How To Travel The World For Free

this is Tim Ferriss author of the number one bestseller the 4-hour workweek I’m here in Bratislava Slovakia enjoying a very sunny and nice day how would you like to travel the world for free with a personal assistant again for free at your beck and call or perhaps you’d like to receive world class artwork or have lunch with Jerry Yang the co-founder of Yahoo while you’re learning how to race racecars and fly hot-air balloons or maybe just having a private party on a warship for you and your best friends all these things you can do for free and all you have to do is go to liberation org that’s lit Li T liberation org and become part the largest online literacy campaign in history that’s all you need to do takes a few minutes doesn’t cost a thing and you could set yourself up not only to have experiences that money cannot buy but also to change the world the process so check it out liberation org