How To Work Less And Increase Productivity

good morning we’re here today with Timothy Ferriss who’s the author of a new book called the 4-hour workweek Timothy is a CEO of a multinational company and a guest lecturer at Princeton Timothy how do I get a 4-hour workweek is that possible the 4-hour workweek is possible but you need to completely unplug and reset and the reason that’s necessary is because there is an epidemic and I do mean epidemic in this country of information abuse an information addiction where people have come to believe that checking email 200 times per day having a blackberry to your head or in your hand while you’re at dinner or on the subway or in your car or with your friends is the path to becoming more productive and more successful you mean it isn’t it isn’t because giving everyone around you every person in the world immediate access to you is inviting interruption and inviting minutiae to completely invade your life which is happening to everyone data happened to you it did happen to me I had no intention of writing this book but from 2000 to 2004 I was working at startups in Silicon Valley I started my own I’m CEO and I worked from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. every day I checked Outlook hitting send received 100 to 200 times per day like a rat with a cocaine pellet dispenser slept under my cubicle sent emails on Thanksgiving to prospects it was a depressing scene and it’s very unfortunately common scene and I think everyone is at a point of overwhelm there is more information than we can possibly organize time management is dead there’s a how do you turn that turn that around the way turnaround is you have to completely unplug and reset that means you need to take a step back forget about what people expect you to do forget about what’s popular and really look at what works and what is consuming your time so there are 4 steps there’s definition elimination automation and liberation definition is simple first need to define your ideal lifestyle what do you want to be doing from when you when you go to sleep and so what do you want to have what do you want to be what you want to do and how much does that ideal lifestyle cost and that becomes your target elimination is simple it’s getting rid of everything all the static all the noise all the interruptions all the micro managing all the people possible that interfere with getting you to the ideal lifestyle the third automation is about taking the few remaining tasks that are important the time-consuming and either delegating automating or somehow outsourcing them so in my particular case I have an army of MBAs in India about 25 of them who work for $4 an hour and take care of tasks that otherwise consume hundreds of my hours and then the last step liberation is about the final ingredient in lifestyle design which is mobility and then also how to use the time once you create it which is very difficult for most people ok this is fascinating but that’s the point it is difficult I mean how do you put the BlackBerry down how aren’t you worried that you’re not going to make as much money that you’re going to lose clients do you have statistics that show that that’s not the case I have statistics that would absolutely make your head spin so if you’re interrupted by email and phone there was an experiment done at Kings King’s College for example to showed that people who were stoned scored six points better on like you test and people were interrupted by email and phone Wow and that now good to know 26% of people in the American workforce are on the verge of a nervous breakdown the system is not working so it’s not a question of if I should do this this question of when it is the only real alternative so one simple step that people can take a baby step to prove the concept is to simply use an autoresponder set up an autoresponder that tells everyone who emails you I will be checking email twice a day it’s great idea at 11:00 and 4:00 p.m. if you require a more urgent response before one of those two times call me on my cell phone okay if I start losing customers I’m gonna call you too you can call me ok what’s going to happen instead of losing customers you’ll get more done in the next 48 hours and you would in the next two weeks well I appreciate this and I look forward to my 4-hour workweek thank you very much you’re very welcome