My Life Plan – How To Manage Your Life, Be Productive, Balanced And Create Lasting Fulfillment

hey guys this is stefan from i have an incredible video for you today on how to manage your life this is exact process that I go through that I personally use every week and every day on how to manage my life how to balance my life you know there’s so many areas of life whether it’s your business in my case multiple businesses or your career or your finances or relationships or your health and fitness your family life your friends your spiritual life there’s so many areas of life that demands so much from us and this process has really helped me and will help you if you apply it to have that balance in your life to make sure that you’re making progress and growing and each area of your life that’s important to you well being more productive okay more productive reaching your goals reaching your outcomes and more importantly than that being fulfilled and I think that’s one challenge that a lot of people face is they go after these goals and maybe they make more money or they have a great body whatever but they’re not fulfilled and if you reach success and you’re not fulfilled than your failure so this process will help you be more productive and actually achieve more while being fulfilled at the same time and I think a lot of people you know number one they have so many mixed beliefs when it comes to the concept of balance and the truth is that balance doesn’t really exist is it possible to be completely balanced I never go for balance I go for progress I want to make sure and for you as well to make sure that you’re making progress in each area of your life that’s important to you because anything in life that doesn’t grow dies you know if your relationships not growing is dying if your business isn’t growing its dying if your body isn’t improving is getting worse and I think so many people and I’m so guilty of this so I’m not pointing the finger I’ve done this so many times it’s scary but we put a certain amount of focus in a certain area of our lives whether it’s your business you get really passionate and focus on that or transforming your body and it’s great because we’re making momentum and you’re making a lot of progress in that area but what happens a lot of time is that we kind of forget and ignore and neglect the other areas of our lives and as a result of syria’s go down and it really costs us our fulfillment and our joy and everything you know so this process is really designed to help you be able to manage all aspects of your life have more motivation than ever be more productive and more fulfilled and it’s not something that I invented actually I got this from Tony Robbins he’s got an actual program on this called time your life incredible program highly recommended I’m actually going to have a blog post on project life mastery comm that will kind of supplement this video so I’ll have a link somewhere on this video so check that out I’ll have a link to his program if you want to learn more about this process but I’m going to kind of share through here because it’s made such a difference to my life it’s really revolutionized my life in so many ways and I just really thought it’d be really incredible to share that with you so that you can apply it as well and then also I’ve kind of modified it a little bit to enough model things from Tony Robbins and some of the things he has thereof modeled as Stephen Covey he’s got a really great time management system brian trace he’s got a great model on how to set goals and everything i’m gonna talk about here as well but i do this whole method on an excel spreadsheet that i can have a download link for as well for this video they can check out and i have a template that you can kind of use if you want to apply this whole kind of model and system for your life and just by going through this i can guarantee you’ll really change your life in so many ways okay so i’m going to jump into this video and share with you the process because it’s a lot to it there’s a lot to set it up and understand with it but that’s why i’m gonna have the blog post that goes along with this you can kind of follow along okay so the first thing that i kind of look at in terms of managing my life is to have a vision for my life and that is so because so many people they don’t have a compelling future something to look forward to an ultimate vision of where they want to be who they want to be how they want their life to be and this great saying in the Bible you know without a vision people perish and having that compelling vision for yourself something to look forward to is really what drives you if you’re lacking motivation a lot of times it’s not because you know you’re lazy or you procrastinate or you’re bored it’s generally because you don’t have a vision a purpose something that inspires you something that if you were to focus on it would just put a big smile on your face and just excite you you know you get something that will just get you jumping out of bed to want to pursue and go after and I am a dreamer I’m a visionary I love to create a vision for myself and I always visualized it and if you can write out the vision get clear and specific about how you want your life to be and then I’m going to share with you as well I have a vision board and have we have pictures and images and and and how you want your body to be in the relationship if you want to have the house in the car or the lifestyle or whatever it is for you everyone has a different vision but having something like that is the most important first step when it comes to managing a life or creating a life and so many people are caught up on just living their lives you know day to day they’re paying their bills or trying to get through the day that they don’t leave stopped actually design their life and if you don’t have a plan for your life then you’re going to fit into the plan of someone else’s