I Created A NEW Shopify Dropshipping Store in 2019 & Here's What Happened…

So, at the end of 2018 inside of 2019 I
decided to start a new Shopify
dropshipping store and see just how fast
I can begin to make sales and how fast I
can scale the store and after four
months and making five digits in sales
I’ll show you the stats and what I’ve
learned so for the OG subscribers out
there holla at you you already know that
I run multiple dropshipping stores that
has and is generating passive income
sources most of these stores are set up
and automated to the points where I
don’t need to spend more than about an
hour per week on each store so it’s been
a while since I’ve set up a brand new
store so naturally i decided to set up a
new store and see for myself just how
much the dropshipping landscape has
changed so i’ll show you the stats in
the back end of the store right now as
it is and also the takeaways from
setting up this store from scratch and
scaling it so you can take the learnings
and apply it to your own store or apply
it to an brand new dropshipping store
that you may be starting soon so let’s
hop onto my laptop as always and I’ll
show you right now the bit the back end
of this store in the exact stats so as
you can see these are the stats today
and but what I’ll do just so you know
that I’m not spoofing these statistics
I’m going to refresh this page with with
the time frame of the actual store setup
so in other words let’s go back to the
start of December which is roughly when
inside of the store all the way back to
today which is the 8th of April and then
I want to hit apply it’s going to load
all the statistics and as you can see
here it is loading it in real time and I
made $12,000 592 in sales and the
average order value was about hundred
almost hundred dollars the conversion
rate guys is pretty terrible excuse me
one percent that’s pretty bad but as you
can imagine this is more a store to set
up that I so I can prove to myself that
I guess I can still set up a store I can
see that is still
well in the back end and I just really
wanted to challenge myself while I still
had some free time on whether or not I
could set up a brand new store from
scratch and see if I could create sales
particularly when people think that drop
shipping is saturated nowadays it’s too
challenging people not making sales and
I completely understand where people
coming from it is challenging but I just
proved to myself at the 3rd this year
that I can’t take a store from zero to
five digits relatively quickly
well I still work by the way guys if
those who don’t know I work full-time in
a digital marketing agency and I also
run a multiple drop shipping stores
along with this channel so guys if I’m
able to bust out these figures within
four months or so with barely any free
time for those who have more free time
there is no reason guys that’s that you
can bust out more sales so it’s give you
an idea of how I push traffic to this
store and I won’t go into the specific
strategies that is for another another
video and if you’re interested in those
marketing strategies and the digital
marketing strategies let me know down in
the comments below I will make a video
about that and how I push these sales
and all the traffic across my various
stores but for now just a top-line
overview is predominantly Facebook Ads
influencer marketing and but influencer
marketing it worked too well for that
for this specific store but so it was
predominately Facebook and Instagram ads
and I will get into that in a second I
will tell you what pushed conversions
across the line in my opinion so as you
can see here twelve thousand dollars
twelve thousand five hundred ninety two
dollars in sales within this period so
I’m pretty stoked about that
look it’s not it’s not mind-blowing but
it is very realistic so it goes to show
you guys you know sourcing products from
Aliexpress still works a treat still
works in 2019 and beyond so I’m gonna go
into this document here and show you
what I learned the five points that I
learned from creating this new drop
shipping store in 2019 so the first
point I want to share with you guys
let’s go ahead and highlight this is
drop shipping is not dead and it’s not
saturated as you know there’s so many
videos out there right now
saying drop shipping is dead it is
saturated cetera cetera and it’s very
click Beatty videos but at the end of
the end of the day if you know what
you’re doing if you’ve got the
experience and you’ve got the drive
there is no doubt that you can start a
store from scratch sourcing products the
old-fashioned way through our express
pushing good old Facebook traffic to you
store qualified Facebook traffic and if
you do these steps right you can
generate five digits and sales
relatively quickly now this is going to
differ from person a person from store
to store from an international course
and that’s that’s natural but I think at
the end of the day what I saw is if you
had the experience if you know if you
have the know-how particularly when it
comes to paid ad traffic probably the
the most important weapon that you do
have you’re gonna make sales you’re
gonna make sales so in my opinion from
this experiment drop shipping isn’t that
it’s not saturated so moving on to the
next point and let’s highlight this
