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what up dudes and dudettes so real quick this is a really different video I’m making this because I am going to work on a farm this summer in Hawaii and this is a video of how you can do the exact same thing because it’s one of the best things you can do if you got the time and you got the times really all it matters man I mean like you can come up with a couple hundred bucks for a plane ticket any day it’s really just the time this is one of the coolest opportunities I’ve had I did it once before I posted a few videos about it and you can check those out but um let me close my window Seattle traffic ah anyway I posted several videos about this just my experiences from the first time I went a little background on what this is called it’s called roofing you might have heard of it it stands for worldwide organic opportunity farmer’s son something to do who cares about acronyms man it stands for fart you basically do a work exchange and that’s a site that you pay about $20 for and you get a bunch of listings of farms on different islands in Hawaii and then you can contact the farm and it’s up to you to make an agreement with them on how much or how little work you’re doing for what accommodations all that stuff but generally it’s pretty much in between 15 to 40 hour to like 30 hours a week I’d say for anything ranging from a place to pitch a tent and food off their garden to home-cooked meals and a nice cabin with like blankets and stuff but the bottom line is that it’s free 99 along with that it’s also not a free lunch so there’s a little give and take I mean you’re gonna be working your ass off because you’re farming but who cares at the end of the day cuz you’re in Hawaii right it’s one of the best places to be I love it it’s freaking awesome so this is something of interest to you I just wanted to share it with you and share some of the tips that I use to finding a good farm that’s the question going around in your mind right now is okay you know what maybe I do want to do this for anywhere from I mean some farms have it you know one week to one year even or longer people can really do this I myself normally go anywhere from one month and this year summer I’m going for three so you can really do it however you want um for whatever the length of time it’s really up to you but if that’s something you got going around in your mind and you’re thinking you know should I do it should I not do it the answer is yes okay so let’s get rolling I have three things that I want to go over with you guys kind of how to do it how frequently asked questions that I was thinking before I got started wolfing so these three things are going to be location the three FS and then some miscellaneous stuff starting with location anytime you’re going somewhere I’m sure you know if you traveled at all you need to know where you’re going so that’s what the wulfing site is it’s basically your resource for finding your location and where you’re going and this is super key because roofing is something that you can have amazing experiences with or terrible experiences with really on how you find a farm and that’s the second part we’re going to get into the three FS but location is key you want to think if you’re going to Hawaii for before I even get going there this is global so the site that I’m talking about is from my own experience and that’s just with Hawaii wolfing but there’s actually a global site for woo f—ing um where you can work anywhere from from Europe Asia you know Australia this is all around the world and even local mistakes where was a location so if you go to Hawaii I’ll speak from my experience generally I found the most where they call farms on Maui and Hawaii the Big Island those are going to be kind of your best bets I’m not a local in any means so I can just speak from my experience I’ve moved on Maui on the rainy side my first time and I’m looking to go to Kauai this time but we’ll see how that plays out I’m not too sure I’m actually in the process of contacting people that’s why I made this video for you guys to you know see if you wanted to do the same or something like it but anyway so that’s location be sure you know where you’re going and pick the island that kind of best represents what you want do you really want more hot and sweaty farming with horses they have that I mean that’s unquiet do you want like a yoga retreat where they make all vegan organic raw food cuisine they have that that’s on some other islands to do you want really rainy jungle areas they have that that’s what I did on Maui or do you just want a little bit of everything um do you want to surf you know you gotta get the gears going and really solidify what you want personally for me my first time I was just looking for an adventure I just wanted an experience on something to get me out of the door and out of Seattle for a couple months with some friends – that was another thing I was I was traveling with people this time I’m going alone so you know you don’t have to go with or without people but it’s fun it take the right people that’s another video in and of itself but um okay so go back to location you know just write down a few things that are your must-haves and don’t compromise on those and because there’s plenty of farms out there you just got to find the ones that match what you want in location wise and we are off okay dudes and dudettes hopefully this guy works so I’m going to show you real quick on how the site is set up so this is where you will be hopefully you can see this this is where you will be on the wufeng site and I’m gonna log in there see 25 dollars a month okay cool my roofing subscription expired but here’s a little hack you just go to farms bypassed that this is what the site will look like okay and here’s all the farms I was talking about so this is look at all this list right here it’s tons of farms pages of them and right here you can see the island so if I like there it’s a Wahoo Molokai you know Maui Hawaii or Kauai all these farms and this is where you can search for specific words so where do you guys want to go let’s go to Maui I’ll search coconut misspelled cocoa cocoa nut and it’ll do a little search these are the preferences so you can say smoking or meals and they’re sorted by last updated okay and these icons show you smoking or or vegetarian non-vegetarian but let’s go to Hana heat and this is an example of what it’ll look like okay