If You're Not First, You're Last – Grant Rant #151

let’s face it everybody’s got two cents and everybody’s got two minutes so here’s my two cents in under two minutes hey grant cardone here New York Times bestselling author and your friend in business and in sales man did you hear that the that the person that won the lottery I got two points to make here the person that won the lottery is 84 years old her name is Gloria Mack Mackenzie here in Florida she’ll pay no state taxes on that win and I keep telling you guys move to us tax-free state so that your incomes not taxed and hey if you win the freaking lottery 380 million freaking dollars you wouldn’t be taxed at 10 or 13% what are you thinking man the second point here is this this woman would not have won this lottery ticket had it not been for the guy in front of her being so gracious to look at 84 and say hey lady you want to go in front of me I guess he was worried that she died before she could buy the ticket okay folks in my book called if you’re not first you’re last I basically explain look man if you’re first in line you don’t give it up to an 84 year old I know that might sound you know without compassion and uncaring and not sensitive hey when you’re buying a lottery ticket get in get out as quick as possible if you’re not first you’re last in this case I hope 84 gives this guy little squeeze of the cheese please let’s find out how gracious 84 is with her 382 the guy that got out of line to get her in the line to buy the ticket get one the money where she don’t pay any state taxes and floor