Mastering Keyword Research and SEO Competition

hey everybody what’s up this is pat flynn from the smart passive income blog today i’m going to be talking about something really important for your blog or online business and that is keyword research now whether you’re doing keyword research on your own using tools like the Google Keyword tool from Adwords or you’re hiring out someone else to do it for you you got to understand what the number one goal is behind all keyword research and that is to rank on the first page of Google that’s what really matters you know if you’re on the second page you might as well be on the thirtieth page because everything happens on the first page it’s super super super important that you understand this because that’s your goal so whenever you’re doing keyword research which I’m going to show you how to do in certain ways in a second you got to analyze who’s on the first page and know how to beat them now this goes for if you’re gonna write blog posts and you’re looking for keywords for your blog posts or if you’re you know looking to get into new niches for niche sites and if you’re doing articles like on eHow or info barrel or Squidoo or hub pages or whatever you know you want to be on that first page that’s where all the money is that’s where the traffic is you know if you’re if you’re on a blog that’s where the subscribers are your RSS readers everything so if you’re doing any of these things you know writing blog posts creating niche sites or writing articles you gotta remember you gotta you’ve got to want to rank on the first page of Google so how do you do this how do you properly do keyword research you know if you’re doing you know one of these three things now first you have to understand searches you know how many people are searching and for what for what keywords and secondly you have to understand everything about your competition now backlinks page ranks index pages you know domain age everything so that you know what you have to do to beat them and then ranked on the first page and then be all good so what tools can you use to do proper keyword research well there’s a number of free ones I’ve mentioned a couple already you know Google AdWords keywords the Google Adwords Keyword tool that’s a that’s one that you know a lot of people are using I’m sure some of you are using right now too but there’s a paid one out there that I use every single day you know when I’m writing blog posts when I’m writing articles when I’m you know I’m about to start to do niche sites as well and it’s been helping me out tremendously to filter out through all the crappy keywords out there that have no searches or that are too competitive to to rank for and that is market samurai it’s freaking awesome and I’m gonna show you how it works right now all right actually I’m gonna show you how I use it right now alright so here we are in market Samurai right now and I’m gonna go a little fast so if you see things that don’t make sense to you don’t worry you know if you have market samurai ready or you’re thinking about trying it out for free you know there’s a ton of excellent videos by the market samurai people to help you figure out how to do this but in a nutshell this is how it works so I’m gonna type in my primary keyword for my primary website which is smart passive income com and that is passive income and I’m gonna create a new project now there’s a whole bunch of different things that you can do but I’m going to show you the SEO competition part I’m gonna head on over to SEO competition and click on generate results and it’s going to show me a number of different ways factors for the top 10 listings in Google so if you’re doing niche sites if you have your own site and you want to know how to get to the top 10 position this is how you figure it out so you can see me right here in the middle and number five and it shows me different statistics about my my website my page rank number of indexed pages that Google as mine backlinks to my paid backlinks to my home page backlinks to my entire domain and different things that I have I should have in my on my website which is like the keyword in the title keyword in description etc so from here I can look at my competition people that are higher than me and see exactly what I have to do so for instance here you know genius types com ranked at number four they have a domain age of four I have one zero I’m not even two years old yet so that’s probably why it shows – their page rank is the same you know the index pages are basically the same now this is weird here because I’m ranked lower but I have more page link or I have more backlinks and backlinks for super important to – page rankings in Google so I’m curious to know why and below and it when I go down here further and I look at here where one of the things is keyword in the header tag I noticed that mine says know this I go I guarantee you this is why I am NOT higher than this guy and I actually just found this out when doing a run-through of this tutorial for you and it blows my mind and I’m really glad I had this tool to figure that out so I’m gonna change it right away and I guarantee once I do that once Google reindex is our sites I will climb higher than this guy but say that everything was the same and you know he had more backlinks I could see if he had more backlinks I could see that and know what exactly what after I would have to do and obviously you know a lot of you know that the higher quality backlinks are worth more so if you want to know where his backlinks are coming from we can do that if we click on this arrow here and click on PR analysis which is PageRank analysis it’ll go through all the websites that backlink to him and their page ranks and I’m gonna cancel that so that it just shows those now here we go right away it shows a number of different backlinks from a number of different ranking page ranks so I could see there’s six backlinks from PageRank for websites now I want to know where they come from because maybe I could do something so I’m gonna click on this one it’s a site that i really great internet marketing website check it out if you haven’t already now when I’m here I’m looking for a link to genius types calm and if you’re the owner of that website genius types common I apologize for singling you out you just happen to rank one ahead of me so I’m using you for this example but so I’m I’m here at – dot-com coming over from market Samurai and I’m gonna do a quick search for the word genius types or for genius types con genius oh here it is links to this article number 21 link soup help Steven genius types so this is a link to genius types that was placed here because genius types put a link to this article so apparently – – lists all the different pote blog posts in the blogosphere that link to this post so if I want a link on this PR 4 website all I have to do is link to this post as well there you go it’s that easy now let’s try another one let’s do Daniel circus site from daily blog tips another great site now I’m gonna look for genius types again no I don’t see that there you know I just typed in control I have to find that and I couldn’t find it so I’m guessing it’s in the in the comments section so I’m gonna look here and hover over each of their names and see where their sites point to you hello Bryan Lee genius types com great so that tells me if I want a PR for backlink to my own site I just have to leave a comment right here and then it’ll be you know I’ll match this guy and then I’ll climb higher than him if if I do more but you know this guy is one up on me on here if I do this it cancels it out so I hope you can see how this works and how powerful it can be I can go through all the high page ranking websites and catch up to him that way now SEO competition is just one of the things that I do with market samurai to check how my websites are doing and where they’re ranking and what I can to improve there’s so many other cool things that I don’t have time to talk about right now but I will in the future so if you want to give market samurai try I really encourage you to do so it’s highly I highly recommended I hardly ever recommend products to you and try to promote things but this is just one of those things that I would hate to not promote to you because it’s so good and the link below you can use to get your free trial and it is an affiliate link so if you do end up purchasing the product I do get a an affiliate Commission I just want trying to be honest upfront with you with that so you know if you don’t like it you know no worries I know it doesn’t matter to me I’m just trying to help you out and if you want to pay me back at all you know you can use my affiliate link down there and I do get a little bit Christian so I thank you for that now if you have any questions about some of the other things I do with market samurai please feel free to let me know and I hope to see you guys you know ranking on the first page of Google I’ll talk to you soon and until the next video I wish you all the best Cheers