I dare you I dare you to tell me that you want to buy a brand new car i double-dog dare you I wouldn’t do that hey this is jeff rose from good final sentence calm with another financial rant financial rant financial rant it’s getting rent crazy in here okay you might remember in a previous financial rant where I talked about the guy that had to buy a brand new truck to look for a new job yes he was unemployed and needed a brand new truck you know what go free to go check out that video here go ahead I’ll wait if you haven’t guessed it yet I have this thing about people buying new cars we’re trying to justify the fact that they have to buy a brand new car a recent email for a reader almost sent me over the edge it was a parent looking to buy a brand new car for their kid in college because they needed reliable transportation since when is reliable transportation equal buying a brand new car it doesn’t why can you buy a used car our used cars not reliable is it proves the own vehicle not a reliable car yes they are we all know how much brand new cars lose value when they drive off the lot okay we get that but the part that really have sent me the most is that this parent is teaching this kid that when they need reliable transportation they have to go up by a brand new car listen you need to be vanilla eyes rolling your five-point Oh with your rag top down so your hair can’t blow my hair blown a wreck top I know that we all crave to drive our dream car I actually bought a 2007 Tahoe and that was the car that I have seriously lusted over four years but the cool thing was I bought an 07 in 2008 that was previously owned by the dealer it had 12,000 miles on it and I stayed over fourteen thousand dollars off the sticker price that same Tahoe has almost a hundred thousand miles on it and guess what it’s still reliable so before you head off the next dealership shopping for your brand new car you better chickity check yourself before you wreck yourself don’t do it financial ran to get my new ride look at me i got a car payment for the rest of my life yes I do it’s reliable and just in case that wasn’t enough be sure to get your fill by subscribing to my youtube channel above and be sure to check me out a good financial sense com you