How to Support Your Man

good morning and welcome to the Cardone household it is Sunday morning grants walking around in the background you see that shadow over there where is he there he is it what’s happening what’s happening uh-huh and I just decided to send a little video again to let y’all know how it is on Sunday mornings at the Cardone residence over here Elena no brainer another Elena no brainer well we wake up I grab Scarlett’s bottle I’m changing her diaper I’m getting a runner ready for the morning and Sabrina’s still asleep and grant is just in this wild fury racing around the house I I mean I don’t even know what he’s doing he’s cutting up fruit and making his drinking going into his office and he’s on his phone and he’s tweeting and he’s here and he’s there and you know Sabrina sleeping yeah Sabrina’s still sleeping like I’m enjoying it let her sleep you know he’s like well you’ve got to get her up why do I have to get her up grant he was like she has to go to school where why aren’t you making breakfast you need to get us all ready like grant it’s Sunday it’s Sunday no really I’m like yes baby it’s Sunday and he’s like oh my god oh my god I’ve been sending out the wrong tweets have been sending out Monday morning tweets on Sunday I’m like I mean does anybody else I mean maybe I’m just not like Twitter universe savvy but does anyone like have like certain days of the week’s prepare like what they’re gonna say on Twitter anyway cutie pie over here obviously bad hair day I gotta have bad hair day going on well we have morning it’s true though dude I literally thought it was Monday and we were going let’s go I had all the stuff to do today and here’s here’s the funny part though he goes oh my god it’s Sunday you mean I have another day off and I start laughing I’m like grant another day off really like Saturday was his day off he wrote over an 800 word article you know at a dinner you know did a meeting I mean he didn’t spoke to how many people yesterday morning spoke to Rick cases group yesterday morning I mean like come on really a day off but I know what he means where he gets to chill and be with this family so that you know those it’s our day off you could be weighted you know what I am not complaining you know what I have had the other side the slacker guy and let me tell you you’re like get off just go like produce something I don’t I don’t I don’t want you to you know just be around the house all day and be like what are we gonna do it’s gonna need something a little lookers you know what mm mm mm God is not for me I like the producer I’m happy your Larry back yeah yeah that’s right man so ladies ladies are who the spouse in your family that is just important more the supportive role be sure be sure you don’t complain about the driver the guy that’s out there pushing and shoving male or female shoving making things happen i’ma tell you the biggest thing she does for me is she gives me that little bit of man great job keep going you can read I mean it means so much to me man I’m having a bad ya know mangle it up too we should cut out no we need to do it like this you know T hon you know so so anyway check it out man you gotta be supportive right now okay get your guy out there pushing the shoving the fuel she drops in my tank with a few little acknowledgments it’s unbelievable there’s a family game now we’re in it for the family this is I’m dropping my granny Elena no-brainer you know yeah shall we mixin it up and she had dreams last night there’s a little bit of a long later no-brainer but she had dreams last night about this palest actor that she’s had but in the end I said I would never leave my husband for you so anyway the point of this was to be the point was to be a man be careful what you complain about you got a husband out there that’s driving or you got a spouse out there wife this driving and pushing and shoving and making things go right and creating a future and waking up on Sunday morning saying let’s go it’s funny cuz he’s in the future she’s in the future you gotta support that baby you got to support us on mission we all a mission to create success for the family okay you guys have a great she’s so pretty almost they didn’t say anything about you handsome