so it’s really important to actually stop and go through a process like that and really figure what your vision is ok so that’s the first really step in let me break down the different steps here but let’s put it number one the calls ultimate vision kind of having an ultimate vision for your life your entire life and when you create your vision make sure that it’s something that there’s no limits by you know if you think oh you know but I can’t afford that or whatever you’re already doubting yourself imagine as if there’s no limits if I’m magician we’re able to come along and create the perfect life for you what would that be and I’m going to share with you guys what my vision is and give you some examples for this process so that you can model it get an idea of what I do and how it drives me and this is a process by the way that I go through every week so it’s really important to set this because your vision and your purpose and the things I’m going to share with you is a process that I like I said I go through every week right to make sure that I’m consistently making progress and moving towards my ultimate vision and then I’m going to go into the different areas of life and having a vision for that as well and then even break it down into specific plans and action plans the goals for each area of your life and your you know your whole life together want to make sure that you’re making that progress right because any progress you can’t make it unless you have a vision something that you’re moving towards right otherwise you’re too stagnant so I’m going to share with you my ultimate vision for my life and it’s just something that you know again is for me so you know for you is probably totally different I love this this inspires me and whatever inspires you is what’s important okay so this is my vision to be a person who is truly a leader in the world someone who impacts thousands of people’s lives there is an incredible vision determination courage compassion creativity and commitment can to constantly improve the quality of people’s lives worldwide to be a successful internet marketer that creates incredible products and services that make a difference in the lives of others to be financially free to focus on and do what I love to grow and evolve who I am to the my maximum potential and to be the best second be while sharing those gifts with hundreds of thousands of people through my coaching events products and services worldwide to build my own foundation to have an incredibly loving wife and family constantly nurtured and growing to live in a mansion in Laguna Beach California with my home gym in a dojo and a private beach to be a multimillionaire to be physically fit being 190 pounds at 80 percent body fat to have traveled the world to be a ten in all areas of my life and to have attracted my perfect ten my soulmate and one woman of my dreams will spend my life with to be completely fulfilled happy passionate and grateful on a daily basis incredible friendships and family life to be spiritually connected to God and a creator in the universe okay just even thinking about this gets me emotional you know it gets me excited it gets me it really gives me goosebumps and you know it’s something that I’ve modified and changed around in there and whatnot but that’s that’s what I want my life to be about that’s something that I’ve thought about I’m always adding to it I’m always evolving it so it’s not set in stone but I’m always creating a higher vision and purpose and how I want to live my life to be so it starts there and the key with this as well as really languaging it in a way that inspires you so I have certain language here that inspires me and juices me and sometimes when I hear certain things from other people or they have a certain vision I can maybe add that to my vision as well and add that just because it excites me so I had this stage of my life that’s my vision so having that mission is really important they’ll have something on my blog that can kind of help you go through that process to discover what that is for you now the next piece once you have your vision for your life the next piece is having a purpose just asking yourself what is my ultimate purpose for achieving this vision okay why do I want this what will this give me and so the next key is your ultimate purpose and this is extremely important especially when it comes to setting goals or anything as well which I’m going to talk about in a bit too so when you have a vision you going to ask for simple why do I want this what reasons do I have to actually make this happen and fall through and so my purpose is that pretty deep here but it’s humbly serve God by being a powerful and passionate example of the unlimited possibilities of life offers to any of us the moment we acknowledge and rejoice and their creators gifts this is silly it’s love and serve in all his creations to live life to the fullest but because I believe I was right because my life has a meaning and a purpose and to honor this is the most powerful way to show my respect for myself and my Creator by endeavouring become one of myself I can set up a strong example of what’s possible for others because I believe that we only get one trip to this lifetime it’s important to enjoy the process that’s what we remember in the in it and the head isn’t all the things we have done but the lives we have touched in the memories we have created along the way because I believe that we get that you get what you give in life and so it’s important to give everything and you have a passionate love affair with myself to ensure that I have more to give because I want to reflect over the gratitude I consistently feel inside I also want to ensure that my body reflects the soul that I know I am inside to give to my friends family loved ones absolute certainty about my love for them so that it lasts well beyond my physical years on this planet to feel proud and excited