My Morning Ritual – How To Be Productive, Happy & Healthy Everyday

hey guys what’s up it’s stefan from awesome video blog for you guys today one question that I get asked all the time is hey what is your morning ritual what do you do first thing in the morning to make sure that you have a successful amazing day and I thought you know there’s no better way to do this and actually create a video blog and kind of take you guys through the process of what I do every single day to set myself up to win okay how you start the day is how you end the day meaning that you want to start the day in an amazing way you want to boom right when you go to bed you want to make sure that you have a process a ritual that you go through to make sure that you take care of yourself mentally emotionally and physically okay and I thought hey this is exactly what I do right here every single day no matter what it’s non-negotiable I don’t know if you guys can read this but I’m going to read it out to you but I have a visual representation right here in my bedroom that guy walks me through the process that I go through to make sure that I have it a great day now the key to this the fearing of philosophy behind this is that most people live their lives you know reacting to the demands of everybody else right they wake up you know that they’re on their email or on Facebook you know they’re responding to the job and their friends and their family all the demands of everyone else but they don’t really take time for the most important person in their life which is who themselves right they don’t give themselves the most scarce resource that they have which is time and they don’t really give them to themselves they’re really nurture it and improve the relationship that you have with yourself but more important to be at your best is for me you know by going through this process having a morning ritual that I go through it puts me in the state that I need to be in to be in my best to make sure that I have more of myself to give to my business my friends my family my body people haven’t met before okay by putting myself in that safe first I have more to give okay so you want to make sure first in the morning first in the morning and take care of you okay you make sure that you’re at your best now there’s a lot of different um we have you know words to call this Evan pagan and wake up productive he calls it your personal success ritual Tony Robbins calls it your hour of power or 30 minutes for thankfulness or 15 minutes for fulfillment whatever you want to call it this really matters my morning ritual but again you want to make sure that you take care of yourself emotionally mentally and physically okay to make sure that you go through this process some sort of process it doesn’t have to be mine but you’re going through something to make sure that you’re at your best okay I don’t go about the day hoping that it’s going to be a good day okay I don’t hope I demand it I put myself in the state that I need to be to have a successful day so that today is going to be inevitable alright I put myself in the state that I need to be to set myself up to win when I gave a presentation when I go to meet someone when I um you know do anything in my life I don’t hope that it’s going to go well I don’t hope that I’m gonna be confident I don’t hope that I’m gonna be happy I don’t hope that I’m going to be able to do it I put myself in a state that I need to be in so that doing the thing is easy and natural and automatic okay and so I have some sort of process some sort of ritual that I go through to put myself there first all right so I’m going to jump right into it on this fight this video might get a little bit long but I’m gonna go through the process with you guys in this video so that you guys can see what I do and see the difference that it’s going to make from before to after I’m already in a great state right now but I haven’t started the ritual yet but I can guarantee by the end of this ritual my state is going to be you know double what it is right now so let’s get started so the first thing that I do in the morning where’s my pen all right okay guys first thing I do number one is smile Tyl simple as that is that sets up the day the way that you need it to be as I’m laying in bed first thanks smile just to really appreciate the fact that I’m alive that today is a new day you know um every day is a gift guys you know it really is I really feel that way it’s a gift it’s a new opportunity to experience everything that life has to offer and so why not smile you know some people start the day and they’re depressed and like I’ll out another Monday or whatever I smile I enjoy each day of my life just by making a conscious choice just by seeing the positive because you know there’s just so much that blood has to offer how could you not be happy about that I mean if you’re depressed I’ve awakened out or you’re sad or upset how up is that society that we’ve been given a gift so great life the greatest gift and we’re not really appreciating it enjoying it fully all right sighs I’m not going to get into that but smile does amazing wonders for you send up the day the right way it’s already engaging your state how you feel so make sure that you’re doing that number two stretch stretch so as I’m laying in bed let’s kind of stretch out my body my body’s been laid out for however many hours so I want to make sure that I’m stretching I’m loosen up my body all my muscles I’m waking up my body that feels awake and alive for the day number number three is the second chunk all this kind of stuff together is breathe breathe such an important process but most people overlook it but