Make Money Online | How To Stop Failing And Make Money.

hey what’s going on are making a real quick video you know for the people out there it seems like to you that you can’t make money for nothing I mean it seems like everywhere you turn or every opportunity you join you fail I just want to tell you that I once was that guy that felled online miserably could never win for nothing seems like you know I’m saying it seems like i was just wasting money seems like i was wasting time but something in me would never let me quit so I kept kept trying I really look at it you know I used to really say to myself you know when I used to do this you know online stuff back in the day and when I lost money and fell I used to think everything was a scam I mean of course there is a lot of scams floating around on the internet but the more I look at it in the more i think about it it was really me the whole time the reason why i say that is because i would never stick with something you know at least 90 days you know I never would stick with something for two weeks I was just jumping from program to program i joined one program i get motivated and excited about it and I said yeah I’m gonna make money with this hell yeah I’m gonna make money but I get into that program and then here comes the next shiny our chick here comes the next shiny opportunity pitching me to join them so what I do I whipped out my credit card and I joined and that was just a cycle for me it just seemed like every time something new come out shiny i joined and i just want to tell you that that’s probably why you’re feeling whether in empower network mca wake up now I’m in all three of those programming I’m making money without thrilled but if you haven’t made money in one of them don’t join nothing else until you do get in that program and put all you got into it I guarantee you you will succeed and be successful I mean a lot of people out there believe in one company and don’t believe in promoting nothing else but me personally I don’t put all my eggs in one basket I believe in multiple streams of income but I don’t move to another program until I’m making money in that one so that’s just why I want to tell you maybe that’s why you felt and maybe that’s why you’re not making money because you’re not focused you’re not you don’t have all your attention on that opportunity the reason why you joined like I said I don’t know what opportunity you in but the reason why you joined is because you got fired up about it you got excited but something else comes along and get you excited a little more don’t pay attention to it block it out and focus on that one opportunity and that’s all I got my name is jay brown peace and blessings