about my life and what I can give share an experience have a blast create an unbelievable story and leave behind a legacy that grows and inspires my friends and family for generations to come you know so I have certain phrases that just really inspire me of like this is my purpose this is what I’m doing this for this is what I’m made for that’s you know shorter things to you notice magic moments fulfillment to live life on my terms and then never settle for less than I can be you do creator gift to be happy for fun for growth progress connection love significance because the secret to living is giving to fulfill my potential as a human being to live to being a living example of the endless possibilities of the human spirit to be an inspiration to others a role model to be remembered legacy to be attended and attract my perfect ten to be a mentor leadership to grow them to give to live life a peak experiences financial freedom freedom to do what I want when I want so I can travel the world so I can live my perfect day confident sexy fun laughter Beauty desire respect contribution to have an impact to add value because it’s what God put me here for it’s because it’s my mission and purpose passion joy intimacy family gratitude so I can feel proud about my life so I can have more energy so I can live to be a hundred so I’m going to share my life with health sex it goes on and on and on so um that inspires me that chooses me that gets me excited and I go through that process every week and I remind myself hey this is what my vision is this is what I want what I want my life to be about and this is why I’m doing it that’s what gives you the fuel to get through life to to make progress that’s what gives you the fuel to go after your dreams and make this vision a reality so having a purpose for your life and why you’re doing what you’re doing is such a powerful experience so I set it down to purpose now the next piece is their identity okay and your identity is basically who you are or who you strive to be and your identity is essentially a sum of beliefs about who you are that’s all it really is it’s what you believe who you are and this is such an important piece because you can’t let other people around define and dictate who you are and that was so much of my life so much of my life when I was in high school and I was younger I’d let other people dictate who I was and you know people make fun of you or in this ahir like this or like that because I didn’t know who I was and they have a strong identity I was like oh I guess that’s who I am I guess I am this way and the only person that can define who you are is you and you have to consciously do it and so I you know really took the time and you can do this process as well just ask yourself Who am I who improve I want to be Who am I committed to being if I were to look my name up in the dictionary what were to say about me and so this is another piece as well that I associate to every week just to remind myself of who I’m committed to being and who I am at my core so this is what I have here I’m an extraordinarily loving man who loves Cod people family friends animals ideas that make a difference I love to discover to create I love nature mountains ocean streams sunshine rain I’m a passionate man who takes life’s good and magnifies it and shares it openly and lovingly passionately and playfully with others I’m a source of massive inspiration to thousands of people I’m someone you can count on to do the right thing I’m an instant instigator of good joy of creativity and of higher standards on a creator of possibilities of options of solutions of choices of visions I’m a creator of magic moments an example of what’s possible I’m an amazing friend’s son brother uncle strategist marketer entrepreneur student teacher coach speaker writer visionary and strategic planner I’m fun I’m silly playful and arrangements of adventurous and spontaneous I’m a mover and shaker of possibility I’m a grateful man I’m happy and fulfilled I’m an athlete bodybuilder and fitness model I’m a force for good I’m a force for God I’m a playful kid who’ll make you some my tie firefighter and mixed martial artist and confident powerful masculine I’m attracted sexy I’m a spiritual man I’m a leader I’m an internet marketer I’m president of a good listener I’m committed right and I just go on and on and on and that inspires me as well you know that gets me juice gets me pumped up so going through a process process like that I’m just discovering who you are we are committed to being and conditioning that as well and that’s the amazing thing when you condition that you started to come that so that’s the next piece now this after that I paint here is something called your code of conduct and this is basically how you’re committed to showing up so it’s a standards that you have yourself standards give set to lender life by and for me is kind of short but it’s to be fun playful an outrageous your loving and caring to be confident to be passionate to be cheerful happy and joyful to be grateful to be disciplined to be motivated and determined to be healthy and energetic to be proud to be an example of all the good that’s possible in people’s lives to be outgoing social and friendly so those are the standards I just remind myself every week and is associated this is who I’m committed to being this is the standards that I want to live my life by okay so these four things are the driving force this is what just really sparks you and and it’s just important to how vision something to look forward to and if you can actually have this written out you know like for me I have it written out in my apartment I have it on my desk I have a vision board at images of that and constantly reminding myself of my vision my purpose my identity the standards that hold myself to and that’s what you have to do you have to always condition it if you just do this one time and I’ve been guilty of this