there’s nothing more important than breathing because you know we can live you know weeks without food we can live only days to water but we can only live no more than a few minutes with no oxygen and so I make sure that I take the time to give my body what it needs first in the morning which is oxygen that’s what your cells are craving so I take in deep slow diaphragm ik breaths okay inhale I hold it for just maybe a few seconds just so you know what I’m inhaling I’m giving my body all the oxygen that it needs I can hold it so that I’m fully on cinet getting all my cells in my body and then I make sure that I exhale through my diaphragm okay for my stomach so that I’m eliminating and getting rid of all the toxicity in my body because when you do that I’m gonna do deep diaphragmatic breathing it stimulates your lymphatic system which is a sewage system for your bodies getting rid of all the waste all the toxicity that you’ve accumulated as you’ve been sleeping okay so that’s the first thing your body needs for energy is oxygen okay so I’ll spend a few minutes doing that number four is water water most people they wake up and then they go drink a coffee or something like that your body is desperate for water it’s craving it you know like more than anything you can imagine it’s your body is dehydrated as you’re getting up so you’ve got to rehydrate your body rehydrate your cells to give it the energy and everything that it needs to be at his best perform at its optimal level so I go over to the kitchen I get a glass of water and I use ionized water alkaline water use really good water don’t drink tap water and all that kind of make sure that you have good water sometimes I make a green drink I have like eight greens powder and I’ll kind of mix that with the water and that way I’m getting some vitamins and minerals and the enzymes and everything into my body just to wake it up so I do that I don’t just take a sip of water like some people do I’m drinking like two glasses of water because my body needs it it’s craving the the water the cells ever you know 70 % of your body’s water your body needs water okay that’s my point drink it okay so boom once I’ve done that I’ll just shake it off done Saturday done all right and this is just like a visual representation for me just kind of look at it to remind myself each day oh yeah okay I go do this I gotta do that it and it just kind of keeps me on track okay number two number two rebounder rebounder what’s what’s that so the first thing you want to do after you’ve kind of gone through that done the first step is you need to engage your physiology you have to get moving right away because emotion is created by motion and emotion really just means energy and motion so I have a process a rebounder which is a mini trampoline that I do every single day just to get my body awake and Ally I’m gonna show you guys what that is right now alright so as you can probably see right now I’m jumping up and down is really fun but it’s basically a mini trampoline and there’s so many amazing benefits to this guys because right now through this process the way that I’m breathing is stimulating my lymphatic system ok so again your lymphatic system is like the sewage system for your body so I’m taking it all the same oxygen and I’m getting rid of it as well and I’m also you know every cell of my body the trillions of cells are being stimulated right now they’re just like you’re getting a little massage and all the toxicity and everything is just kind of getting pushed out of it it’s getting flushed out so this is an amazing process it’s fun it wakes you up it gives you energy and I’ll kind of go through the next steps as I’m kind of on this thing ok this is just a great tool to have I’m not gonna spend the whole time on my video with you guys on that just because that look kind of weird but yeah that’s that’s what I basically do um you know throughout my morning ritual as well as a jump on that thing I use that name by the way for cardio as well as mutter for cardio stuff that you can do on it it’s really convenient you know you can do it from the TV or whatever I’ll make another video blog just kind of explaining what that does and all the benefits to it but man is one of the best investments you’ll ever make so I rebound just to keep my body moving just to get my body moving you don’t have to do this but maybe go you go for a walk during summertime here I live in non-english bay then I’ll actually go to the seawall you know it’s a beautiful day out go for a walk go is kind of breathe in fresh air and start moving my body or sometimes you know when I’m like when I was really you know cutting I’ll go do cardio you know I’ll go for a walk and I should go for this process outside instead of in my apartment and I’ll go for a run or something like that as well so you can change it up I’m always trading on mine it’s never the same this is what I’m doing right now what it was a few years ago is totally different what it was a month ago it’s different I just kind of broken it down to meet it simple for what I’m doing right now but man maybe next month it might be totally different all right number three number three is incantations incantations what’s that so incantations are kind of like affirmations right they’re basically a way to feed my mind the positive mental thoughts I need to have throughout the day so I like to recondition certain beliefs that I want to have certain phrases certain quotes just to make sure that mentally I’m strong okay so sometimes I’ll just say things like you know I’m so happy for my life I feel so grateful or I’m confident I’m amazing I’m a leader I’m an incredible speaker um whatever