so you see it right here Island Maui okay nice picture it’s always good when they have a picture here’s our description currently looking for Wooper photos on property but uh a lot of places will describe where they are what they have to offer what they need from you depending on it this is really detailed a lot of places aren’t that detailed here you can see how people have rated them in the past and all in all this is a pretty decent farm I’d say I mean anytime they’re they take the time to update it and update it and then put a lot of information on there it’s a pretty good deal contact information right here jack Ryan’s art or whatever this is a little hack that I do so they have the number and their email that is what I would email let’s just I’ll show you that real quick so let me go into my emails look at this woo Roofing okay new message like that signature so this is an example of the email I would say Aloha their name you know my names here we go little bullet points on what I do looking for my dates that I’m looking for hope to hear back from you soon I would put my number there but I don’t want you mofos calling me all the time and not that I don’t love you but I have a life yeah so that’s what it would look like copy and paste that there and you were set this is a little black magic trick I want to show you guys right here it’s this beautiful thing called Google Maps if I want to find out where these guys are do a little copy and paste okay and here’s the Google search if they have a website – it’s really good just kind of getting a lay of the land images see all these images yep that that’s Hana alright right there Wow looks awesome but this is it Maps ooh look at that so I was yeah this thing sometimes I don’t take there we go so it’s right there on Maui let’s look at it zoom in a little yeah that’s Hana so my farm was actually right in there but okay it’s by Hana Bay this is the jungle guys so it shows me it’s right there I can always Street view it this is the stuff right here man and so you know if you really wanted to go for it can Street View and kind of get a lay of the lands that way my guy already did it for me oh so yeah I don’t want to spend too much time on this but you guys get the point see how far your art of the beach if that’s important to you it’s important to me see where you are in town kind of explore all in all you really got do your research on the stuff but hopefully this kind of gives you I do that every time so moving on to the 3x is what I call them this is the key of Wu f—ing okay I’m about to give you the best thing on the internet for Wu f—ing the three ups are fun food and flexibility so what I mean by each of these obviously food you got to eat right and these work exchanges a lot of them are free reins to eat whatever they want on the farm mine for instance did not give us food but we had less work it’s kind of a trade-off see and that’s where flexibility comes in fun food and flexibility you can’t have all three okay you just can’t it’s kind of like the business principle of oh gosh on the spot what is it it’s function costs and timeliness you can’t have all three of those right like if you want let’s say a double cheeseburger that costs really cheap but you want to do everything you want and you want it really fast like it’s not going to exist you have to sacrifice one of those to get it and hence why McDonald’s and all those fast food places are so cheap but the quality is not there at all this is a ramp okay so fun food and flexibility is what I was getting at for woo f—ing pick two of those that are most important you can find from stall three but I don’t know man if you do let me know generally from my experience didn’t happen so I’ve talked to a lot of farms and seeing where all these lie is really important let’s start with fun man because that’s the reason you’re going you’re going for the experience you’re going to make memories you’re going to do something crazy you haven’t done in a while or just maybe you’re going to relax maybe it’s your idea of getting away in like finding yourself maybe the yoga studios are more your type maybe you’re going to cleanse yourself maybe you’re going to do a combination of everything or just kick it with your bros at the end of the day it is not a free lunch I’ve said that before and what I mean by that is I think a lot of people kind of go into it thinking what’s it for me what’s in it for me within it for me and really this is a work exchange so of course they’re gonna ask you to do some work and that work is anywhere from simple gardening to back-breaking jungle clearing man like my friends and I slaved our days in the middle of the frickin jungle with mosquitos swarming all over us bushwhack in with machetes like legit back-breaking work loading trucks and like driving them and unloading them like probably could have got 14 an hour for that stuff landscaping style but whatever I mean it was an experience I ain’t complaining so that’s what I mean by like finding a farm that fits you and the fun goes back to what are you looking for that’s the first F right fun what do you want to get from the experience do you want knowledge do you want a farm that’s gonna teach you a lot or do you are you more okay just working by yourself chilling out with music and hitting the beach at the other day that’s cool um solidify what it is you want in that food moving on the second app this is the most underrated part of this whole thing I think it’s easy to be in the States or wherever you are right now internationally even in your home and have a you know plethora of food that you can eat whenever whenever how much you want and then to get outside and realize that it’s something totally different in Hawaii a lot of the places have Gardens that you can eat from non-stop get your fill however my place the first time didn’t have a garden at all we were gardening flowers so there’s no food source there and it cost me end up costing me a lot of money on my food food budget was huge something I didn’t realize so factor in how much you have to spend on food and judge your farm accordingly um you know I’m not gonna explain this to you but the less money you have pretty much the more food you should be looking for in a farm and talk that out with the farm owners but in Hawaii generally depending on where you are fruit trees are just so abundant you can go foraging for a lot of stuff that’s what I ended up doing being like