as well you know you set goals or a vision and our mission statement or something like that for your life you do it one time you forget about it you never look at it again so this has to be a ritual that you do every week sometimes I’ll do it twice the way you can find down or kind of unmotivated because of the moment I focus on this it inspires me and calls me to action it calls me to my purpose and it aligns me with what’s most important in my life okay so the next piece as well is I break down I break down on my life into one year goals okay so now there’s different areas of life that I’m gonna get in so for every one is different but I’m going to share what it is for me I kind of categorize life in terms of just right here areas life I don’t know if you can read my ready or not um but you know one there’s health and fitness okay it’s really important number two let’s say there’s business or your career right most people have that is an area number three your emotional life so your emotions okay number four say your relationships there’s your finances there’s our friends there’s a family and it’s a spiritual life now those are the main areas of life I’d say for you it might be different you know for me I can have a little bit different as well as I have different businesses that I focused on so I have more areas there may be time as an area for you or whatever whatever it is for you maybe it’s for kids so there’s different areas of life and it’s really important to have goals for each area and a plan for each area okay and the goals and everything really is embodied by your ultimate vision of how you want your life to be and so I kind of categorize and again I’m going to have an Excel spreadsheet it’s going to lay this out of the whole template for how you can manage and kind of fill all this in of your life so that you can make it into original have it all in one place and continually check it you know every week and every day but each year in my life I generally give it a cool name I put a certain label are you where I use language to make each area sound more compelling because sometimes this health and fitness or relationships or finances doesn’t really drive you to spend time and focus in that area so I make it set a little bit more juicy so for example for my health and health and fitness I call it physical power world-class health and fitness for emotions they call it emotional power and limited juice and vitality incredible relationships passion and love absolute financial freedom a leader and contributor of lifestyle transformations in an internet marketing freedom facilitator extraordinary family life extraordinary friendships spirit and soul force for God which is my spiritual life you know so the more that you can use certain language that inspires you the more when you read it and focus on it the more you’re going to feel and the more you’re going to want to participate and be involved in that area okay so when you have the different areas like I said I kind of go through the same process where each year my life I think about what is my ultimate vision for each of these areas even before I get into the goals okay so for example health and fitness it’s really important to have a vision of how you want your health and fitness to be what would that look like for you if there’s no limits there’s nothing holding back what would be the ultimate body cultivate levels of energy what would be the ultimate business or financial well-being or the emotional life that you love to have or create for your life want to be the ultimate relationship describe that ultimate you know friend and family life your ultimate spiritual life and then going back to this having that vision for each area and then having a purpose why do you want this why do you want to have great health great fitness great energy levels why do you have and be successful in business why do you want to have amazing relationships so having that purpose is really really important as well once you have that then you can break it down to one year goals then I break it down into 90-day goals three-month goals and then I break it down into an action plan okay so I’m going to go through this whole process but I’m going to share with you just kind of my vision for you know some of these different areas just as examples for you for you as well just to go along with but my physical body to be my ultimate vision is to be 190 pounds at 8 percent body fat to be vital healthy strong athletic 10 dripped and energetic to look in the mirror and smile and feel proud to feel outstanding sex do you have high self-esteem feel confident to be an inspiration to others okay so I use certain language okay this is my ultimate vision of that by an ultimate vision emotionally to everything you do happy grateful proud loving loved excited passionate present committed ecstasy HUD confident outgoing social strong determined motivated inspired adequate adequate attractive certain significant balance Center energized or filled slowly playful or8 is fun worthy at a level of 9 or 10 to wake up each day excited jumping into bed and enjoying the process of the day credible relationships to be an amazing passionate love and honest exciting fulfilling fun committed extraordinary relationship with a woman of my dreams my total 10 my soulmate a beautiful incredible woman to attract and be the woman to spend my life with start a family with stay committed to you forever to have living total abundance financial freedom I have this is my vision again men continually dollars a year and I’m very specific about this as well which is really key but two million dollars a year hundred sixty three thousand dollars a month fifty four hundred dollars a day income with ninety percent of it being earned through passive income which is internet marketing businesses real estate and investments to have a net worth of ten million dollars to own one point to one of 1.7 