again number two products are becoming
increasingly important now this is
interesting because if you take a look
at my first video I made a believers at
the start of 2018 I said that you could
pick any niche pick any products market
it and you’ll make sales now at the time
that was completely true but from
styling this store from scratch I’m
starting to see the importance of
products so in other words I do realize
that if you pick a dud product or you
pick a certain niche it’s it’s being
it’s it’s really hard nowadays to push
those sales you might have a great store
that looks great you might have great
qualified traffic coming but if you’re
on on a bandwagon that everyone is on in
terms of products in a niche it’s gonna
be very hard to sell those products
because you got to think from the
consumer standpoint these guys are
getting hit with ads every single day
every second of the day what is going to
differentiate your store when you’re in
a very populated niche and get them to
buy your product from your store so
something that I learned from this is
that products are becoming increasingly
important it is important that you do
pick the right niche and the right
product moving on to the next points the
next point is one product approach isn’t
great I find this one really interesting
because there is a trend right now in
2019 I’ve seen a lot of videos about it
pushing that one product approach and
from my experience with this store and
from my experience overall anyway the
one product approach isn’t great from
for multiple reasons I think that very
important points the one product
approach isn’t great in this store in
this specific case because most my
profit came through upsells cross sales
and repeat customers will customers come
back as repeat customers if there’s only
one product on the store most likely not
all slim chances can you upsell
cross-sell would just want product
obviously not you could potentially
upsell by offering more of the same
product but that’s that’s your only
limit 8 that’s that’s your limitation
that’s the only option that you have
with the one product approach you know
you’re really limiting your brand to one
product and it’s great for hot products
but if that product dies out then you’re
left with an empty brand you’re left
with an empty store and that is a not a
good thing whatsoever it’s so important
to build a brand to build up multiple
products so that’s another thing that I
learned which you should probably take
into consideration or for those who are
really jumping onto this one product
approach I really urge you to rethink
that now the next point that I wanted to
make is how I push those sales over the
line and this is an interesting one I
did mention it back in a couple of
videos so yeah if you haven’t seen that
video go check it out but the point is
again if I highlight this place it
mock-ups increased conversions what is
place that mock-ups if you haven’t seen
the video already place it mock-ups is
essentially and I’ll leave a link down
below if you’re interested in what
exactly it is but for print-on-demand
and also for general apparel what not
pushing pushing your products onto
lifestyle images that’s copyright free
really increased my conversions
when it comes to ads and also the store
itself I won’t go into too much detail
about this one specifically if you’re
interested in the video I’ll leave a
link somewhere here and also if you’re
interested and place it the the software
I’ll leave a link down below as well so
moving on to the final point and this
final point potentially the most
important point and one of the most
important points and it’s a very simple
point but that point is don’t give up
just don’t give up I’ve seen time and
time and time again the people that I do
menthol and just general general
dropshippers in across the board they
give up too often and I’ve seen myself
do it to where I don’t see the results
that I do want or I don’t see the
results in a certain product and I scrap
that product or I scrap that ad too
early and that is the most one of the
most important points because you do not
know how close to success you are you
may be around the corner to a store
blowing up but just before then if you
decide to give up you could be giving up
far too early and too soon to success
that’s probably one of the most
important points and the scariest point
because you could just be around the
corner from success and you’ve given up
so guys those are the five points that I
did learn starting this little
experiment of a store which I do plan to
continue to run and but for now I’m
going to continue pushing my other
stores and just seeing how this one
performs but hopefully these points have
helped you in gaining more perspective
gaining more motivation and just knowing
that it’s dropshipping isn’t dead it’s
not saturated if you do it right you
will see sales comes through at the end
of the day so again guys I really hope
this video helped you out I hope these
five points have helped you out I do
hope you take these points in action it
the most important point in action and
as always guys if you like this video
give it a thumbs up there is a lot more
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as always guys keep on hustling