How to Use Social Media – Grant Rant #144

let’s face it everybody’s got two cents and everybody’s got two minutes so here’s my two cents in under two minutes a great car down here New York Times bestselling author and radio show host of the cardones own I want to talk to you today about you guys find a prospect on social media I know pick a media okay when somebody says something on social media like I’m interested in this car or I’m interested in this product don’t add comments man pick up the freaking phone okay I cannot believe some of the stupidity that I see people doing on the social mediums you’re being affected by this medium not using it use it beat it to death when somebody says I wish somebody would deliver a car to me so I could look at it don’t call me baby freaking bring the car to me don’t qualify me don’t ask me questions get on the phone find out where I’m at and take that product and put it in my face quit using the social mediums to continue the communication use it to identify and then go back to old school baby in front of a customer okay or in front of the individual when I post I’m looking for a receptionist don’t post comments I need more information grant dude it’s not my job to do the work it’s your job to get in front of me I just identified that I’m looking to hire someone you get it you’re being used by social media I want you to flip that and use social media you