million dollar penthouse in Yaletown Vancouver a sixty million dollar mansion in Laguna Beach California Lamborghini personal shaft personal trainer housekeeper code coach etc so it’s really finding that financial financially what is your vision how would it be you know what would be ideal for you what would really excite you and that’s just what excites me you know I have my coaching business as well you know to have certain coaching clients at a vision for that my internet marketing business I have a vision for that as well of where I want that to be my family life you know to be totally connected with and in regular communication each remember my family several times a week having fun supporting each other and match moments in their lives to go on a family vacation every year and so forth extraordinary friendships you know people that I want surround myself that support me inspire me that make me feel good you know challenge each other people that I travel with have fun with my spiritual you know vision is virtually connected to God the universe nature myself and all beings around me while feeling centered and at peace growing and evolving my spirit and humbly serving my Creator by living my each and every day by making a contribution in the lines of others to celebrate fully each and every moment of the day to live in the present to live with an open heart you know so I have visions for each area and that’s extremely important and so many people they focus they have a vision maybe for their business but they neglect the other areas and other areas they’re lifers are equally important so it starts with having that vision now let’s go into the purpose okay you’re going to have a purpose for you charity of your life as well and I know this is a lot by the way I know this is a lot of information aside really I just want to kind of give you everything that I do and I’m trying to make it as organized as possible but really just make sure you go to the blog and follow along there because I’ll have everything laid out in detail and the exact kind of worksheet if you would an Excel spreadsheet or a document on Google Documents that you can actually go through and fill this out for yourself as well and get clarity for your life so for my my health and fitness purposes vo standing to be the inspiration others should be sexy a total 10 now to be attracted more confident non-stop energy to live to be a hundred to stay young a healthy environment to look in the mirror to feel proud to be fitness modeling and show and shows to be able to have physical presence when they walk in the room to be a walking anatomy chart rights I did I had a fitness competition that was a big driving force for me you know my emotions to have a deeper sense of meaning in my life to experience life to the fullest really enjoy the journey in process of life and I really answer why I want that why do I want to make sure that my emotions are high my relationships what’s the reason that I have having amazing relationship be able to share my life with someone that have more fun and excitement to be able to be in love intimacy connection Tran something to travel with and so forth you know financially live the life of my dream to be fun never said all live life fully do what I want when I want you know and add each year in my life I have a purpose something that excites me the fuel of why I want it so I’m not going to go to the whole thing just because I have a lot here as you can tell but I’ve really took in the time to really you know figure out what I want from my life what I want meteor to have clarity the more clear you are about what you want why you want it the more likely you already actually make it happen and achieve it okay so my vision another piece as well that I’m going to kind of mention too is that kind of goes under here as well but under each area is having back to the identity you know certain rules of who are you in each of these areas your life because that if you can create an identity for yourself or beliefs or just kind of use certain language and excites you the more likely you are to associate yourself and spend time in that area so for example for my fitness I have I’m an Adonis I’m a Greek god I’m green by the way world-class athlete fitness model shredded Steph and lean mean fat burning machine a manifestation of vibrant health and energy I’m an energy dynamo a peak performer an exemplar of physical vitality and strength it’s the fourth you know I’ve got an emotions in stoppable confidence a beacon of joy full of fulfillment a vibrant happiness next to see now saw an EJ in my life I have you know for my coaching business you know this is the identity I have myself in world-class coach I’m a facilitator of change I’m a force for good a force for God I’m an agent of transformation I’m a leader called upon by leaders a mister solution instant change artist a developer of the human spirit I’m an architect of change that inspires me so much more than saying oh you know I’m a coach or I’m a teacher okay having a certain identity in your emotional life I haven’t stopped confidence you can have joy one if full fulfillment vibrant happiness and ecstasy etc you know my relationships I have my different roles and identity in that you know extraordinary investor financial genius smart save our wealth creative strategist marketer a creator of the good life creator of fortune a millionaire in the making same thing with the you know for the marketing and so forth I have marketing wizard coffee shop millionaire internet marketing guru visionary possibility powerhouse SEO extraordinaire money-making machine my family and loving son love amazing brother influential uncle source of inspiration to support to all my family instigator of magic loans my friendships you know I’ve got best friend loyal partner and so forth spiritual eyes spiritual life from a force for God force for good I’m a growth monger and give