Make A Healthy Breakfast In Under 3 Minutes

good morning this is tim ferriss i’m going to show you in three minutes because I dislike making breakfast as much the next person how to create a low carb high protein breakfast that will provide high nutrient density and help it lose weight and there are only a few things involved there is container of egg whites this is a biology but you can use egg beaters or any brand you have organic flaxseed oil this is spectrum this is an optional ingredient but any brandy will do we have in this case Southwest salsa mild which includes black beans corn and other things it has a net of two carbs two grams of carbs per tablespoon then we have just a bit of lemon juice and the last ingredient is chopped spinach so this is what we do the first is just a small container and you can you really use any Tupperware I like to use smaller containers this is probably about 12 to 13 ounces and all more or less fill this up with spinach because particularly once it’s cooked this will all go down and flatten out that’s the first and stick the top on leaving a crack on one side pretty self-explanatory and then on its container we’re just going to put in about two to three eggs really I don’t put in too much about that much and adding in the salt in the beginning will allow you to use a lot less and I’ll press up put in ground black pepper this is in some research been shown to increase insulin sensitivity which is a good thing and there we have it so the top on this stick these in a microwave for high on total of 10 minutes and check on the eggs since I’ve used this microbe before check out the eggs in about one minute so I dislike using the frying pan because the it’s not that I dislike cooking but I dislike the cleanup therefore I don’t cook and I’ve tried every other option you have cooking then you have also going out to eat breakfast which for me is a pain in the ass because you end up waiting in line and consumes 20-30 minutes so we have this here and if you’re killin time I tend to have one to two busses wine in evenings so I can take a swig a little bit of wine a little bit of resveratrol for those of you interesting life extension and caloric restriction robbed our vineyards for my favorites so I’ll have two glasses maybe a half a glass or a corridor with that sip little check on bags still in time and what you’ll find is that this here with very little sugar or salt added will be used to create almost a wave of so than gentle with the egg whites because egg whites are disgusting by themselves at least they’re very bland I find them very unappealing so we need to add something to it and this is the best solution that I’ve found the flaxseed oil is going to be added to the spinach as will the lemon flaxseed oil by itself will make you vomit on your shoes you have a couple of options you can either leave it out number two is you can put about 1 tablespoon 120 calories onto the spinach don’t use too much because it has a very strong flavor or you can just take it separately with a spoon have 1 tablespoon pinch your nose so that you can’t taste it as clearly and that will deliver a pretty healthy dose of omega-3 fatty acids and really fill out the macro nutrient profile of since our meals so you have everything ready to go put just a couple of squirts of lemon a small – very small – of omega-3 for a flaxseed oil and then we’re going to take fork and whip up the eggs a little bit and I’ll show you what this looks like and I will usually use right out of the containers I recognize not everyone wants to do that so so mix up the spinach and if I were talking so much and putting it on a plate and explaining Expo cating this would be a lot faster all right guys before the salsa again just eyeballing it I’ll take 2 2 or 3 spoons and just mix it right on top of the eggs themselves and why not my breakfast is done you can see it right there and if you’re feeling particularly ambitious you can take a container of lentils open that up either put it in a separate container or put it on one side with the spinach and you’ll have a higher caloric density if that’s what you’re looking for this is probably with the flaxseed oil included somewhere between two and three hundred calories I am NOT a big proponent of a huge breakfast so I’ll start small and I’ll have another meal in two hours or so which will be my main meal after workout so there you have it the roughly three minute breakfast very little cleanup involved enjoy loosen fat Vincent muscle be good