you know there’s certain phrases that I say out loud again and again to put myself in the right state now the key with incantation is to make sure that you’re engaging your whole physiology you’re engaging your body if you just kind of stand there and you’re like yeah you know I’m really happy and I’m happy life is great it’s amazing you know your brain is going to be like so you have to use your body you have to put emotion into the equation so I have some other cue cards that that I have and I actually do this as I’m on the rebounder and I say these phrases out loud again and again basically whatever I want a feeler experience so for example what I choose to what I choose to do today is going to shape today and create my tomorrow I enjoy the process of creating a healthy and fit body the past does not equal the future life doesn’t happen to me it happens for me okay so these are just different sayings and phrases that I like to say out loud just to remind myself of what I want to believe you know I’m not I’m not going you know watching the news and feeding my mind if the Nunchuk bunch of negative I’m consciously putting into my mind first thing in the morning what it needs to live a happy healthy successful life alright they’re much easier to shape or faster healthier ways to change my state than food this is bringing me closer to or further away from my vision master your emotions master your life I eat to fuel my body not satisfying appetite healthy food is a gift and reward that I deserve every day nothing tastes as good as being healthy and fit feels I will improve 1% each day give myself pleasure for tiny progress for every discipline effort there’s a multiple reward I control how I feel and and so forth I had a lot of these and I need to write them out loud is feed my mind with it you know sometimes I’ll just go on a rant and just be like boom yeah you know I’m so motive emcell happy though it’s gonna keep going and again I’m using my physiology I’m using my emotions as I’m doing it to put myself in the right State amazing process guys you want to make sure that you’re feeding your mind is what it needs you know with the thoughts and the beliefs that you want to boom what’s up done Matta so we’ve done the rebounding check then the incantations check number four empowering questions now whatever you focus on you feel alright so I want to make sure that I focus on the things in my life that are going to make me feel happy all the emotions all the positive emotions that I want to feel experience each day I make sure that I experience them in the morning you know some people they don’t really feel happy in their lives or passionate or love or feel proud of themselves or grateful because they haven’t made the choice to feel it each day you know they’re just hoping that you know they live their life and reaction hoping that you know when I do this I’m going to do that then I’m going to feel happy no you’re going to give yourself that gift each day and you can do that just by asking the right questions okay and just really by changing your perspective and changing your focus controlling your focus and controlling your emotions instead of reacting to the conditions and the external circumstances of life okay you control how you feel so these are the different questions that I go through each day to make sure that I’m an amazing state now what controls your focus or questions so I’ll start off number one what am i happy about in my life right now okay I make sure that I ask this question out loud and these are questions that I’m asking myself throughout the day by just ask miss hey what am i happy about in my life okay what am i happy about my brain comes up with nothing I push myself and say okay well what could I be happy about or if I was happy what would that be so for me what am I really happy about well I’m happy about the progress that I’m making in each area of my life happy about the progress I’m making my body happy about this blog you know it’s a vehicle for me to to change people’s lives and inspire people and show people what I’m up to it’s a way to hold myself accountable and I’m really happy about you know the relationships my family and my friends I’m happy about the way that I’m living my life you know I feel like I’m in control of my life I’m in control my destiny you know I’m happy with the progress you know with my goals you know with my my internet businesses and my coaching business you know I’m happy about I’m happy about the things that I’m learning the things that I’m doing in my life I’m really living a life of meaning of living the life that I’ve always wanted the life of my dreams and then I’ll kind of follow up the question you know I’ll either ask hey what about that makes me happy or how does that make me feel how does that really make me feel and I take a moment to feel it guys the key is to feel it you can’t just intellectually do this you have to feel the emotion of it and I am feeling it right now on if you can tell but man it really makes me feel fulfilled like I’m living a life of meaning a life of significance what am i excited about my life right now what am i excited about I’m I’m excited for this day and how this is today is going to be an amazing day this is just kind of getting more excited in the process to look forward of the amazing things are going to happen today you know the right happiness I get a multi-class the friend I’m looking forward to that I’m looking forward to hanging out with my buddy today afterwards you know we’re gonna go out and have some fun crazy adventures you never know what’s going to happen each day you know who you’re going to meet or what are