her a caring shelter of hope I’m a positive impact powerhouse elegant presence you know so I just have certain identity certain rules tonight you know associate to each air in my life to condition that because strongest force the human personality is the need to be consistent with how we define ourselves if you have certain beliefs about yourself if you believe that you’re shy that you’re introverted that you’re not good enough that you’re depressed then the behavior follows those beliefs follows that identity and so that’s why changing the behavior is not enough unless you change their identity and beliefs of who you are because if you had to believe that I’m successful that I’m you know in my fitness model or I’m an Adonis then the behavior follows that you’ll start working out you’ll start to eat healthy just because that’s a belief about who you are and so if you can really identify what are the beliefs the rules the identity that have in each aspect of your life that can have a very powerful impact if I always make sure that I do that so next things let’s get on to the one-year goals so for each area of your life you can have one year goals that I set for myself okay so I have one year specific goals for my health and every year in my life now I’m not going to go too much into goal-setting but the important thing is is to be specific as specific as possible clarity is power the more clear and specific could be about a goal the more likely you are to achieve it it’s just like if you’re getting your car and you want to get to a certain destination well if you don’t have you know that address of where you want to go or they get lost right so you have to know where you’re going you have to if you want to be able to hit a target you got to know where that target is and so you can’t just be like oh I’m gonna lose weight that’s not very clear that’s not compelling either so having the exact amount you know exact ideal body you’d want to have and how much would you weigh what would your body fat be what would your measurements be how would it look how would you want to feel what would you look like something that inspires you something that motivates you is so important on same thing at business and finances you know when I shared my vision for my business the finances I have exact numbers I have exactly how much I want to make a year how much I want to make a month how much I’m gonna make a day my exactly net worth I didn’t have the exact amount of money how much it costs to live in the penthouse that I want to live in to live in the mansion that I want to live in and hold all the features and stuff and I actually have pictures that represent that as well I had pictures of the ideal body I want to have how I want to look like so having that being specifically clear about it is really important the other piece is having a deadline having a deadline of when you’re going to hit this goal by okay so by October 1st 2013 or whatever that that date is it’s really important to have that and the other piece I mentioned as well as to make sure that your goals are compelling language them in a way that excites you so that when you read it and you read it as a sentence or a phrase read it in a way that makes you excited makes you want to go after it’s going to create motivation just by reading it so really make sure that you have that compelling now the next piece is once you have the goal right you’ve got your purpose and everything then it’s setting a 90-day goal okay so I like to chunk my goals and the 90-day goals and also monthly goals as well because I find sometimes having a yearly goal is a little bit too overwhelming you don’t really know exactly how you can make it happen so you know I’ll break it down if my goal let’s say is to make you know $100,000 a year okay which is 84 hundred dollars a month then I’m going to break it down into a 3-month goal which is maybe I need to make six thousand dollars a month and then a monthly goal maybe I need to make five thousand dollars a month okay so you want to break it down and make it specific as possible too so once you have the monthly goals right then the next piece of the action plan so let me write that out so you know what you want you know why you want to have your purpose your ultimate vision in each area of your life your ultimate purpose in everything your identity you got your one year goal you have 90-day goals and of course monthly 30-day goals next to the action plan you can ask yourself what actions do I need to take to achieve this goal to achieve the goals that I have for myself okay so being specific with the actions is also extremely important so you want to make $100,000 a year okay you’re gonna make whatever five thousand dollars a month let’s say as an example what actions do you have to take what actions you have to take in your business you know what phone calls do you have to make what steps you know if you were to break down the steps the plan if you were to follow that plan to reach the goal would that plan meet won’t the strategy be a better example might of you if you want to have a certain type of body you want to lose ten pounds right maybe that’s your yearly goal in to lose five pounds whatever it is you know okay I’m gonna work out five days a week I’m going to do cardio three times a week I’m gonna follow this nutrition plan I’m gonna go see a chiropractor I’m going to do this I’m going to do that you just know what that is nobody’s there certain book so you got to read minions hiring a personal trainer maybe signing up for a gym membership it means buying some workout clothes but having that plan is what’s going to help you be able to execute and be able actually make that goal or dream a reality okay so having that specific plan is so important and so again this is a lot of stuff it’s a lot of supplement and share with you and everything will kind of go together and it’s all spreadsheet a template that you