Important Updates

everyone welcome back to the channel so just have to make like a quick little update video a couple things that are really important that I just have to mention kind of filming this video very quickly informally but so first of all it came to my attention that a lot of people have been getting emails from somebody who is appearing to be Nate O’Brien appearing to be me emailing people kind of asking for money in in weird ways so I just kind of wanted to give a warning to everybody that you know if you’re not getting an email from Nate O’Brien official at or a DM from my Instagram which is Nate O’Brien with two N’s so just be very careful of that because it’s probably not me and and this is kind of a warning for for you know anybody that you know people can just make up an email or pretend to be anybody they can have the same profile picture it’s really easy to imitate people these days so I just wanted to warn everybody against that but there’s a couple other things that I wanted to mention as well so first of all I would never ask people for money and I’m always trying to look out for the viewers here I don’t really sell stuff to people I don’t try to squeeze money out of people and that’s just kind of like my philosophy for this channel so if you enjoy watching these videos let me know down below some other videos that maybe you’d like to see in the future but I want to add a couple things here kind of on a lighter note one thing that I wanted to do is I got this flight voucher for a free flight up to $150 then I’m probably just not gonna have any use for I’ve been traveling a lot lately if you’ve been following my Instagram you probably know I’ve been a number of different countries in the past few months so I’m kind of flighted out I don’t know that’s not a word but either way I so I wanted to kind of give this this flight voucher away so if you’re interested in winning it all you have to do just go over follow me on Instagram I’ll just go through randomly pick somebody to win in the next couple of weeks just to kind of give back to the community a little bit sometimes I like to do giveaways I’m gonna try to do more giveaways in the future as well but the one more thing that I wanted to add here just before we kind of wrap this video up very quick is I was thinking about doing some type of maybe some type of meet up with people maybe in New York or LA sometime in the next few months but I wanted to kind of probe that idea of through people to see if that’s something that people would be interested in Just Cause some type of like free Meetup just kind of see what’s going on meet subscribers maybe bring some other youtubers in this as well so if you have a youtube channel too and you’re watching this video just let me know if you’d be interested in doing something along those lines but I think it’d be just fun to kind of get everybody together as a community I really like what we’re doing here on this channel and on these other channels that are kind of growing the same and kind of building this this financial knowledge and helping people to learn the stuff that they’re not teaching you in school that that it’s it’s it’s not as common that you’ll see people talking about it and it’s also not cool to talk about personal finance but I do my best to kind of try to provide value that’s really the the bottom line of what I try to do on this channel is just provide as much and value upfront for free for the viewers so that’s pretty much this video I just want to make it super quick very much the point head over to my Instagram if you would like to have a chance of winning the free flight voucher right I really just don’t want it I guess that sounds weird but I I just spent like a bunch of flights and I kind of just want to hunker down now and focus on some work and I’m just not gonna have any use for it so thanks for checking out the video be careful of some of those different types of malicious things you might be getting emails or DMS from people who might appear to meet me but this also goes for other youtubers as well so I know this happened like Ricky Gutierrez a lot of people kind of imitate him but thanks for supporting the channel and really appreciate the support everyone and I’ll see you next time dropping a lot of new videos coming up in the next month so thanks