you going to do or what’s going to happen at any moment your life and change or a certain moment or someone can come into your life and I live in anticipation for that it excites me I’m excited to go to New York at the end of the month to the Tony Robbins event it’s going to be a phenomenal life-changing event I’m excited later this month I’m going to a the millionaire mind intensive with Tihar banker but did I event two years ago changed my life I’m so looking forward to doing it again I’m excited for a boot camp that have this month I got a seminar next week so much stuff to be excited for I’ve got so many books and programs I’m getting excited right now awesome all right guys what am i proud of in my life ah I’m so proud of who I become I’m so proud of the life that I lived everything that I have that looking at right now around me from the books my clothes my apartment my body I created that I created that I consciously created that in my life and I went through different failures and rejections pain along the way and is maybe Who I am and I’m so proud of Who I am so proud of who I’ll become in the process proud of my business it’s a part of the difference that I’m making in the world out of you know when I decided to do something I thought I’d do it I get it done proud of my commitment proud of my perseverance my persistence the fact that I’ll never give up no matter what my attitude my mindset my beliefs feels so proud hey sorry guys my memory card is full there is helmet I’m going to continue where I left off okay what am i grateful for in my life man I’m so grateful for God my Creator for giving me the gift of life so grateful for my family my mom my dad my brother my sister my my dog Angie um all the friends all the people in my life I’m so grateful for every experience that I’ve ever been through the good and the back so grateful for all the rejection all the failures all the pain everything that been through because it made me who I am it helped me improve and grow and become more confident and have to overcome them to become Who I am now and I’m proud of Who I am now some great so grateful for all that I’m so grateful all the good all the amazing accomplishments successes all the amazing moments of my life the amazing relationships the people that have come into my life that have attracted and manifested in my life I’m so grateful for that as well so grateful for my body you know this amazing vehicle this wealth right here most magnificent machine on this planet is your body I’m so grateful for my heart it beats a hundred thousand times a day without me having to do anything doesn’t take a time off doesn’t take a break but it’s always there working hard to keep me alive to keep my body functioning giving me the gift of life every single moment of the day so grateful for all the amazing functions that are going on in my body right now that I have no idea how to do how to describe it but it’s keeping me alive vibrant and healthy so grateful for all of you the amazing resources that I have all the amazing books that I didn’t have to create I didn’t have to write these books I can absorb all the experience and knowledge from all these amazing people and I can feed my mind and I can use that to help me grow help me live a happy successful life so grateful you know for technology and and what that provides I’m so grateful so grim so much feel feel grateful for guys you know one one man Sir John Templeton who was one of the greatest investors of all time said the secret to wealth is gratitude and how many people do you know out there that have everything but they’re unhappy because they’re ungrateful and then how many people out there that have nothing but they feel so rich so happy inside just because of gratitude and one thing that they said is that gratitude is the antidote to fear I really believe that if you’re not already grateful for what you have right now in your life there’s no point going no to a track or getting more it starts today be grateful for what you have what am i passionate about in my life are my passion if I’m so passionate for my business I’m so passionate to be able to grow these businesses and make a difference and inspire other people min and help them with their challenges and problems I’m so passionate about coaching and speaking so passionate about this blog it was a vehicle a way for me that to inspire people and share what’s going on in my life and help other people with their life with their lives as well I’m so passionate for my body it’s health improving this vehicle making it better each and every day what am i enjoying most right now in my life I’m enjoying working on my body I’m joined going to the gym join getting better and stronger each and every day I’m enjoying the books that I’m reading right now show you guys those in the bed on the information the knowledge everything and absorbing and learning in my life I’m really enjoying my social life I’ve been going out a lot I’ve been going out like four or five sometimes six times a week and I’m enjoying that process I enjoy just getting out of my head and being present having fun so the adventures and meeting some cool people and having creating certain moments in my life and really enjoying those um what am i what am I committed to in my life what am I committed to this is a strong one for me guys I’m committed to competing in the WBFF fitness modeling competition on June 23rd I’m committed to being as healthy and fit as I could be I’m committed to fulfilling my potential in life I’m committed to being financially free and sometimes I’ll just go through my goals and I’ll say although this is my goal and committed to that and