makes sense in conception but what what is someone with a brand new site gonna do for eight hours to promote their content right now how effective can it really be and when we see people doing that they don’t move fast enough so I let’s go to a specific clip in the video that we’re talking about here if you don’t believe me go write a thousand blog post tell me what happens I bet you what will happen is your traffic will go up very little amount challenge accepted let’s do it yeah right let’s write a thousand pieces of content and just put it out there without the promotion and see what happens well you’re right we haven’t written a thousand on this site but let’s take a look at dirt bike planet calm this site is no promotion we just wrote the articles on there and 100 articles gets a hundred thousand page views a month just by putting that content out there so yes it does work if you create really good solid content and put it out there absolutely it works and that site sends us paychecks every single month you go to a site like camper report com also we didn’t even get to a thousand articles but even with a couple hundred articles that cite brings in you know about ten thousand dollars a month and over three hundred thousand page views a month so does the strategy work content is king well I think so I I mean we’ve showed it over and over and you know he also talks about you know this going big and actually making sales from it will improve photography I did that for years and that site has earned millions of dollars over the years and exactly this it’s content that you’re just writing those articles good quality content and putting it out into the into the world right exactly Neil I mean it’s great that he promotes this content we hardly do any promotion our promotion is our content if you write great quality content the links and the relevancy from Google those things are going to come yeah and you know he made mention well of this check out the neil patel blog if you noticed i only create one text-based article per week so he is putting out one text-based article per week yeah that you know we’re talking about content not just tech space right but now he’s reduced it to take one tech based article per week and so he’s saying that’s all you need to do one article a week and just promote the heck out of it now what we’ve seen on newer sites is that strategy fails hard because when you’re brand new and Google is just not showing your content you need to build up that link velocity you need enough happening on your website with enough articles hitting Google that it starts to take notice of what’s happening so you can start to break through and really start ranking we’ve seen some people in our program who just kind of didn’t do enough of the effort wrote 15 20 ish articles in the first year and they said ah none of these are ranking and I look at it and I said man it’s a it’s a good topic you chose and it’s a good article and the reason it didn’t rank is we just didn’t get that velocity we didn’t get any momentum going on this website with Google and so this strategy I feel like really harms somebody with a new website when they try to recreate it because there’s no momentum that gets up there when your giant and yeah you were only writing one piece of content a week but you can throw a huge amount of volume to it yeah that’s actually totally fine and you’re gonna do fine but also notice the text-based he’s putting out three or four YouTube videos a week yeah and podcasts and other things it’s not as if he’s putting out this teeny little trickle of content he’s a Content animal yeah he’s putting a huge volume of content into the world each week and so I do feel like it was a little bit deceptive in the way that it was presented not intentionally but I feel like people could get the wrong idea that’s how I should say yeah so all we’re saying is don’t interpret Neil’s video the wrong way don’t go and from the beginning say I’m just gonna do a bunch of promotion because Neil puts out plenty of content to maintain his brand as should everyone so just realize promotion can work but content that’s the direction that Google’s going that’s how we become successful that’s how we believe everyone can do it as well we’re seeing the websites that are doing the opposite of what was taught in that video just dominating the internet right now yeah look at a wire cutter they’re not producing a massive volume of content they’re producing a few reviews where they get a team of people and they buy 80 different types of wireless earbuds right there just go buy a ton of them they get a team of people in a room and they spent dozens of hours just rigorously testing these things and then they write this epic review or product recommendation of wireless earbuds and they are absolutely crushing it in the search results is content King oh yeah oh yes look at our creator studio you know you have to find a balance you know we can produce a huge amount of content there 15 20 blog posts in a day no problem we’re producing a lot of content there but you have to also balance that it’s got to be good content because content is king on the web and so we’re seeing how can we give our writers a little bit more time how can we give them better research so these articles are the highest quality we possibly can it’s volume and quality you have to have both pieces if you’re ready to get your empire begun and building up online check out our project 24 webinar it’s a YouTube video that you can watch that kind of walks you straight through the process of how we’re working with people starting brand new websites and getting them up to those hundreds of thousands of page views