let’s face it everybody’s got two cents and everybody’s got two minutes so here’s my two cents in under two minutes hey Grant Cardone here I want to talk to you about no negativity okay look it is killing me it’s killing you it’s killing your family and it’s killing the economy I don’t care what side of politics you’re on the negativity is just negative and there’s no money in it there’s no future and being negative where’s the solution you know I can’t do that we can’t do that that can’t happen this is wrong that’s wrong oh my gosh taxes are too high taxes too dude it’s negative it is negative it is negative look there’s so much abundance of negativity that by itself tells you why there’s no value in it okay I got these two negativity no negativity and stay positive wristbands on right now people like why you wear those dude I ain’t wearing it for me brother I’m wearing it to give to people because I’m tired of the damn contamination you radiating contamination of negativity so look your brother your cousin your brother-in-law your mom your dad your uncle your aunt okay the guy church the pastor the priest okay the homeless guy on the street dude get these people positive control your environment that’s why we’re giving out these little stickers okay if you go to Cardone success.com I’m trying to mail out a hundred thousand of these all I want you to do is free I’ll mail it to you I’m gonna spend the postage I’m trying to put the US Postal System back in business because they’re so freakin negative they’re going to run themselves in the ground until the government finally sells in a FedEx or UPS go car don’t success go to Cardone success.com go to Cardone success.com and don’t say you ain’t got time you just be a negative okay I’m gonna send you this sticker all right I want to send it to you what I want you to do the only thing I may ask you to do is post it on your Facebook page or tweet it a photo of it just if you want to you can order it a bigger size okay you can also get the no negativity sign okay this is a great great thing for your office I’ll sign it for you on the back with a personal message to you look it’s no negativity man take control of your environment I’ll send you the sticker for free I just want the world – quit being negative and let’s start with you