How To Tie A Perfect Tie… Every Time.

the folks so today I’m going to show you how to tie a Windsor knot learn this in 1984 from a gentleman named the Egyptian magician and is the most valuable thing I took away from high school it is usually hit or miss when you tie a tie in the following fashion you can do it perfectly every time this is how you do it so first you take the tail in so to speak I like to line it up with roughly the second button that’s visible from the bottom then we’re going to do it’s over the top you loop around the same side and you make it very tight like that this is going to form the brace of one side then you go around the opposite side through and you can see I’m forming a V that’s the framework for the knot of the time and I make that very tight and I want to make sure that the tops of both of these points are roughly the same height then I come around I go through this is just like you would normally tie a tie and then you go through now you notice a few things here so there’s a framework you can see that when I tighten it it makes a perfect inverted triangle then all I have to do is pinch in the inside and I can modify pull out the top and then pull to fit and you can see that has the perfect length right about to belt level and you flip it over and you have the perfect tie