committed to this I’m committed going this trip right just by saying it puts you in that state of being committed being determined for that committed to being happy every day so much I can go on for hours with this guy’s butt use I just spend about five minutes a day doing this last question who do I love who I love I love God I love my Creator I love my my mom my dad my family my friends my brother my sister my dog Angie I love myself you know one thing I Joey I have a passionate love affair with myself I really do I love life I love the process of life I love working out my body my health I love people in general of animals I love beings I love nature I love people out there that I haven’t met before people that are suffering people are in pain and I want to send them love and energy who loves me my Creator loves me God my mom my dad my family my dog you know they give me unconditional love no matter what I love me people that I don’t even know love me they care about me they pray for me and that’s the amazing thing we’re all part of the same family in life there’s people out there that I even know I haven’t even met but they’re praying for me right now we’re sending me their love and strength and energy right now and I’m just absorbing it and how it makes you feel so alive it makes me feel incredible it makes you feel loved just by allowing them to love you you never have to be alone I never feel alone because I know that I always have a connection with my Creator of connection with myself and I can just really appreciate an absorb everything that’s around me and absorb all that love and all that energy feels great guys all right that’s where my pen go all right that’s the empowering questions boom done that after this process guys you’ll be amazed what happens you feel so alive you’re in such a different state because you’re accessing all these different emotions all these different emotional states you are literally through this process feeling happy feeling excited being proud grateful passionate you know just enjoying you know whatever moments of your life feeling committed feeling loved okay so whatever emotions you want to feel set up questions that you can actually feel those emotional states and take the time each day to give that to yourself give it to yourself what’s more important don’t put off being happy be happy now so I asked a bunch of those questions the check number five my driving force so I’m not going to go to any clay into this this is a totally different video blogs but actually take out my phone and then this is just the time that I take this to really focus on my vision in my life and my purpose I get associated to it and sometimes I leave I’m just going to read it out loud I happen to my phone I’ve gotten written down in in a notebooks and stuff or I have a vision board in my office that others can I go to but I take the time really just and visualize and just can it remind myself of my purpose in life and my vision of how I want my life to be my purpose I go into that I’ll go into my identity you know who I want to be and the standards that have hold myself to each day my code of conduct what I’m committed to each day my values you know my goals I’ll just take the time I’m not going to go into it it’s going to take forever but I take the time you gonna read it out loud and remind myself of that or just kind of visualize it you know sometimes I’ll just kind of visualize my body you know I just visualize the body that I want to have and visualize myself competing up on stage looking at the way that I want to look or the lifestyle that I want to have or the relationship that I want to have I focus on it because when you focus on it you’re going to move towards that you’re going to attract that into your life alright so I go through my driving force okay almost done here guys read 10 pages read 10 pages always make sure that I’m reading everyday so again it’s part of the process of feeding my side of my mind mentally right with all the right information and everything that I need to make sure that I’m positive learning and growing each day I’m not reading the news I don’t give a really what’s going on in the world I want to make sure that I’m feeding my mind what it needs to be happy and so that I’m making progress towards where I want to go in my life so some cool books that I’m reading right now guys the way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman amazing book amazing book guys if you haven’t seen the movie goes through the movie this is a lot of big breakthroughs I’m having right now with this book and I’ll write a review about it soon another book that I’m reading right now one of my favorite books awaken the giant within Tony Robbins I read this book probably when I was about 19 years old and I was in Toronto and I still remember reading it and it just had such an impact on my life and I decided to pick it up again and read through it it’s really make sure that I absorb and practice the materials in this book amazing books I’m always reading something to to feed my mind and to grow to learn more I have a shitload of books I have more books in that in the other room I love to learn I love to read make sure that you have a discipline a habit ten pages a day maybe it is too much for you maybe one page a day I read more than that actually I probably read about thirty pages a day some days but I make you know I just make sure that I have the habit and you know sure enough ten pages a day is 300 pages a month that’s a book a month you know you carry that out a year that’s twelve books a year right of just absorbing information so make sure that you have a habit of that as well so