can kind of lay it out and see it now this is the weekly process that they go through okay every week I make sure that I associate remind myself and read over as you can see I have it on my iPhone so I can access it easily I have it on my computer as well I like to make sure that mobile and digital because I travel a lot everything and I want to be able to carry it with me instead of having to carry around a big book but I so all this stuff and I was remind myself kick one of my one-year rules for my three months goals by one month goals and again you can’t fall into the trap of this looking at at one time okay that’s the biggest mistake people make is they set goals and then they forget about the goals just like that right you have to make sure you have the ritual constantly focused on your goals in each area of your life where focus goes energy flows okay and what if you focus on you move towards so the more that you focus on it the more you’re going to move towards it and as long as you execute the action plan that you have you’re going to make progress you know maybe actions and your family and friends could be calling you know your parents every week or calling them every day an action for your spiritual life can be doing prayer everyday or going to church once a week or meditation or maybe contributing in some way you know something something in that sense maybe it’s just giving thanks and doing a gratitude ritual your emotions and well-being maybe you have a certain action plan of every day you do a morning ritual you know I had a video about that my morning ritual check it out by having a ritual like that you can condition the motions the emotions that you want to feel every day maybe you have an action plan for your relationships you know if you’re single maybe it’s going out and socializing once a week twice a week three times a week maybe it’s a ritual into relationship with your partner you know your finances maybe it’s updating your finances or investing or checking the stocks or whatever it might be for you saving money but having that plan and being specific about it is so so important okay so I know it’s back to what I was saying so every week I go through this and another important process of how I set up my week is I actually take it a journal and you should use a journal like this and I’ll first reflect on the week before before I go into the planning of the week of the week ahead okay one of my favorite ways to do this is I like to number one make sure that I’m measuring where I’m at in each area of my life which is such an important piece you can’t manage something if you don’t measure it you have to make sure that you’re measuring your progress in each area of your life on a regular basis and most people they don’t really measure near their life to like once a year but if you only measure once a year then you’re going to have a bad here if you do it once a month and the worst you’ll have a bad month once a week you’ll have a bad week so making sure that the more often you measure something the more easier it’s going to be to make sure that you’re making progress because you’re always checking it I kind of think about it if you want to make progress in your body from the lose weight or gain muscle you got to make sure you know where you are today and you’re measuring every day your weight your measurements your body fat you’re going to measure your finances I measure my net worth every three months I might manage my finances all my income and expenses every week I manage every area in my life right to see where I’m at I take pictures of myself as well for my body so I can see the little changes that I’m making this see whether or not making progress because you’ve got to know whether or not you’re doing is working because then you can adapt and you can change your approach try something else instead of repeating the same thing again and again and again expecting a different result so measuring is so important so it might Excel spreadsheet in the document I’m going to give you I have each area and ask myself every week we’re in – scale from zero to ten in each area of my life okay with ten mean exactly where I want to be zero being not okay so maybe I’m like okay my health and fitness I’m having a seven right or my business I’m at an eight or making this area I’m at a three and I’m always adjusting it and try to make sure that I’m living as balanced as possible to make sure that each area is continually growing so that’s a great thing you can have if every week you’re doing that you can look at the excels freshing to see how you’re growing in the different areas of your life okay so I do that every week another thing with my journal going back to that is I reflect on the week before so I write down all the magic moments of the week before all of my accomplishments all the things that I got done all the amazing experiences that I had and I really just associate that because an important piece that will fulfillment is making sure that you’re celebrating your life you’re celebrating every moment you’ve had and rewarding yourself because whenever it gets rewarded it gets repeated more than you acknowledge yourself celebrate yourself or making things happen or just reliving those moments the more you’re going to attract more of that into your life so having a ritual like that in is really great saying by Jim Rohn which is that a life worth living is worth recording so making sure that record your life every week some people journal every day which is great but just associate to all the successes all the positives or the week before somebody had asked himself what did I learn from last week you know what were the lessons that I learned okay so I make sure I do that now when it comes to planning the week that is to come what I like to do is I like to capture everything that I need to get done then the next week okay so I’ll make an entire list and I’ll start writing