Let Go by Pat Flynn – BLOOPER REEL!

are you filming hey it’s pat here I just want to let you know that let go is now available on ipad and iphone through the brand new snippet app to celebrate I thought I’d share some bloopers from putting it together enjoy the blah you yeah it was this meeting that I had had here that day that it would be such a pivotal poem pivotable what does that mean I had I had no idea that that this meeting that I was having here was was actually going to be a pivotable more coffee I had I had no idea that the meeting that I was having here that day was gonna be such a pivotable oh my god what is wrong I so harder now yeah so it was about halfway through dinner win that’s a good outtake yeah it’s more like what’s the next step what can we do okay behbeh be working a lot me this is awesome this is the hardest like filming ever oh yeah poor editing County you have to stay out of the camera line ago okay watch my uncle Caleb does okay can you wait whoa you see that you know me do you want to be like this on TV like that so are you just having sex yeah okay Wow oh really is there anything you want to say to me oh really do your all your fans there’s you on the podcast what do you want to say to everybody ah what does that mean cannon hello Jack cannon okay stop this is like daddy’s podcast remember how you used to say hi everybody in my podcast what remember on my microphone do you like cars County yeah who’s your favorite cars character nightly lightning what Lightning McQueen how about mater I thought mater this is like crazy again you know face your fears and conquer them and dominate that way that’s terrible I hope you can stick around boom Flynn spired