How to Survive a Physical Attack: Part III | Ground Escape | Tim Ferriss

okay so this is the most likely scenario and if you’re facing someone who’s much stronger heavier than yourself usually underground and in this case we’re going to assume that you’re on the bottom I didn’t see the attack coming you end up mother needs some basic technique against you and demonstrate how to clear yourself out of that so it’s all a big thing okay number one we’re going back to this kind of control here but the problem with this is it be striking for the position I still think a lot damage defending myself when he’s pretty much attacking with the community because there’s so distance changed because my backs against the ground so I don’t want to be here anymore I’m not just gonna sit here and cover up and stay here so the first thing is of course like cover-up charm maybe gets a couple shots in but I wanted to swim here just a clown will put my car my clothes I’m opening my my legs I’m gonna bent I need with my heel right on the hip okay because I want separation between me and my attacker here I’m going to put my right form and round and turn my hips slightly now I have an attacker who’s that flip blink away my leg is straight you can try to come in very difficult but I can also do a setup a strike from here once I have that distance I’m somewhat safe but I don’t want to hang out here again he’s gonna push my leg out of the way or whatever it is I’m gonna my right leg back okay my target is his face but drive my heel right to the face here now this creates a window of opportunity that when I beat this position I’m gonna kick one side kick I stop my flip down to suit myself up notice how I set myself up I posted my hand that way I stay up when I stay up here on the kickoff here and push my leg back okay my hand is roughly in the middle between both of my feet now I stand up my choices keep having generally you don’t want to I make my distance ice 8 run away