a freegan and just foraging for all these mangoes and papayas and bananas and every single other fruit that is grown in Hawaiian is delicious foods a big one that’s that one also with food um if you have any dietary needs like if you’re a raw vegan or a vegan or paleo style or whatever it is you are a lot of the places in Hawai do a good job of eating way cleaner than we do in the States especially if you’re on a farm but a lot of them to have little corks in it I can’t speak from other farms but I know there’s a lot of places that are either no meat or all meat you know on either end of the spectrum and they list that on there generally so work be sure to bring that up with your host to the third F flexibility this goes into work requirements how but tubule are you willing to be and how flexible are they willing to be do not sign up for a farm that is 40 hours a week don’t even touch a farm that’s like 30 and above that’s from me I mean honestly if you think about it 30 and above is a lot of work that’s that’s a full-time job over there and for you to just be staying on a farm personally I’m just going to come out and say I don’t think that’s worth it I think there’s a lot of farms that offer you anywhere from 15 the 25 is what I would shoot for hours of work a week and you can get a pretty good deal for that again going back to fun and food you know it’s like well if you work more you should be getting more essentially so keep that in mind when you’re looking at flexibility of work hours what do you want um are you willing to put in the work 40 hours a week of landscaping with mosquitoes around you bushwhacking machetes and do go for it but if you’re not and you want some more time for yourself to have the fun like me then you know I think 15 to 25 is what I would shoot for because when you get there you’re gonna quickly realize like you’re having a blast and stuff but it’s not it’s not all that much time if you’re working 40 hours a week you know what I mean miscellaneous stuff travel is big be sure when you’re communicating with your hosts um I’ll just talk about that really quick I’m kind of winging it now my outline is screwed but when you’re communicating and finding a farm with the host on the site they have a bunch of email lists I mean not email list farms and then you go to contact information copy and paste be sure to kind of have how I do it is I would recommend applying those ton of farms more farms the better and kind of cherry-picking from the list that respond back to you which farms you’re actually more serious about come up with kind of a generic almost resume ish email and send a picture with yourself so an example of my email I’ll post up here it says hey you know like I’m Clark I’m a registered woofer on this many I’m 21 I go to CL Pacific University really interested in your farm I looked at it and matched what I was thinking let me know if you want to work together and then it kind of gave me bullet points of what I had to offer them and then I said at the bottom you know like I’m stoked to hearing back from you give me a call or email me back something simple like that and a lot of people respond to that and a lot of people don’t I’d say it’s about 50% respond 50% don’t and so you kind of take that and with the 50% you get narrowed down more and more and more and then you make one of these guys okay this is my yeah I went for it I colored it so I got farm name this is where I’m gonna put all my top farms it’s kind of cool because I’m showing you this as I’m doing it and then I’ll post videos of me actually in Hawaii so you can see this whole journey in live time um so you just write down all the information and you get all the good farms on one sheet and so you can look at them all and be like okay where do I want to go which farm do I want and that’s really how I do it communicating over the phone or Skype is really big because I’ll tell you a story I was in Hawaii my first roofing experience and we stayed in this little town called Hana and it’s the rainy side of the islands big on farming it’s actually a great great area really cool but really wet anyway so there’s a lot of farms in there and we’re talking a lot of other roofers and it’s really funny because one of the farms was notorious for only accepting I think it was girls between the ages of 16 and 26 so like really creepy stuff that you would want to know that before you apply the face-to-face over Skype or just another voice over the phone so you know they’re human and not like some only 16 to 26 year old creeper is a super key that I would definitely go for but that’s all common sense and you guys probably know that I just wanted to give you guys a little more foundation behind this whole application process because it can kind of seem overwhelming and hopefully I gave you some shortcuts on how to find a good farm how to apply for one and how to use the site this is a really cool opportunity that I’ve had and I just want to you know pay it forward and hopefully you guys take it up on that and if you do let me know send me a video send me a what’s up send me a comment in the comments I do this I’m trying to do it every summer because really at the end of the day this is me on my soapbox now has nothing to do with whoo but you find quickly in life I find quickly in life that money only goes so far and money is only good for experiences and yeah I could stay back and make a ton of money over the summer but what am I going to do with that I’m just gonna stay at home and be miserable and pay the rent do all this other stuff whereas when I’m young I want to travel I want to use that money and make experiences that’s gonna be way more important at the end of their life no one’s gonna be sitting in their grave if we could and no one’s gonna bury you with a Ferrari right no one’s gonna bury you with your house or your any any amount of wealth that you have it’s all going to be the experiences and who you became as a person which is why getting out and traveling is so big big to me and this is a really really cool way to do it new experiences that push you to grow and we really learn a lot about yourself so anyway off my soapbox off this video hopefully that helped if you have any questions hit me up Clark Clark danger calm or Clark Opilio hacks calm any one of those is a good place to reach me out till next time guys control your life do not let life control you [Music] [Music] looking for the language [Music]