MACA ROOT | Increased SEX drive? | Incan Superfood

what I’m doing do that part nope first series was out of focus we’re reviewing them all it’s all good though this video is gonna be which superfood do we wanna do first so many blacks who got Chia we got blue-green algae we got maca root let’s go the maca maca root this stuff the Inca is thousands of years then used super good it’s legit it’s like the highest growing root on earth they grind it up and make this little powder whoop yeah things multi it really does taste malty I’m over talking over traffic here there we go all right back to the superfood this stuff is super bomb okay it’s got three main components to it boosting your energy reducing your stress and increasing your fertility guys pick it up and thank me later I said that joke in the last video wasn’t this funny yeah so you basically just take like one or two tablespoons a day of that stuff the back says like ease it up and it boosts your energy like crazy I made this ice cream lumps with it I saw it on YouTube where they just took it through the thin ice maybe some liquid in there and they just hit blend and it actually does make a pretty good ice cream giving it tastes like maca so do what you go with that um yeah I just put it this is the blue-green algae in here to shake it up yeah that’s mark alright it does give you an insane energy rush that like I’m back on coffee so to all from Seattle it’s in my blood but over the summer actually did wean myself off of coffee and the only way I was able to do that was with this guy as a replacement really didn’t even feel any withdrawal symptoms so that’s super good if you’re looking to kind of like mix it up in your energy supplements stuff like that that’s pretty much it guys hit me up if you have any questions oh I put a link in the description down below too but I make any money off in case you trolls are wondering but I got this stuff to Whole Foods it goes for like I think this one’s like twelve to twenty dollars something like that I also got a little tub one that I got on Amazon so okay cool get out there give it a shot see you next time guys peace [Music] [Music]