How to Tan in THREE DAYS – Sun Soaking Secret

[Music] and I’ll tell you what that isn’t just and why I actually have it on excellent gets the title kind of gets noise so we’ll go ahead and do it I was in Hawaii this past summer I was living there on working on a farm doing a work exchange program and I go into a lot of stores that were geared towards throw tourists and they they just have boatloads and boatloads of tanning oils and and lotions with the fancy hula girls on them and yada yada yada so out of curiosity I just picked one of these up to see what see what all the hype was about I guess and I looked on the back and there was only a few ingredients and a lot of them one of them that was that was consistent throughout all of them was coconut oil so I started to put two and two together and think there was there was something to this so actually that’s a bunch of the locals there and they said oh yeah yeah yeah it’s great it’s great with tanning and stuff so I picked them up and I’ve been using it ever since and I not to be like I’m super super dark or anything but like I got some color on me I’d like to think so I mean I’m not gonna pull well yeah I would if I could control I said show you my legs and that would just be like like Casper the fricking ghost out here but it works and that’s the thing it’s it’s it’s good for you to multiple benefits of coconut oil I’ve heard me talk about you know I’m like the huge fan of coconut oil it’s ridiculous I mean like I got my tub here and I got my my glass of coconut water right here mmm what’s the good stuff anyway you know it’s good great for your hair skin and for canning too actually cooking but well I guess that is tanning so if you want to cook you put some coconut oil on you lay out in the Sun it’s really good it acts as a as a kind of all-in-one it’s it’s weird how it reacts cuz the saturated fats in it got all ochem on you the saturated fats in it are really good for your skin and absorbed easily and it’ll protect you from the UV rays of the Sun especially since they’re so bad now because of our environment and so strong so you definitely need that it’s soaks in yeah that’s a little technical term for it but it like soaks in your suntan so it’s great for tanning give it a shot the kind that I am using right now I use all kinds guys kind of whatever’s there normally comes in a glass excuse me container make sure it’s organic and cold press those are the two things I recommend the normally be from like an Asian country I’ve seen a fever [Music] that it I think that’s it coconut oil let me know what to pick [Music]