you okay to work out five times I need to call this person I have a meeting with this person I have a coaching call at this time on this day I have to do my morning ritual every day I’m going to read a book I’m going to do this I’m you know whatever it is I have to look up this I have to take these steps in my business I’ll capture everything out on paper and then I’ll start to categorize it in each year in my life and what I like to do is each week I like to set specific outcomes of what I want to achieve for that week okay so I’ll be like okay what are my outcomes in my body for this week what is my outcome or my goal for my my my finances or my family life you know maybe my own come from a family life is just to connect my family this create a magic moment with them okay and then I’ll write down why I want that what’s the purpose that I have for that and then I’ll write down the actions that I had captured in that list for what I want to get done and I’ll put that under that category okay so I’ll be like this week this is my home this is the purpose and I’m going to call my mom on it you know take my mom out I’m going to buy a gift for a family member whatever it is okay for my physical body this is my outcome this is the reasons why and then this is the actions I’m going to take this week of a workout five times I’m gonna do some stretching and they go to yoga class I’m going to go for a run and have that plan for that week okay and then once we have a plan for each area when you have your outcomes for the week and the reasons why then it start to the next step is to schedule it for each day okay so I like to schedule all my meetings I like to know okay on these days of the week this is where I’m going to focus on my business okay from 9 o’clock to 5 o’clock I’m gonna focus on building my business from you know at this time I’m gonna focus on high emotions I’m going to do my morning ritual to schedule that in my week in a calendar or something like that I’m going to schedule um the time I’m gonna workout in the gym every week I’m going to schedule time to work on my friends and my relationships and that’s going to be Friday and Saturday right so as long as you make sure that you schedule in your schedule areas in the week little blocks of when you’re going to focus on each area and bold erroneous actions you’re going to have a rich life you’re going to be fulfilled you’re going to make progress in each area which is the goal and can I ask one of the things I said the beginning of this video is to make sure that you’re being productive and making progress in each area that’s how you’re going to have that balance by making sure that you associate remind yourself these are the areas of life these are my vision my purpose the goals that I have set for it and then these are the actions that I’m going to take each week and the key is to make sure that you do something you have to do something each week to grow and improve each area okay so you cannot see alienate and ignore each ear of your life now some areas are going to put more focus than others right maybe your foot more focus on the business right now that’s great but you have to make sure that you’re sustaining and you’re growing the other areas of your life as well okay so that’s a really important piece in this whole system is what will allow you to do that and if you actually follow through with this crazy long video that I just made and the blog that goes along with it I’ll really know I have a lot of respect for you because you’re the type of person that wants more for your life you’re the type of person that’s not willing to settle you’re committed to living an extraordinary life and I have so much respect just for the fact that you made it this far watching this video and the important P is the next step is really making sure you take action because it’s one thing to watch something in a passive state something is totally different than actually doing it so I really hope that you apply what you learn in this video and as you go through this process and just take the time to give yourself that gift and get clarity of your life how you want your life to be you know what it envisions the purpose or identity your you know code of conduct or your goals and set that for yourself where the goals in each area of your life why do you want those goals break it down and then what are the actions actions you need to take and then making sure that you plan out your week you schedule everything but come back to this process every week and at the beginning of might may be a bit challenging or different or maybe it takes a lot of time but once you’ve got to set up as a system it’s going to be something you look forward to it’s going to be something that’s going to create a lot of freedom for your life and make you really fulfilled and happy and you’ll feel like your life has a purpose you’ll won’t just be you know working out for the sake of working out or working for the sake of working you’ll be having a purpose in the vision that you’re doing everything for and everything they’re going to be doing is going to be aligned with that purpose and I believe when you do that and you find that purpose of yourself and that vision you have something to look forward to and something excites you and an identity and you know who you are and it really really will change your life it’s changed my life that’s why I’m so passionate about this and that’s why I’m putting out this video to you and really hoping it’s going to follow through on this and create that freedom that joy that fulfillment that balance that productivity the life that you deserve so thanks for watching this video it’s a little bit long-winded I know but I hope you enjoyed it I hope you follow through check out the blog project life mastery comm get the template on the half there check out the post and I’d love to hear what you think so thanks for watching talk to you soon bye you