Military Weapons Firing in Slovakia | Tim Ferriss

so here we are in the Slovak Republic we’re outside about 45 minutes outside of Bratislava with one of my readers actually there is way below and we’re getting him in trouble by playing with some toys these are the toys give you an idea of the menu we have submachine guns the Glock is about to be in use various machine guns sniping rifle and then of course we have heavy artillery I think it’s artillery maybe I should have had more coffee before I shoot there’s large firearms anyway hopefully this will not be my last video with you all so that’s kind of that’s a nine-millimeter now this is the shell the actual bullet itself would be this first portion you see there anyway don’t get hit by one but that’s when someone says 9-millimeter whatever this is what they’re actually talking about they probably never seen one okay this is what we call a gun jam and now I’m dead dogs love gunfire so this is empty but there might be one in the chamber so I’m not going to pull it Oh okay No