check done that okay next rpm plan what does that mean that’s my my rapid planning method book it’s basically planning out might be in detail I’m not going to go too much into that I’ll show you guys really quick what it is all right so this is a rpm by planning a book that I use is this guy right here um it’s basically a life planner is made by Tony Robbins RP M stands for result perfect resolve purpose massive action and I basically make sure I capture down everything that I might get done that day and then I I kind of chunk it into different results that I have for that day so I’d result from my body a result in my business maybe like I’ve resolved you know going out or something like that I know what I want what my outcome is why I wanted and I spent time actually creating the action plan of what actions do I need to take to actually achieve that so this is the whole process that I go through each day to make sure that I plan out my day and my life in detail so again I’m not reacting to life I’m not reacting to without everyone else has planned for me sorry guys actually threw my book down on the bed yeah made the camera fall so again I’m not reacting in life I’m not reacting to what everyone else has planned for me I’m creating the life that I want I’m being proactive versus reactive which is key um okay cool rpm plan done that for my tango using my pen alright okay I found my pen where was I um alright it’s our game plan done that you plan out the day in detail boom know what’s going to happen when it’s going to happen good to go there countability call accountability call what does that mean every morning I have a call with a buddy and we make sure that we talk about the day before what we got done what kind of challenges what we learn and everything and on each day we talk and enough very fast conversation about the three things that were committed committed to getting done that day so basically this is just a way to hold ourselves accountable so way to make sure that no matter what we’re making progress what are the three things we need done we commit to it and then the following day we follow up kit did you get that done you know if you didn’t get it done that accountability is you have to give $20 to a charity okay and which is just a way to motivate yourself and make sure that you’re following through and what you say and you know I have many days where we didn’t do it you know donate a lot of money to charity which is cool for a good cause as well um but we make sure that we hold each other accountable each day we’re just setting up the day the right way um someone will get that done work out so boom after that I’m good to go man and get to go to the gym so again I want to make sure I’m taking care of myself physically I got to do it first thing in the morning I don’t put it off later in the day I want to make sure that I finish this whole process hit the gym make sure that my body everything is done and good to go when I hit the gym in the morning is the best time to do it because it’s setting up yourself for the rest of the day when you give everything you got in the gym you push yourself you know and you just get given everything you’ve got everything else or the day is easy you know it just kind of gives you this strength and this power and this high that you carry throughout the throughout the day as a result you know you’re setting up yourself you’re setting up the whole day with it with it with an accomplishment with a win and it gives you confidence it gives you momentum it gives you pride in yourself it improves your self-esteem by going through this entire process okay so that’s basically you guys that’s my morning ritual this is what I do every single day um you know it’s always changing I’m playing around with it I’m finding different things that work and other things and kind of changing it around and stuff you know sometimes you know I’ll do some meditation for a few minutes sometimes I’ll do this thing called an emotional flood um you know during the summer time or when I’m like you know trying to get lean and stuff I’m going for runs I’m going on my rebounder I’m going outside there’s a lot of cool different things you can do to play around with just to switch you know change it up and find something that you like something that works for you also just forgot to mention at some point in here as well do my breakfast so I’ll kind of like you know as I’m waking up and kind of doing this process I’ll go and put something on the stove like oatmeal or something or I was going to wait as a planning up my date and also you know have a breakfast then as well just so that I hasn’t fuel my body before I hit the gym that’s it guys I hope you guys enjoyed this video hope you got some benefit from it’s kind of a long winded video here but this is exactly what I do from start to finish every day and I can guarantee I can guarantee without a doubt that if you do this if you do a process like this it will change your life it will change your life and guys you deserve it you deserve to give yourself this gift you’re working right what’s more important in your life now make sure that you give yourself this gift you know we may have to wake up earlier or whatever it is but make sure that you’re going through a process like this to make sure that you’re happy you’re fulfilled you’re you’re confident you’re living a life that you want and you’re being proactive moving in the direction that you want to go okay that’s all I got to say about that so thanks guys for watching this video I’d love to hear what you think leave a comment and that’s it for now so I’ll talk to you guys again soon bye hello mom don’t need Oh